Sesshoumaru waited patiently, his hands clasped in front of him. He had summoned his parents to a meeting, and he hoped that they would arrive promptly.

"Hello, dear! What's this about?" his step-mother Izayoi asked cheerfully, poking her head around the door.

He did not answer. His father had not yet arrived and if he spoke now, he would only have to repeat himself later.

"Hello, son. Hello, love. How are you two today?"

"I'm just wonderful; how are you?"


Sesshoumaru did not interject his own emotional state. Instead, he waited silently for their pointless chatter to cease. He had not summoned them there for pleasantries. Eventually they took the hint and ebbed into silence as well. He took the opportunity to say what he had to say succinctly and formally. If all went well, he would only need to say it once.

"I would like to enter the festival this year." A moment passed. His step-mother's mouth fell open in shock. Finally, his father spoke.

"You're joking."

"I am not."

"You do know that there are women there, correct? And that the point of these festivals is that you're supposed to pick one? And marry her?"

"Do you not approve? I had assumed you would view the venture favorably. You were adamant about Inuyasha's attendance."

"Yes, well. We wanted grandchildren."

"Can I not also supply you with infant descendents?"

"Physically, I suppose you are... capable. It's just that we always assumed you'd be uninterested."


There was another silence.

"Well, because you're... you."

Sesshoumaru did not see any purpose in responding to such a subjective statement, so he returned to the matter at hand. "Do I have your approval to enter the festival or not?"

Izayoi stood dramatically, fire in her eyes. "It would make my life complete. Go. I'll call a carriage immediately. And I'll pull all the appropriate strings to make sure you can register late and secure a slot today. Oh, Sesshoumaru; I'm so happy! Bring back a beautiful bride!" She choked back a sob.

"And make beautiful babies!" his father added helpfully. He was tearing up as well.

Having procured the approval he had set out for, Sesshoumaru left the room. He did not much care for blubbering.

The carriage arrived quickly, and Sesshoumaru settled into it comfortably. He noticed his parents sneaking into a second carriage behind him, but he did not acknowledge it. As the ride wore on, he became thoughtful.

Admittedly, this was an odd thing for him to do. Until recently, he had been content with his life happening at a slow and measured pace. It was predictable and solid. He was able to do what he wanted when he wanted, and often what he wanted was solitude and distance from the fussing his family so frequently indulged in. Then his brother had married a woman named Kagome.

She was fine enough as women went. Certainly too good for his brother. She didn't cower in front of him as many did, and she was capable of elegance. But it wasn't so much who she was that bothered Sesshoumaru recently as it was how she affected Inuyasha. Ever since the brat had been born, he had been surly, petulant and easily frustrated. Sesshoumaru had often exploited these traits for his own amusement. However, lately, Inuyasha had a different quality. He smiled more, he got lost in his own thoughts more, and he devoted a considerable amount of his time to talking with, following, and mooning over his bride. And there was something else. After much consideration, Sesshoumaru had determined that his brother was happy. Marriage made him happy.

And that was unacceptable. Sesshoumaru did not intend to be denied anything, and he certainly did not want Inuyasha to have any advantage in life over him. If marriage was indeed an advantage in life, then he intended to partake.

Of course, he had also considered the more likely possibility that his brother was a fool and grinning all the time for no reason. In truth, courtship was probably a waste of time. Still, it warranted investigation.

That line of reasoning was what led him to the decision that he should participate in this year's festival. He looked out the window as his carriage neared the grounds. It would soon begin.

Hopefully it wouldn't be too dull.

A/N: A couple of things. First of all, thanks for coming back. This is my first sequel and my first attempt at a Sesshoumaru perspective (and soon a Rin perspective), so please do tell me what you think. Secondly, it may be a little while, but eventually Inuyasha and Kagome will come back into the picture. It's been about a year. Should they a) have no kids (with the parents of course hounding them), b) be pregnant, or c) have a baby? There's different comedic potential for each option, so tell me what you think. In fact, just give me feedback on everything. This is a whole new world for me.