I was in the kitchen cooking with Nudge when I heard a blood-curdling scream from the back-yard. "Max!"

I dashed out of the back door right as Fang jumped out of his window. We both kneeled beside Max, who was weeping in pain.

She was lying on her back, clutching her arm to her chest. "Baby, what happened" I asked.

"I was climbing the tree and I fell" she whimpered.

"IGGY YOU IDIOT" I yelled as a bomb went off. "Fang, take her inside and put her on the couch. Get her some ice. I'll be in soon."

Fang lifted Max off of the ground and walked inside. He was whispering something to her that made her giggle. It sounded like, "Angel's gonna kick Iggy's sorry butt."

"Iggy" I yelled. "Get your butt back in this yard this instant. You too Gazzy."

They walked into the yard covered in dirt and soot. "Yes Angel" Gazzy asked.

"Go inside Gaz. Get a shower and clean your room" I ordered. He did as I said. Iggy tried to sneak off, but I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him back.

"What did I do" he asked.

"I left you in charge of Max while I made lunch. You were supposed to watch her. Five year olds aren't supposed to climb trees! She probably broke her arm!"

"Sorry" Iggy sighed.

"Inside. Now" I ordered. He followed my instructions.

After that, I walked inside and over to Max and Fang. "Hey Maxie, does it still hurt" I asked.

She nodded her head. "Do you want me to take you to the hospital and have them fix it?" Again, a nod.

Fang handed me her new coat, so I covered her with it like a blanket. "Coming with us" I asked him.

"Yeah" he said. We took off into the air just as Max drifted off. She makes the most adorable sounds when she sleeps.


Max was giggly as the nurse casted her arm. If only she had the quick healing gift. None of us had it until we were six, so I guess that left her when she got smaller.

They had shot so much pain-killers into her that I thought she'd pass out. "And, done" the nurse said.

"Thanks" I said, lifting Max and walking out of the room.

Fang followed behind. "Fang, Fang, Fang" Max demanded. She reached her dimpled hands out to him.

I let him take her from my arms. She rested her head on his shoulder.

We flew home, Max asleep in Fang's arms.

When we stepped inside, Fang shook Max awake and sat her on her feet. She walked over to the kitchen table and pulled out a piece of paper and some crayons.

A deep look of concentration came onto her face. She was so cute! I'd have to get some pictures while I can so I can show them to Max when she gets older again.

I walked over and looked at her drawing. It was an almost perfect Jeb. Perfect if you don't count some of the color being out of the lines.

"Sweetie, where did you see him" I asked.

"I saw him outside earlier" she said.

Jeb was back, and he wanted something.