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Harry Potter had always been different. Too short, too smart, too silent, too freakish. Years of abuse from his relatives had stunted his growth, leaving him at a measly height of 5'4 and a lithe figure- which would've been considered emaciated if it had not been for the martial arts classes and food his sensei gave him (Which he had in exchange for cleaning the dojo he frequented.) and the running he did while escaping his cousin and his gang. (All behind his relatives back, of course.)

His waist length hair was braided and chin-length bangs hid his fey-like visage. His apparent genius angered his relatives but Harry didn't hide it, he wanted to get the hell away from the Dursley's and he only way was to finish school early. Already finished with his A-levels at 14 and waiting for the letters from the universities he'd applied to, he bit his lip in consternation and shook the worried expectation from his mind.

But that wasn't what differentiated him from everyone he knew, no, it was the power he had. A power that his mother used to have, the reason why he was called a freak and an abomination of nature; Harry had the power of telekinesis.

His relatives didn't know he had this power, though they suspected it since Petunia Dursley was his mother's sister, but they never had evidence of him actually developing and using the power. Harry knew that if they had one inkling of what he could do they would kill him on the spot, which is why he barely used it.

Rationally, he knew his power could help him; but the small part of his brain that sustained the memories of his abuse overpowered his rationality, stopping him from using his power. He knew-he understood that the power was not evil, that in reality he wasn't a freak, and that the Dursley's treatment of him was not his fault-but the seed of doubt had been embedded in his subconscious and had grown over time.

Harry pushed the fake glasses he used up the bridge of his nose, which was currently stuck in a book. The library was peaceful, with only the slight whispers of voices and the faint hum of electricity accompanying him. Since he was little he had always considered the library his safe haven: no suspicious glares following him, no Dursley's screaming at him; just him and the stories and facts that enraptured his mind.


12 years later

"Mommy can I have candy?-saying it's an epidem-disease by bite? I call bullsh-then I said fuck y-" Harry looked around the airport terminal in Atlanta, Georgia with slight trepidation and shouldered his way to the baggage claim making sure not to hit the laptop in his carry-on bag. He grabbed his small suitcase, walked outside and cursed, "What the bloody hell-it's like sitting in a sauna." He put on sunglasses and flagged down a taxi. Beads of sweat had already began to form on his brow when he got into the vehicle, "The Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead please."


Harry walked around the neighborhood, a backpack filled with water bottles and snacks at his back and the sun pounding on his head. Ahead of him a family that reminded him of the Dursley's. They stood with umbrellas and small hand-held fans, complaining about the heat and talking in loud obnoxious voices about the company deal they were 'sure they were going to get' and all the things they were going to buy themselves with the 'multimillion dollar deal they were, of course going to get' because 'who can deny such an upstanding citizens such as ourselves.' Harry rolled his eyes at them, and walked on sweat pouring down his back.

He looked around and spotted a small trail walkway covered in trees and turned towards it, he gave a small sigh as he lost sight of them. Taking off his glasses and brushing his bangs back looking at the birds flying overhead. He ignored the people's stares and occasional leers at him as he walked by.

Harry walked until he reached a small park hidden in the trees, children ran about smiling and shrieking in laughter. He looked around a small smile in his face, and spotted a small boy sitting away from the laughing kids, his face sad. Harry walked towards the boy and sat beside him. Taking a water bottle and an apple out of the backpack he took small slow sips and bit the apple. He closed his eyes as flavor exploded in his mouth, ignoring the boy that was looking at him.

He gave a happy sigh and turned his eyes sideways looking at the kid, "'Lo my name's Harry Potter."

The boy looked at him "You have a weird accent."

Harry raised his eyebrow, and turned his head to the boy, "Well from my perspective you're accent is weird too." They stayed silent for some time looking at each other. The boy slowly held out his hand, "My name's Carl."

Harry took his hand and shook it, "Nice to meet you Carl."

They looked at the shrieking kids and enjoyed the humid wind. "Do you think people dream when they're in a coma?"

Harry's eyes flickered and he gave a small sigh, "Coma: A state of deep unconsciousness in which an individual is incapable of sensing or responding to external stimuli; usually resulting from brain trauma to the cerebral cortex and/or the reticular activating system, it can also be caused by metabolic disease. There is very little synaptic activity during a coma, making REM virtually impossible."

Carl looked at him, his nose scrunched in confusion, "Huh?"

Harry gave a small, sad smile, "Scientifically, people in comas can't dream." He looked at Carl's distraught face, "Though there have been people that have said they could hear everything that happened around them."

Carl gave him a smile, "So my dad can hear me when I talk to him?"

Harry gave him a small smile, "More than likely."

Harry spent the rest of the afternoon distracting Carl with stories of reluctant heroes, evil villains, dragons, and magical castles surrounded by dangerous forests.

"Carl!" They turned looking at the woman walking to them in a quick pace. Her light yellow sundress reflected the sun, highlighting her brown hair. Harry covered his face with his bangs and stood up.

Carl quickly turned and ran towards the woman, "Mom, mom! Did you know that dad can hear us when we visit him at the hospital!? Harry said that since there isn't a lot sinetic activity in the brain dad can't dream, but he hears us all the time!"

"Synaptic." Harry corrected.

"That's what I said." Carl gave him a confused look.

Harry gave a small chuckle, "Sure you did."

The woman gave Carl a small smile, "That's good sweetie." She gave Harry a slightly suspicious look, "Whose your new friend?"

Harry gave her a polite smile and extended his hand, "My names Harry Potter."

"Good to meet you Harry, my name's Lori Grimes." She shook his hand and frowned as she noticed the scar on his hand. Harry lowered his sleeves as soon as she let go.

"So Harry, where are you from?"

"Surrey, England."

"That's pretty far from here."

"Yes, I'm here for some conferences in Emory."

"Emory? The hospital?,"-he nodded-"Are you a student?"

"Ah, no," he rubbed he back of his head, "I'm a doctor."

She raised her eyebrows in surprise,"Doctor? You're...really young. How old are you?" She blushed, "Wow that was rude of me, sorry, you don't have to tell me."

He chuckled, "It's okay; if I had a penny for every time someone asked me that I'd be rich. I'm 26 years old."

"Twenty-six? No offense but you don't look 26."

"It's the height isn't it?" Harry looked at her in resignation.

She looked at his 5'6 frame in consideration, "Yeah it's the height."

She looked at the watch at her wrist.

"Not to be rude but the little brat-" "Hey!" "- and I have to go back home."

"Aww mom do we have to?"

"Yes, we do, we're going to visit your father tomorrow and I don't know about you, but I don't want drive 5 hours to the hospital."

"We are?! Awesome!" He started running away, "Let's go mom the sooner we're there the sooner we can see dad, I can't wait to tell him about today."

Lori gave Harry an amused smile, "Goodbye Doctor Potter, and thank you, I haven't seen him this happy in a long time."

"You're welcome Mrs. Grimes. And Harry is just fine." He gave her a small nod.

Carl ran back and hugged Harry, Harry hid his wince, and awkwardly put his hands around Carl, "Bye Harry!" He pulled back and gave Harry a toothy smile. Harry patted his head and smiled at him, "Goodbye Carl."

He watched them leave, chuckling as Carl bounced around his mother. He sat under the shade of the tree for a few more hours, enjoying the breeze, and finishing the snacks in the backpack.

He looked at the setting sun and sighed, 'If only everyday was this peaceful.' He gave one last look at the park, and slipped on his glasses.


"WHERE THE BLOODY HELL WERE YOU, YOU FREAK!?" Harry looked at his relatives as he entered the house. He put his ratty and dirty backpack down and stood in front of Vernon, not saying anything.


Harry just looked on, stoic. Vernon felt anger fill him at the look, he raised his belt and swung it at Harry's face.

Time seemed to slow down; Harry looked at the belt slowly inching forward, felt the cold air from the air conditioner slowly cooling his sweat, the small dust particles dancing lazily in the sickly yellow light, he looked at the Dursley's anticipatory, glee filled faces.

Harry snapped.

The belt stopped inches from his face, suspended in midair. The Dursley's stared at it stupidly, then at the small boy, they took a step back as they noticed his eyes.

Emerald eyes glowed a poisonous green, looking more menacing from the shadows of his bangs. Harry looked at Petunia as Vernon's face turned purple.

"I KNEW YOU WERE A FREAK!" He waddled forward raising his fist. Harry's eyes snapped to him and Vernon flew to the wall; hitting his head on a shelf and crashing into the floor, unconscious.

"Vernon!" Petunia ran to Vernon and tried to turn him. Dudley looked on stupidly at him mother and father, he turned to Harry angry, "Freak! wot did ya do t'me dad." He ran towards Harry at full speed, when Harry wouldn't answer. He gave a small grunt as he was stopped, then a pig like snort as he was slowly raised up in the air.

Petunia gave up on Vernon and gave a shriek as she saw Dudley, "Put him down you freak! Put him down now!" She looked at his impassive eyes and flinched back. Harry threw Dudley at her and she gave a scream as he landed on her, most likely crushing a few ribs.

He gave a small smirk and looked on in satisfaction, "Is there anything else you need? No? Then see you all in purgatory." Harry took off his glasses and crushed them under his foot. He left, wondering why no one had called the police yet.


Harry's eyes snapped open and he looked at the clock on the bedside. He glared at the glowing 2:12 am and sat up rubbing his face. He sighed, put on clothes and shoes, and grabbed the hotel key as he walked out.

Outside Harry walked a few blocks from the hotel, and breathed in the night air. He though of Lori and Carl who he had met at the park a few more times these last two weeks. Distracted, he didn't notice two shadows moved closer and Harry stopped when they stepped in front of him, "Hello gents is there anything I could do for you?"

One of them chuckled and tapped his metal bat to his palm, "Yeah, you can giv' us yo'r money."

Harry sighed, "I don't have any money."

The other thug with a beanie scoffed, "Bullsheet, give us the money or we'll giv' ya a beetin'."

"Look I don't have the patience to deal with you neanderthals so if you'll excuse me I need leave." He tried to move away but the two men stepped closer, one taking out a knife.

"Giv' us yo'r money!"

Unnoticed a third man raised a pipe and hit him in the back of the head, dazed Harry staggered and blindly swung. He heard a grunt as his fist landed, and gritting his teeth, he punched and knocked out one guy. His eyes glowed a faint green and the weapons on the others hands flew off into the alley. Turning he ran blindly through the streets until he couldn't hear the yells behind him. Sure he was far enough, he collapsed against the wall of an abandoned building.

'Dizziness, nausea, headache-' he touched the back of his head and hissed, '-Fuck, fuck, fuck. Just my luck concussion as well as a possibility of internal bruising on my last day in the states' He dragged himself forward, holding any piece of loose wall he could find. Black spots danced around his vision, and as he heard distant ringing in his ears; his hand slipped and he fell forward. He heard a shout and felt someone grab him. The last thing he registered before he gave in to the black was a young man, and the faint smell of pizza.


Early morning light illuminated the small white room as faint beeping came from the machine by the bed. The occupant in the room twitched and gave a frown as he tried to move his limbs. Emerald orbs opened and looked around in a daze, they finally settled on the sleeping person next to him; a hat blocked his face from view-man with a hat holding him-he took off the oxygen mask and slowly raised himself to a sitting position, giving a small glare at the needle poking his forearm. He sat there looking at the man for hours, waiting.

His head snapped to the door as he heard a scream and he hastily brushed his bangs in front of his face while the man on the chair jerked and fell to the floor in surprise, "Wha's wrong?" He gave big yawn and rubbed his eyes as he stood up. He looked to the bed, "Hey! You're awake!" He gave Harry a wide smile.

The orderly held a hand to her chest, "You gave me quite the fright child."-"I'm 26. "-She blinked and walked further into the room to check on his vitals, ignoring his comment, "The doctors told me that you weren't going to wake up, we were actually planning on pulling the plug today! What with the droves of injured refugees coming to the city. Of course, some argued about it but the board ultimately decided that a two weeks was enough, your heart even stopped once! They wanted to pull the plug last week but this nice young man stopped them," She looked at a blushing Glenn and then turned to him, "Add to the fact we didn't have any family come for you, well..." She gave him a grandmotherly smile and patted his cheek, "It's a good thing we didn't." Harry gave her a mildly disturbed look as she happily unhooked everything but the IV and the device monitoring his heart. She left telling him that she would be back in an hour.

"Weeell, that was creepy." Harry nodded, agreeing with the Asian man.

"What did she mean 'refugees'?"

The man had a slight look of surprise, "Oh, uh, shit, you don't know?" Harry gazed at him sardonically The man gave him a sheepish look, "There's a country wide epidemic in the good 'ol US of A, and, well I don't know much about it, but it's supposed to be highly contagious and Atlanta is one of the places people can come to be safe. It'll probably blow over, but the government made these refugee camps just in case. Oh, I'm Glenn by the way." He held out his hand. Harry looked at the hand, and shook it before Glenn could pull away, "Harry," he swept his cold gaze around the hospital room, "How did I get here?"

"Well Harry, after I saw you black out in the street, I brought you here. I saw you staggering and holding the wall. At first I thought you were drunk, but then you collapsed; scared the shit out of me."

Harry gave him a small smile, "Thanks. For taking me here and for stopping the board."

"It was nothing," Glenn smiled back and looked at the clock, "You want breakfast?"

Harry looked outside, "Yes, please."

Glenn smiled, "Anything in particular?" Harry shook his head, "'K, I'll be back in a jiffy."


Glenn turned to him, "Yeah?" He blinked as Harry pierced him with his eyes, "It is very unlikely this epidemic will blow over. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but if the government is interfering it is more than likely that the, what is the expression you Americans use? Oh, yes, the 'shite is going to hit the fan.'"

Glenn frowned at him, "You're a real pessimist aren't you?"

He gave Glenn a smirk, "I prefer realist. Be careful Glenn, and take care."

Glenn nodded, confused, and left.

Harry got out of the bed and looked for his clothes, ignoring the vertigo it brought; Yanking the needle out of his arm, he ignored the sting, and unhooked the machine on his finger that was taking his heart rate. The machine flat-lined and Harry pulled the plug off the wall. Finding his clothes in one of the small drawers by his bed, he took off his hospital gown and put on his trousers and shirt. He wrote a small note and put it on the bed in plain view.

He looked around the room and gave a small smile, "We'll meet again." He climbed down the window and merged with the crowds.

"Hey Harry I brought...toast." Glenn looked up to an empty bedroom. He noticed the note on the pillow. Setting the tray on the bed he grabbed the note.

Glenn (It's two n's no?)

I want to thank you for helping me; You are the first person who has ever done that, and for that you have my sincerest thanks. I owe you one.


Glenn put the note in his pocket and ran to the door, "Nurse!"

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