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Opening Up

Chapter One The Storm

Jump City didn't have many storms but when they did get a storm they would be small and go away quickly; that was not the case today. The rain came down hard and fast, thunder boomed and lightning streaked across the sky. The ocean was angry and had white cap waves that kept crashing into one another. The wind howled banging into windows and causing trees to sway toping. Jump City was having the perfect storm.

Power outages all across the city and communications knocked out. No one went outside, not even villains so the titans were like everyone else in the city, stuck at home.

Raven, BeastBoy, Starfire, and Robin were all sitting on the couch in the main room. They sat in silence waiting for the news that Cyborg would bring.

Cyborg entered the main room a few minutes later shaking his head "Man! Not even the backup backup generator is powerful enough. Were stuck in the dark and communications will be out until this storm passes. No one is crazy enough to go out in this weather."

Robin groaned and BeastBoy stood on the couch and clutched at his head "Dudeeee! We can't be stuck in the dark, your Cyborg! You got to fix it! You can fix anything!"

Cyborg shook his head "Sorry BB, I can't, we'll just have to wait it out."

BeastBoy looked at him horrified "NOOO! This is exactly what I was afraid of! A cereal killer is going to come in a chop us all to bits and just like last time with Ravens powers, Ill go first because I'm the comedic relief! I don't want to die I still have things I want to do and places I want to see!" By the end of his speech BB was clutching at Ravens cloak and sobbing.

All of the other titans stared at him and then Raven snatched her cloak back and growled "BeastBoy if you don't pull it together I will give you a real reason to be scared."

BeastBoy squeaked, stood and mock saluted her. After he was done with his drama he sank back onto the couch "I never liked storms."

Starfire nodded in agreement "I do not like the storm either the sounds are most frightening."

Cyborg sighed, "Well I guess we are going to be waiting for a while. Might as well talk for a while because there really is nothing else we can do." The others nodded in agreement.

They sat in silence for a few minutes then Cyborg snapped his fingers "I just realized something we have been a team for years yet we don't really know each others story's."

Starfire looked confused "Excuses me?"

Cyborg smiled "You know what we were before we were titans."

Starfire then nodded "Oh"

Cyborg looked around "I know that there are some bad things in our pasts but really, this could be good for us as a team."

BeastBoy looked apprehensive "You seriously want to sit around talking about our pasts?"

Cyborg "Come on BB I know your curious."

BeastBoy let a small smirk cross his face "I have always wondered what your guys pasts are." Cyborg held his hand out and BeastBoy slammed his on top of it "I'm in!"

Raven was surprisingly next "You guys know most of my past and I am curious about your pasts." She put her hand on top of BeastBoys and said, "I'm in"

Robin was next "I don't think this is the best idea, but Cyborg is right this could be good as a team." He placed his hand on top of Ravens "Sure"

They all looked at Starfire who had become quite and twiddle her thumbs in her lap.

Robin knit his eyebrows "Star?"

She looked up at him "My past is most unpleasant, if you knew the extent of it you would no longer like me or want me as a friend"

They stared at her dumbstruck and Raven spoke "Starfire, nothing could ever change us being friends, I promise."

Starfire looked at her and sighed, she placed her hand on top of the pile "I will regret this but I will join you in the telling of our story's."

They did an awkward handshake type thing together and then they sat back and BeastBoy asked, "Well who goes first?"

They looked around at each other and Cyborg sighed and put his hands up in mock surrender "Ok since I was the one to suggest this, I will volunteer to go first."

The Titans all sat back and got comfortable waiting for Cyborg to tell his story. Once they were settle Cyborg started "Well…"

To be continued….

Authors note: well here's the first part of the story. Hope you enjoyed it.

Next up, Cyborg's Story.