It is a little-known fact that Guy Dangerous was not always an expert runner. In fact, when he was in high school...

"Jones, Rio, and Cassadine," said a paunchy man in a blue Killer Apes tracksuit. He looked up from his clipboard, to face the group of students in track uniforms. "Congratulations to everyone who made it, and thanks to all for trying out. Now hit the showers."

The crowd of students dispersed with much chatter, but a small orange-haired boy stayed behind. "Um, Coach?" he said. "You didn't call my name."

The coach looked down at the teenager and sighed. "That's because you didn't make the cut," he said.

The boy threw his hands out in frustration. "But I've been practicing for months!" he exclaimed. "And I'm a senior now! This is the last chance I have to run track!"

"I'm sorry, Guy, but you're not good enough," the coach said. "Out of everyone who tried out, you were the slowest."

"That's because I keep a steady pace!" Guy Dangerous said. "I could run for hours! Days! Years!"

"That's fantastic, if you're running a marathon," the coach said. "But unfortunately for you, we don't need marathon runners. We need sprinters."

"But Coach—"

"The decision is final, Guy. Sorry, but maybe you should just stick with your archeology studies."

"I should have made the team," Guy muttered to himself.

"Are you even listening to me?" Scarlet asked angrily, slamming her hands on Guy's desk.

Guy Dangerous shook his head to wake himself out of his memories of the past. "Sorry about that. I was remembering one of my more painful memories from my high school days."

"Oh?" Scarlet asked.

"Yeah, our team was called the Killer Apes," Guy said. He ran a hand through his unruly hair. "When you mentioned Demon Monkey Island, it reminded me of that."

"You spaced out, just because I mentioned Demon Monkey Island? The demon monkeys are just a silly legend, designed to scare away strangers," Scarlet said.

"Let me guess, anyone who dares to enter the temple will be attacked by the monkeys."

"Close," Scarlet said. "I took a picture of an old poem we found, written on the temple's front gate." She pulled the photograph out of her pocket and began to read:

He who takes the Golden Monkey Idol
Without permission shall be forever cursed,
Spending the rest of his days fleeing and fearing
In a never ending chase.

"For a poem, it doesn't rhyme," Guy Dangerous quipped. "What's the Golden Monkey Idol?"

"It rhymes in the original language," Scarlet said. "And we're not sure what the idol is. I'm guessing it's valuable, if it's made out of gold."

"Hmph," Guy Dangerous said. "Someone made up the demon monkey legend, in order to protect the idol. Of course it's valuable."

"But why monkeys?" Scarlet wondered. "They're not native to that part of the world."

"It makes sense to me," Guy said. "You have demon monkeys, to protect the monkey idol. How far away is this temple, again?"

"It's a ten hour plane ride to South America," Scarlet said, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Then you have a two-hour trek through the jungle, in the jankiest car I've ever rented. Then you jump into a canoe and paddle your way downstream, through the most swamplike part of the rainforest. There's no map, so I'm not entirely sure if we can find our way back."

Guy Dangerous smiled. "Baby, I live for danger."