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It was midnight and Henry's eyes had begun to droop. Regina noticed immediately and paused the game. "Bed. Now." She looked pointedly at Henry. "It's way past time you went to sleep."

Henry was torn. On the one hand, he was extremely tired, but on the other he felt as though he would never have another moment to share with his two mothers like this one. He looked up at them with soulful eyes. "Can we do this again? I mean, it doesn't have to be every weekend…but maybe some of the time?"

Regina's eyes flew to Emma, expecting to see jealousy. But the blonde smiled. "We can do this every night if you want, kid." Because her green eyes were focused on her son, she didn't see the conflicting emotions arise on the brunette's face. The boy leapt up and hugged her tightly.

"Awesome!" He then turned to the brunette on the couch and kissed her cheek affectionately. "Goodnight." He whispered and scampered into the bathroom.

The women could hear him brushing his teeth with vigor and both smiled when the sound of gargling met their ears. Emma rose up and situated herself on the couch before taking the remote and flicking the channel to some late night talk show. She stretched her feet out in front of her and crossed her ankles comfortably.

"Did you really mean that?" Regina asked quietly.

"What?" Emma asked, peeling her eyes away from the busty star on the couch, tittering about something the host had said.

"What you told Henry; that this could be a regular…visitation." She choked on the last word. Emma turned to regard her.

"If that's what you want." The blonde shrugged. "It makes him happy, you make him happy, ya know?"

"And what about you?" Regina asked and then cleared her throat when she heard the longing in her own voice. "You wouldn't mind having game night interrupted by me, Miss Swan?" Her tone was mocking but the blonde could sense a deeper emotion beneath it.

"You didn't interrupt, Regina. You made it better." Green eyes met brown ones momentarily before Emma looked away again. "I would have no objection to Henry seeing you as much as he likes."

"Perhaps next time, we can do this at my house. I play games too, you know."

"I know." Emma's mouth twitched down. "You definitely played me tonight." She muttered.

"What was that?" Regina's eyes sparkled.

"I said, you could use some practice at the Wii. You're technique needs some work."

Regina hummed playfully. "I think my technique is effective; it's your attention span that needs work." She shifted so that her thigh brushed Emma's and leaned in provocatively. "You mustn't let yourself become so distracted by invading…stimuli."

"Well, your ass was in the air, what was I supposed to do?" The blonde knew the jig was up. "It was difficult to see anything else when all I could think about was giving it a nice slap."

Regina tossed back her head and laughed as a rush of heat permeated her middle. "You must school your emotions." She placed a hand on Emma's thigh. "Perhaps we should practice?" She leaned in and took Emma's earlobe into her mouth, sucking it thoroughly before letting it go with a faint pop.

Henry's voice called from the other room. "Moms, could you…tuck me in?" he asked hesitantly. Regina stood immediately as Emma tried to recover, the wetness from Regina's mouth chilling her ear and sending aftershocks through her body.

"Coming, Miss Swan?" She placed significant weight on the first word.

"Ladies first." Came the quip and Regina strutted away, swaying her hips more than was necessary. Emma grumbled without real malice and pushed herself from the couch.

After Henry had received a story and was closely nearing slumber, Emma kissed him on the forehead and exited; wanting to give Regina time with him alone. The blonde sauntered into the kitchen and began packing up Regina's cookware and her leftover ingredients. She sang an old song she had heard as a kid as she happily mulled through the nights events. It had been nice, having Regina there. Emma had greatly enjoyed the time she had spent with her family. Wait, family? She shook the thought away but, like an angry terrier; it just kept coming. She braced herself for the claustrophobia to take her over. But it didn't. Instead of the fear and anxiety she was expecting at the deep connection she had experienced, instead of the need to run and push away, a peace stole across her body.

This shocked her almost as much as the realization of the familial dynamic that existed between the two women and their son. Almost. She was extremely surprised that instead of flipping precariously, her stomach gave a gentle and pleasant trip at the thought of spending more time with Henry and Regina; together. She couldn't pretend that it didn't seem like a really fucked up version of Modern Family, but maybe the boundaries of family had become so distorted, disorganized, and disarrayed in the past year that she wasn't really at a place to define the word. Who was she to say that she and Regina and Henry couldn't find their own happiness? That was, if the brunette was on board: it all really came down to her.

Continuing with her song, Emma came to the chorus and a pleasant harmony hit her ears. She turned slowly to finish the last line, finding Regina leaned on the counter. Their voices warbled and mingled, complimenting one another. It wasn't perfect, but it didn't make it any less beautiful. When the last bar had been sung, they looked at one another and smiled simultaneously. "Thank you, for packing up my things."

Emma shrugged as she always did when shown gratitude. "I figured you cooked so it was the least I could do."

Regina came around the counter and stood before her as the blonde leaned back on the sink and watched her closely. "Thank you, for allowing me a few moments alone with Henry."

Again, Emma shrugged. "He has missed you; you make him happy."

Regina, slightly incensed that her attempt at honesty and kindness was being shot down by the blonde's flippant nature, moved closer and put her hands on Emma's hips. "Thank you, for letting me back into his life." Emma opened her mouth again but Regina pressed two fingers to her lips. "Take the goddamn thanks, Swan, and stop talking."

Emma smiled slightly and pulled the fingers into her mouth, sucking and swirling them as need as longing flashed into Regina's eyes. She pulled them away slowly and then leaned up to press tender kisses to the blonde's mouth. They were light but passionate. Emma was reeling when the brunette pulled away.

"I need to get going." Regina turned but Emma held her back.

"You could stay." It was almost a whisper.

Regina looked up into her eyes. "People will notice that my car was parked overnight."

"Fuck people." Emma hissed and kissed her again with more ferocity. "I don't give two shits about what they think."

Regina took a step back, missing the contact but resolved to put some distance between them. "Your mother-"

"Will get over it."

"Your father-"

"Already has his suspicions."

Regina stared. "Really? What makes you say that?"

"James is a smart man. He notices things that my mother doesn't want to see." She explained, thinking back to the conversation they had had at the station. The understanding in his eyes had just seemed like concern and empathy at the time. But looking back now, she realized he understood what even she had not; that she cared for Regina.

"But everyone else-"

"Can deal with it." Emma stepped forward and took her hands. "Ruby already knows, she's been smelling us on each other for days." Regina blushed slightly and suddenly became incredibly interested in her own toes. "Look, I'm not saying that we have to start dating or move in together." Brown eyes found hers again. "But I do know that I've never felt so…normal as I do with you and Henry. I can't pretend that we can be the fucking Cleavers or anything but…" Emma shrugged again. "Can we see where this goes, at least? I know Henry wouldn't object and he's all that really matters, isn't he?"

Regina fought with herself. There was so much bad blood; so much dark history between the two families that she should have just said no. She should have shrugged away from Emma, grabbed her stuff, and walked out. She should have wrapped her arms around her middle and warded of the promises and happy ending that was being offered.

But the brunette was tired. She was exhausted from fighting constantly; exhausted from hating and seeking revenge. She knew she didn't deserve a second chance; and certainly not one that seemed to promise her joy and security in the way she knew her life with Emma and Henry could. She should still just say no and walk out.

"Ok." She said quietly marveling at the words that passed her lips but not regretting them. "Let's try this."

Emma's smile dazzled her as she leaned in and pressed lips to her parted mouth. "Perfect." She drew the brunette into her embrace and peppered her face and jaw with tender kisses. When Regina's mouth found her neck and raked her nails up her back, Emma pulled back, "Bed. Now."

They tumbled onto the mattress, stripping one another down as Emma pressed her gently back into the sheets. Her mouth found one nipple and then the other; sucking and cherishing the stiff peaks until Regina squirmed and clutched at her head. "Oh, Emma." She purred and the blonde traveled down her body; making no hurry until her breath fluttered over the curls at her thighs. The blonde's slow and careful touches made Regina felt cherished and cared for; she felt worshiped and appreciated. She felt accepted and supported; she felt loved.

"Mmmm…" Emma moaned and the sound caused Regina to tremble. She spread her legs wider and urged her down.

"Make love to me, Emma." The quiet whisper met her ears and Emma looked up briefly. This came from the woman that had adamantly tried to refuse the blonde's mouth on her sex; had fought her tender, oral ministrations. But now as she looked into the face of the arching brunette beneath her, she saw only want and vulnerability. Feeling something more than physical words could describe stir within her, the blonde leaned down and ran her tongue the length of the sodden folds. Taking joy in the little sounds of approval coming from the brunette's mouth.

She dipped her head and began her gentle onslaught. There was no haste, no teasing, and no withholding. Emma simply devoured her in the best way she knew. Her mouth coaxed her toward the pressing peak and Regina moaned in need and happiness as she realized the blonde was doing everything within her power to give her exactly what she wanted.

"Look at me." Emma whispered and as brown eyes met hers, she drove her over the edge. Regina bit down on her hand as she had the first time but her eyes never left the green ones peeking over her body. She convulsed with pleasure and as the waves of ecstasy subsided; her body was filled with a loving glow of warmth and satisfaction.

When she had recovered, she pulled Emma astride her and slipped two fingers into her heat. "Ride me." She instructed, putting her spare hand on the blonde's slim hip and rocking her forward.

Emma moaned and quivered above her as she thrust and ground into Regina's fingers and palm. The brunette inserted another finger and felt the blonde begin to clench. She pulled her closer so that their breasts were brushing and their mouths were one. Emma continued to groan and press her heat into the brunette; taking all the generous woman was offering.

Regina gloried as she felt the orgasm leap through the blonde's body. She pulled their mouths apart so that she could look up into Emma's green eyes as they bore into hers. "Oh god, Regina." She moaned and pressed their foreheads together as the brunette wiggled and spread her fingers, causing aftershocks to radiate in her veins. She rolled Emma softly off of her and then pulled her close. Tears prickled her eyes as she buried her head in the crook of the blonde's arm as she lay panting and basking in the after effects of her climax.

Emma finally came back to herself and found that her lover was wrapped closely around her; hugging her fiercely. She shifted so that Regina's head was on her bicep and looked down, noticing the glimmer of tears in her eyes. One slipped under her dark lashes and Emma caught it with her thumb.

"Emma, I-" Regina began but stopped when she saw the slow, understanding smile on the blonde's face.

"I know." She said with a hint of tender smugness. "That was the best ever, huh?"

Regina grinned. "Way to ruin the moment."

"You're smiling; that's what I wanted." Emma said matter-of-factly before pulling the brunette tight to her and nuzzling her hair. "That's all I want from now on."

Regina pulled back and looked up at her with big, soulful eyes. It was a look that she usually reserved for Henry and Emma now felt the full effects of it right to the core of her soul. "I would like…for this to…work out." She said.


"But nothing." Regina shook her head then laid it on Emma's chest as a hand covered her strong heart. "I have nothing to add."

"That's a first." Emma quipped and felt the brunette smile against her skin.

Regina was glad that their newfound intimacy had not dampened their wry remarks to one another. However, she relented for once and merely said. "I think it is one of many firsts."