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Digital world (Normal pov)

"Darkness Wave!" LadyDevimon released countless dark bat-like creatures at Guardian, who twirls his staff around blocking the attack. "Black Wing!"

She extends her left hand into a long sharp spike and flies towards the old man, who blocks the attack. He pushes the evil Digimon back and jabs his staff into her gut knocking the air out of her. She tries attacking, but the old man begins speaking in a language she didn't understand. Whatever he said caused his staff to glow and shoot an energy blast at her knocking her into the wall, causing it to fall down on her.

The old man brings his staff down and waits for his opponent to appear. LadyDevimon breaks free from the rocks and glares at the old man.

"I suggest you leave, you can't beat me," said the old man.

"Not a chance you old fart," LadyDevimon replied as her left arm turns into a long sharp spike. "I will kill you, and I will make sure your friends die as well."

The old man sighed. "Not as long as I stand."

"Then I will make sure you are not left standing," she replied as she extends her wings. "Prepare to die."

Human World (Kari's pov)

Chris and I continued walking around the park talking about the first time I met Agumon. I told him how I woke up one night when I saw my dad's computer turned on all by itself. My brother Tai, saw me and as soon as he entered the room something began appearing from the egg. It began to take the form of an egg, but of course my brother passed out before he saw the actual egg.

I managed to grab the egg and put it in my bed, before our dad found Tai unconscious. He figured Tai was sleeping walking or something. So he decided to put him to bed and leave it at that. The next day my brother woke up thinking what he saw last night wasn't real, until he saw me with the egg in bed.

After that we decided to have some breakfast, when the egg began moving around. It soon hatched and out appeared Botamon.

"Wait, so your brother thought the best way to get the Digimon out from under your bed was to hit him with his goggles?" Chris asked snickering when I told him how Botamon latched onto my brother's face and then disappeared under the bed.

I began to giggle and nod. "It only made him mad and shot him with bubbles. The good thing was I used my whistle to calm him down and we formed a bond."

"Awww that's sweet," said Chris enjoying my story. "Wait, you had a whistle?"

I decided to explain that. "I wasn't very talkative at that age. I mean, I would talk to my parents, but I would use my whistle to communicate with my brother."

"Were you mad at him?" Chris asked.

I shook my head. "I guess I was in some phase. Anyways, after I gave Botamon some of my brother's chocolate he Digivolved into Koromon."

"Yolei told me food helps give a Digimon the energy they need to Digivolve," said Chris probably recalling what I overheard Yolei telling him about food and Digimon.

"Yep, but too much food is bad for them," I said when I remembered the story my brother told me what happened when he tried to force Agumon to Digivolve into his Ultimate form.

It didn't end well, especially when he Digivolved into SkullGreymon. My brother felt so guilty for what he did pushing his friend into, but he got over the guilt and Agumon Digivolved into his true Ultimate form.

"So, what happened next?" Chris asked as we sit down near a bench.

"Well, I think if I remember correctly I tried giving Koromon some cat food, which ended with our pet cat attacking my brother and Koromon," I said when I began to recall how mad my cat was for me taking his food.

I hear Chris snickering as he tries his best not to laugh. "Sorry, I probably shouldn't laugh for your brother and Koromon being attacked by your cat."

I shook my head and began giggling. "It's okay, it was kind of funny and we learned not to take any food from our cat. Anyways the next thing I remembered is Koromon kissing my brother and me, then…"

"Wait what?" Chris asked interrupting me. "Koromon kissed you? Like on the cheek or lips?"

I felt my cheeks heat up a little as I answered. "On the lips, it was actually our first kiss."

I then noticed Chris's expression changed. I couldn't tell if it was a disappointed or confused expression, which left me a little confused.

"Does the others know?" he asked.

I shook my head. "You and Gatomon are the only ones that knows about this."

"Well, Gatomon, me, and Renamon," Chris points to up the tree where Renamon is at with her arms crossed and her head down. "Don't worry though, she can keep a secret."

"Okay, I trust her," I then began remembering what else happened that night years ago. "Oh yeah, Koromon then Digivolved into Agumon, but a big version. I don't know how, but he grew as tall as my room. We jumped off the building and began exploring the city. That's when I saw how dangerous he could be if he got in a fight with say a bus or something."

"Wait, so where was your brother?" Chris asked.

"He was trying to find us, which he did but only after we were attacked by a Digimon that came from the Digital World," I began to remember how scared I was that night when Parrotmon appeared and attacked us. "It attacked us, but Agumon Digivolved into Greymon and was able to save us."

"Wow, so wait is this what made you guys the Digidestined?" I remembered Izzy telling him and Rachel about how we became the Digidestined, because of what happened in our old neighborhood years ago.

I nod giving him the answer. "Greymon thought almost got beaten when Parrotmon overpowered him. I tried using my whistle to wake him up, but I didn't have the lung power to do it. So my brother took my whistle and was able to wake Greymon up who was able to defeat the Digimon. The next morning we woke up and saw the Digimon were gone, with no trace of where they went."

"And no one suspected anything about giant Digital monsters fighting?" I didn't need to answer that since I'm sure Chris knew the answer to that. "So, what did they go with and how come you guys forgot?"

"They claimed it was some kind of terrorist attack and I was the only one who didn't forget," I answered. "I don't know why, but I'm glad I didn't forget. I just wish thought our parents didn't get so mad."

"They were probably just worried, any parent would be," said Chris when I noticed the sad expression on his face.

I soon began to feel bad. I forgot that he doesn't know who his parents are and if they are alive. I never knew what that must be like, never knowing who your parents are. Izzy may have lost his parents at a young age, but he still had his adoptive parents.

Chris, he never had any adoptive family. Rachel, Lopmon, and Renamon are probably the only ones close enough to be called a family.

I moved my arms around and brought him close to a hug. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought this up."

I can feel Chris shake his head and I feel his arms wrap around me returning the hug. "It's okay, I'm used to it. Thanks for cheering me up, although I thought this day with just us was supposed to be me cheering you up."

I break the hug and smiled. "It just might be. Want to go tour around the city?"

Chris gets up from his seat and grab my hand. "Lead the way, my lady."

I began giggling as I grasped his hand and began leading. "Okay, try to keep up."

Meanwhile (Normal pov)

Yan finished helping Yolei around the store and was now on his break. He sits down near Rachel who begins to feel a little better from her injury, but was taking it easy. Yolei went to see her parents, who wanted to talk to her about what she was going to do for the summer. The Digimon are taking a nap after the long day they had.

He pulls some money out and put it in the cash register as he buys some water. He walks over and hands one to Rachel, while he keeps the other one.

"Thanks, although you didn't have to pay for it," she replied.

"My mom told me never to take things, it's wrong," he answered as he takes a sip of water.

"Your mom taught you well then," said Rachel as she opens up her bottle. "That's a good thing."

"What was your mom liked?" he asked curious about this girl's past.

"I don't know," she answered with her head down. "I never really got to know her since she died giving birth to me."

"Oh, sorry," he replied feeling guilty for what he did.

"It's okay," she replied reassuring her friend everything is fine. "My dad left after she died and I had to live with some relatives. I didn't get along with them well since they didn't like my mom so I ran away after I met Lopmon."

"Don't you miss them?" he asked.

She shook her head. "My grandma was the only one that treated me right before moving back to Japan. So I traveled around trying to get some money so I could move in with her. I met Chris during my travels and we began working together. Although he didn't approve of some of my methods."

"Such as?" he asked curious on what they are.

"I'll tell you, after you answer some questions," she replied putting her water bottle down. "I told you some stuff about my past, now I wanted to ask you about your past."

He was hesitate to accept, but he figured that is fair. "Okay, what do you want to know?"

"Okay, before I ask you anything just so if it's too personal you don't have to respond," she said giving him an early warning.

"I understand," he replied. "Go on."

"Okay," she begins asking her questions. "Yolei told me your parents lived separately. Are you guys divorced and how come you live with your dad?"

He shook his head. "My dad travels a lot and I left with him to spend time with him. My mom was okay with it, so long as I kept up with my school work."

She makes a raspberry sound. "I don't like school. It's boring and the teachers are all dumb."

"Have you ever been to school?" he asked.

"Yeah, and I did not like it," she answered. "Anyways, how did you meet Black Agumon?"

He looks over at his Digimon, sleeping near the others. "I found him as an egg years ago and we have been together ever since then. I didn't know what he was until after my sister told me about Digimon, and the Digital World."

"We only found out three days ago," she answered taking a sip of water. "We didn't know what the Digital World was, who the Digidestined were, and the events that happened in our world years ago."

"You seriously didn't know?" he asked surprised. "How could you guys not know?"

"We were traveling a lot," she explained. "We didn't have internet, we didn't go to major cities, and when we saw how the sky was acting we didn't think anything of it. So yeah, we didn't know what was going on until a few days ago."

"You guys missed out a lot," he replied recalling watching the battle between Omnimon versus Diaboromon. How awesome that fight was and the messages he send helped defeat the Digimon.

"So I heard, but I don't care," she tries sitting up and manages to grab a nearby broom to help her up. "What matters is now and what we do to make our own future."

He nods in agreement with the statement and liked it. "Did you just make that up?"

She nods in response. "That's my motto and I'm sticking with it. Now, would you please help me get to the restroom?"

He gets up from his seat and helps escort the girl. "By the way, I want to say thank you. My sister cares for her friends a lot and was worried they would get hurt. If it wasn't for you or your friend who knows what could have happened. So, thank you for keeping them safe."

"No problem," she answered. "We are glad to have been able to help our friends. Just like if you need anything we'll help you, friend."

A small smile crept across his face. "Thanks."

Unknown Location (Nicholas's pov)

I began pacing around my office waiting for LadyDevimon to return with some news. She has been gone for an hour now, and it's starting to make me feel uneasy. How long can it really take to kill an old guy? He knows Gennai may appear young, but he knows he is still old.

The door opens as a drone hovers into the room. "Where is LadyDevimon?"

"LadyDevimon has encountered some problems," the drone replied. "She is currently engaging an enemy that we could not identify."

"Hmm, so Gennai has more allies helping him," I grabbed my Digivice and turned towards the drone. "Prep my ship, we're leaving."

Human World (Normal pov)

Chris and Kari finished exploring the city as they head into a nearby fast food restaurant to eat. Kari showed her friend the different sights and parts of the city. That way he knows where to go in case he gets lost. It took her a while to figure out how to make her way around the city, but at least she did better than her brother.

After they finished eating they continued on with their conversation about the time Kari went to the Digital World to save it from the Dark Masters. She explained that after Myotismon was defeated the Digital World was attacked.

Chris asked if Machinedramon, was one of the Dark Masters. Kari told him he was, and was one of the toughest they fought. She even began telling him what happened when they fought him. She even told him about how she got sick during their travel, just like when she was five years old.

She began telling him when she was five years old she suffered pneumonia, while playing soccer with her brother. She almost died, but never held it against her brother. She apologized for not playing soccer with him correctly, but didn't realized she made him feel guilty. That's why when she got sick, her brother took off to find some medicine to save her.

"We were attacked by Machinedramon, but by then I was feeling better," said Kari recalling how she woke up with her friends and felt her fever going down.

"And then you guys defeated Machinedramon, then his buddies," said Chris as Kari nods in response. "That is so cool, I wish I was there."

"It's not as much fun as it sounds. We lost a lot of good friends during the fights," said Kari as her expression changed to sadness.

Chris began feeling bad. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

Kari shook her head. "It's okay, you didn't know and I'm glad you weren't there when we fought the Dark Masters. It's not an experience I would want to relieve or want anyone to experience."

"I bet," said Chris as he tries cheering his friend up.

"During my travels with Rachel, we ended up getting lose in Los Angeles. We ended up getting lost three times and we ended up getting spotted by some teenage boys that tried hitting on Rachel. They acted like they were in a gang and tried acting like they were black. They were white, and thought the things they said to her was working."

Kari began giggling. "What happened next?"

"One of the boys grabbed Rachel's butt and she ended up sending all of them to the hospital," he recalls how scary his friend was like when she beat up the boys by herself. "That's when I learned never to piss her off."

Kari began to laugh. "I actually believe that. I better warn my friends about that."

"Would be wise," he then noticed the time on his watch. "Do you want to go see a movie?"

"Sure, what do you want to see?" she asked.

Meanwhile their Digimon look on from the roof of a building nearby. The two are eating some food that their friends gave them to eat, but they decided to eat away so no one would see them.

"They seem to be getting along," said Gatomon noticing the bond between the two teenagers.

Renamon nods in agreement. "I'm glad, he doesn't bond well with other girls, other than Rachel."

"Why is that?" Gatomon asked.

"He was bullied while in the orphanage and didn't make a lot of friends," Renamon explained angry at what the kids did to her friend. "He never got into fights, always tried to get along with others, and has a good heart."

"I'm still surprise no one adopted him," said Gatomon as she continues watching the two teenagers talk. "Do you know why?"

Renamon shrugs her shoulders. "He never told me, but when I met him the place he was living in was a mess. I figured adults prefer to adopt children in fancy adoption homes, instead of rundown kinds."

Gatomon stares at the young boy as her expression changed. "He never let the bullying change who he is, huh?"

Renamon shook her head. "I'm glad it didn't. It shows that even with all the bad things in the world, there is some good that comes out of it."

Gatomon begins recalling her time alone before meeting Kari and becoming her partner. She remembers hatching from her egg, alone and waiting for something to come get her. When nothing happened she traveled alone, until she met Myotismon. She remembers all the things he did to her whenever she disobeyed or gave him the look of defiance.

She looks at her paw where her scar mark is hidden. It was a reminder of her time being Myotismon's slave and how he used her to hunt down the very girl that would be her human partner.

Thinking about all of that reminded her how she changed just to survive serving Myotismon. Chris never changed, despite all he went through. She admires that about him and is glad he turned out okay. If he does have feelings for Kari like she does, then he found herself a good guy to be with.

"They're on the move, let's go," said Renamon snapping Gatomon out of her thoughts.

"Right behind you," Gatomon sees Renamon jumping a great distance over to the next building. Gatomon does the same, but almost fell as she pulls herself up. "Damn, I used to do this without any problems. I better not be out of shape."

Digital World (Gennai's pov)

I made it to my new hideout while I began going over the information I got from Guardian. I knew it wasn't right leaving him behind, but the old man was stubborn. He wouldn't leave, even if it means death. He stayed so he would help save both worlds, even if it costs him his life.

He has always been that way, from the first day I met him and was taught by him. "I hope you know what you're doing."

He suddenly receives a message from Centarumon. "Gennai, are you there?"

"I'm here, what's wrong?" I asked.

"It's about Piximon, something bad happened," Centarumon answered.

Digital World (Normal pov)

The Guardian and LadyDevimon continued their battle leaving the cave in ruins. LadyDevimon begins breathing heavily, exhausted from her fight. The old man however, was not close to being exhausted at all. He shows he can still fight and looks like he will be able to outlast the evil Digimon woman.

"You cannot win," said the Guardian. "Leave now or you will not leave here alive."

LadyDevimon snarls at the old man with some much hatred in her eyes. Just then he hears someone clapping near the entrance. They look over and see a human teenage boy entering the room. Guardian didn't recognize him, but when he sees the smile on his opponent's face he realizes he is an ally.

"I'm impressed," said Nicholas as he walks over towards his Digimon. "For someone your age to take on my Dark Angel and last this long is impressive. However, I'm pressed for time and so I decided to come here to help end this battle."

"So you are the human the Virus King chose to serve him," said the Guardian. "You are the Child of Darkness."

Nicholas nods and begins clapping. "Bravo, so you know about me and who I serve. That's good, so I guess there is no need to tell you why I'm here then."

"I do not know where my allies have gone, but even if I did tell you it wouldn't matter," the old man replied. "You will be destroyed as soon as the Virus King is freed. He will have no use for you, except for being his pawn in this war."

This changed Nicholas's expression to anger. "I am no one's pawn and I am promised to rule my world, while the Virus King rules this one. So you either tell us what we need to know, or else you will die a slow painful death."

"I have lived longer than anyone in the Digital world," said the old man as he sits down on the floor. "I welcome death, so try as you might I will never betray my comrades."

Nicholas sees there is no point in arguing about this as he pulls out his dark Digivice. "Very well, LadyDevimon Digivolve."

The Digivice begins to glow as LadyDevimon transforms.

Uh oh, it looks like LadyDevimon can Digivolve again. Not good for the old man huh? Chris and Kari are bonding well, just like Yan and Rachel. How long will that last before they run into danger? And what will happen when the Digidestined go to save their friend?

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