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| Jade |

It's been 22 hours since I kissed Beck and just like predicted practically every newspaper, radio, television know about the kiss. Last night, I told Tori everything and surprisingly she took it well but, her eyes did water a bit. She's still technically my wife after all. The guilt is eating me up inside and not just because I kissed the person who murdered my friend but because I cheated on my wife. Now yeah, I didn't expect to have a wife part of me - can't even begin to fathom the idea - because all of this is still too surreal. If I was to wake up right now I wouldn't be surprised, but the other and bigger part of me actually believes that Vega and I were sent here to stop the murder of Cat and hopefully stopping Beck from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Vega and I were having dinner; it's just us this evening because the kids went to their grandparents' house. My fathers' house. Who knew that he'll love his grandchildren and spoil them rotten? I was surprised by that fact since he was so busy to even look at me when I was growing up. I'm kind a happy that my kids are close to my father, though. At least.

Anyway, we were eating in silence since neither of us knew what to say to the other. I'm still processing what happened to me and these new emotions that I have for Tori while she is, well I don't know what Tori is thinking about.

Suddenly we heard a car park and someone bursts through the door. Knowing Vega, she didn't bother locking the door again. Old habits die hard, I guess

"Jade, JADE!" He all but charged into the dining room, "mind telling me why you were sucking faces with BECK of all people?"

To say that André, my wife's best friend, and our co-owner of our company (he's also Tori's manager by the way) was seething was the understatement of the century. I never saw Andre this mad.

"Look André I can explain-" I started but he cut me off.

"Yes please do explain why YOU, the ever loving wife of my best friend and the mother of two beautiful children were swapping spit with the person who KILLED Cat and made our lives a living hell. Huh? Tell me Jade. Why did you? How could you? I mean, I thought you were happy. You have the perfect career, the perfect family, the perfect wife - heck -perfect everything; and, every human being would kill to have your life and now suddenly you're gonna throw it all away so you could make out with him again?"

"Listen André it's not what you think-" Tori tried to stop him this time but he cut her off too.

"Not what I think? NOT WHAT I THINK? Tori, she was kissing Beck remember? I can't even say his name without feeling nauseous. She cheated on you Tori, CHEATED; this is insane as this is, this is messed up." He then glared at me, "Do you have ANY idea what you just did? Not only did you jeopardize your marriage but you also jeopardized your career and Tori's. Not to mention the name of our company. Rings a bell, Jade? Huh? Make It Shine Recording and Production Company? The company you BOTH started, huh? What will people say now huh? What am I going to tell them? Everyone? Why did you do it Jade huh? Why did you kis—"

"ANDRÉ!" I all but bellowed his name. He shut up instantly looking at me with scared eyes, I think he saw the old Jade who I think hasn't made an appearance in a long time.

"Listen, it's not what you think okay. I already told Tori, she understood. My marriage is fine," André and I glanced at Tori and she nodded, "it was a stupid thing to do and I shouldn't have done it. I just got caught up in the moment and Beck took advantage of that. Made some money out of selling the photo he took."

"What? That's your excuse? You got caught up in the moment and he snapped a picture and sold it? Why Jade? I'm pretty sure that all of us lost the respect and love we had for Beck the minute he did what he did. Why were you caught in the moment or better yet why did you two have a moment last year you wouldn't even touch him with ten foot scissors and you're caught kissing? I can't understand this what has gotten into you?"

"André, what Jade is trying to say was that Beck was acting like his old self he was nice and sweet and let's not forget that he was her first love after all so I guess she really got caught up in the moment just like she said. Can't we just forgive and forget I already did." Tori tried to defend my action as much as she could without giving away anything that might hint that we were not the present Tori and Jade because you see we mutually agreed that the less people know the better.

"Are you saying that you are okay with this Tori? You are okay with Jade cheating on you?"

That was like a knife through my already bleeding heart. I turned to Tori but she was looking at the ground. I probably hurt her so much; ugh I really hate myself right now.

"No André I'm not saying I'm okay with it but I already forgiven Jade so it's pointless now just let it go. Please?"

"What are you going to tell everyone then?"

"Can't we tell them that the photo was a fake? I mean no one will believe a criminal over us."

André took a minute to think and I took that minute to look into Tori's eyes, they were so sad that I felt my heart breaking all over again. I am the one responsible for the sadness in her beautiful brown eyes right now. How could I have done that? I'm so stupid.

"Maybe I can convince the media that this picture is fake but I need you to make a statement saying that it's not true and that Jade would never cheat on you and Jade needs to confirm that okay?"

"Yes, yes André whatever you need. We'll do anything."

"Okay I'll go right now but this isn't over we'll be talking about this later Jade. Understood?"

"Yes, yes"




I walked André to the door and went back to the dining room. Tori was putting the plates in the dishwasher. I went to clean the table we ate on and when I got back Tori was sitting on balcony on the family swing. I came up lifted her up and sat her in my lap while I sat on the swing. She was surprised by the gesture and raised her eyebrows at me.

"guess I'm just feeling a bit cuddly tonight." All I could think about was how I was going to make it up to her.

She didn't say anything and after a moment she relaxed and rested her head on my shoulder. We didn't speak for some time just basking in each other's presence.

"I'm sorry."

She lifted her head up to look me in the eyes.

"For what?"

I wanted to retort a smartass comment but when I looked into her eyes I knew that she wanted to hear me say it, she wanted to make sure I was really sorry. So I repositioned her so I can look straight into her eyes.

"I'm sorry I kissed Beck. That was a bonehead move but I just, saw him there trying to win the Oscars for best deceiving actor and for a moment I let myself believe that the beck I know was still in there. I wanted to feel my beck, the one who held me and kissed me and told me that he loves me. You know I wasn't over him until now not that I'm making excuses for the way Iacted but I just-"

"Wait you're over Beck?"

"What? Of course I am."

"Why, I mean he isn't technically our or your Beck so why are you over him."

"Well if we were to get back right now to our time would you look at him the same?"

Tori took a minute to think about that question and I again took it to look at her eyes as well as the rest of her. God I can't believe that this girl can be mine. Only I had to screw up and kiss my murder of an ex grr sometimes I do things that grrr.



"You're right I wouldn't look at him the same again."

"See now you see why I'm over him. I only see him now as a murderer or a person capable of committing a murder."

"Yea you're right. Hey listen let's just forget about that for this night?" I looked into her hopeful eyes and knew I couldn't resist.

"Okay but only for tonight. The sooner we solve how we would get back the sooner we can get back and fix things."

Tori cuddled into me again and we lounged there and watched the stars.

"Hey Jade?"

"Yea Tori?"

Tori perched herself on her elbow and looked into my eyes, I stared back at hers. We stayed like that for a bit but then she started leaning in and was lifting my head up to meet her halfway. Then my phone started beeping. I was going to ignore it, but Tori pulled away already looking at my phone. I sighed as she moved away from my lap. I got the phone from my pocket and read the text. It's from an anonymous number but I have I feeling who this is from.

Don't do anything stupid, West. Bad things can happen to your family. I only want my life back.

- Anonymous

"Who is it from, Jade?" Tori asked as she eyed me worriedly.

"From Beck," I stated. "He might be threatening us – me… he said he needs to get his life back."

Tori sighed sadly and kissed my forehead affectionately. "He'll get his life back. We'll get out of here and change Beck's destiny for the better, okay?"