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Note: This is an OC (more like self-insert, since their based on me and my friend) story. If you don't really like these, I'd recommend that you press the back key up in the corner of your screen. Thank you for checking it out, anyway~!

There will be Nekotalia and Chibitalia sections in this story, too!

There might be some romance *cough* okalot *cough* in later chapters, if your into that. ^^

Also, the use of the spanish language will be prominent in the story. I'll translate at the bottom for you~.

And, finally, me and my best friend are making some artwork for the story, I'll tell you guys the links later on! The Cover was drawn by my best friend, isn't it awesome?

The rating is for teenage humor, light sexual themes (I think that goes with teenage humor) and slight violence in later chapters.

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~Metri & Ruri: ¡Gustos_En_Conocerlos!~

The Allies and the Axis sat around a table, trying to communicate their thoughts and opinions in an unorderly fashion, like usual. Nobody paid attention to the other, everyone focused on themselves, and only themselves.

America was saying something could understand due to the fact that his mouth was full; England and France were in the middle of an argument about each other's fashion sense; Japan and China were chatting about upcoming festivals; Italy was snoozing the time away; and Russia was being, well, Russia. Germany was getting sick of it; and he sucked in a breath to give everyone a piece of his mind.

Except someone beat him to it.

"America! Where are my hamburgers?!" They heard a voice yell from the hall.

"I think he's busy... Maybe we should ask later." Another voice.

"I don't care! I'm hungry right now~!"

Finally, the owners of the voices came into the room. First was a girl with chocolate-brown hair, same color, and black rimmed glasses. She wore a white tank top with a flag with a blue triangle and red and white stripes, short demin jeans, and black sneakers. She did not have an amused face.

The second girl was generously taller, with skinner and more defined features. She wore a dress that reached her knees with the same flag as the first girl, and a demin jacket over her shoulders. She wore black boots that reached her knees, as well. Her brown, almost black hair was curly, but not as curly as the first. She had a 'What have you gotten me into?' face.

"She isn't like this," the second one apologized. "She's actually really polite!"

"Hey, Puerto Rico! It's great to see you can join us!" America cheered.

"America, I left that food on top of the counter for later. Where. Is. It?" The shorter one clenched her teeth.

"I ate it." He answered simply. Immediately, the tall one grabbed the brunette's wrist. She knew that if she let go, America would get a face-full of scratches and cuts.

"You did what?! ¡Te dije que no te los comieras, America!" She complained, her angry face now a disappointed look.

"I'm sorry, I was hungry. I'll make you some later. But, for now, introduce yourselves to my friends!"

She sighed "Alright," the girl smiled. "We're Puerto Rico, ¡Es nuestro placer conocerlos! I'm Metropolitan Puerto Rico, but call me Metri, and this here," she signals to the tall girl. "Is my sister, Rural Puerto Rico!"

"I'd be fine if you call me Ruri..." She said quietly.

Everyone motions and says hello, causing Italy to wake up, "Ve~ I wake up and find myself in the presence of pretty girls!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Italy," they answered.

"How do you know my name, bella?"

"America told us all about you guys." Ruri spoke. She signaled to every person in the room. "You're China and Japan, the two blonds are France and England, the serious one is Germany, the one next to him is Russia, and you're Italy."

"Ve~ That's right!"

"You could join us, if you like. Oh look, there's an empty seat next to me."

"What are you talking about, you git? I'M next to-" He was cut off as France pushed England out of his chair.

"See?" The french man patted the chair.

The girls looked at each other, and as if by telepathy, they made an agreement. They shook their fists up and down, which meant they were playing Rock, Paper, and scissors.

They got the same result ten times in consecutive turns, until one of them (Metri) slipped, and lost. She silently groaned and Ruri held a smirk. Go sit down.

She walked to the chair, and helped England up. "Disculpe," She smiled a bit. "It's kinda our fault."

"Oh, what?"

"She said she's sorry." America translated for her, and she sighed. "Sorry, I get mixed up with spanish and english." She apologized again.

"It's alright, please sit down." She settled in the chair.

"Hey, Ruri, there's an empty seat next to Italy over there," China said.

"But there's someone there," the sisters answered.

"No there isn't."

"Yes, there is. ¿No ven al bendito tipo sentado ahi?" Ruri interrupted.

"He looks a lot like you, America," Metri added. "But it's pretty obvious that they're different people."

"Oh!" France facepalmed. "Canada is sitting there."

There was a collective 'oh'.

"Ha, that's alright. At least someone noticed me..." He quiet blonde smiled.

"Aw, you're so cute! I could just squeeze you to death!" Ruri cooed. Metri rolled her eyes at her sister's comment.

"What were you discussing?" Metri asked. Germany cleared his throat.

"Nothing. These idiots can't seem to sit down and be quiet..." He said, earning a laugh from Metri.

England pulled two extra chairs to the table, one for Ruri and him, and placed Ruri's next to her sister's. The british man settled his chair next to China.

"I see, that's not very progressive..." The short brunette murmured.

"Tell me about it."

"METRI! RURI!" America yelled, even though they were only a few inches away.

"WHAT?" They shouted back.



"Why are you screaming, aru?" China asked, irritated.

"It's the only way you can talk to America," Metri stated. "Scream loud and proud," Ruri added.

"Ah." Somehow, that made perfect sense.

"LET'S GO OUT FOR PIZZA!" America interrupted, and nobody seemed to disagree. Germany facepalmed, another pointless World Conference.

"YEAH!" Metri fist-pumped the air, while Ruri cheered. Everyone decided to walk to the pizzeria and the girls sang songs and laughed all the way there, the countries joining on their little festival. Even Germany had a little smile.

"Puerto Rico is a very festive place, am I correct?"

"Mm-hm. We love to sing, laugh, and dance! It's all about having a good time!" Ruri said through a smile. Metri was having trouble breathing; she was laughing really hard.

The sisters had such a positive aura. But, behind every country, there is a history one must know.


Xx_Spain Meets The Little Island_xX

Believing it was India, a Spanish man arrived on the shores of Puerto Rico during 1493...

Spain groaned as he walked through the trees; there seemed to be an unlimited supply of greenery in India. But there was nobody around. It was quiet. The Spaniard sighed; he had paid for the expenses of this trip, hoping he'd find a way to the Indian peninsula.

If that idiot made me waste such a fortune on this petty expedition, and we don't find anything... I swear I'll...!

He was cut off by laughter. The laughter of children. The Spaniard cut through the branches, searching to reach the source. He arrived at a clearing, and he saw something he did not expect.

In the clearing were two girls, no older than five years old. They were running around, playing with a ball made of some strange substance. The girl's wore rags, and they had strange paintings on their faces. On their wrists and ankles, they wore bracelets made of a shining, golden metal.

Spain stepped forward.

One of the girls noticed him and took a step back, "Anki!" She yelled, her eyes already begging to fill with tears.

The other girl, one that was slightly taller and with darker hair, stood in front of her friend, and yelled "Guaiba! Guaiba!" She blocked the way to the other girl, arms extended to protect her.

The Spaniard was at a lost for words. He found a country! He tried to talk with them, but he could see that they were scared.

"No se asusten," he soothed. "I'm not here to hurt you..."

The smaller one began to cry, making her friend raise her guard.

"Don't cry," Spain told her. She blinked at the man, and slowly, walked towards him. Her friend grabbed her wrist. "Anki!" She insisted.

The girl shook her head. "Guaitiao," she answered and continued to walk towards Spain. He stretched his hand out.

"Come on, don't be shy. ¿Cual es su nombre?"

The girls looked at each other, then at the man. "Boriken," they said.

"Boriken, eh? That's a little too weird. How about... I call you Puerto Rico?"

They smiled, and seemed to like the name. He took their hands and carried them along.

"I'll take good care of you, Puerto Rico."




¡Gustos en Conocerlos!- Pleasure to meet you!

¡Te dije que no te los comieras, America!- I told you not to eat them, America!

¡Es nuestro placer conocerlos!- It's our pleasure to meet you. (Slight difference.)

Disculpe- Sorry.

¿No ven al bendito tipo sentado ahi?- Don't you see the guy whose sitting there?

No se asusten- Don't be afraid.

¿Cual es su nombre?- What is your name?

Note: In Chibitalia, Spain meets the Puerto Rico that was inhabited by the Taino indians, so they used a few words from that vocabulary:

Anki- Enemy

Guaiba- Leave

Guaitiao- Friend

Boriken- It was what the Tainos called Puerto Rico, before Spain arrived. It translates into 'Land of Crabs'.


Done! Oh, my. That took way longer than I thought it would!

Metropolitan Puerto Rico is the more modern part of the island, while Rural Puerto Rico is the most artistic and calm, though the difference isn't much. Keep that in mind. ;)

I wanted to write one with PR, 'cause one I read had so many details wrong. I mean, most of us puertorricans are hard-workers when we have to be, but WERE VERY LAZY PEOPLE. People imagine Puerto Rico being a housemaid who loves to clean and stuff. We have our perks, and our faults, which I will be playing with during this story.

I really wanted to make a story in which the facts were accurate. Yeah. The kind that can teach you stuff, while making it fun. ^^

Thank you for reading~! I hope to see you again!