Summary: Rick and the group are in the prison, Sophia is still alive and well...(SPOILER ALERT) , Andrea is alive and at Woodbury along with Milton and Merle :), the Governor hasn't gone to the prison yet, and still believes Andrea, Milton, and Merle are allies... (I drifted off point). So Rick, Glenn, and Daryl are on a run when the find a girl on the ground who is close to death after falling from a tree. With walkers close on his heels Daryl decides to take the girl back to the prison without talking to Rick or Glenn about it. This mystery girl has had a bad past with her ex-boyfriend and his group, she keeps hearing his voice in her head, slowly driving her to insanity, well unless Daryl can help silence it, and keep her ex away for good. :)

Author's Note: As much as I love Daryl and Carol I just had a random idea for this story. Hopefully I can keep this up until The Walking Dead comes back in October, it might help all of us get through it.

Yes this summary sucks, it sounded better in my head, also this is going to be mainly focused on Daryl and the girl and both their paths to healing, finding love in the end of the world, and confronting the past. Buuuuut I'll have chapters with the other characters and tie some of those chapters with the main plot. Anyway please enjoy and review ...or I'll turn you all into walkers. Naw, I'm joking but please review.

The bold italicized font is her ex's voice and the normal italicized is her own thoughts.

I sat in a tree silently, while gripping to my knife. This is it, I thought, this is how I'm going to die. Alone in this world, the world that has turned into hell. "Hell might be better," I looked down then looked at my knife. You're holding on to something, you would have jumped by now,...or stabbed yourself. "Shut up," I said that a little too loud, I hear rustling from the grass and bushes, "Damn it," the grip on my knife grew tighter. The voice in my head was back...his voice. Just jump, if you don't break your neck they will eat you, tear you limb from bloody limb. "No shut up, I want to live, just shut up!" I hissed. I heard more rustling below me, "Great, there's more," I hit my head against a branch. Something dropped from the tree causing the branches an the remaining leaves to rustle, and create a loud thud when it made contact with the floor.

I heard the shift of the position of whatever was down there. Good job, just jump already and scream on the way down. "No, I don't," I snapped, "Shit, God damn it." Clearly you want to die, you wouldn't be this loud, just jump. I whispered, "Why do you want me to die, you will too," I looked up. As much as I want to live I want what's best for you, I always have. Look at this world, everyone is gone, you have no food, no shelter, no place to go, and no reason to live. "That's what you think."That's what you think too, I'm only in your head, I'm not real, I'm not next to you telling you what to do. I put one hand to my head, "Leave me alone, shut up and go away, just leave me alone." He kept going, jump, jump, just jump already, there's no reason to stay here, just jump, you won't need to deal with this world anymore. Just think of your family, you get to finally see them again. jump, just jump, save the trouble, just jump. I whimpered and choked out a "No". JUMP!I found my voice, "NO!" I heard more movement, now you've done it, have fun. "I'm up here they're down there, they can't climb. I'm out of reach...I'm safe-" my voice slowly faded. I could hear footsteps getting close. I gripped my knife with both hands. I took a slow breath and listened to the noise below me. The footsteps were slow, careful, whoever it was doesn't want to be heard, my own thoughts finally prevailed, those are to careful to be them, to controlled. I kept listening, there was a second set, barely off from the first, about a second off from the first, also the second set was heavier than the first.

I let out a breath that I never knew I held. Once again they shifted their position, they took another step closer to the tree. Silently I started to descend from the tree, one foot then the other then one hand then the last. I made sure the branch could hold my weight, just slightly adding pressure with my feet to the branch before I let go of the branch above me. I started to move my right hand down to put my knife in my pocket when I lost my footing and slipped. Thankfully, I landed on the branch I was already halfway on, but with landing I heard a crack. I questioned if it was my wrist or the branch itself. I tried to move my left hand but found it painful to move. I let out a small sigh, I rather have a broken wrist than a weakening branch. But once again I heard a crack, this time deeper and louder than the last. I tried to move quickly off the faulty branch, but I wasn't fast enough, the branch broke from under me. the only good thing I saw about it was that I was only about 15 feet from the ground with only 2 major branches obscuring my fall.

I didn't scream they would hear me and come for me in a matter of seconds. I didn't like the angle of my fall. The right half of my body hit the first branch causing my body to rotate so my back was to the ground. I heard a few cracks and a sharp pain in my side. Ribs, I thought, 3 cracked possibly 1 broken. Second branch, my head slammed against the branch, my left arm dragged behind, I could feel my shoulder being dislocated. plus if my wrist wasn't broken now, it certainly was now with a possible crack some where in my arm. Finally the ground, my head harshly made contact with the ground causing my head to bounce and hit the floor again. I landed on my right side so now 2 possible broken ribs and 4 at least cracked. I felt a unsatisfying pop from my leg- and now a dislocated knee. I felt a sharp pain in my left forearm, I couldn't turn my head, but after I felt blood sliding down my arm I could only assume that my knife decided to join me in this wonderful fall.

At least I'm alive. Funny I thought you wanted to die. No I didn't. Well your fucked anyway you put it now, you can't get up and you're already slipping. You're either going to die now, then get torn to shreds or get torn to shreds, then die.With the last bit of energy I had I listened closely around me and heard twigs being snapped under pressure, more rustling and footsteps coming my way. Like I said... FUCKED. As much as I would love to part ways I'm going to fight, I want to live. I croaked out the most audible "help" I could then coughed up blood.

The footsteps got closer and with me slipping out of reality and maybe to death I couldn't tell if those footsteps were them or not. I blinked a few times to see if I could clear my vision but by the time I blinked the second time a crossbow was in my face. That much was clear the person on the other end wasn't. My eyes slowly shut, but my senses were still somewhat intact. I heard a soft yell, a softer grunt, then a softer click, then nothing.

I was finally consumed with darkness.

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