Hello fans of mine.

It has come to my attention I haven't updated in well over two months. Yeah..I think that's it…..

Anyways, I'm not much into romantic Mary Sues between my characters and someone elses…..mostly because I like the couple of Kurama and Hiei. Oh well…

My supporting-bud nags me to update, but I'm going to issue this out, review if you wish for me to update.

You won't get an update quickly…..my cow Ben is gonna die (or has died, I'm unsure of the moment) and I'll be too sad to write…..AND IF YOU DARE LAUGH ABOUT ME CRYING BECAUSE MY COW DIED, I'LL REFUSE TO UPDATE ANY STORIES! I had him since he was 3 days old, and bottled fed him and eveyhting, now he's gonna die at age 1 and I'll never have a pet cow that sticks his head through the window and begs for Ritz crackers…. *sniff*

Just fucking review, and I'll think about updating…..