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~Metri_&_Ruri: ¡Conociendo A Los Estados Bálticos! ~

"I need new books," Metri said as she slung her bag over her shoulder. "Let's go to the bookstore."

"Sure," Ruri shrugged.

"You're such a nerd. Why do you read so much?" America asked, eating a candy bar.

"Because if I didn't I'd end up stupid. Like you."


"Gotta go, bye!" She winked at him and walked outside the door, Ruri behind her.

"¿Estas segura que no te gusta?" Ruri asked her sister.

"Positive," she answered. "Now, for those books..."

Ah, this is the life... no work, no Russia, just me and my books, Lithuania sighed in bliss. Currently sitting on the carpeted floor of his favorite bookstore, he was having the time of his life. He was immersed in the book he was reading, so he didn't notice when someone stood in front of him.

That is, until that person spoke.

"Excuse me, where did you get that book?"

He looked up, and found himself staring in brown eyes shielded by black glasses. A flurry of curly hair frames her face, and she holds a curious expression. The young man blinks.

"Ah, this? I brought it from home, since it's pretty old and they don't sell it anymore."

She stares it, "¿Puedo verlo...?" She stretched her hand out. He, unsure of what she said, hands it to her anyway. She sits down next to him, reading the first page.

"This is really good, the original version I'd bet," she stares at him and blinks. "Oh, sorry! My name's Metri... It's nice to meet you!"

"I'm Toris. It's a pleasure," he smiles at her, which she returns.

"Metriiiiii! Look at this!" Another girl, taller, leaner, with darker hair appears. She holds five books, one stacked over the other. "The whole series!"

"That's awesome!" Metri clapped. "Let's go pay for it." Metri got up and walked with Ruri to the cash register while balancing her stack, and Lithuania pay for the books and return to see him once more.

"Toris, this is my sister Ruri," said girl waves at him, while holding the bag with their purchase.

"Hello," he smiles kindly.

Metri looks uncomfortable. "I wanted to ask you a question..." She murmurs.

Lithuania blinks at her, "Ask away."

"If that book is yours, and you didn't buy it here, why don't you read it at your house?" Green eyes lock with brown, and Lithuania loses his edge.

"A-Ah, it's just that people in my house are a bit wild..." He stammers, but the sisters ain't buying it. "They kicked me out, so to speak." The man mentally slaps himself. Why would I say that?!

Their eyes become serious, "That's not nice..." Metri muses. "Let's go to your house and teach 'em a lesson!" Ruri encourages, fist pumping the air with her free hand.

"T-That's not really necessary..."

"Of course it is! Now come on!" The girls each grabbed one of the man's arms and headed outside.


"Whoa, Toris! ¿Esta es tu casa?" Metri yelled in awe, though he didn't understand her.

"¡Es gigante!" Ruri added as she clapped her hands together. She walked up and knocked on the door. A young boy, only a few meters shorter than Metri opened the door, looking frightened.

"May I help you?" He asks quietly.

"Yes, you may. It's not very nice to kick people out of their own house." Ruri glared daggers at the boy.

"I did what now?" He looked behind the girl to see his friend. "Lithuania? What is this?"

Metri and Ruri's eyes widened considerably, "L-Lithuania?! As in the country?"

He nods. The girls dropped to their knees and bowed, "We're so sorry! We thought you were just a human!" Ruri yells.

"And we called you Toris! How rude! Ay Dios, We're so, so very sorry!" Metri adds.

"It's alright," he smiled. Then, something dawns on him. "Wait, if you two know the deal about the countries having human forms, are you countries as well?"

"Yes, we're Puerto Rico." They smiled at him. "It's nice to formally meet you, Lithuania."

"I'm lost," Latvia interrupts. "Am I being pranked?"

Lithuania laughed, "No, you're not. Now let our guests in, Latvia."

"Latvia? You're Latvia?" Ruri asked and he nodded. "Aw, you're so cute!" She said as she glomped the boy. Metri giggled, and then blushed from doing it. She always got embarrassed when it happened. It was so girly, not really her thing.

"It's nice to meet'cha Latvia," she tells him. From the inside of Ruri's hug, he gives her a thumbs-up.

They enter the house, and are awed even more, if possible. Many antiques hung on the walls, plaques in Russian as well. "This is amazing~!" Ruri cooed, still having Latvia in a death-hug.

"But why Russian? You guys all have your own languages," Metri's face paled. "You guys... Are the Baltics... Which means..."

"They live with me, da."

The group turned to see a man with beige hair and purple eyes, a scarf around his neck. Metri hid behind Lithuania, who was shaking terribly. Ruri just blinked, while Latvia was shaking as well.

"Russia, it's nice to meet you," Ruri gave him a smile.

"Y-Yes, very nice," Metri added, holding on to Lithuania for dear life.

"You're friends of America, right?" He asked. A man with blond hair and glasses was behind him, checking something on a computer.

"Estonia! Come say hello!" Latvia yells. Said man looked up from his computer and blinked. He walked over to Lithuania's side. "Hello, miss. I'm Estonia."

"I'm Metri, and the other girl is my little sister Ruri. Nice to meet you~."

"Answering your question, yes, we are friends of America. I'm Ruri, that's my sister Metri. We're Puerto Rico," the younger sister answered and Metri added a meek nod. Lithuania noticed how badly she was shaking.

"I see. Welcome to my home," Russia smiled at the girl. He turned to look at Metri, making her jump. "You're with Lithuania, yes?"

"What?!" They yelled, and she let go of his arm. "No, I'm not," she clarified. "Lithuania's my friend."

"Regardless, it's nice to meet you." The Russian man said. Ruri smiled at him and Metri nodded.

"W-Well, Ruri, I think we should go. America is probably waiting for us."

"Since when are you so worried about what America thinks?" Ruri glared at her sister.

"What are you talking about? I've always cared about what he thinks!"

"That's good to know," a voice said from behind them.

"Maldita sea," Metri muttered under her breath when she saw who it was. America grinned at her response, "Aw, you really do care, Metri."

"I'm done." She falls to the ground. Lithuania sits next to her and gives her the book he was reading, "Keep it. It's a gift from me." He smiled at her, and she thanks him. "Thanks so much, Lithuania."

"Metri, doll, let's get going," The blonde smirked when he saw her face. She threw the book that Lithuania gave her and hit his face, the book landing in her hand again.

"Jerk," she laughed.

"No, but seriously. We should go home. Or do you plan to stay and sleep here?"

"Don't tempt me," she muttered.

"I wouldn't mind staying, that is, if Russia allows us to stay." Ruri told America, while looking at the purple eyed man.

"Sure," he answered.

"Yeah! Sleepover!" Latvia fist-pumped the air.

"Ha ha, no." America came and picked up Ruri, who was glaring at said man. Then, he came and picked up Metri with his other hand, who was flailing wildly. He slung each of them over his shoulder.

"America! Let me go!" Ruri complained.

"Yeah! You're not the boss of us!" Metri yelled. America dismissed them and waved at Russia and the Baltics, "See you guys later."

When they left, Estonia said, "That's some trio, huh?"


~Distant Memories~

~Fight For What's Right~

(NOTE: The girls have a ten-year old appearance now.)

"Big Brother Spain, how can you do this?" The older sister yelled, outraged. "What you're doing is wrong!"

Ruri pointed at the slaves, "These people have rights, just like the others!"

Spain glared at them. "You're too young to understand. Are you trying to defy me, chicas?"

Metri's fist clenched, "If that's what it takes, Big Brother."

During some time, Puerto Rico fought against Spain for slave's rights. They thought it was unfair and that they had the same rights the Spaniards had.

"¡Basta! This isn't necessary!" Spain yelled. He was unharmed, but the girls were in shambles. Their clothes, the one's Spain had given them, were covered in blood and cuts. They had wild expressions in their eyes.

"Stop helping the rebels, and I promise it'll be over. Everything will go back to the way it was," he soothed. "No les quiero hacer daño."

"You've already harmed us. You have made our people work for you by force. You took away their freedom. Eso es inperdonable." The older sister growled.

"Then tonight, we fall and you'll lose your colony. We tried to talk things out, but you refuse to cooperate." Ruri yelled.

"All we want is equality!" Metri was furious.

Spain was torn: He had raised these girls, and had lived so many good experiences with them. These were so different from the girls who he found the island so long ago. He clenched his teeth.

"Fine. You win," he said. "Drop your weapons, men."

The girls stared at him. Metri started to cry, "Spain!" She embraced him. Ruri followed soon behind.

"Thank you, Spain. Thank you..." Ruri sobbed.

He held them close. "You girls make good rebels."

Puerto Rico was beginning to grow out of Spain's hands, but they didn't notice.

None of them knew that their time together was slowly coming to an end.


¡Conociendo A Los Estados Bálticos!- Meeting The Baltic States!

¿Estas segura que no te gusta?- Are you sure you don't like him?

¿Puedo verlo...?- Can I see it...?

¿Esta es tu casa?- This is your house?

¡Es gigante!- It's gigantic!

Ay Dios.- Oh God.

Maldita sea- Damn it

¡Basta!- Stop!

No les quiero hacer daño.- I don't want to hurt you.

Eso es inperdonable.- That is unforgivable.


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