Don't Leave Me

Chapter 11

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John stood in the mirror, adjusting his tie. Today was going to be the best day of his life, and he was going to make the best of it. He worn the best suit he could find. He was ready.

He turned to walk out the door, but before he did, he turned and looked at himself in the mirror one more time. He smiled then winked at himself.

"You look good, John." He told himself.

He exited his bedroom, down the stairs and found Liara not yet dressed. She was in her armored suit.

"You haven't gotten ready?" He asked her.

"I wanted you to go first. Seara will be here to pick me up." She replied as she smiled at her handsome man.

He nodded, "Don't be late, ok?" He told her. As he smiled back.

"Oh, I won't." She replied.

He nodded again and exited the house. He got in Liara's Car and took off to the Wedding Location. He wiped a tear away as he thought of himself with The one Asari He Loved for the rest of his life.

He has arrived and set the car down. He killed the engine, exited the car, and locked it when the doors closed. He looked around. It was at the Park, which was fine. He wanted it here.

John saw a medium sized crowd, which was the party. He saw the wedding booth. He walked over to the group. He was greeted by Garrus and Tali. Surprisingly, Tali didn't have her helmet but she still had her enviro-suit.

"Tali! Garrus! Glad you could make it!" He told them.

Tali spoke first, "John! Hi! How are you?"

"I. Feel. Great." He replied, smiling, "Tali, you look stunning!" He told her.

She gave in for a blush.

"Hey, that was my line!" Garrus told him.

John laughed, "Don't worry, I'm sure you already told her."

The Turian chuckled, "Yeah, That's true."

John chatted with them a bit then he moved on. He saw Samara, She was in the Asari Robe, which also failed to hide her honed body, he ran into Wrex and Bakara, Cortez, Joker and EDI, (Which was the first time John saw Joker wear something different other than the uniforms.), Grunt, Jack and Miranda, surprisingly Kelly! Kaidan and his girlfriend, Dr. Chakwas, Jacob and Bryan with their baby! Zaeed was probably somewhere else drinking, Kasumi, Gabby and Kenneth, Traynor, and James with his girlfriend.

After talking with everyone, it was time.

John was at the head, patiently waiting. Garrus, James, and Kaidan stood beside him. Tali, Jame's and Kaidan's girlfriends stood where Liara was going to be.

John saw Areia, she had a huge smile on her face as she spread Thessian Flowers over the carpet leading up to them. Seara was on the front row, and the moment of his life started.

The moonlight lit up the walkway. Everybody in the seats looked back as John felt his heart drop when Liara stepped into the walkway.

Looking Like an Absolute Goddess, Liara's dress shined in the light. Her Blue Jewels were on fire as she, very slowly, walked toward the booth. She had a wonderful smile and the moonlight greatly embellished her already flaming sapphire eyes and her astonishing face beautifully, and it made John go wild as his heart started beating faster with every step she took closer. Her eyes were filled to the brim with happiness and pure bliss. When she stood across from him, her eyes sent him a message saying, This is it.

He smiled lovingly at her as she returned it. They linked hands and both faced the Preacher.

"Today, We gathered here for the Wedding of Liara T'Soni and John Shepard." He started.

John heard someone crying, must be Jacob. It sounded like a man.

"John, Will you take Liara T'Soni as your Wife?" The Preacher asked.

Without missing a beat, "I do."

The preacher turned to Liara.

"Liara, Will you take John Shepard as your husband?" He asked.

Immediately after he finished, "I do." She said with her heart, she already had tears flowing down her face.

"Then John Shepard, Liara T'Soni. I declare you as Husband and Wife!" He raised his voice.

Liara pulled him into a extremely deep kiss before he could even get a chance. The crowd stood up and clapped loudly as they witnessed the Marriage. Liara shed a few tears of happiness in the kiss. When they finally separated, the crowd quieted down.

"Is there anything you would like to say?" The Preacher asked.

"Yes." John answered.

He nodded and gave him a microphone. The booth raised into the air as John stood behind the podium. Liara was by his side.

"This. Is the day of my life." He said as emotions appeared, sniffing, "Being Married to this Beautiful Asari is better than heaven." Tears flowed down his cheeks as he said the words, "I...Wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for Liara. She gave me something to fight for. To die for. To have something special to come back to. When I met her on Therum, I knew she has given me a purpose that very day. She is my family, best friend, lover, and most of all, She is My Liara." He had mad tears flooding down his face, "I love her with all of my heart and my very soul. I would do anything to make her happy, anything to let her live, anything for her." He finished with several people crying in the crowd, Liara the most. She soaked her hands as she heard the words of her husband.

John hugged her tightly as She cried tears of joy. The platform was lowered down and The two remained there as Liara's emotions got the better of her. After five good minutes, the tears were stopped. She looked at him, his eyes blazing a new fire she has never seen before. She pulled him in for another Great kiss.

After the Wedding, John and Liara told their goodbyes to their fellow friends and Companions.

When Liara shut the door hard when they entered their bedroom. Liara threw her dress off and pounced John, who was completely caught off guard and landed on his back to the bed. He didn't see her until she was already out of her clothes. She flared with Biotics as She tore his suit apart. Revealing the muscular chest that has always turned her on. She sealed her lips with his as she spent the lust that has built up for the man. When they separated for a second, John saw the lust in her eyes as she smiled seductively. John toyed with her breasts and she stood up on her knees while she arched her back in pleasure. He, then, brought her down to where he can latch on. She moaned loudly at his move as his tongue played with their favorite pillows.

He nibbled, gritted her nipple while one hand was on the other, squeezing it. Liara was having fun then she wanted the one she needed most. She pulled him off and climbed down the bed to his bulging pants. She drooled as she undid the zipper and button for access to her favorite manhood. The member sprang to attention in his boxers and she pulled them both off while watching the member pulse with urge. She couldn't resist and took it into her mouth. John moaned as his Wife went to work. She bobbled up and down, licking and wrapping the member's head, stroking it a couple of times. It wasn't long before John's friend was ready to explode.

"I'm...getting...close!" He told her through gritted teeth.

She grinned and stroked it even faster with her mouth hovering over his cock.

His toes and hands clenched as the first orgasm surged through him.

"Ah...yeah..." He said.

Then he looked down to see Liara licking her lips.

"You taste even better than before." She commented.

"Let's just see about that." John replied, grinning.

John got up, pick up Liara and slammed her onto the bed on her back. He got down on his knees.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Go for it, John!" She yelled.

He immediately obeyed and got to munching into Liara's Azure. He played with it, stroking her with three fingers, licking her G-spot, sending screams of pleasure through her. She was ready to go.

"Ah! Ah! AH!" She said as her body stiffened and poured her nectar onto John. He looked at her, her beautiful breasts were heaving with every intake she did, panting.

"that was incredible." She told him.

"You are incredible." He replied.

She knew which position he wanted to do next. She got on all fours and shook her mounds at him. He drooled as he climbed back into the bed. He lined his friend up with her friend. And shoved it in without Liara knowing, getting a mix of pain and pleasure from her, while John was met with resistance. Once her walls accumulated to his size, he started hammering her, filling the room up with breath-taking fun times. He pounded her for a good thirty seconds and both were ready.

"I'!" He told her between each thrust.

"!" She replied.

After that, they both came home. Liara's walls weighed down on his friend and he couldn't move. John pulled out and stroked his beefstick for a second.

"Ready for round two?" He asked.

She flipped over, lifted and spread her legs.

John got the message and put her legs over his shoulders. He sighted his target and jammed in again, Getting a squeal of pleasure from Liara as he started off slowly, increasing the pace as her walls loosened up. The Bedroom was full of slaps of balls on Liara's Azure as John gave her a good night.

Soon, they both hit their climax again and Liara was going to finish tonight. She flipped them to where John was on the bed and she climbed on top of him. She grasped his member and lined it up with her womanhood.

"All yours, Liara!" John told her.

She smiled as she set herself down on the beefstick, opening her mouth in pleasure but no sound. She started riding her husband slowly, increasing the pleasure as she sped up. Emitting moans and screams from Liara and grunts from John as thrills filled both of their bodies. John latched onto a breast and played with both of them. Liara arched her back as John destroyed her. She loved it. Soon after, they let loose again.

After a good hour of sexy times, They were both spent. They laid on the bed, next to each other, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes.

"I love you, John."

"I love you, Liara."

"My life has finally started." She said with a big smile.

"Mine as Well." John replied, returning the smile.

The couple gave each other a final kiss for the night and drifted off to sleep as the night consumed them.

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