The green eyed young man looked out his dormitory window. It had been seven days since he had fulfilled a prophesy that was predicted before he was born. A prophesy that had guided his life for the last seventeen years. The inevitable question had come after the third day, now what? What am I to do with my life from here when I never expected to survive?

His life up to this point and from the time of his eleventh birthday, when he learned that magic was real, was one of trials, training, and survival. In the end he had not won on his skill but on the knowledge that the true ownership of the mightiest wand to exist was his and not his nemesis. If Voldemort had known he would have lost to this world. His surviving to see this day he never believed possible. Yet, he was here breathing and had no clue what would happen next.

He looked out over the grounds below. The bodies did not litter it any longer but the signs of battle were still present. Every day it was getting better and the scars were slowly being removed from the school. He wished that the internal conflict he felt could be removed from his mind just like the castle grounds were being cleaned from the scars of war.

His thoughts were broken by the door being opened and a presence coming in to stand beside him at the window. From the corner of his eye he saw the red hair that determined that it was Ginny who was next to him. He could smell her strawberry shampoo and her perfume. "Morning Ginny how is your family doing?"

Ginny didn't look at him as she shrugged her shoulders "They are recovering as are all of us. They seem better today as compared to yesterday." Ginny stood there for many seconds and took glances at Harry every now and then. She finally gave a sigh as she turned to look at Harry "There is no way to deny it any longer. Things aren't the same… we are not the same people we were twelve months ago." She stated softly.

Harry turned to her "No, things are not the same." Harry agreed with her. He blinked "What is on your mind Ginny?"

Ginny looked into his eyes for a moment and her shoulders slumped down in defeat "Are we together Harry? Are we going to be boyfriend and girlfriend again?" she looked at him blankly as she finished asking her question.

Harry put his hands in his pockets and then looked down "I know what you want… to hear…" Harry hesitated for a second and then looked up at her "You know what? I really don't know what you want and despite that, it is not just your decision is it? It is my decision too." Harry declared before he stated "I suppose the adult thing to do is discuss it between us and find out what we both want."

Ginny eyes flashed as she watched in a slight detached amusement at his reaction. She had never heard Harry speak with such certainty before. It seemed the year apart had melted his shy disposition. His question and statements had brought her own thoughts to her mind, what did she want? She puzzled this for a moment and then looked at Harry "I think these are good questions."

Harry grinned at her "Ok, what do you want?"

Ginny looked out the window for many seconds "Last year the Ginny you knew would have said without hesitation to marry her long time love Harry Potter."

Harry did not reveal any emotion as he asked "Today, at this moment would that be your answer?"

Ginny looked at him before answering "Today, my response would be that a silly girl who thought she knew what love was probably didn't know shite about it. She was in love with a fantasy and a dream." Ginny grinned at him "Today she would say that Harry is a very handsome and heroic man but someone she has no clue about. How can any person truly love another when they know nothing about them?"

Harry looked at her and seemed to relax "Is it bad for me to feel relieved to hear you say that?"

Ginny hugged him suddenly "No Harry it is not bad. I think deep down you would never want to hurt me and you were expecting a young girl from last year to pawn all over you and expect her fantasy man to become her boyfriend." Ginny leaned back "The trouble is that you are Harry and not the boy who lived and I don't think that is a good basis for a long term relationship."

Harry put his arms around her "Wow, you are very different."

Ginny frowned as she said "A year under the care of the Carrow twins tends to change one's perspective. If nothing else it forces you to grow up."

Harry kissed her forehead "Is this something you need to talk about?"

Ginny's eyes flashed "Thank you for the offer but I don't need rescuing and I have a friend I go to when I need it. They are much better suited for a discussion like that because we lived it together."

Ginny paused "Now let us discuss what you want?"

Harry looked down at her and smiled "Besides the world forgetting about the last six years of my life and this whole Voldemort mess?" Ginny shook her head before Harry answered "I have no clue. I need time to adjust as I have been wrapped around defeating a Dark Lord and had no time to prepare for a life afterwards. I really don't know what I want and to be honest I never expected to be alive after all of this."

Ginny hugged him tighter and a tear rolled down her eye "I hate to hear you say things like that but somehow I think I always knew you felt like you were living on borrowed time." Ginny stepped back and wiped her eye and then smiled at him "First, I am very happy that you did not die. Second, you need to find yourself and your place in this world and lastly I do not want or need a boyfriend as you don't need a girlfriend to muddle the works up as you find what you need."

Harry frowned and then smiled "So how do I explain this to everyone? Did I get dumped or did I dump you?"

Ginny smiled and then hit him "Prat, if you have to ask then I dumped you and if you keep acting like a Prat I will put a rumor out that your man junk is small."

Harry looked shocked "You wouldn't dare?"

Ginny smirked "Why not? You will probable deserve it."

Harry smirked back and crossed his arms "Go ahead! For you to do that you have to admit that you had seen it and felt it inside you to know for sure."

Ginny's eyes widened in surprise "Harry Potter you would besmirch my honor like that?"

Harry pointed his finger at her "I might remind you Miss Weasley that it would be your own contrivances that would besmirch your honor." Harry re-crossed his arms "Besides I have nothing to fear as I would just have to bed all the women to prove you are lying."

Ginny looked a little taken back by his words and attitude "You wouldn't do that, would you?"

Harry leaned down to look her in the eyes "Every girl you whisper too I will assume you are spreading the rumor to."

Ginny stepped away from him and then suddenly smirked back at him "Oh, this could be fun. I wonder where Romilda Vane or Millicent Bulstrode are right now?" Ginny turned to leave and then suddenly was turned and pinned to the wall.

Harry held her hands above her head "You are not above being put over my knee and spanked." Ginny looked at him and then fell deeply into his emerald eyes. Her body reacted to what he was doing. He had unexpectedly started on one of her favorite fantasies, to be taken and ravished. Her nipples became hard.

Harry noticed her nipples stretching her shirt and looked down which caused their eye contact to break and for her to look down and see what he was looking at. She immediately became embarrassed. Harry saw her reaction and his lopsided grin took over.

Harry took his one hand and ran it down the side of her body and then started running his fingers across her thigh and up her stomach "Ginny, since you are determined to ruin my reputation with your little story, then it is only fair that we should be together one time so you know what you are lying about."

Harry then took his fingers and ran circles around one of her nipples. This caused Ginny to breathe harder and let a little moan out causing her even more embarrassment.

Ginny looked at his face and suddenly got mad at his smirk "Potter you think you are man enough to handle this?" Ginny gave him a little grin "You probable can't even get it up." She stated with force to him.

Harry smiled more and then he took his hand and ran it between her legs which caused Ginny's breath to hitch "What is your fantasy Ginny as it seems the slightest touch brings a reaction. Perhaps you liked to be played like a fine violin." Ginny was unable to respond as she was reacting to the pleasant sensations she was receiving.

Harry continued as Ginny was held up by her arms. Harry began to unbutton her shirt and danced his fingers across her skin. "I will leave you hanging right on the edge until you tell me." Harry had reached her jeans and unsnapped them and rolled them down her legs. He took his hand and caressed her womanhood causing a collective shudder and moan from her.

"What is it you want Ginny?" Harry asked as his lips worked on her neck.

Ginny rolled her head to the side and in a heavy breath stated "To be taken by the boy who lived. To be overwhelmed by him." Harry then began to remove her clothes.

Ginny was lying on top of Harry and she sat up straddling his waist she looked at him and smiled down before Harry spoke up "Did I…Did I go too far…did I force you to do this?"

Ginny laughed at him "Harry, you in no way forced me into anything. She lay back down and kissed his lips. You did in fact give me the best damn orgasms and a memory I will always cherish." Ginny smiled and then looked sullen "The problem is that my number one fantasy was fulfilled by the boy who lived and I love him to death."

Ginny placed her arms across his chest "I am not in his bed now, I am in Harry's bed and I don't love him the way I love the fantasy. I don't love him like a woman should love a husband and I know that."

Harry put his hand behind his head "I think I should be insulted."

Ginny smiled and then rubbed his face "I am acknowledging that what I was in love with is not you Harry but an image that was created about you. It is not enough for a long term relationship and I care enough about you to realize that you want something more. I want to see you get that Harry. You deserve that but it will never be with me."

Harry looked at her "So what was all this?"

Ginny seemed indifferent as she began to talk "It was my need to not wonder for the rest of my life about what if and I hope that you won't feel used."

Harry reached up and touched her face "I probably should but I feel like saying thank you because I know that we would never last as a couple." Harry removed his hand "You are a real firecracker in bed and in the future if you want to have some fun I could be swayed."

Ginny sat up and primped her hair "You can't handle my womanly charms Harry." She said with a laugh.

Harry laughed with her and then added "Yes, well you are going to explain to your brother why we fucked and then broke up."

Ginny smiled at him "Technically we didn't get back together we just shagged. As for my brother, I am tired of others directing my life and who I shag -it is not his business."