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'Mine.' Was Gaara's only thought. He didn't even realize he had moveduntil he felt his hand wrap around the bastards neck. Gaara's eyes flared crimson, and in what seemed like slow motion, the Lamia's face became a mask of realization.

"S-Sandman!" He gasped out. His eyes growing too large for his small, scaled head.

"Took you long enough to figure it out, fool." Gaara's face seemed to crow colder as he stared at the gruesome man. How dare he touch what belonged to him! He would rip this puny runt to shreds.

"Are you not aware that Tokyo, is a safe haven for all submissives. Those who attempt to harm a submissive within its boundaries' are sentenced to death." His voice was glacier.

The Lamia gasped as the man's hold tightened, cutting off his air supply, he felt his claws grow, sharpening to a feral point. They dug into the weaklings skin, blood pooled within the wounds. The blood spilled down his neck, Gaara's claws became slick with the fluid. He could feel the evil, it egged him on, to rip the creatures throat out, to shred its body and dance in the crimson blood.

He then became all too aware of the submissive behind him. The boy was terrified; he could smell it, even through the stench of the creature gripped within his claws. Gaara debated for a moment, and then leaned close to whisper into the Lamia's ear.

"Spread the word, all those who attempt to mate this submissive, deal with me. The sandman has chosen." He said it so lowly, Naruto was unable to hear. Gaara threw the Lamia into the brick wall of the alley. A thick gash opened on the creature's head, and it wheezed for breath, then it ran, nearly falling in its haste to escape. Gaara turned to look at the boy, his face as frozen as the alpines. He held his hand out, an offer of assistance to the blonde.

Hesitantly, Naruto placed his hand into the Demon's. The instant he did, Naruto felt an overwhelming calm envelop his body. He couldn't held but wonder; did Gaara feel it too? He looked at the man, but his face remained impassive.

Gaara did feel it; a lull in his bloodlust, the urge to kill lessening to a dull ache. He helped the blonde beauty to stand.

Naruto's yukata was filthy. It also had a minor rip in the sleeve.

"Follow me." Naruto looked up in surprise, but all he saw was the man's retreating back. A deep shock of loneliness assaulted his senses at the sight. He shook his head, as if to shake off his very emotions. He jogged forward, trying to catch up to the man's long-legged stride. Gaara led him to the front of a… Bar? Naruto tipped his head to the side in confusion. Gaara opened the door of a huge truck and motioned for Naruto to get inside.

"Um, where are you taking me?"


Naruto stared in the mirror, and wondered, again, how the hell he had ended up in his position. He was in Gaara's posh upper-class apartment, standing in the demon's bathroom, borrowing his clothes. He pressed his fingers against the bruise on his neck, and remembered how he had ended up in the bathroom of a demon.

"Um, where are you taking me?"

"My house."

The end. He didn't say any thing else, he even handed Naruto his cell-phone in a silent manner. The conversation with Iruka, now, that, had been fun. Iruka had asked around fifty different questions, and hadn't seemed satisfied with any of Naruto's answers.

Naruto walked out of Gaara's bathroom, his neck was tender where the Lamia had attempted to mark him. There was a small, dark hickey, luckily, the creature hadn't broken skin. If he had, Naruto would be marked. Though, one thing was still confusing him.

"Um, Gaara?" He wondered, standing in front of the man.

"Hm" That was all the acknowledgement he got.

"You're a dominant, right?"


"Well, you said something. That this is a 'Submissive haven.' I thought that you, as well as the other princes, are trying to take Tokyo away from us." Gaara sighed, standing up. He grabbed his keys off the table. He stopped halfway to the door, his eyes on Naruto's neck. He slowly outstretched his arm and pressed a cool finger against the blonde's throat.

Naruto's heart jumped at the sudden touch, and he knew that Gaara had felt it. Gaara's eyes flashed for a moment, as if he wanted to jump Naruto, and do exactly what that Lamia had started. There was no doubt in Naruto's mind that if he did, he would open his arms to Gaara's embrace without question. The longer Gaara's finger rested on his neck, the faster his heart sped.

His finger pressed there for a moment, and his eyes held Naruto's with a passion unspoken. Then he spoke. In that deep, gravely, smokers voice.

"There are legends spoken only in whispers,

The importance which you hold.

My kind dreams of you.

To tell the world of you?

We are not quite so bold.

A demon,

Like me,

Is born without a soul.

You are my Shei 'tani,

The strength of that title,

You do not yet know."

Afterwards he pulled his arm back and walked toward the door. Naruto watched him for a moment, his body frozen and tingling. The poem Gaara had recited sounded ancient. It had sounded like a spell.

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