'Hey Lucky. You haven't said a word since we left the police station'

Lucky was driving Bonkers home after a tiring and to be honest, very intense day. He heard what Bonkers said but he didn't answer.

Bonkers decided that he best zip his mouth for a bit until Lucky was in the mood to talk.

Five minutes later, Lucky stopped the car in front of Bonkers' house. Or at least his caravan home behind the cardboard cutout of a mansion.

Bonkers opened the door and climbed out. 'See you tomorrow partner'

He was about to head to the door until-

'Bonkers wait!' Lucky called.

'Yes?' Bonkers turned around.

Lucky didn't say anything but he looked like he was gonna burst into tears.

And that's exactly what he did...right after grabbing Bonkers and pulling him in for a hug. Bonkers' eyes widened. This never happened after work.

'Bonkers' Lucky sobbed. 'I'm really glad you didn't die today'

That one sentence summed up everything for Bonkers.

'Awww, Lucky' Bonkers smiled and put his arms around Lucky too.

'It's ok. It's all over now. I'm not gonna turn into blank paper anymore. And if it happens again, you'll know what to do'

'But Bonkers' croaked Lucky. 'I just...I wish Pops didn't do this to you guys. And all because he wanted thanks for his work. I understand how he feels but..' He released Bonkers as he said this. '..he didn't have to go and wipe out all of you for it'

Bonkers had never seen Lucky this upset before. It broke his little heart to him like this.

'I know you drive me up the wall sometimes but you've been a great partner nonetheless' Lucky continued. 'And I was thinking of Marylin and Dyl. They love you very much. What would they think if all the toons in the world just dissapeared forever? They'd be just as miserable as I am right now. I can't help thinking what would've happened if Fall Apart didn't say "Thank You!"'

He cried even harder.

Bonkers couldn't take it anymore.

'Come on, Lucky' Bonkers said in a comforting tone. 'Snap out of it. It's all over now. In fact, I don't think it'll ever happen again. Cheer up, partner'

Lucky wiped his tears.

'Look at me, Lucky'

Bonkers smiled as Lucky met his gaze. And to his great surprise, Lucky smiled back. A little.

'Don't feel bad anymore. I'm still here. I'm standing right in front of you'

Lucky smiled even more. Looking at the bobcat he'd known for nearly a month, most of time made him feel uncomfortable. But this time it made him feel safe and calm.

'You're right, Bonkers'

'Come here, partner'

They hugged again. Only this time Lucky didn't shed any tears. The hug lasted for a minute until they finally broke apart.

'Now I think you should head home, have a good weekend rest and wake up on Monday feeling much better, ok?'

'You're right Bonkers. I do need to relax' Lucky agreed and started to head towards the squad car.

'Oh! And Lucky...' Bonkers called out. 'It's supposed to be nice sunny, summery weather on Monday, ok?'

'Thanks partner!' Lucky called out. 'See you Monday!'

'Seems like the perfect day to go to the dry cleaners' Lucky thought as he drove away from Bonkers' home.

Bonkers walked into his caravan and was greeted by Toots who was extremely glad to see his master.

'Hi Toots!' Bonkers hugged him.

Toots started crying.

'Oh Toots' Bonkers smiled. 'It's all over now'

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