Fail 01: The Birthday Party

(Reminder: Always check what kind of birthday party you interupt.)

It was a beautiful, warm, spring day. The kids played at the playground, the birds sung... Then out of sudden, one of the birds fell down, dead.

-Stupid animals.- thought the killer. He was clothed in a dark suit, had a bald white head and no face features. His name: Slender Man, known as Slendy.

He glared at the kids who played around a table which had food, drink and a big birthday cake. A perfect place to kidnap one of those pesky little humans and drag'm away, far, far away... Slenderman already found his next victim.

It was a little girl who played in a sandbox. He imitated a childs giggle, to lure her. The girl lift her head as he neared her. She became drowzy and took his hand.

"Emily!" The girl snapped out as she heared someone called for her. The kids stared at the tall man. Slenderman knew they were just kids and they were helpless, so he grabbed the girl and was about to vanish.

"Hey, leave her alone!" said a boy, the birthday kid. If Slenderman had a mouth, he would grin. That stupid boy couldn't harm him.

Little he knew that this birthday party was at the same time a PinĂ¡ta party.

And the kids didn't seem to be afraid of him.

"Let's get him!" announced the boy, pulling out a stick. The others did the same.

Slenderman sweatdropped.

He let Emily go as the kids hit him with the sticks.

"Hey, give us candies!" yelled an another boy. The others yelled the same while Emily cheered like she was at a wrestling match.

-Damn!- thought Slenderman as he vanished.