Boromir opened the door to the chambers he shared with his wife as quietly as he could. It had been fairly early in the morning when he had returned to the city from a long mission and wasn't sure if Kat would be up and about yet after his debriefing with Aragorn. He slipped off his boots and padded further into the rooms only to stop when he heard soft humming coming from their bedroom. Peering around the doorway, Boromir paused when he saw the rosy expanse of Kat's bare back.

He could faintly see the white scars on her left side and back of her right shoulder, souvenirs from an attack years before they had met. A light blue petticoat hung from her hips, the fabric swaying slightly as she moved. The silver pitcher that she was using to rinse her long hair glinted in the early morning sunlight. He shifted to lean up against the doorjamb while her humming turned into singing, "They were summoned from the hillside, they were called in from the glen, and the country found them ready at the stirring call for men... Let no tears add to their hardship as the soldiers pass along, and although your heart is breaking, make it sing this cheery song:Keep the home fires burning, while your hearts are yearning... Though your lads are far away they dream of home... There's a silver lining through the dark clouds shining... Turn the dark cloud inside out 'till the boys come home..." Kat wrung out her hair into the basin sitting on the table in front of her before she started running her fingers through the strands, her natural curls appearing in abundance as her hair dried through magic. She continued humming while Boromir watched her fondly. After most of her hair had dried, he cleared his throat.

Instantly, Kat froze and her spine straightened, a clear sign that she was about to reprimand whoever it was who dared enter their chambers unannounced. Pulling sections of her hair over her shoulders to cover her front, she turned, the angry scolding dying in her throat with a strangled noise at the sight of him. Boromir strode across the remaining distance between them and pulled her into his arms. Her arms wrapped around his neck, one of her hands tangling in his hair as she kissed every part of his face she could reach before he captured her wandering lips in a deep kiss.

Boromir smoothed his hands up the soft skin of Kat's back, the silky strands of her dark hair weaving around his fingers. He pulled on it lightly and she obligingly tilted her head back to allow him to nip and suckle at her throat, his beard scratching her soft skin, while her slender fingers attacked the ties of his tunic. Once she had relieved him of his tunic and shirt, Kat tangled her fingers in his hair and tugged to get him to look at her, "You have a serious obsession with my neck, Mir." He chuckled and moved in to continue only for Kat to stop him with a look, "Uh-uh, my turn this time."

She yanked on the ties to his breeches and Boromir shook them off, followed shortly by his small clothes. Kat pushed him back onto the bed and lifted her petticoat to straddle his lap. Using his chest to brace herself, she raised her hips and with a tilt of her pelvis, slowly eased herself down on him, her nails biting into his skin as she threw her head back and sighed, "Missed you."

Boromir smiled and sat up to wrap his arms around her, reveling in the sharp gasp Kat emitted at the change in angle, "Missed you too."

Kat kissed him deeply, lips trailing to his neck where she marked him, smiling against his skin at his groan, before she pushed him back down on the bed. Boromir ran his hands up her sides while she rocked against him, feeling her shiver underneath his calloused fingers. He could barely contain himself even though Kat was in charge, he thrusted up into her and was rewarded with a low moan and the sting of her nails gouging the length of his torso. She leaned down and kissed him, "Take me," she whispered against his lips.

In an instant, Boromir flipped them and began thrusting in earnest, Kat writhing underneath him, her curls spilling over the bedclothes, shimmering in the morning sunlight, her nails scoring his back hard enough to draw blood repeatedly while she called out to the gods he didn't believe in. She shuddered into his kiss before throwing her head back, mouth open, "Fuck."

Boromir's hips slammed into hers once more and he groaned her name into the side of her neck, he gently kissed up the side of her neck to her mouth and Kat sighed into the kiss. He rested his forehead against hers, eyes closed and both of them breathing heavily. "Hey," he told her softly.

He could feel her silent laughter, "Hi," she giggled and kissed him again. Boromir shifted to where both of them were laying on their sides, Kat lavishing the welts on his chest with fleeting kisses. "I really did miss you, Mir."

"I missed you too, Katie," he kissed her temple, tasting the salty tang of her sweat and he breathed in the now familiar scent of the cream she used for her skin after a bath, made from the sweetgrass of the Pelennor Fields. "That song, earlier... the one you were singing?"


"Where's that from?"

"Earth," she yawned and burrowed further into his arms. "A song from my mother's homeland during a time of war... It seemed fitting and it was stuck in my head."

"I liked it," he smiled and held her close.

"Good," Kat fingered one of his scars on his chest, gently tracing the outline of it. She could feel his fingers trailing up and down her spine. "When do you have to go again?"

"Not for a long while, Katie," Boromir pressed a kiss to the top of her head, "Aragorn needs me here and so do you."

"Me? Need you?" she teased. "Never in a million years, I had the most fun in the three weeks you were gone."

"I'm sure you did," he chuckled.

"I'm glad you're back though."

"Me too."

Why yes I did open this sequel up with a smut scene.