Famous Walkers We Have Known

So I was reading a fic (which I would credit if I could remember what it was), where Carl had a throwaway line where he said that he hoped Taylor Swift was a walker.

Then on YouTube an interviewer asked a few cast members who they would like to become walkers. After conferring with Danai to get the name right, Rooker said "Taylor Swift", and there's other interviews around where he elaborates on that.

Yeah, I've fudged the timelines a bit.

DISCLAIMER: Don't own nothing, except a strong desire that AMC hadn't killed off Merle and Milty.


Carol dragged the rebar along the fence rattling it and shouting to the walkers to attract them over to the fence line. Behind her Daryl casually took them out one by one, striking through the fence with his buck knife. Nothing like a little light walker-killing on a sunny Georgia afternoon. It was somewhat pointless considering the outer gates still needed repairing, and there'd be more walkers tomorrow to replace these ones, but there was nothing wrong with blowing off a little steam after three days stuck inside the prison due to heavy rain. There was no point going out hunting as there was going to be more rain in an hour or two, and all the signs were that it was going to be just as torrential as the days they'd just had.

Daryl raised his arm to take out the next walker, who had once been a tall slim blonde girl but was now a lightly rotted shambling corpse, one arm half dangling off and an old large bite decomposing on the same shoulder.

"Hold up Daryl!"

"Say wha'?"

"I think I know her…" Carol said, taking a good look at the walker, and especially the walker's clothing, which had once been a red blouse printed with little white hearts, and a pair of snappily tailored black shorts. The outfit was now tattered and faded, but retained enough of its original style for Carol to recognise it as one Sophia had begged her for a copy of.

"What, she your neighbour or something?"

"Hardly…" Carol looked up to the watch-tower and shouted up to it. "Beth! Beth, honey, could you come down here for a minute?"

Beth waved her assent and in moments was making her way down the stairs of the tower.

"Ain't nuthin you can do for her, you should just let me –"

"Just wait," Carol hushed Daryl as the walker grabbed the fence and moaned and growled softly. It stuck one bony arm through, trying to reach for Daryl, who through long experience maintained a safe distance.

Impatiently Daryl rested his weight back on one foot, and crossed his arms over his chest. Up in the yard Beth had stopped briefly to talk to Carl, then the two of them came through the inner gate and made their way along the drive.

"Even better," Carol said mysteriously. Daryl's eyes narrowed a little as he remembered the last time Carol had said that. This here was a very different situation. He didn't know what the hell Carol thought she was up to, but he was willing to wait a little while to find out.

"What's up?" Carl called out once he and Beth were close.

"Come over here, both of you. Take a look at this walker. She look familiar to you?" Carol asked.

Beth and Carl perused the walker, which stretched out its hand towards Carl and snarled hungrily.

"No… I don't think so…?" Beth replied dubiously.

Carl shot her a look and then turned his gaze back at the walker, looking deeply, as if he was trying to see the person it had once been. His expression was doubtful, but then suddenly changed.

"Holy shit!" he cried out, and turned to Carol. "Is that…?"

Carol tipped her head to one side, eyebrows raised in a "what do you think" expression, choosing to ignore the profanity.

Beth stepped a little closer to the fence, trying to see what it was they had seen. The walker suddenly moved and surged towards her, and Beth's mouth dropped open, her blue eyes wide. "Oh my lord! That's... is that Taylor Swift?"

"Sure looks like that to me. And I remember that outfit from one of her music videos. Sophia pestered me for weeks for a blouse just the same."

"What's she doing in Georgia?" Carl wondered aloud.

"The hell is Tyler Swift?" Daryl asked impatiently only to find three pairs of blue eyes turned upon him with varying levels of pity and scorn.

"Taylor Swift," Beth corrected him. "She's one of the most famous singer songwriters in America today!" she declared.

"Yeah! And she's really hot!" Carl added.

"Not anymore, "Daryl muttered, with a glance towards the putrefying blonde walker.

"Really Daryl," Carol added wryly, "how could you not know who Taylor Swift is?"

"Yeah Daryl," Carl added cheekily, with the loftiness of youth, "next you'll be telling us you never heard of Lady Gaga either."

" 'course I've heard of Lady Gaga," Daryl replied scornfully, "they had that song 'Need You Now'. I liked it."

There was a moment of silence. Carol pressed her hand to her mouth to try to cover her smile. Carl was not so polite, suddenly chortling at Daryl's mix-up.

Beth informed him kindly, "That's Lady Antebellum."

" 'tever," Daryl started to get a little testy, " Skynnyrd, Led Zepp and Johnny Cash are all the music I need."

"Johnny Cash?" Carl wrinkled up his lightly-freckled nose and pulled a face like he had tasted something bad. His tone spoke volumes when he said, "Country?"

Daryl was outraged at the slighting of The Man in Black. "It ain't country! It's Johnny Cash!"

Their debate was interrupted by the loud heavy rumbling of thunder far off in the north. Daryl looked over to the black clouds hanging low on the horizon, trying to gauge how soon the storm would arrive.

"Well, fascinating as all this music critique is, it ain't getting the job done." Carol strode decisively over to walker-Taylor and plunged the rebar through both the fence and the walker's eye-socket, then pulled the metal rod back through to the safe side of the fence.

The walker dropped like a stone.

The foursome observed it in silence for a few moments as the storm began to roll in.

Then Carl said, "Well, I guess now her and that guy are really never ever ever, getting back together!"


Author's note: the Johnny Cash conversation really happened, between me and a flatmate (I had Daryl's line I hasten to add).

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