"We have got to get that Pan-Ku Box back! I have called all of you here to ask for your assistance!" Shendu said. There was a large gathering of villains that Jackie had fought in the past. Even Spring-Heeled Jack was there.

"In order to get the Pan-Ku box back, we must first order an attack!" Jack said in his sing-song tone.

"Dao-Lon Wong, I take it that we have formed an unholy alliance?" Shendu asked the short wizard.

"Yes. Seeing as how we fail separately, we will succeed together! And with your henchmen turned into Enforcers now, they're practically immortal!"

Shendu looked over at Finn, Ratso, and Chow. Now they were red with blue markings, and had skill they never had before. But deep down, Shendu and Valmont knew they were still buffoons.

Hawk-Foo showed promise. Unlike the other Enforcers, he did not go "poof" as he puts it, when he is crushed.

"All I need are the Talismans and I can re-activate the Pan-Ku Box, therefore releasing your brothers and sisters once more! With our combined forces, nothing can stop us!!!!!" Dao-Lon Wong began ranting.

"Our combined forces make Jackie nothing, soon he will be the one suffering!" Jack said.

A big blonde man with a ponytail and glasses approached. (This is the guy from Rumble in the Bronx, the fake FBI agent.)

"Mr. Shendu, sir. My men are ready, should we go after Jackie?"

"Yes, all of you will get a turn to tire him out. Then when he can no longer continue, we will unveil our alliance and rule the world!" Shendu said.

"So you're just gonna parade villain after villain until Jackie is too pooped to pot?" Enforcer Finn asked.

"Basically." Valmont said, gaining brief control.

"YES! THEN JACKIE WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT HIM!" Shendu said in an overjoyed growl of fire.

"This will be like a marathon of making Jackie suffer!" Enforcer Ratso said.

"I dunno. I never liked reality TV." Enforcer Chow said.

"Why don't you three go to the buffet for a while?" Valmont asked.

"SURE!" the three replied in unison, and walked off toward the table.

"That ought to keep them busy for a while!" Valmont said, looking at his reflection, seeing Shendu's face over his.

"I just hope that when it's their turn to fight, they don't ruin our surprise." Shendu said.

"It was nice of Dao-Lon to free you from the Section 13 vault. And re- summon your spirit into me. After all, your more mobile this way." Valmont said.

"I don't trust him. I turned on him and wound up in that vault. The only reason he'd free me after what I did, is if he wanted to use me for something!" Shendu said.

"I think this is legit. If not, you still have the box. You can trap him in that." Valmont said.

"I just don't know. I just don't know." Shendu said, as Dao-Lon approached to talk.

The chi-vampire went to sit down and the Monkey King had placed a Whoopie Cushion on the chair. Everyone laughed except Shendu and Dao-Lon.

Gun, Chui, and Ren (Dao-Lon's original warriors) approached. "Can we go to the buffet too?" they asked together.

The two evil beings sighed. This was going to be fun indeed.

Chang and Yip were busy cursing at the ignorance of the J-Team clones, 2.0 mind you.

Meanwhile at Section 13..

"So Carter, you will find this Miyagi guy and get the box from him. Jackie, you keep an eye on the Talismans, make sure that that Dao-Lon fella doesn't get them." He turned to Carter, "Shendu and Dao-Lon hate each other so it's best to not let them get weapons to fight with."

"Right, right. Hey Jackie, I found this guy that said he knew you from when you were on the Emperor of China's service." Carter said.

"Who?" Jackie asked.

"Man, this place blows more than England." A voice said.

Roy O'Bannon (Shanghai Noon/Nights) came in with a beautiful Asian woman on his arm (Shanghai Nights)

"I don't know man, your sister wanted to see you, said it was important." Roy said, looking around, unsure of his surroundings.

"You didn't break her heart did you, because you know I'll break your legs!" Jackie said with a smile.

"Who are you?" Jade asked.

"Well, you see I'm Roy. We met when I was an outlaw in a backwater town, I found out he was a royal guard. We became friends, then went to England to kick some butt. I fell for his sister and the rest is history." Roy said.

"You have a sister, AND you were serving China's Emperor? Man! You never tell me anything!" Jade said acting frustrated.

Jackie rolled his eyes. "What is it Liu?" he asked.

"I found out a big plan involving two very immense forces! They seek to combine their powers and destroy the world!"

"Who?" Jackie asked.

Meanwhile Roy and Carter were finding out they shared a lot of common interest. They then proceeded to wander around Section 13 and getting in trouble.

"I don't know their names, nor have I seen them before. They kept mentioning your name and saying something about monsters. They sent the FBI after you!" Liu said.

"FBI?" Before Jackie could finish, a spray of bullets ripped through the doors and walls.

"How did they find this area? Only someone pretending to be in the government could glean the information to find this place!" Capt. Black said, reading the troops.

Carter and Roy were doing like Scooby and Shaggy, with Roy in Carter's arms.

The door finally came open, and a tall man in glasses and a blonde pony-tail walked in. He wore a suit and looked very smug.

"CHAN! Let's finish this!" the man said.

"Oh dear." Jackie said. "I remember that guy back from when I was helping another uncle in the Bronx of New York. He wanted to sell his store, but a gang messed up that idea. I went after them and befriended a girl and her wheel-chair bound son. The gang was sorry for what they did, but got mixed up with THIS guy and his friends in a diamond smuggling ring. One of the gang members got the wood-chipper for knowing the truth."

"And I got a wood-chipper ready for you Chan! Remember the football helmet you bruised my face with? And the wrench you threatened me with?" thus a fight began, the first of many to come folks.

"Man, I need to sit down with Uncle Jackie and ask him exactly what he did before he came here!" Jade said, shaking her head.


"Oh, Jade. I miss you so. What I wouldn't give to see you again." A small, imp looking thing with wings sighed to himself. It was lonely in this void, but Shendu promised freedom once again. Could he re-gain his lost friendship? Patch his holes?