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"Love of mine, one day you will die. But I'll be close behind. I'll follow you into the dark. No blinding lights or tunnels to gates of white. Just our hands clasped so tight, waiting for a hint of a spark."

"The Dark Secret"


Three years later…

A pink-haired girl sat on her bed with a sleeping baby boy with midnight blue hair and golden eyes sleeping beside her. The baby opened his eyes slowly to look at his mother; when his beautiful golden orbs met the other golden orbs, his small lips formed a smile. He recognized his mother immediately.

"Morning, baby," the woman cooed at her son.

"Momma," the baby boy mumbled once his soft skin made contact with his mother's. Then, he looked around for his father. "Dadda?"

"Daddy will be back today," she told him. "Are you eager to meet him?"

Her husband was currently in America for a business trip and left her behind with her baby boy. It wasn't like he hadn't wanted to take her; she had been the one who refused his invitation.

A familiar deep voice suddenly exclaimed, "Who says? I'm back already."

She turned and saw her husband standing at the doorway. "Ikuto?"

"Dadda!" the boy exclaimed happily when he heard his father's voice.

"Amu, Kaoru," Ikuto greeted his wife and son while hugging them. He then leaned on Amu's bulging stomach, his ear pressed against it. "How's my lovely daughter?"

Yes, Amu was in her ninth month of pregnancy with their daughter in her womb. She could due anytime; that was why she had refused to come with her husband to America.

"She's fine; missed her daddy a lot," she replied in behalf of her unborn daughter.

"Daddy missed you too, Ami," Ikuto said while rubbing his wife's belly gently. Both of them had decided to name their baby after Amu's late sister, Ami.

Amu leaned forward and whispered into the older bluenette's ear. "Welcome back." She didn't have to wait long for Ikuto capturing her lips with his own.

"Hn," his short reply came.

Ikuto decided to tuck his son in his own bedroom because he needed a private time with his wife. "Kaoru, come on! Let's go to your room," he said while he lifted his son up from the bed.

"No!" the boy screamed in reluctance while he struggled in his father's arms.

"Now be a good boy and play in your room with Uncle Kukai and Daichi. They're downstairs, go greet them! Daddy and Mommy had something private to discuss," Ikuto told his son. He knew that his baby understood what he said.

Kaoru stopped struggling and nodded before letting his father bring him downstairs to meet his uncle and cousin.

Souma Kukai had been to America with Ikuto. Being the heir of Souma Enterprise forced him to attend the business deal with the American company. He had brought his son, Daichi, along, but his wife had refused to go with them because she had had a fashion show to organize.

"Kaoru!" the little brunette boy exclaimed as he ran towards the small bluenette.

"Daichi!" Kaoru greeted back.

Ikuto put his son down and walked towards Kukai, his brother-in-law. "Watch them. I need a private time with Amu," he said, winking at the brunette who groaned.

Nevertheless, Kukai nodded. "I'll bring them to their play room. Who knows you will get excited," he mumbled, loud enough for the Tsukiyomi to hear.

Ikuto and Amu lived in their own house – mansion, to be exact – once they had been married. Aruto had tried to convince the young couple to live with him and Souko, but Ikuto had refused the offer politely and they had promised to visit the Tsukiyomi patriarch and his missus once a week.

The current president of Tsukiyomi Enterprise walked back into his bedroom. Once he was inside, he made sure to lock the door before approaching his beautiful wife. Even though she was pregnant, her body still looked sensual for him and he couldn't get enough of it.

"Finally," Ikuto sighed as he lied down beside her.

"So, what private conversation shall we talk about?" Amu teased him. Damn, it made Ikuto turned on!

"I love you," he said before pouncing on her. The pinkette felt the pleasure from the kisses her husband gave her and she needed more right now.

Ikuto trailed his kisses down from her lips to her jaw line before nipping at her neck while his hands cupped her breast and massaged it slowly. Amu moaned louder and louder before her hands moved to unbutton his shirt.

"Damn," he hissed under his breath when he felt her soft hand touching his member through his pants.

She unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans before tossing the apparel away. They had made love countless times, but Amu had never managed to recover from her shock every time she saw his huge cock.

Ikuto smirked in satisfaction whenever he saw Amu's reaction over his proud 'son'. Now, both of them were naked with Ikuto on top of her body. He brought his weight on both of his elbows so that he wouldn't crush her body.

He attacked her lips again while his hands roamed all over her body. Just as Ikuto wanted to continue his excitement, a sudden thing happened at the wrong time.

Amu's water broke and both of them stopped their 'activity'. He began to panic as he grabbed all of their clothes from the floor and dressed her and himself. His panicked brain couldn't think of anything. What should he do?

The pinkette tried to calm her husband down and it worked just before she screamed in pain. A maid walked past their room and heard Amu's scream before rushing towards Kaoru's play room and calling for Kukai.

At first, the brunette thought his best friend was having fun, but then he heard the scream and something being broken. Kukai rushed towards the bedroom and banged on the door, but it was locked. He knocked on the door and Ikuto opened it for him.

Once Kukai was inside, he knew that Amu's water had broken, so he called for an ambulance. He could see the panic plastered on his brother-in-law's face as he tried to calm the man.

The ambulance arrived later and the nurse brought the laboring woman to the hospital with Ikuto beside her. Once they got there, Amu was quickly admitted into the room that had been prepared for the woman.

Ikuto refused to stay outside. He wanted to be by his wife's side when she delivered their baby.

"Now, push!" the obstetrician ordered Amu as she screamed in pain while squeezing her husband's hands.

Ikuto winced when he heard the scream. It was louder than what he could remember when she had delivered Kaoru. Speaking of the little child, Kukai had brought him and Daichi to the hospital. He also had contacted Utau and her parents.

"Come on, Mrs. Tsukiyomi, push harder!" the obstetrician said once again.


"I could see the head now; come on, you need to push harder!"

"I'LL CUT OFF YOUR BALLS AFTER THIS! LISTEN YOU, TSUKIYOMI IKUTO!" she screamed once again while trying her best to push harder.

"Push again!"

"NO MORE SEX AFTER THIS! DAMN YOU, IKUTO!" the pinkette kept screaming until she heard the baby's cry.

"You have done a great job, Mrs. Tsukiyomi," the doctor said while giving the baby girl to the nurses so that she could get cleaned up. "She is a beautiful baby."

"Amu, you're great," Ikuto whispered to his wife.

"Now, I'll leave both of you with the baby," the doctor announced as she brought the baby to Amu's side.

Ikuto looked at the little bundle. "Hello, my little one," he cooed at his daughter. She had pink hair like Amu and they were eager to see her eyes. She opened up her eyes and Amu gasped in awe. Her baby had Ikuto's beautiful azure eyes.

Once the obstetrician was out, their son barged into the room and Ikuto lifted him up to place him on the bed.

"My swista," Kaoru said in amazement.

"Yes," Amu said, "You're now a big brother."

"Oh, Mr. Tsukiyomi?" the doctor walked back in. She had some business undone here.

"Yes?" Ikuto asked.

"Have you got any name for the baby?"

Ikuto focused his gaze at his newest child. "Yes. Ami – Tsukiyomi Ami."

"What a beautiful name," the doctor said while she excused herself once again from the room and left the family behind.

A happy family. Ikuto was glad; he was blessed with a beautiful wife who had given him a son and a daughter. He would love and cherish them until forever.

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