Don't Leave Me

Chapter 1

Here's a start to another series. Not as long as Endurance, but hopefully, it's good.

Since I'll have two stories to write, I'll be switching back and forth. Anyway, here's the first chapter!

Liara was fighting her way with others through hordes of reaper troops to the beam; she heard over Comm. chatter that someone made it through. She knew who it was. She also heard that Vegas and EDI has been evacuated after a devastating attack from the Reaper leader, Harbinger. She was fighting alongside Kaidan with his biotic students, Garrus, and Tali. Tail wouldn't leave Garrus's side; she said she will fight to the end.

Liara was equipped with the N7 Hurricane, a gift from John Shepard. There were others that her lover has recruited from the earlier days fighting in other areas. All of them were headed to beam to secure it. Harbinger has left for the Space battle against Sword. The fleets above Earth that were fighting to the last ship. Hearing that John has made it increased their morale, and Joker and the SSV Normandy were busy assisting destroying Reapers. The Pilot was having the time of his life as his limits were tested.

The Asari snapped into action as more cannibals appeared. The team overpowered them.

"Banshee!" Kaidan shouted to his comrades as one floats over a pile of rubble.

"I'll take her down!" Garrus told him.

"I'll help!" Tail joined.

As those two worked to bring the monster down. Liara turned her attention to her flank, a couple of cannibals and a marauder. She brought the cannibals down by throwing a huge chunk of debris at them with biotics. The marauder dodged and resumed fire upon her. Liara warped the trooper to bring it to its knees. She took the opportunity, ran up to it, and brought a biotic fist down on top, killing him. Garrus and his love brought the mutated Asari down, and Kaidan and his students finished killing a brute.

"Everyone okay?" Garrus asked his teammates.

"I'm fine." Liara answered.

"We're fine." Kaidan replied.

"No ruptures yet." Tail told him.

"We need to regroup with some others." Garrus said.

Liara nodded in agreement, help would be beneficial.

"The others are headed for the beam, we could meet them there." Tali suggested.

"Good Idea. We should get moving." Kaidan told Tali.

The team moved toward the beam. A couple of miles filled with reapers but they were blasting through. They were running out of Thermal clips though.

"Argh! I'm on my last mag!" Garrus told his friends as he reloaded his Assault Rifle.

"As am I!" Liara told him, sympathetically, as she trapped several cannibals in a singularity, adding a warp. Causing the singularity to become unstable and explode, killing the reaper troops in and around the miniature black hole in the process.

The troopers surrounded them, Liara and the other biotics resorted to using their powers while Garrus and Tail used their Omni-tools to overload the marauders' shields.

"Primarch Victus!" Garrus shouted, relieved.

Victus and the Ninth platoon showed up. They rained hell upon the outnumbering troops of the reapers, cannibal after cannibal fell to their gun fire. After the hostiles were eliminated, they all regrouped.

"Glad you could make it, Primarch." Garrus told Victus, patting him on the back.

The Primarch was wearing a combination of the Turian armor with a purple and darker purple in stripes going down.

"I heard you were in trouble over here, so I thought I could lend a hand." Victus replied.

"You got great timing." Tali commented.

The Turian nodded to her, and then turned to Liara. Who was looking at the beam from a distance. He walked over to her.

"I owe The Commander a lot. I will do whatever it takes to get you to that beam." He told her.

"Thank you." She replied to him. Hoping the man she loved will make it out.

Victus turned to his men.

"Men! Give our allies any spare thermal clip you can give!" He told them.

He continued, "We're getting to that beam!"

His men cheered as they spread out; giving the squad the much-needed mags they can do without.

"Let's move!" Victus shouted as they all readied their weapons.

They started maneuvering through the rubble of London. They downed any resistance, while keeping their pace. They came upon a wrecked intersection where there was a horde of reaper troops.

"Spread out!" Victus commanded.

The squad and Platoon did so. Liara and Tali went with Victus to cover the left at the same time as Garrus and Kaidan went right with his biotic school of students split in half, covering the troops of the 9th platoon with Biotic shields.

"Brutes!" Kaidan yelled over the firefight.

Liara looked over to where her biotic friend mentioned. There were three monstrous combinations of Krogan and Turian closing in. Two went over to Garrus's side, while one went to Victus's side. The ninth platoon with Victus concentrated fire on the massive beast. It would stagger a couple of times, then it charged towards Liara. She backed away, hitting it with warps. She tripped over a small piece of debris. Just before it could smash down on Liara. Garrus intervened. He shot a concussive round at the brute, causing it to recoil as the blast hit its side.

"Over here, you big bastard!" He yelled at it.

It turned to Garrus, eyes blazing with red. It ran toward him. Garrus failed to dodge the raging bull as it swung at him, throwing the Turian into a destroyed Mako.

"GARRUS!" Tali shouted as she witnessed the scene.

Just before it could finish the job, the brute was, all of a sudden, lifted off the ground with a blue glow around it. Liara wasn't doing it. She watched as the beast was taken off the ground then it was smashed into the ruins of a building, utterly killing it. Liara turned to see another Asari, Samara. Samara walked over to Garrus and helped him up.

"Thank you, Samara." Garrus thanked her.

"Not a problem, Garrus. Any friend of Shepard's is a friend of mine." She told him.

The Ninth platoon just finished the rest of the Reaper troops with no casualties. Tali ran up to Garrus and hugged him tightly.

"Are you okay, Garrus?" She asked him.

"I'm fine, thanks to Samara." Garrus reassured her.

"It's good to see you again, Samara, and thank you." Tali told the Asari while still hugging Garrus.

She simply nodded. She saw Liara staring off into the beam again. She walked over to her.

"I owe John a debt I cannot repay, I am here to return the favor. He has helped me and uplifted me during the darkest hour of my life." Samara told Liara. Remembering the times when Shepard held her up when she wept after killing the bravest and strongest of her daughters due to her daughter being an Ardat-Yakshi.

"Thank You." Liara said once again, on the verge of tears, on whether her love will make it back.

Samara sensed her emotions. She put a hand on her shoulder.

"John is a great man, he's strong. If he thinks about you, then he'll do whatever it takes to get back to you." Samara reassured her.

Liara just nodded. She smiled at the memory she gave to her love before they moved out at the forward operating base. Her spirits were boosted.

Victus came over to the two Asari, "We need to move. There are others that need help."

Both of them nodded. Samara pulled her M-15 Vindicator out and readied it. Liara checked her N7 Hurricane and reloaded it. They moved on with the others as they headed to help other squads in the vicinity. After two or three firefights, they've ran into Captain Kirrahe with his STG squad, along with some Alliance personnel. The battalion moved as they obliterated troops along the way, working in sync. After a couple more battles they came upon another group, but it was Krogan.

They saw three cannibals go flying as Grunt smashed against them. He saw them,

"About time, you got here! I thought all the kills were for me!" He told them, covered in blood.

"Good to see you too, Grunt." Garrus told him as he stepped up.

"Ha-ha! Garrus!" He replied as he shook hands with the Turian.

Two marauders went flying as Wrex showed up. He stomped over to the group. Victus and the rest of the battalion went off to help the krogan in defeating the troops.

"Glad you guys could make it. I didn't want Grunt stealing all the points." Wrex told his old teammates, while pushing Grunt a bit. He, also, was covered in reaper blood.

"Nice to see you too, Wrex" Liara told him, Smiling.

"You too, Liara." Wrex told her.

A brute behind the Krogan roared at them as it prepared to rush.

"Alright! Another kill!" Grunt yelled as he ran to battle the monster.

Wrex went around the side while Grunt pushed the Brute back. The brute started to push back and it only pissed Grunt off. He grunted as he shoved the brute backwards. Wrex charged the brute at the side and smashed him, knocking it to the ground. Wrex took his Claymore and shot the brute's face then crushed it while using his shotgun as a Claymore.

"No kills for you, Junior." Wrex told the youngling, chuckling.

"I'll get you for that, later." Grunt told him.

"I will be waiting." Wrex replied, grinning.

The Krogan went to assist with the fighting between the ninth platoon and a couple of Ravagers reinforced with Marauders. Liara and Samara were fighting off a pair of Banshees. Kaidan, Garrus, and Tali were battling a wave mixed with Cannibals and Husks.

Liara threw another warp at the banshee she was dueling with, making it recoil from the hit. The Banshee screamed at her as its attacks got more aggressive. Liara resumed fire with her Hurricane. Then the mutated Asari was hit at the side as Jacob Taylor charged into it with a biotic charge and dodged its claws as she clawed at him. Miranda followed by throwing a powerful warp, dropping it to the knees. Jacob finished it by a round from his Shotgun to the head. It screamed again as it fall apart in dust. Samara was picked up by the banshee she was fighting.

"Let me go!" She shouted, trying to break free of the monster's grip.

"Oh, no you don't!" Jacob yelled as he charged the banshee again, hitting her, broadside.

The Banshee dropped Samara and turned to Jacob. The Asari screamed at him, he didn't flinch. Miranda, Samara, and Liara combined biotics and all threw a warp. It fell to its knees and Jacob, once again, finished it.

"Thank you, Jacob, for saving me." She acknowledged him.

"No problem. Nobody's dying yet." He replied.

The Ninth Platoon and The Krogan finished up sweeping the reaper troops. Victus and the others joined each other in a circle.

"Everybody ok?" Kaidan asked the group.

"I want more." Grunt replied, looking around.

"Besides the usual minor scrapes and burns? I'm good." Garrus told him.

"No suit ruptures yet." Tali replied.

Everyone else said they were okay. Liara was separated from the circle, looking in the direction of the beam, tears rolling down her face as she thought about her only family. She held on tight to her man's tags He gave her. John wore his old tags that Liara recovered for him during his absence three years ago.

Tali noticed Liara away from the rest of the army. She walked over to her, then she noticed the tears on her face as she clenched Shepard's tags.

"Liara, are you okay?" The Quarian asked her friend in a worried tone.

"I'm fine." She replied, with her voice cracking.

"you miss him, don't you?" She told her.

"I love him. I need him to come back to me. He made a promise…" Liara told her, trailing off as she remembered that night.

"A promise about what?" Tali asked, confused.

"He promised he'll…he'll…." She tried to say but her emotions got the better of her and she broke down, Tears flooding her face.

Tali hugged her best friend almost immediately, "Hey….hey….it's okay…." Tali tried to calm her down but she was almost at the point of crying too.

The Man who made her feel welcome and cared for when she first joined his team, The Man who chose not to destroy who her father was, but getting her out of the trial of treason without being exiled. The Man who managed to end the Quarian and Geth War in peace and cooperation while recovering her homeworld at the same time. The Man who has done more than anyone for her in the life she lived. She felt guilty on when she had her love and Liara didn't have hers.

Liara had gotten her self-control after five minutes of waterfalls pouring out of her eyes, soaking the Quarian's shoulder of her Eviro-suit.

"I'm…I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that." The Asari apologized to her friend.

"it's okay, you needed to let it out." She reassured her.

Liara nodded, she wiped the remaining drops away and regained her composure. She smiled at her Quarian friend.

"Time to get moving!" Garrus shouted to his teammates as the battalion mixed with races working together started moving. Tali and Liara nodded and went along.

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