There And Back Again

What happens when instead of Gaia becoming a goddess, the goddess and the Johnsons all get transported into a different world, yet the forest where god crap happens looks the same as usual (how did they get there?) but something is different. Where are they? What is going on? What's up with Anders? And, how will they get home?

Chapter 1 – What Just Happened?

A lot of things were running through Anders Johnsons' head as he speed down the road, the biggest one being he couldn't believe that he just saw Helen get shot through the heart by an arrow. The second thing was run like hell. Anders was currently driving like a mad man in order to reach the others in time to warn them before it was too late. As he drove over a little stream he quickly got out of his car and took off through the forest, not bothering to lock his car as he ran to the clearing where he saw his family gathered in front of a lake.

"Anders does not look happy." Olaf said as he spotted his second eldest grandson running towards them.

"Mad Christian psycho bitch she wants to kill us all." Anders shouted as he skidded to a halt in front of Mike.


"The insane bible quoting woman Natalie with the fucking crossbow fucking shot Helen through the fucking heart. She is dead, fuck!"

"She killed Idunn", Ingrid half asked in slight panic.

"Yes, right in front of my eyes."

"Oh, not good."


"Constant goddess."

"No way kills Helen."

"Well no she was trying to kill me but then she killed Helen first so I got the fuck out of there."

"And you came here."

"Yes to warn you."

"Oh, great work Anders." Mike told him sarcastically.

"We can't stop the ceremony."

"Stay here, do NOT follow me." Mike yelled as he ran off into the forest.

"Maybe we should just flag this."

"No. We must know."

"No, the light is almost upon you."

As the light was almost upon Gaia, Ty saw a dark shadow appear over the lake. Looking up he saw unnatural dark clouds descending upon them. It wasn't until Mike and Michelle had returned, and the clouds hovered right above them that Ty mentioned his findings. "Those do not look like ordinary thunder clouds. It wasn't forecast for rain today, was it?" Ty stated out loud. Before anyone could answer him there was a blinding flash of lightening and everyone was spun into darkness.

Axl was the first to wake up, as he did he saw his family, the goddess and Gaia were lying a few feet away from him on a forest floor. As he got up and looked around he recognised the forest as being the one they used for 'god business'. Axl made his way over to Gaia just as she began to wake up. He carefully helped her to her feet just as everyone else began to do the same. "Something's not right here" Olaf stated as he looked around the forest. It appeared to be the same forest but something just felt different. It was then that Ty noticed that Anders wasn't with them.

"Hey, where's Anders?"

"I thought he was next to you" Axl said pointing at Mike.
Mike looked to his right and saw someone lying several feet away "over there" Mike pointed before leading the way. "I think we have a problem" Mike said as he stepped aside for the others to see, revealing Anders.

It was then that Anders decided to wake up, and once on his feet he was met with different glares. "What? Stop fucking looking at me like that."

"Don't know about you but that defiantly sounds like Anders", Olaf said as he began circling him. As Olaf looked him up and down he saw that instead of his short hair Anders had shoulder length curly blonde hair, the colour it used to be when he was a teenager. He was wearing brown leather pants, a vest looking shirt that didn't quiet do up at the front, an arm band on his right arm and a necklace.

Before Anders could even ask him what he was doing they heard a couple of voices shouting in their direction. Appearing before them stood two young guys. One was wearing black leather fit for a king with short dark hair while the other was slightly taller with floppy blonde hair. He wore brown leather pants, yellow shirt and an arm band on his right arm.

"We have been looking everywhere for you. You should know by now to let go of the reins instead of being dragged for the next several miles" the one with the short dark hair said while shaking his head.

Anders just looked at them with confusion, "I'm sorry but... What?"

It was then that the two boys realised they weren't alone. Not only was their friend acting weird but the people that were with him were dressed in strange clothes, maybe it was them who had hit their heads.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but who are you and where exactly are we?" Ingrid asked as polity as she could.

The two boys just looked at each other before the blonde one spoke. "My name is Hercules and this is my friend Jason, and we are in Greece."

Jason had finally had enough; they were late enough as it was. "Enough clowning around Iolaus, you know what Chiron does if we're late for a lesson". Jason walked forward and grabbed Anders by the ear as he began his walk back to the Academy with Hercules trailing behind them.

The almighty gods and goddess looked at each other in utter confusion before they too followed Jason. As he walked two things crossed Axl's mind, one why were these strangers calling Anders Iolaus and the second, how on earth were they going to get home. All any of them really knew was that Anders had really done it this time and the universe was punishing all of them for it.

AU: Not how I was going to end the first chapter but I found myself inspired to just keep writing. I had this idea over a year ago, so I hope you like it. Please don't forget to review and if you get the chance to watch The Almighty Johnsons.