"Krillin…" ChiChi drawled out nervously. "I don't think –"

"I think you've got the wrong address buddy. This is a private party," Krillin explained with a chuckle.

The brutish man narrowed his eyes, and folded his arms together.

Krillin didn't like the intruder's menacing air; he undertook a more stringent tone: "allow me to escort you off the island."

He didn't pause in his approach. What his subconscious thoughts had shrugged off initially as an animal fur belt had within less than a second transformed into a dangerous weapon. His thoughts sluggishly tried to comprehend that this man had a tail like Goku, and that it was about to whip him in the jaw at the same time – the result being that he was smacked into Kame house with just as muddled thoughts as before being hit.

"Krillin!" Goku cried out. "Are you alright?"

"M'fine," he grumbled from underneath the wooden pink wreckage.

Goku sighed in relief and instantly whipped her head in the direction of her newest foe. "What was that for?" she demanded angrily. Her eye's trailed the length of the man's tail. He has a tail… just like I used to…

The man smirked at Goku. "Now, now…" he chided whilst flicking his index finger to-and-fro as rhythmically as a metronome. "Is that the proper way to speak to your dearest big brother, Raditz?"

Goku's eyebrows rose in shock. She was unsure as to whether he was really speaking to her.

Raditz chuckled, but his expression was still severe, "You seem surprised, Kakarra! Don't you recognize me?"

Goku appeared even more puzzled than before. "Kuck – ar – ruh..." she copied his phonetics hesitantly.

Raditz sighed. "Very cute, little sister, but that's enough of your games. Time is of the essence. Prince Vegeta will be pleased to know that you have survived."

Goku continued to stare at him blankly. "What… Prince?"

Raditz's temporal arteries bulged, and his eyes gave off a fiery glint. "That's enough!" he snapped. "My patience has run thin!"

Raditz's attention was deflected from Goku for the time being as his ears caught the sound of a childlike whimper. A small child was huddled behind a woman with striking turquoise hair. The hair didn't distract him for long, because his eyes soon zeroed in upon a certain brown, furry appendage that was attached at the child's bottom.

Raditz's eyes widened for a split-second. He growled slightly under his breath. A firestorm of inconsistencies began to bombard his thoughts.

He extended his arm and motioned his hand toward the child. "What is this, Kakarra? And why hasn't the population on this planet been eradicated. I realize that you are a pitiful third-class, but this is unacceptable. You've only had over two decades to accomplish your mission!"

The child tried to wrestle his way out of the woman's arms. After a slight struggle, he finally slipped out and made a mad-dash toward Goku with his arms outstretched and tears cascading down flushed, chubby cheeks. "Mommy!" he cried out, latching onto Goku's leg and rubbing his face into her pants.

Goku rested a palm atop the child's wild ebony hair. "Shh… Gohan; it's alright," she hummed out comfortingly.

Raditz was aghast with disgust. "As if it's not already disgraceful enough that you copulated with this inferior race and delivered a half-breed mutt!" he spat.

Goku rapidly withdrew her hand and glared icily at the intruder. She clenched her fists doggedly. "Look, I don't know who you think you are, or who you think I am, but you don't know me! Gohan isn't any of your concern! Why don't you just leave us alone already before things get ugly!"

Raditz's eyebrows furrowed together with mounting frustration. "Do you know nothing? Do you even know of your Saiyan heritage?"

Goku frowned. "Saiy – what?"

"Saiyan! Saiyan! Kakarra!" Raditz snapped. "You are a Saiyan warrior! You were sent here as a baby to clear this planet of all life forms in the name of Freeza! Please tell me that some of this is ringing a bell in that thick skull of yours!"

Krillin walked up to Goku's side, still rubbing the sore spot on his chin. "What are you on?" he asked with a perturbed expression. He stepped in front of Goku. "This guy's borderline insane. You watch Gohan. I'll take care of him."

"Krillin! Please tell me that you're not thinking of taking him on by yourself! He just smacked you through Kame house with his tail… his tail, Krillin!" Goku argued.

Krillin's face flushed red with embarrassment. "He caught me off-guard. It won't happen again."

Yamcha stepped forward. "If you want to fight this dirt-bag, count me in."

Goku gritted her teeth. "Fine, then I'm helping too!" she announced. "After all, he's my brother, isn't he?"

"Don't believe a word he says, Goku," Krillin replied.

"Yeah, and just leave this one to us, 'kay?" Yamcha said with a playful wink. "You always have the fun, and besides, you're not the only one who's been improving these last couple of years."

Goku nodded her head with a slight sigh, scooping up Gohan into her arms and walking off a ways back. Truth be told, she was just aching for a good fight. Times of peace were great and all, but life had been too mundane as of late. She needed a new challenge, a new adventure!

"Well, if there's anything left of him after you two are finished! I want a go at him too!" ChiChi called out, momentarily grumbling, "How dare he scare Gohan like that!"

Meanwhile, Gohan tugged persistently at the hem of Goku's collar. "Mommy, is Daddy going to be okay?" he asked with imploring eyes swelled up with tears.

She kissed him tenderly on the forehead. "Of course he is! You know better than that!"

A/N: Just me dappling in another gender-bender what-if. I have ideas, but I'm not sure if I will continue this. I kept it vague for a reason ;-)