All was quiet in the shop of antiques that Uncle ran. He had everyone working hard on sweeping, dusting, and cleaning. Jade was dusting a priceless vase and had balanced on the shelf it was upon.


"Mystic power and ancient secrets. Yeah, yeah I know." Jade finished, rolling her eyes.

"Jade. Get down now!" Jackie commanded, pointing to the floor.

"Sorry Uncle Jackie!" she said playfully and slid down to the floor.

"JACKIE! There is someone at the door! He keeps talking to fast and asking if I understand the words he's saying! I can't take it!" He said, squatting and pointing his finger in the air. (you know how he does)

Jackie bit his lip. There was only one man he knew that annoying, and he was miles away. Or was he?

"HEY JACKIE! HOW'S IT GOIN MY BOY!" an all to familiar voice rang out, and a man was standing in the doorway.

"Jade, I want you to meet, Detective Carter." Jackie said half excited.


"I thought you were still on the force!" Jackie said pointing at Carter.

"I am, but I took my vacation! I saw you in the window out here and thought I would say hi!"

"You were a police officer Uncle Jackie?!" Jade said hugging Jackie's leg. "How come you never told me?" She changed and spun around crossing her arms. She glared at the floor, making a guilt trip like she always dose.

"Oh Jade! Your Uncle Jackie was the best on the force! He cleaned up the Bronx, stopped bad guys acting like the FBI, posed as a chef on TV, and even stopped terrorists!"

(In case you didn't know, this is Rumble In The Bronx, First Strike, Mr. Nice Guy, and Operation: Condor) (DUH!)

"I'll tell you about the time he stopped a crazy Chinese dude from blowing up a little girl and then cleaned up the whole Triad in China! When we go to Wally World!" (Again Rush Hour 1 and 2) (also, I make an assumption that they knew each other all along when he first came to America, since his first American movie was Rumble In The Bronx. I'm not even gonna include all the Police Story flicks. Supercop is also included, but we don't hear about it.)

(In case you didn't know I had a friend in high School obsessed with Jackie Chan. So I know all this, and plotted out this whole story with him in the lunchroom everyday. It gets pretty crazy soon!)

"OH, PLEASE UNCLE JACKIE! CAN I GO?! PLEASE?!" Jade pleaded, hugging Jackie's leg again.

"AH-YA! Too many distractions!" Uncle mumbled to himself as he walked by in the background, waving his finger in the air.

"Can we, Uncle Jackie? Please!" Carter asked with a cheesy smile. Jade followed his lead, and soon they were off to Wally World.

"How can we clean when no one is around?! I cannot believe you let her go with so much work to do!"

Uncle looked over his shoulder.

"AH-YA!!!!!!!! MY VASE! IT IS RUINED!" Uncle began trying to put the pieces back together, forgetting what he was ranting about earlier.

Jackie just shook his head and sighed. "It is gonna be a long.."

"MONTH!" Jackie asked shocked.

"Yeah! My vacation is a month long! Unless something comes up or something." He said touching a suit of armor, making it fall to the ground.

"Jade told me all about how you fight demons and this crazy blonde dude. What was his name again?"

"Valmont!" Jade said smiling at Carter. Her Wally World hat on her head and her Wally balloon. She had a big fluff of Cotton Candy in front of her green Wally shirt. She hugged her stuffed Wally with her free arm.

"Right! Valmont. Said he has a guy named Hawk-Fu that screams all these weird animal names and stuff. We never had dudes like this at my job!"

Jackie's eye began to twitch, Carter's running was driving him crazy. But then he realized he forgot all about Valmont. What was he up to? It has been pretty quite lately.

"So anyway, I was wondern if I can come along and check out all this super cool demon stuff." "NO!" "SURE!" Jackie and Jade screamed at the same time. Jackie sighed and shook his head once more.

"Please Uncle Jackie?" they asked in unison. Both wore cheesy smiles.

"Alright, you can come along. But don't get in the way. You can help, but not screw things up!" Jackie warned, raising his finger.

"AH-YA! To much dust! Dose anyone around here know how to clean anymore? Tohru! Where is my tea?" Uncle walked by in the background again, going the other way. His finger was high in the air as he disappeared behind the wall.

"You just stay out of Uncle's way. OW!" Jackie turned around to see Uncle behind him. He had hit him on the head like he always dose.

"No Jackie! Crazy Loudmouthed-Man cannot stay here! Too destructive and to noisy!"

Jade frowned as Uncle walked off. She looked up at Jackie with her bottom lip pouting out.

"Just really stay out of Uncle's way." Jackie said. Jade smiled.