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Alright, this is my first thing with 'love' in it, so bear with me. My friends said Hiei and my character A.R. do look like a cute couple. So this is one where Hiei kinda helps A.R. through a trauma she remembers after having a memory loss since she was 500 years old (similar to the Armanda Rose 2 bio) this might be a little *very* long. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Armanda Rose lay in a tree, dreaming about something. She opened her eyes under those reflective sunglasses of hers. She always hid when she was in this world. A.R. knew the fright that would happen if anyone would see her, without her glasses or her duster. A.R. rolled over and forgot she was in a tree, she fell off. A.R. laid face-up on the ground. A pain ached throughout her arm and the back of her head. "Ow," she said painfully trying to get up. She was then hit by her bag tin the stomach. She made an 'oomph' sound and was thrown back down. She was knocked unconscious.

A cave, a lit cave with furniture and a fireplace carved out of stone. She stood in the middle and heard laughter. She turned around to see three little girls run right through her. They were holding short swords made of wood, fighting each other. Each one of them had a pair of wings and a tail, scales were found in patches along there body. One of them had red hair; she had only two horns, the other had silvery blue hair with three horns, one in her forehead and two on the sides of her head. The third had brown hair with green streaks, and her outgrown bangs were blonde. She had two horns on the sides of her head and four running down her hair part. She also had one green eye and one yellow. She laughed as she was picked up by a man, only around twenty. He had long, curly blonde hair and deep red eyes. He laughed and kissed her on the cheek. A.R. watched as he was joined by woman, also around twenty. She had long green hair and yellow eyes. She picked up the other two and set them on the table. She had a silky voice, "Little ones, do remember what I said?"

Hiei was jumping from tree to tree, minding his own business. He liked this, to stay in the shadows and not come out until he desired. Hiei stopped at a branch where he rested. He closed his eyes and opened them; he looked down for no reason. A.R. lay on the ground, eyes closed. Her sunglasses were broken, tilting off her cheek. Beads of sweat were coming from her red cheeks. Her bag lay to the side of her. Her lips were bleeding from her fangs. Her arm was in a weird position. She was obviously in pain. Hiei jumped down and walked carefully toward her. He wasn't sure what to do. A thin line of blood was drawn on her forehead. He nudged her with his foot to see if she would move, or make a sound. A.R. opened her eyes, it was first black and slowly gray, and she could see Hiei standing over her. Hiei could only se her one green eye. "Can you move?" he said in his usual tone. She closed her eyes and tried to lift herself, she could, but painfully. Her arm was broken and she had a cut on her scalp. She licked her lip from blood and stood, her arm hanged at her side. "What happened?" Hiei asked, looking straight at her. They were both the same height so he didn't have to look up for a change. "I.fell.and was knocked unconscious. My head." she said rubbing her cut. It was deep and bleeding severely now. "You should stop sleeping in trees," he said turning to the tree. She nodded. "I guess so," A.R. mumbled. She wished she could laugh but then it will happen again. A.R. had broken her arm many times before and straightened it. She gave a yelp of pain and grasped her upper arm and squinted. Hiei was a little startled that she would do that. She placed the bone back and sighed. "I need a cast, it'll take an hour for it to heal," she muttered to herself. "Just an hour?" Hiei asked. "Well when you are part vampire, you would heal quicker than most demons, but it'll hurt for days," she said. Her glasses fell off. She looked at Hiei. He may have three eyes but he was startled to see A.R. have a yellow eye. The slight shock wore off in seconds; he jumped up in the tree. "Farewell," he mumbled, disappearing into the darkness. A.R. looked up and walked away. 'What was that dream?' she thought. She had made it to school in time. She had to in her cover. Yusuke stood waiting for her along with Kuwabara. "What took you so long?" he asked, seeing A.R. come up the road. She frowned at them and walked on. "I fell out of the tree," she mumbled. Yusuke blinked. "Out of a tree?" he asked. She gave him a vicious looked and said, "Yes, a tree."


Hiei didn't know why but he was worried about A.R. He decided to check on her even though his mind was saying no. She was sitting in the same tree, in deep thought. He came over to her. He was only a foot away when she noticed he was there. "Yes?" she said not looking at him, but at a picture she was drawing in her lap. Hiei leaned over to see. It was a little girl, being held by a man with long curly hair. The child had six horns and wings, a tail poked out beneath the man's arms. Only one part was colored. The man's red eyes. "Who is that?" he asked pointing to the man. A.R. was shading in the girl's wings. "I'm not sure," she said looking at the pencil in her hand. "Why would you draw him then?" he asked, not really understanding human purposes. Even though she was only one third human. "I know him but I don't really understand how I do," she mumbled. 'Those red eyes,' she thought. "Is your arm okay?" Hiei asked sitting on the nearest branch. A.R. seized up and said, "You just had to remind me?" A.R. turned the page in her sketch book and drew another picture, this time of the other two children being held by the lady. "Another person you don't 'know'?" he asked, wondering why he was still there. "When I was unconscious, I had a vision. With all these people. I know them, but I don't." suddenly the name came to her, "Sisters." She had her finger on one of the children, the silvery blue haired one. Hiei blinked and looked at her, "Sisters?" A.R. shook her head and looked again. The girls were looking vaguely familiar. "I.I.I think.I.had.sisters," she said withdrawing her finger. Hiei was confused but he understood. "You never said anything about having a sister, or even a family." "Yeah, but.the accident." she stuttered, digging deep into her mind. A.R. once again shook her head. She caught sight of her watch. "Shit! I'm late!" she said jumping down and running, leaving Hiei and her sketch book. Hiei hesitantly picked up the book and turned to the first page. It was a picture of a girl, standing in the rain. Tears rolling down her face. It was A.R. He turned to the next page. Once again it was A.R. She was holding a limp figure, blood streamed down the figures neck. Hiei turned the next few pages out of curiosity. A few pages later, was a portrait of the whole group. They were at a lake at night. Older Amiee and Jockie were playing in the water; Yusuke was sitting in the sand next to the girl named Keiko. Kuwabara was standing and leaning against a tree, Botan sat on a branch above him. He saw himself sitting on a rock next to the standing Kurama. Hiei scanned the page for A.R. he found her. She had her back turned to the group. He noticed that all of the others were looking at the rising sun. A.R.'s head was tilted, as if she was looking back, but only a little. In her hand was a bloody dagger. He turned the page and saw another picture of the group; it was an odd one though. Each of them was fighting a silhouette of themselves except A.R. One half of her was normal; the other half was like a silhouette. It looked like the light was blocked from that side of her body. Hiei put the book in his clothes and jumped out of the tree. Maybe if he asked Kurama, he might understand what those drawings meant.

Kurama was sitting in his room, reading a book. Hiei climbed through the window and stood before him. "Yes Hiei?" he asked putting his book down. Hiei reached into his clothes and pulled out the book. He handed it to Kurama. He had a puzzled look and took the book, he flipped through the pages. Hiei was sitting on the window sill when Kurama asked, "Did you draw these?" Hiei shook his head. "A.R. drew them; she left that in the tree. I don't get something though. What do they mean? Like this one?" he asked flipping the page to the one with the sunrise. Kurama thought and said, "I don't know. Maybe she feels left out, but the dagger is not exactly.maybe she wants to be apart of our little group but can't because of whatever the dagger represents." Hiei blinked in amazement. Kurama was good at this. "What about this one?" he said pointing at the silhouette fight. "Everyone is fighting with their dark side in this, she is part of her dark side, I think she might be turning on us," he mumbled turning the page. "Did she mention who this is?" he asked pointing to the woman with the two demon children. "She said 'sisters,' and pointed to the two children," he said in low voice, "But then she mumbled something about an accident and said 'Shit! I'm late!' and ran off." Kurama slammed the thing closed and handed it back to Hiei. "I don't know but I think she is hiding something. Something, she doesn't want to remember."


The thing A.R. was late for was she needed to pick up Amiee from the soccer practice. She wasn't allowed to go away from the soccer field by herself ("I'm not by myself, I have Jockie!" she had said to her coach.) A.R. rushed to the field and saw Amiee bouncing a ball on her head; Jockie was in her hand also bouncing up and down as she jumped to hit the ball. A.R. whistled and Amiee came running to her. "You're late!" she said with a 'you are in trouble' look on her face. A.R. was about to laugh, but instead she motioned Amiee to follow her. They walked to the local grocery store where A.R. bought Amiee a candy. She chewed happily on it as they walked to where they had to live. It was a big tree house in a desolate park. They climbed up the ladder, and rolled it in. Amiee took her place on a beanbag and started to watch the T.V. A.R. installed. A.R. decided it was that time of the month. "Amiee, I'm going out to eat," she said, unrolling the ladder out. Amiee smiled, "Who ya going to kill?" She knew that A.R. had to be a true vampire once a month. "I haven't decided yet," she said sarcastically. "Bring home some beef jerky!"

A.R. walked through the dark street and took a place outside a bar. She knew what to look for: a guy with too many rings on his hands, surrounded by his bodyguards, and gave off the scent of blood on his hands. A man of such special characteristics came out in no time. He was a tall man with muscular arms. He was obviously a drug-user, he stank like weed. A.R. rubbed her nose. The man just happens to notice her. He just happens to be drunk. "Oi! It's a little girl!" he said, she could barely stay conscious with the stench of his breath. His friends laughed. A.R. smiled barely. The earth shook, knocking them off balance. She first made sure the men were unconscious. She didn't like the man's smell so she just broke his neck. She instead turned to another man with blood on his hands. He didn't smell as bad, but it was tolerable. She dragged the man's unconscious body into the alley and sat him on a trash can. A few minutes later, she slit his wrist and collected the blood in a flask. She wouldn't dare drink from the skin like normally, this was to disgusting. After a she filled up the flask, she then slit the other wrist.

Hiei watched from the roof, he had followed her ever since she had reached the park. He was not certain whether he should be disgusted or frightened. She had taken the flask and drank from it. She pulled in another unconscious man and slit his wrists. She filled the flask again and drank it. Her lips were a slight red from the blood. She wiped her mouth and crushed the bodies into the trash can. Hiei thought to himself, 'Does she do this every night?' A.R. licked her dagger she had used and put it away. She looked one last time at the dead bodies and turned away into the shadows. She walked to the tree house, unknowingly followed by Hiei. Amiee was watching the news when she climbed up the ladder. "Another drunken drug lord?" she said. "Three men were murdered in front of this bar tonight. Two of the bodies were forcefully crushed into a trash can and one was lying outside, neck broken. A waitress, going out to put out the trash, found the three men dead," said the anchor. A stressed blonde waitress came up, "I went outside to throw away the trash, I went to open the can, and a man's face in crushed inside! I screamed and ran around the corner to see another man dead!" "Police think it might be linked to the murder last month at the same bar. No witnesses or leads, more at ten," said the anchor before Amiee flicked the T.V. off. Amiee frowned. "You should stop doing that," she said crossing her arms. "I can't help it, once a month, remember?" she replied throwing her self on the other beanbag. Hiei was listening on the roof of the house. 'So she only does this once a month,' he thought. The lights turned off below him and he heard little feet shuffle into the other room and plunk into a bed. A.R.'s steps were heard as she put something in the fridge and come back. She sat on the beanbag and sighed. Hiei made his move. He flipped off the roof and dashed into the room. A.R. was half asleep on the beanbag. She had her eyes close and head back. She didn't wipe a drop of blood that rolled down her neck. She frowned low and rolled over. Hiei crept quietly towards her, taking the book out. It happened so fast that it all seemed one big blur. A.R. had thought is was a guy that followed her here, so she grabbed him by the neck and threw him against the wall. She grabbed him in a headlock and threw him again on the ground. She realized it was Hiei when he had grabbed her by the wrist and held his katana to her throat. She loosened her grip on his shirt. Hiei put his katana away. The light flicked on as she walked by him. She turned to him and said quietly, "What are you doing here, in the middle of the night?" He picked up the book that was thrown on the floor. "I came to return this," he said handing her it. She blinked and said, "So you didn't come here to get your ass kicked?" She took the book and threw it into pile where she kept her stuff. "Still why in the middle of the night?" she asked jumping onto the beanbag. Hiei leaned against the wall. "It was the only free time I had," he muttered. A.R. cocked an eyebrow. "You jump around in trees all day," she said yawning. "You sleep in them," he said. A.R. nodded. "Speaking of free time, I need to do my homework," she said reaching into her pack and pulling a binder out. "You, homework?" he said about to laugh, she gave him a glare and started calculating things in her head. "Damn calculus." she mumbled scribbling down numbers she looked up. "Why are you still here?" she asked looking at Hiei. He happened to be so tired he fell asleep on the ground. She blinked and smiled, causing a minor tremor. She covered Hiei with an extra blanket, finished her "damn calculus" and went to bed. A.R. slept in her sleeping bag. But her peaceful sleep was interrupted by a nightmare. The three children stood behind the woman when she opened the door, a dark figure came in as soon as she opened it only a crack. She pushed the children farther behind her. "What do you want?" she said her voice stern and scared. The shadow took form of a man, he laughed under his breath. "Mommy!" said the little girl with the red hair. "He has a-." she was cut short. The girl was taken up by one hand of the shadow. "BLAZE!" yelled the woman. The girl was thrown against the wall. She was dead. The two other girls ran to hide as the mother fought the shadow with a sword. She started bleeding on her head and arm. She was also thrown against the wall. The two other girls screamed and ran; the shadow only gained distance between them. Suddenly a blonde man stopped the shadow from getting any closer. "Run, kids, run!" he yelled fighting off the shadow. The silvery blue haired one tripped and fell. Her pant-leg was caught by a dagger. The shadow stabbed the man in the stomach and took the chance. He killed the fallen child. The last one was in the corner. She was shaking all over in fright. The shadow smiled and inched ever close. Unfortunately for him, the child had just learned how to breathe fire and shot a jet of blue flame into his eyes. He hissed and fell back. The girl ran. The thing was now just slashing at air. He hit the girl in the arm and she toppled over herself. She lay motionless. The shadow smiled evilly. A.R. woke up in a cold sweat. She was shaking violently. A bead of red sweat came down her cheek. She wiped it away and hugged herself. 'Is that my.?' she thought. Before she could think anymore, she was fast asleep.

Hiei opened his eyes and looked around. He was on the floor, covered in a blanket. A.R. was walking out of the other room stretching and yawning. She wore a large football t-shirt and plaid pants. She disappeared around the corner. Hiei got up and cracked his knuckles. He looked around. He hadn't been in her 'house' before. Half of the room was mostly covered in magazines and schools stuff. A T.V. was against the wall. A DVD player was next to it along with some video games. He heard something and looked over. Amiee was standing in the doorway looking straight at him. She held her stuffed dog over her shoulder. She blinked and looked behind her then back at him. "What are you doing here?" she said in her childish voice. He blinked; he didn't know how to answer. A.R. came back around the corner, still in her pajamas. She looked at Amiee and looked in the direction she was looking. "You're awake," she yawned. Amiee gave her a look, "What is the short guy doing here?" "Look who's talking Amiee. He came after you left and fell asleep on the floor," she said scratching the back of her head. Hiei saw a patch of green and orange scales on her neck. She yawned again and pushed Amiee out of the way to get into the room. Amiee was still staring at Hiei. Hiei stared right back. Neither of them blinked. A.R. came back in her normal outfit and looked at the two. "You should really stop with the Staring Games Amiee," she muttered, brushing her teeth. Hiei blinked. Amiee laughed and said, "I win!" Hiei picked up his katana and went to the window. A.R. was already down there. "Tell Amiee to hurry up!" she yelled to him. He sighed and turned to Amiee, "A.R. wants you to hurry up," he said to the girl. Amiee was already dressed and ready to go. Hiei blinked and shrugged. He climbed into the tree and disappeared from sight.