England – 10 years after the exodus.

Theadora Spinnet looked into the mirror to check her appearance before going to the funeral of her close friend. She viewed her graying hair that was pulled back into a bun. Her hair was still streaked with a few dark strands but as with the rest of her, her hair had seen better days.

For the last ten years she had seen her friends dwindle in numbers. At first it seemed natural until it was noticed that magical's were dying much earlier than had ever been recorded, The average age twenty years ago had been between 160 to 180 years of age, barring sickness or injury.

Within two years of Harry's departure the oldest magical was 132 years old. It was odd that older magicals began to die at an alarming rate. The Wizengmont conducted a census after the first year and found that 1,146 wizard's and witches were still in the population. The exodus had driven 22,389 magicals to the new world and most were the young and middle aged. The oldest had been 157 years and the youngest, Theadora, had been 92 years old back then.

Theadora walked out of her London flat and hailed a Taxi. She looked carefully at the taxi and frowned. She remembered a time when a muggle conveyance would have been beneath her. She was a witch after all and a mere flick of her wand and she could have been hundreds of miles away from anywhere in seconds.

Nowadays, so few magicals remained that she wasn't even looked down upon for having to lower herself to ride muggle style to her destination. She gave the driver the address and then sat back watching the scenery pass her by and she remembered as if it were yesterday.

It was the fourth year after the exodus of Harry Potter, the Ministry had conducted a new census and discovered only 432 magicals remained in England. It shocked those that remained because the oldest was now 127 and looked like they could die at any moment.

Then the news from the ICW had come. The magicals that remained on earth were dying at an alarming rate and their magical cores were growing smaller. The ICW had done surveys and the magical ley lines all around the world were growing less powerful with each year.

Then the breakthrough had come on the sixth year as statistical data had been evaluated and the six people that remained at the ICW had confirmed the magic on earth was dying. This had caused the cores of magicals to become smaller and they didn't live longer because their cores,

Theadora had been shocked to hear this but the 97 magicals that were left in Britain knew that they had just a few more years remaining. Without their magic they reverted back to muggle with all the ailments, including old age to deal with.

Without their magic they lived no longer than anyone else. The last four years had been watching all magicals die as their cores shrank and old age caught up to them. What bothered her most was when the scientist had returned from Potter's world and discovered why the magic was dying on earth. When the exodus occurred they took most magical creatures with them. The combined cores would exude excess magic and the earth would absorb it.

This transference of magic from the Earth provided a feedback loop to the magicals to strengthen their cores and build upon the generations to strengthen magic worldwide. This increased the excess magic to earth and strengthened the magic ley lines, which fed back to cause more magicals to be born with each succeeding generation.

It was a magical cycle of life that the magical people had took for granted and its' delicate balance had been blasted to smitherines. Harry Potter left and took the best parts with him because he was willing to accept all magical beings. He was willing to give up power and share it with all.

Theadora looked out the car window and saw a beautiful meadow pass her view. She remembered well the last words Harry Potter had said to the Wizengmont "You are selfish people and all you have done today was show everyone how their concerns have no voice in this body. I can't stand breathing the same putried air as you."

Two years ago Theadora realized that the magicals had become arrogant, complacent, and above all selfish. They surpressed other magical beings, snubbed their noses at the muggles, muggle borns, half bloods and anybody that they believe lesser than them. They who thought they were the elite of the species were charletons to the true power that was right before them and this had caused their downfall.

Theadora paid the cab driver and began the walk down the lane to the church and cemetery. A cemetery that six years ago had been charmed to hide it from non-magicals and the charm failed because there was not enough ambient magic to sustain it. This cemetery held a thousand generations of magicals, some of the best wizards and witches were laid to rest here.

When she arrived at the church six pallbearers and the deacon were all that had shown to lay Edward Jenkins to rest. His family had been in the magical community for over a thousand years and far longer than the Spinnet name had been.

She sat down slowly in a front pew and looked up at the deacon as a small ceremony was held to send him off. They lifted Edward Jenkins and carried him to the next to the last magical grave site that would ever be opened in England. Theadora thought to herself, so this is what arrogance looks like. Theadora let a small tear trickle down her face and realized how lonely and depressing arrogance felt.

She watched in fascination as they placed dirt over the top of his casket. She looked up at his simple grave marker as that is all he could afford. One of the last comments Edward had made was that he was not going to die because he could not afford it.

Theadora turned to begin the arduous task of marching back up the lane. As she rounded the first turn a group of people stood by a tree waiting for something. She looked at them and noticed a lone man with messy black hair stand with three beautiful women. They also had six children with them four girls and two boys.

She looked at the children oddly as they seemed to be a mixture of the women and the man's features as if he had sired them all. She did not know that the muggles had accepted polygamy into their society again. In fact she was sure they hadn't.

She looked more closely and saw another man and a woman with two children behind the first group. She looked closely at the young lady and she was immediately reminded of her granddaughter. A granddaughter she had not seen in ten years.

Theadora stopped when she was twenty feet from them and noticed that their clothes were not normal at all. In fact they looked exactly like those people dresses from Secundum Vita. Then it really hit her, they were from Secundum Vita, but why?"

The first man she saw stepped forward "I don'tknow if you remember me Mrs. Spinnet…"

Theadors recognized him as soon as he began talking "Lord Potter I don't think anyone who has met you can ever forget you. You have one of those types of auras around you."

Harry blushed as she said that "I suppose you are here to gloat?" Harry looked very embarrassed when she stated that.

He looked down at the ground and dug his toes in and then looked into her eyes "I did not come to gloat, it is a waste of energy and serves no other purpose than to make yourself feel good at another's expense." He said sincerely.

Theadora then stepped up to him "Good, then it makes it easier to tell you that we were wrong, we were arrogant and we should have listened to you. This is the reason you had to leave and make it better, I don't blame you for what you did."

Harry slide his hand over the top of hers "Thank you for saying so but it is still not the reason I am here. There is some people who miss you and they have children who want to meet their great-grand mother."

The second couple came forward and the female stated "Hello Grandmother."

Theadora looked at her closely and then hugged her "Alicia, I can't believe you came to see me. I am so glad you did." Theadora said with watery eyes.

Alicia held her grandmother away from her "You look like shite!"

The little girl beside her "Mum, language please or otherwise Chelsea will start saying it."

Alicia ran her hand over the girls head "Megan that is a special greeting my grandmother and I had to show how happy we were to see each other."

The smaller girl then spoke up "Mother how can calling another excrement be considered a proper greeting?" This caused everyone to laugh.

Alicia then looked at her husband "Malvek this is my Grandmother, Grandmother this is my husband Malvek and our two daughters Megan who is seven and Chelsea who is five.

Theadora looked at him and then smiled at Malvek "You must be a special man to have captured my granddaughter's heart." She hugged him. She looked down at the girls and smiled as she saw the older girl with Alicia's mums eyes "You are very beautiful just like your mum."

Megan smiled and grabbed her hand "We have wanted to meet you for a long time. I have read about Earth's history. I have so many questions to ask you."

Chelsea stepped forward "I feel the same except I don't think you look like shite."

The group surrounded her and began laughing as the little girl said this and then blushed.

Theadora laughed and it had been a long time since she had done that. Lord Potter stepped forward "Ma'am I am sorry we didn't come sooner but it took us a long time to figure out how to help the magicals of earth. At first we feared that it was a virus of some kind and we had to keep a quaritine."

One of the women with Harry stepped forward, his first wife if she remembered correctly, "We then found the reason and then it took us a few years to develop a cure for your core growing smaller."

Harry smiled "If you want we can take you with us and then use the treatment to set things right."

Theadora looked concerned "If I have to remain on earth then I don't want this. There is nothing here for me except hallow memories and many dead friends."

Harry answered "We would gladly bring you to Secundum Vita and help you get established. It is part of the treatment after all. So you will come?"

"Secundum Vita is latin for the after life, is it not?" Theadora asked "It seems fitting for me to move on from one life to the next."


Two weeks later on Secundum Vita

Theadora woke up and smiled. She had received her final treatment and breathed in deeply feeling vibrant and alive. She got up and looked into the mirror. She noticed that all of the gray was gone and her skin was fresh looking and had a warm glow about it. Her eyes were the clear blue they had been in her youth. She looked like she had almost eighty years ago.

She stepped out of the treatment room and found her new family and friends waiting for her. She let a big smile out as she hugged her granddaughters . "You two look like shite." She said happily to them.

Megan rolled her eyes "Grandmum, your language!" The room began to laugh when Chelsea looked up and grinned "I think you look like shite too."

The End -