Harry's Wish

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This story will somewhat follow canon, but I'm leaving out the Dementor attack.

I'm not really sure how far I should take this, so I guess we'll all find out together.

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Harry Potter sat on the edge of his bed, exhausted from another long, hot day. It had been the fourth time this week that Harry had ended up on the receiving end of one of his uncle's tempers, and frankly, he was quite sore and rather banged up. Harry hoped it was only a matter of time until he was rescued for the remainder of the summer, but so far neither his friends not his godfather seemed to be providing much information. So instead, Harry decided to keep them regularly informed (in a bit more detail than normal) of the on-goings of his summer holiday. He held high hopes that maybe Sirius would catch onto his heavy hints and insist that he be removed immediately. Or maybe Hermione would understand his silent pleas and call the attention of someone who could help him – perhaps Ron's parents.

Harry had not wanted to come here after leaving Hogwarts at the end of term. The events at the end of his fourth year were horrific, even for adults. He wanted to be somewhere he felt safe and comforted – anywhere but the Dursley's. But this had been Dumbledore's order, at least for the first part of the summer. Dumbledore had said something about Harry would be protected there, but Dumbledore obviously only saw things from the magical perspective outside the house. Harry's relatives hated him. But it wasn't as if Harry really had anywhere else to go, so he had to deal with being here until someone said he could leave.

'I wish someone would come and get me,' Harry thought. 'I wish my parents were still alive, more than anything. Then I wouldn't have to go through this.'

And with that, Harry fell asleep. But little did he know, an old magic was reawakening.

Meanwhile, in Godric's Hollow:

In the graveyard in Godric's Hollow, things were happening. Two graves cracked open, nothing left inside.

Down the street, the Potter house was seeing changes as well.

No one had lived there for nearly fourteen years. Not since Mr. and Mrs. Potter had died. The house was run down, an entire room on the second floor blasted wide open. But inside, something was changing.

Lily Potter opened her eyes for the first time in fourteen years, lying on the floor of her son's nursery.

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