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Fail 03: The Granny

(Reminder: Never attack a granny.)

He was standing on the middle of the street. The people were passing him, but he was invisible to them. He was invisible to everyone but an old lady who was walking a dog. They went to the park, and Slendy followed them.

It was already evening and there weren't many park visitors. The granny stopped as her dog, a sort of terrier, stopped to smell a tree.

"Com'n Mr. Poddles. We gotta go home. Granny needs to prepeare dinner and watch her favorite soap opera." said the old lady, totally oblivious to the tall man in suit behind her.

The dog felt the presence of the man and started to bark at him.

"Mr. Poddles, what's wrong?" asked the old lady and she then saw Slendy who spread his tentackles. "Oh my!" She held her heart.

-Finnaly a victim who dosen't fight back.- thought Slendy and was about to grab her with his tentackles.

"Oh, such a sweet costume!" said the old lady, suddenly all excited. Slendy sweatdropped.

-Stupid! I'm supposed to scare you off!- he thought angrily. He then grabbed her by her hand, with which she held a bag. He wanted to dragg her away, as he felt that the dog had bit him at his leg. -Stupid animal!-

He wanted to kill the dog, as he suddenly felt the granny get free from her restraintments. He rose his head, as a full strike with the bag hit him from upwards, and then a new one from downwards, making Slendy fly backwards a few feet away.

"That's what you get you stalker! You won't get an old lady like me." she said, taking out a brick from her bag. "Good that my self-defence instructor told me to always have my bag with me."

Slendy saw stars flying around his head. He wanted to get up, as a brick came flying and hit him into his head, knocking him out.

-Damn!- he thought dizzily, and then fell down.