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Two week. 14 days. 336 hours. That's how long it had been since Emma Swan had laid eyes on Regina Mills. Emma did everything she could to avoid Regina. She went into Granny's late every morning and went by the school to see Henry. Henry had apologized for what he said to Emma and she had accepted that, but not before giving her son a stern lesson in thinking before you speak. He had told Emma about how quiet that Regina had been. Emma took that time to scold him again on how he was shutting his mother out. She could be angry at Regina, angry as hell, but not him. She had a right.

That's the thing about heartbreak, you can't run from it. It follows you everywhere you go. To work, to the park, to bed, it's everywhere you are. That's what Emma felt. Heartbreak. She wished now that she had never kissed Regina. She wished that she had just left that night and never knew that truth. Never known that there was no way she would have Regina.

It was now Friday evening and Emma decided that tonight she would drink herself to sleep, but not alone. No tonight she would go out. Have fun. Ruby liked fun and so there it was. She had a side kick for the evening.

They walked in to the only bar in Storybrooke to find all the regulars there. Killian made sure to whistle at the two as they walked and made some kind of "lass" comment. One which Emma and Ruby choice to ignore.

The women found a booth over in the corner and someone waited on Ruby for a change. Ruby took shots to lost loves killed in the middle of the night and Emma drowned her heartbreak over Regina. Both woman had gone way past their limits several shots ago.

"I am a catch."

"Hell yeah you are." Ruby agreed.

"I could have half the men in this bar. Look at fucking Happy over there. I could have his short ass."

"Hell yeah you could. However, I don't know why you would want to."

"And Hook. That pompous ass has been trying to get in my pants ever since that beanstalk."

"Hell yeah he has." A very drunk Ruby agreed.

They took another shot. "And look at Neal over there. I already been there so that is like a no brainer. He would take me in heartbeat."

"Hell yeah he would."

"Look at Sneezy. Sick little bastard. I could totally get him."

"Hell yeah you could."

"I could have any these dudes."

"Or women."

"Awww, thanks Rubs."

"You could Emma. You are smart and strong and sexy. Anyone would be lucky to have you."

Emma chuckled and took another shot. "Are you including yourself there Red?"

Ruby took a shot with her. "Sure."

Emma stopped and looked at Ruby. She didn't want Hook, or Neal or Happy or Sneezy, but Ruby- Ruby would definitely get her mind of Regina for a while.


Regina sat down stairs and was looking at her book. She wouldn't dare say that she was reading it. She had now "read" the same paragraph 3 times and still couldn't tell you what it said. Her thoughts, both awake and asleep, were consumed by Emma. She had woke up doing everything from crying, to laughing, to screaming, to satisfying herself. She had dreamed that Emma was touching her and making her scream out her name. This was still slightly odd to Regina. She still chuckled sometimes at the thoughts of her and Emma. Sometimes she cried at the thoughts of her Emma. She realized that she had patterned Emma's life. That's wasn't Regina finest moment.

Mostly she missed Emma. The way that she made her laugh, the way that she made Henry laugh, the things that Emma did without thinking it through that drove Regina crazy, the fiercely protective Emma. Regina missed them all. What she hated the most was that she missed Emma's lips. Regina had replayed that moment a million times in the past 2 weeks. The feel of her hands on her face. The hot breath on her lips. The gentle way that Emma slid her tongue across her lips before Regina granted entrance. Make that reading the paragraph a fourth time. "Damn it."

Regina heard her phone buzzing across the room. Noticing that it was Katherine's cell, Regina looked at the clock. It was nearly midnight.

"Kat? What's wrong?"

"You need to tell her, Regina!"

"What? Who? Emma?"

"Yes Emma."

"Why? Where are you? I can barely hear you."

"I am at the bar. We came out to have a adult night and it seems that someone else is too."

Regina's heart sank. "Is she ok?"

"Well if having a certain wolf's tongue crammed down your throat is your kind of ok, then yeah. She is great."

"What?" Regina whispered.

"Regina. It's now or never. She is trashed and, I am guessing, doesn't know what she is doing at this point."

"I can't just-"

"And I would drive really fast if I were you."

Regina was glad that Henry had stayed the night with his grandparents. She quickly grabbed her coat and purse and headed out. She was almost to the bar when she got a text message. Not wanting to read it while driving, she waited until she pulled into the bar parking lot. She pulled out her phone and read the message that said They left. FIND HER REGINA!

Regina panicked. She knew that the message had been more than 5 minutes ago. They could be anywhere. Emma's new apartment was too far away so if they were that drunk, Emma wouldn't drive nor would she let Ruby. Regina knew that Granny's was within walking distance. She also knew that if anyone saw her, they would know she remembered. So she quickly walked to the side of the building in the dark, empty alleyway, and in a puff she was gone.

She ended up behind Granny's and walked around to the front. She was walking to the front door when she heard a loud commotion coming up the walkway. She looked to see Emma with her arms wrapped around Ruby. Ruby had her hands all over Emma and it was all Regina could do not to produce one very large fireball. Regina stopped at the bottom step and the other two women were almost on her before they ever saw her.

"Regggginaaaa." Emma smiled.

Regina looked anything but amused. "Emma."

"Ruby and I were just about to go have us some fun."

"Were you now?"

"Yeah. Ruby appreciates me. She gets that I am a...what was it again?"

"Catch." A drunk Ruby chimed in.

"Yeah. A catch."

Regina was never good at this. Good at dealing with hurt. Her response was to shut down and act as though the person meant nothing. That was what Regina would normally do. However, tonight she knew that this was delicate. She needed to handle Emma just right. "Ruby, I will take it from here. I will see that Emma gets home."

"No. No you won't. I want to hang out with Ruby here." Emma smiled and threw her arm around Ruby's neck. "We are going to continue our good time upstairs."

Emma was just about to walk around Regina when she reached out and grabbed Emma's arm as she passed. "Emma, please." A sober Emma would have seen every ounce of love or hurt in the woman's eyes. Too bad that wasn't who Regina was dealing with. "Please, don't do this."

Emma looked at Regina and through gritted teeth said "I begged you once too. See where that got me? A kiss that meant nothing."

Emma walked with Ruby passed the woman. Regina turned as they headed up the stairs to the front door. "I am going to ask you one more time not to do this, Emma."

"Go home, Regina." Was the last thing that Regina heard. Regina couldn't stop the tears. She didn't care who saw, in a puff she was standing in her own bedroom. The crying was uncontrollable. She couldn't believe that she was here again. That she had lost in love again. Emma had no idea that they were a 'true love', but Regina did. She wondered how she would get over this, or had she just cost her and Emma their true loves.

She crawled into bed and cried for the next two hours. She couldn't stand the thought that kept playing in her mind. That woman that Katherine had joked about being so good at sex was touching someone else. Those lips that she so desperately craved, were kissing and tasting someone else. Regina stood and went downstairs and poured a glass of cider. After the 5th one, the hurt was less, but by no means gone. She decided that it was time to try and sleep. Her swollen eyes were begging to shut. She lightly wobbled as she made it to the stairs. She was on the second step when she heard a knock at the door.

Regina stopped and turned just staring at the door. She knew that it had to be one of two people and if Henry was out on the streets this late, he was grounded. She walked down to the door, just as there was another knock. She looked through the peep hole to see Emma standing on the porch. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Hi." Emma smiled nervously. Regina could tell that Emma was still drunk.

She looked around for her car. "How did you get here?"

"I walked."

"That far in the middle of the night?" Regina said as Emma could hardly stand.

"I had to get here one way or another." She said firmly.

"What do you want?"

"Can I come in?"

"Don't you have plans or are you through with that?"

"She is still at Granny's. My guess, sleeping it off."

"Well that is nice to hear, but it's nearly 3 in the morning, Emma."

"I - you said please." Emma said with a sad tone to her voice.


"You never ask anything of anyone asked said please. I took Ruby upstairs-"

"I really don't care to hear the play by play of your night, Emma."

"I took her upstairs and told her that I couldn't stay. I walked to my apartment to shower and then here. I figured between the shower and the cool, I may sober up a bit." Regina crossed her arms across her chest. "Nothing happened. I drank too much. I am sorry, Regina. Can I please come in?"

Regina thought for a moment and stepped aside so that Emma could enter the house. "You can sleep in the guest room and we will talk about this in the morning."

"I think that we need to talk about this now."

Regina spun around toward the blonde with all the fire that Emma had ever seen in her eyes. "You are DRUNK, Emma. I just watched you paw all over another woman. Go to bed!"

"It meant nothing to me." Emma said.

"In the morning you will remember very little of any of this, but I on the other hand will remember everything. Every hand print and every kiss. Walking away tonight isn't about you. It's about me stopping before this gets out of hand." Regina started up the stairs and never turned back as she said, "Goodnight, Ms. Swan."

Emma stood there stunned. "What?" Emma said when she found her voice. Regina stopped knowing exactly what Emma wanted. "What did you just call me?"

Regina never turned around but heard Emma making her way up the stairs until they were on the same one. Regina looked over at the other woman. "You called me Ms. Swan. You haven't called me that since before the kidnapping." Emma stared at the woman who had yet to look at her. "You remember." Emma gasped. "Don't you?" Regina didn't answer her. "ANWSER ME!" Emma yelled.

"I was trying to protect you and Henry. I needed to know that everything was safe for all of us."


"A couple weeks ago." Regina's ashamed eyes found Emma's.

"When?" Emma said annoyed.

"What difference does it make, Emma. I remember how we were. I remember how this town hated me. I had to do what I had to do." Regina argued back. When Emma didn't say anything, she continued to the top of the stairs. She stopped when Emma spoke again.

"I know about the curse."

Regina turned to the woman still on the stairs. "What curse?"

"The night that I worked late. Rumple came by the office and told me that he had figured out what was wrong with you. That your memory was gone and that it wouldn't come back until there was a - you remembered because of that kiss didn't you?" Suddenly Emma was at the top of the stairs. "You knew what the kiss meant and you sent me away that night?"

"I didn't know that you knew about the curse. I didn't know that you thought-"

"Thought what? That I meant nothing to you?"

"I had to protect Henry...and you. It was the only way that I could really move around amongst the people and them speak freely. I had to know if there was still a threat."

"You have been walking around for 2 weeks knowing that we broke that curse and you didn't think I had the right to know?"

"I was here, Emma. In my own hell trying to protect you while you were out doing God knows what with God knows who."

"That isn't fair. I haven't touched anyone else until tonight. I was drunk. I thought that I kissed you and it didn't work. It wasn't true love and that is what you need. I didn't think that it mattered. God, Regina, what if I had slept with that woman." Emma was now a lot less drunk. Emma rubbed her eyes and huffed. "You watched the person you are suppose to fall in love with, go into a hotel with someone else and no curses or fireballs?" Emma almost laughed.

"I thought about it." Regina said holding her head high.

Emma really looked at Regina for the first time tonight. "You look like you've been crying...a lot."

"That tends to happen when you watch the person that you are suppose to fall in love with walk into a hotel with another woman. That is quiet devastating, Ms. Swan."

"I'm sorry. I thought that I wasn't your...happy ending or whatever. You lead me to believe that."

"You should have told me about Rumple."

"And you should have told me about the curse when you remembered."

"Maybe." Regina lowered her head.

"I am so sorry about tonight. I really am."

"Me too. It was my fault too I presume."

"So what now?"

"Well, we know where we stand. One day we'll fall in love and live happily ever after I guess." Regina walked off and into her room.

Emma waited for a moment and followed. "It's not going to happen one day for me."


"You said that one day we will fall in love. That's not going to happen."

"And why is that?"

"It already did." Emma sarcastically chuckled. "Why do you think I was so hurt?" Regina shrugged. "I already knew. My parents already know. Hell Ruby knows." Emma smiled at Regina. "So I'm here. I will just wait on you to fall I guess. I'll sleep in the other room tonight and we can figure this out tomorrow, ok?"

Regina nodded and just looked at Emma. "I don't beg."

"I know that you don't." Emma smiled.

"And I begged you to leave Ruby alone- twice."

"I know and I am sorry. I can't imagine see you with someo-"

"You aren't hearing me, Emma. I don't beg." Regina walked over to the woman. "The only person that I have ever begged to be with me is our son. Because I love him and what happens between Henry and I matters to me."

Emma looked into dark brown eyes. "Are you trying to tell me something?" Emma was almost giddy. "Cause-" Emma took a step toward the woman "if you are, you can just come out and say it."

Regina smiled. "You aren't very good at hints are you, Sherriff." Regina leaned forward and kissed Emma gently. Barley pulling away she spoke. "The day that I knew I loved you has already came and gone, Dear."

"So you are saying-" Emma smiled into the other woman's lips.

"That I love you, Emma."

"I love hearing you say my name." Emma placed a few kisses on her lips. "I love you too." Emma deepened that kiss and tongues fought for control. When things began to get very heated with the kiss, Emma pulled back. "Do I still have to sleep in the guest room?"

Regina chuckled. "I think we can work something out."