Hello guys! I know I haven't updated in a while and I'm every so sorry about that. I was thinking, since so many of you liked the last Ways You Know You're Obsessed series I decided to make another one but this one will be based on One Piece since I've seen not many people write about it on . Also remember to put some suggestions down below and I just might add them into a chapter. So I hope you enjoy this new series (was going to call it a sequel but it isn't really). Enjoy!

{1} You eat strange fruit of the ground thinking it's a devil fruit (okay, I'm going to be honest I have looked at some weird looking juicy thing on the floor and thought it was a devil fruit. Write in the reviews, if you could have any devil-fruit power, what power would it be?)

{2} When you honk your car horn hoping it'll shoot missiles like Brachio-Tank 5 (I was like, piece of shit car! when it didn't work)

{3} Okay this one is only my opinion, but I was kind of glad when Vivi didn't join the Straw-Hat Pirates (sorry, it was just, she cried so much and her attacks were weak with her little yoyo little lasso shit thing so sorry and don't hate)

{4} When your sister says she's going to wear a "one piece" you start to fangirl or fanboy…uh that sounds weird (my sisters sorta flat-chested, oh crap she's walking by, if I die, you can have my account!)

{5} You catch yourself calling other girls Mellorine (I am not lesbian before any of you ask!)

{6} When you're teachers ask what you want to be when you grow up, you say you want to become the Pirate King (pirate queen? Whatever, I'll the ruler of the Grand Line :-D)

{7} You try to find a way to ride a current up to the sky (If you do try, make sure you're not with any angry crocs. What makes you think that it's from personal experience, I wouldn't try something that stupid…)

{8} You see a jawbreaker and instantly think, rumble ball (they really do hurt your jaws, how does Chopper eat these things? Animal teeth maybe?)

{9} You notice things like how Nami's…er…how do I put this I guess I mean "proportions" in the chest area seem to enlarge over time especially after the time skip (damn she looks sexy after the time skip, so does Robin. I wish I had curves like theirs)

{10} During Halloween, when you see kids in skeleton costumes you say, "Gee, are you dressed up as Brook?" (I dressed my little cousin as Chopper, and goddamn he looked cute as hell! XD)

{11} You try to figure out how people in One Piece keep their friggin' cigarettes in their mouths while fighting (Sanji does these ultra complex kicking things and after he just keeps smoking!)

{12} You can't help but wonder how curly Sanji's eyebrow is (I tried to draw on my eyebrow once but it turned out to be ugly. If you're going to try it, use liquid eyeliner)

{13} You tell your friends you have a bounty of $200.00 (only one friend got what I was talking about, gosh people nowadays)

{14} You can't play cards without thinking "Ace" (I was screaming, "I got an ace! I got an ace!")

{15} I usually end off with suggestions but since this is the first chapter I'll have to use my own: You try and make a slingshot a dangerous weapon (I don't understand, really I don't. I guess the story David and Goliath from the Bible kind of makes a dangerous weapon but I mean, if your opponents wearing glasses, you're screwed)

So thank you for joining me on a new series and remember to write some reviews as I love to hear from and write down some suggestions! Have a happy Thursday (if that's even possible)!