Skipping Ten Years Ahead

| Jade |

Life is so full of misunderstandings and misintentions that it's hard to know when something's true. Just like a mask people can hide from who they truly are. They go along with the words they say and the words of others, but deep into their heart, they know it's all some fool's game with their heart. Whether they're the fool or heart's being played with as you hide behind your mask.

- Anonymous

… … … …

"Vega," I grumbled. "Can't you act more… oh I don't know, realistic?" Here I am sitting in the Black Box Theatre holding a script I wrote.

"Jade, I think Tori did good. She's a fine actress. I didn't see anything wrong," Andre, who's on the stage with Tori, defended his best friend.

"No, Andre," Tori started. "Let her criticize me. She's the director after all." Sighing, she stood up from the prop sofa located on the set and walks near the end of the stage. "What is it this time, Jade?"

I smirked. I love being the director of this play, even if I was supposed to be the lead since it is my play. But Sikowitz, hell, said that he should at least hold an audition for the parts since he is going to produce it. But meh, I think I'm having fun directing especially since Vega needs to do whatever I say.

"Your acting is terrible," nonchalantly I said.

"Ugh Jade!" Tori was getting irritated. "This is the seventh time you interrupted me and you can't think of a good explanation! God, Jade I can't work with you anymore! I quit!"

I smiled victoriously. This is great. "Good," I said and snickered as she grabbed her bag and walked toward the exit.

"Hep, hep," a voice stopped her in her tracks. "Where are you going, Toro?" Sikowitz asked as he made Tori walk back to where I was. Sighing I stood up from my seat and faced them both.

"Andre, Robbie, Beck, you guys take five," Sikowitz requested as those people spread out the theatre to do whatever they need to do.

"What's the problem now you two?" Sikowitz crossed his hands, giving us both a stern look.

Tori was the one who opened her mouth. "Jade thinks my acting is stupid but I think I actually did okay. She's interrupting me every now and then just to say something like 'Your acting is bad'. Then when I ask her what I need to do to make it better, she just say something like 'Why don't you lick my shoe, maybe that'll make you better'."

I smirked thinking I did a good job pissing her off. "Jade," Sikowitz said to me, clearly not very happy. "I watched the first rehearsal and I didn't find anything wrong with her acting."

"See," Tori pointed out.

I huffed. Of course this old man will side with her. "I'm the director here. So if I say she's a bad actor, she's bad."

"I don't like this attitude of yours, Jade," Sikowitz said to me as his eyes are giving me a hard glare. "If you continue being a gank, I will not produce this play of yours and you will fail my subject. I can't tolerate too much gankiness."

"That's so unfair!" I cried out. "It's all Tori's fault and her bad acting! I'm just directing her to do what I want her to do. It's my job."

"Oh, you want me to lick your shoe?" Tori asked, now she's clearly mad.

"But all is well now, Sikowitz! She's quitting so it's okay."

"No," Sikowitz said, his voice emotionless. He too is clearly pissed off. "No one's quitting. You two need to work this out!"

"I will kill you if you're going to send us on a date again," I threatened. But Sikowitz just brushed it off like it was nothing. Yeah, maybe it was an empty threat. Whatever.

"No, I will leave you two this time to fix this… this," he pointed at the two of us. With that, he huffed and left me with Tori.

"I don't know why you hate me so much, West," Tori looked at me, anger was reflecting in her brown eyes.

I chuckled. "Do I need a reason, Vega?"

"You – You're such a bitch!" Tori shouted and I actually flinched when she said a bad word. Wow, she's not too innocent after all. "I – I keep trying to be your friend and what do I get in return? Nothing but hard time."

At this point, I was fuming with my own rage. Nobody can shout at me like that. "I didn't say you crawl on your knees to ask for my friendship, Vega! How many times did I tell you that you'll never be my friend! I don't like you."

She gave me this glare that I thought was actually hot. But of course, I hate her so I am not allowed to think like that. "You know what? I wish that I could just skip ahead ten years so I will never see your stupid face ever again!"

I laughed. "Oh? I wish that I could skip ahead ten years so I can witness you live your life as a failure!"

"I hate you."

"Huh," I mocked. "I hate you too, honey."

She was all red as she pushed past me, bumping my shoulder intentionally and walked out the door for real. Then I saw Sikowitz by the fire exit, looking at me disapprovingly. Then he mouthed something like; 'Be careful of what you wish for' before he left; probably going to talk to Tori.

… … … …

After the rehearsal, I went immediately home with a bad mood. Nobody dared ask why. Tori Vega is just plain infuriating. She – she's just annoying and, and I hate her so much. After Beck and I got together, that one night in the Full Moon Jam, I thought that maybe Tori and I could be friends. I mean, I tried to bear her optimism and cheerfulness. But no, she's just annoying all together. I hate her for so many reasons.

Why do you hate her so much, though?

Huh, my brain is questioning me? Wow, that's stupid. Well, maybe I hate her because Beck broke-up with me because of her. Yes, damn right. Beck said that he needs time to think about his feelings for me because he's falling for someone else. And of course, I immediately know that it's Tori. I can see how he looks at her. The longing in his eyes can never be missed by me. He likes her and I thought that he loves me. Clearly, no. My ex-boyfriend obviously wants to be with her but he feels obligated to get back together with me because he can't sort his feelings out. Stupid, stupid, stupid. It's been a month now since Beck and I broke-up again. Well, almost a month. Three weeks and two days.

And it hurts so much knowing that he likes Tori. That's why I hate her.

Funny how I always have that thought before I sleep every night. It's like a reminder that I can't stop hating Tori.

… … … …

I groggily turned on my bed when I can feel the heat of the sun enter my room. I buried my face in the pillow. Wait, something was off. My pillow didn't feel like this. I know my pillow very well.

I subconsciously threw my hand lazily back onto the other side of the bed as I turned once more. I was actually surprise when I felt a large bump underneath the covers. Huh? I slowly, almost painfully opened my eyes to look around the bright room. Then, my eyes landed on a person lying next to me. Shit, it's Tori Vega. I freaked out immediately. Fuck, this isn't my room! And why the hell is Tori here? Shit, shit, where am I?

This was making no sense at all, I screamed, causing Tori to wake-up from her peaceful slumber. Jolting upright with a panic stricken face she looked at me with worry and shock.

"What the hell?" Was that all she could say at the moment?

"What the hell are you doing in my room?" I screamed, obviously not happy. Wait, but this is not my room. "Where the hell am I, Vega!?"

"I'm not - I'm-" Tori took a second to finally look around the room.

Based on her expression, she had never seen the room before. The walls were painted royal blue, my favorite shade of blue. The curtains were white with golden trim. The scariest part...there were pictures on the wall of Tori and I with two kids. There was a boy and a girl who looked rather young. This freaked me out even more and I can sense that this freaked Tori too.

"Oh, God," She mumbled as she stood out of the bed, only in a small nightgown. And I can't help but look at her fine ass.

"Stop staring at my ass, Jade!" Tori turned around to look at me. I can see her blush and it made me smirk. "Where are we?"

"You know, if I knew I'd probably tell you. Though I like seeing you freak out. It entertains me."

"This is no time to joke you jackass."

"Jackass?" I asked with edge in my voice.

"Fine, I'll just stick to ass," Tori shot back before consciously making her way into the closet and closing the door.

I watched her with the weirdest expression. "What are you doing, Vega?" I asked as if she were nuts.

"Well you see," She started nervously through the door. "When I get scared I kind of...hide in the closet."

I couldn't help but smirk at this. "Tori, I'm sure there's som-"

"Mommy? Momma?" came a small voice from outside the bedroom door. This too, freaked me out, so I lunged into the closet to see Tori standing there smirking.

"Seriously, Vega, this is no time to rub it in my face," I whispered harshly as we stood motionless in the closet. I fucking hope this works.

"But this is my hiding place!"

"Shh," I silenced her when I heard the voice again.

Shit. Where are we? What the hell is happening?!

… … … …

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