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Chapter 1

Normal POV

It was 11.30 PM, Hinamori Amu was walking down the street alone in the dark alley when she heard a loud noise of a bunch of drunken old man in front of her. There were 4 of them. She was afraid so she tried to avoid them by walking faster than before. When she walked past them, one of the drunken people noticed her and grabbed her wrist. She screamed, shocked from the grab and she hope someone would heard her screaming and helped her. But this was a small alley that no one would walk past at this hour.

"Looked, what a beauty!" one of the man shouted while grabbing her small face to made her face him

Amu tried to look away and struggle from the grip, but her small body wasn't strong enough to fight the drunken men.

"Don't, please don't" Amu managed to say but the drunken people didn't bother to let her go. Instead they felt more amused.

"Beg! Beg more!" the drunken men shouted to her

"Please, don't! Please..." Amu kept begging them

They didn't mind her as one of them kissed her roughly while the others ripped her clothes. She cried, she prayed that someone could help her.

She was left in her underwear. She could saw, one of the men taking off his pants from the corner of her eyes. Another was still kissing her and the other two were massaging her breast. She let out a pained cry when one of them bit her nipple.

At this moment, someone walked down this alley and shouted at them.


Someone's POV

I was walking down the dark alley when I saw a girl being raped by bunch if drunken old men, heck! She was crying. I shouted at them to let her go, they saw me and got annoyed.

"What?!" one of the men who kissed her before shouted at me

"Let her go" I said calmly

"No, why do I have to?" he replied

I flashed them a smirk - my trademark - before I replied them

"Do you know Black Lynx?" I asked

When they heard 'Black Lynx' they seemed scared while I kept smirking.

"So, do you want to let her go or not?" I asked them firmly

"…." They didn't answer. Instead they let the girl and ran away

I approached the girl, she was trembling. I saw her clothes, ripped into pieces. I sighed and took of my leather jacket before putting it around her small body. When I was doing so, I accidentally touched her bare shoulder, and she flinched from the contact. I knew why, any other girls - even sluts - would flinch after something horrible - like nearly being raped - happened to her.

"What is your name?" I asked her. She didn't answer my question

"Where do you live?" I asked her again yet she still didn't answer

"It's okay. I won't hurt you like those men." I said to her, she looked more relaxed than before but she still hasn't talked at all.

"I won't leave you here" I said told her. But she didn't reply me. Again. For the third time. This time I had a good look at her, and notice that her eyes were closed. I was shocked! Could she die? But when I heard her small pace of breath, I sighed.

Anyone could see the damage in her exposed body, some small cuts on her wrists that contained dried blood, her hair was messy, some bits of dried blood over her small body. If I didn't walk down this small alley what the hell would happen to her? She was so fragile.

I took her home with me. Hey! At least I didn't try to rape her!


Normal POV

He brought her to his house - correction - his mansion to be exact. He was greeted by some maids and his personal butler who was waiting for him.

"Tsukiyomi-sama has been waiting for you in his study room." his head butler told him.

He just nodded and walked to his bedroom, he called his maid and asked her to wash up the girl and gave her new clothes before going to his father's study room.

"Father." he called from outside of his study room

"Come in." his father replied

He opened the door and walked in. He sat on the opposite of the couch where his father sat.

"How's today?" the older man asked calmly.

"Good, everything done. The document had been signed, mission done." the boy replied.

"Good, as I expected." his father nodded.

"Anything else father?" he asked.

"Nothing, you can go back to your room." his father said.

When he about to closed the door, he heard his father called him and said, "The girl is cute" before flashing a smirk - just like his,

He walked back to his room and noticed that the girl was sleeping in his king-sized bed in a-new clothes, but damn! The clothes were slightly tight for her as it hugged all of her curves and made her breasts look bigger.

He walked to his bathroom, took a quick shower and changed into his pajama pants. Not bothering to wear a shirt, he climbed into his bed and lied down beside the pinkette before sleep claimed him.


Amu's POV

I woke up but didn't bother to open my eyes. My body felt sore then I remembered nearly being raped if someone hadn't helped me. I remembered my savior was a boy, he had midnight blue hair, was tall and wore black outfits. At least, I was still virgin. I was so happy when I felt a pair of strong hands hugging my waist. I shot my eyes open and saw a midnight blue-haired boy's face, he was sleeping and I screamed!

Normal POV

Amu's ear-piercing scream made the boy shot his eyes open and saw her.

"Who are you?" she asked

"I saved you yesterday. Won't I receive a thank you?" the boy asked her back.

"Thank you, but who the hell are you? Why are you in my bed?" she asked.

"I'm Tsukiyomi Ikuto and you're in my bed" he replied casually.

Amu was registering his words. What the hell did he mean she was in his bed? Then she looked around and saw a giant door near the bed that led to a big balcony outside, the wallpaper was black. There was a big LED TV, a couch, a table with a Macbook and some papers , a glass door that she assumed was leading to the bathroom. Shit! This really wasn't her room. Wait, why she was here and not in her house?

"You didn't answer my question yesterday when I asked you where you lived then you passed out in the alley. I was kind enough to brought you here and let you sleep" he told her as he could read her mind

"So who are you?" the Ikuto boy asked.

"I'm Hinamori Amu" Amu replied.

When Ikuto was about to ask her a question, his door was pounded by someone. He walked to open the door only to find his sister standing in front of his bedroom with an annoyed face

"You brought a girl?" she asked suspiciously.

"So what?" Ikuto asked her back, somehow annoyed with his sister's over protectiveness.

Ikuto's sister pushed him aside and walked into his bedroom only to found a girl with pink hair and tight clothes sitting on his bed with her shocked face!

"Utau" Amu said, her eyes wide and fixed at the other girl.

"Amu, what are you doing here?" Utau asked her.

"Wait, it's not what you're thinking about. Ikuto saved me yesterday from being raped, I passed out so he brought me to your and his house" Amu explained in panic.

Ikuto walked towards Amu, hugged her from behind.

"Aw, Amu-chan. You're so cold, we did it last night, you screamed and moaned my name. Don't you remember? It's okay. You don't need to be shy and tell Utau about our relationship." Ikuto said emphasizing the word 'it'.

"What?! Utau, he was lying. I didn't do it with him. Heck, I just knew his name a moment ago!" Amu exclaimed bewilderingly.

Utau stormed out of Ikuto's bedroom without saying any words. Amu glared at Ikuto.

"What the hell was that for?" Amu shouted at him.

"Nothing, just fooling around. So, you knew Utau huh?" he asked.

"Yes, she is my best friend." Amushe told him.

Then Amu stormed out of his bedroom and tried to found Utau. She was lost, then she saw some maids walked past her and asked for the direction to Utau's bedroom.

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