The Making of the Madoka Magica Movie

Chapter 1

"It sure is nice of Sawa-chan to let us use our club room even after we've graduated!" Yui exclaimed.

"Well, its summer break right now, so it's not like we're in the way or anything!" Ritsu exclaimed in turn.

"So what did you want to talk to us about, Mugi?" asked Mio.

"I'll tell you after I prepare some tea and cakes for all of us!" Mugi replied, with her most serene smile.

"After all, that seems appropriate given what I'm about to bring up…" Mugi continued in a different sounding voice, and with an added touch of maturity.

"Oooo…!" Yui and Ritsu exclaimed over that.

"Mugi, have you been taking acting lessons somewhere?" Yui asked.

"Yeah, you sounded like a totally different person just a second ago." Azusa added in.

"You could say that." Mugi said, "What I have to talk to you about has a lot to do with acting, after all!"

This revelation caused Yui and Ritsu to blink in anticipation, and then look at each other with frenzied excitement! Meanwhile, Azusa and Mio felt a certain dread start to come over them.

It was just a short time after Mio, Mugi, Ritsu, and Yui had all graduated from high school. Soon, they'd be going on to College. But before that happened, Mugi had a dream she wanted to accomplish with her friends. A dream that she now discussed with them while they all enjoyed tea and cake in the Light Music Club clubroom.

"I don't spend a lot of time watching TV." Mugi began, after taking a sip of tea, "But there was one show I watched that I truly fell in love with!"

"What show is that?" asked Ritsu excitedly.

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica." Mugi answered.

"Puella Magi…" Yui replied with a look of bewilderment, "What does that mean?"

"I think it's Italian for 'Magical Girl'" Mio answered.

"Hey, you never told me that you were studying Italian!" Ritsu exclaimed at Mio.

"Well, you never asked!" Mio exclaimed in turn, "Since we made friends with Mugi, I thought it might be nice to learn at least a little bit about the various languages of Europe."

"We really could have used that back during our London trip!" Yui shouted, bashfully, while rubbing the back of her head.

"If you thought that trip was exciting, Yui…" Mugi interjected, while grinning a bit mischievously, and recapturing that different voice from before, "Then you've seen nothing yet."

"She's doing it again!" Yui exclaimed.

"Hey…" Ritsu said, raising an eyebrow, and starting to grow suspicious, "Is that a voice you came up with on your own, or is it you trying to imitate someone?"

"It's me trying to imitate a character from the show I mentioned before." Mugi replied cheerfully, "I'm trying to imitate a character that's a lot like me! A character named Mami Tomoe."

"Is this character the reason you like this magical girl show a lot?" Mio asked.

"She's one of the main reasons why, yes." Mugi answered, "But I love everything about the show, even the sadder parts that touched my heart. And get this! There's precisely five major magical girl characters in the show, just like there's the five of us!"

"I… think I get why you wanted to meet with all of us here." Mio stated.

"You want us to put on a stage performance based on that show!" Azusa exclaimed excitedly, "That could be really cool!"

"Wow, Azu-nyan, you rarely get so excited like that!" Yui shouted in turn.

"It is great to see!" Ritsu added in.

"I-I just love the idea of putting on one more big performance with all of you!" Azusa exclaimed shyly, embarrassed over how open she had been with her feelings here.

"It's not a musical performance, though." Mugi stated, "It's a full-fledged movie production. A member of my family bought the rights to produce a live-action movie based on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica TV show!"

"Incredible…" Mio stated breathlessly.

"Wow…" Ritsu quickly added in, getting star-struck while turning to face Yui, "Do you know what this means, Yui-chan?!"

"What, what?!" Yui asked excitedly.

"We're going to be stars!" Ritsu exclaimed!

"YAY!" the two girls exclaimed while glomping each other.

Mugi then chuckled a bit.

"At least I won't have to worry about the two of you having good chemistry for your roles in the movie." Mugi said, recapturing her Mami voice.

"What roles are they?" asked Yui.

"I picked out roles for each of us, as long as you don't mind playing them." Mugi added in, "And you're going to get to be the titular character, Yui. You're going to get to be Madoka Kaname!"

Yui's eyes lit up, while her heart started racing.

"I'm going to get to be the lead actress in a movie…" she said, scarcely believing it, "Wow…!"

"Hey!" Ritsu interjected, "What about me then?"

"You get to be Yui's character's best friend, Sayaka Miki." Mugi replied, "Here's some character sketches I brought with me."

Mugi then handed over character sketches of Madoka and Sayaka to Yui and Ritsu respectively.

"Wow, that's one really elaborate costume!" Yui said about her character.

"I get to wield swords?! That totally rocks!" Ritsu chimed in.

"Given how good you are at playing the drums, I figured you would probably be a good fit for a sword-wielder, Ritsu." Mugi added, "Now, Mio, you might have the most important role of all!"

Mio looked absolutely horrified about this.

Mugi then pushed forward a third character sketch, which Ritsu and Yui quickly sized up.

"Yeah, Mio, this next magical girl looks just like you!" Ritsu exclaimed.

"Her costume is so sleek and sexy!" Yui added in.

"S-sexy?!" Mio exclaimed in alarm, "I-I'm not sure I should be the one playing such a…"

"It's not a revealing costume." Mugi quickly interjected, "Actually, Homura Akemi's costume is probably the least revealing of all! That should give you some comfort, Mio."

That did calm Mio some, but not entirely.

"…Still." she said after a brief pause, "You guys know the problems I have with stage fright. Do you really want me playing such an important character?!"

Thankfully for Mio, somebody else became intrigued by the Homura role.

"I'll play her if you don't want to, Mio." Azusa quickly interjected, "She looks really cool!"

"But Azusa, I thought you would fit better as the redheaded spear-wielder Kyouko Sakura." Mugi stated.

"Redheaded?" Azusa said, "I don't want to dye my hair all red!"

"I don't mind dying my hair if it means I can get a smaller role." Mio stated.

"Well, I guess the two of you can switch then." Mugi stated, "Azusa can be Homura, and Mio can be Kyouko. But Azusa, you'll probably have to wear high-heels and a wig to pull off this role."

"I'll do it!" Azusa stated.

"Ok then." Mugi said, "It sounds like you all want to support me in making this movie!"

"Of course we do!" Ritsu chimed in, "It's not every day you get a chance at superstardom! Do you know what this means, Yui?"

"Um…" Yui began in reply, "We're going to get to wear some really flashy costumes?"

"Well, yeah, but something more important than that!" Ritsu added.

"Um… we'll get to do loads of practice between takes!" Yui exclaimed.

"No, silly!" Ritsu exclaimed, while bopping Yui on the head, "It means we're going to get to make lotsa and lotsa of… MONEY!"

Azusa and Mio made nervous and slightly disapproving sighs over Ritsu's words here.

Still, everybody was in high spirits over the idea of getting to play key roles in a live-action Madoka Magica movie.

"When does the filming for this movie begin, Mugi?" Mio asked.

"About a week from today." Mugi said, "Don't worry about transportation. That's all arranged. But I think we should get together this weekend to watch the anime together. That way you can learn more about your characters!"

"That sounds good to me." Ritsu exclaimed, "Well guys, we're in for a great Summer!"

HTT then released a collective cheer. Mugi's plans were going even more smoothly than she had hoped. Mugi's wish would soon become a reality! But would that wish bring with it a high cost for the girls of HTT?