Hey guys and welcome to sadly, to the last chapter of Ways you Know You're Obsessed With One Piece at least for maybe a while. The reason for this is because I'm moving from where I am right now so I won't have any fresh ideas for a while or be able to think up any more for some time because of the transition. This will be continued though not for a while, maybe next month or something so I'm sorry about this but enjoy this chapter nonetheless! Make sure to also write more suggestions below!

{1} When you like to do things flashily (how do you do things flashily, really?)

{2} When you look at the antagonists at the beginning of One Piece, after watching the battle with CP9 and realize just how weak they now seem (Buggy, let's just face it, your lame)

{3} You use a ton of hair products believing that it'll help make your hair roots strong so that you'll have your hair when all you are is a skeleton (Honestly, when you think about it on a real person, it's quite disturbing, however Brook seems to be able to pull this off so I'll try it out)

{4} You refer to you family as the "Franky Family" (I'm Chinese if you didn't know which you shouldn't know…anyways but my dad's like, "We are no (sorry if you're English or American or any shade of white skin) white family. We are Chinese!" He doesn't understand & sorry if I offended you)

{5} When you're like, screw Pirates of the Caribbean, I got One Piece! (One Piece=Pirates of the Caribbean time 200,000,000,000,000 and like, a thousand more zeros)

{6} When you sprained your finger trying to use Shigan on someone or something (I'm serious, do not try this at home!)

{7} When you try to copy Luffy's scar, the one right under his eye…

{8} But you think that it'll hurt too much so you use marker instead (true story)

{9} When you tape a den den mushi to your cellphone (I have a little pink one and smacked my friend when she thought it was Gary from Spongebob)

{10} When you get scared whenever you see bubbles because you think it'll be Thunderbolt Tempo (I have bubblephobia?)

{11} When you wonder what the fuck Zolo means. WHAT IS AN EFFING ZOLO 4KIDS (self explanatory)

{12} When you wonder how Zoro survived without a navigator (he could sail in circles for hours and not know what was going on (sorta like me :-D)

{13} You regularly check One Piece Wiki for info (again, refresh, refresh, refresh!)

{14} You see ballet dancers and instantly picture Betham or Mr. 2 (scarred for life!)

{15} Suggestion time! This one is from DoodleGreenQueen and she suggests: You believe that all of the cute boys at your school are nowhere NEAR as gorgeous as The Monster Trio and the other sexy hunks of One Piece. (I totally agree, expectations set to way to high!)

Thanks you for joining for the last chapter in a while. Stay tuned though! This is Tangee, signing out!