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Something Wicked

Chapter 1

Something told Severus this was going to be one of those days if last night was any indication. Snape prided himself on his ironclad self-control. However in recent months it would seem that Harry had become the one person capable (other than Lily when they were in school) who could use up all of his self-control in one sitting and this newest teacher that Harry was consorting with seems to be another who was beginning to test the limits of his control as well.

Severus Snape was not now nor will he ever will be jealous of another human being again. He had thought he learned that lesson with James and Lily. However it seemed the moment he allowed himself to love again he had to sit back and watch someone else yet again take the thing he wants most.

Just because this Kimo Wilder was 6ft tall of a Hawaiian god that seems to be able to turn not only the entire student body as well as the Professors googly-eyed excluding him of course. Doesn't mean that it was through any fault of his own nor was it due to anything he himself was lacking. There was no way his Harry would fall for him as well. What in the hell was Dumbledore thinking? What could the students of Hogwarts gain in knowledge from a Hawaiian Kahuna? Granted he had to admit to himself begrudgingly that the potions he was learning were beyond even he a Master Potions Master even knew.

Growling yet again at his reflection trying to figure out how he could compete with Kimo's looks. It wasn't much of a secret that he Harry Potter where dancing around their attraction to each other. This newest addition had thrown a monkey wrench into his Easter plans. With a flick of his hand and an ever-present scowl Severus exited the Bathroom then his chambers for breakfast. If nothing else he would make himself known to this new teacher and scare him into backing off his bond mate even if he had to hex him into tomorrow to do it.

Meanwhile in Potter's Chambers

"Kimo how can you be jealous of a man you have never met before? What does Lopaka think about you being here? The children for that matter?"

Harry was finding it harder and harder to contain his merriment. Harry didn't realize that Kimo Wilder was a real person and much to his surprise when he turned up not even a week ago at the Head table with Dumbledore and introduced to everyone at an exchange Professor or Kahuna from Hawaii. Prior to this Harry knew him as Kimo Wilder Hula dancer, Kahuna and Husband to one Lopaka Wilder. They have 4 beautiful children together and 2 wonderful nephews that Harry remembered reading were obsessed with Professor Severus Snape. They were supposed to be characters from Harry's Favorite book series Phantom Lover By AJ Llewellyn. Not real people. Then again to hear the way Kimo explained it He and everyone at Hogwarts were Fictional characters from a series of books by JK Rowling's.

"It's simple I am using my magic to be here. I have to know what makes Severus Snape so special Harry. My children have suddenly love his magic more than mine. Call me a fool but I need to know. I promise I wont do anything permanent to him. Just let me I don't know turn him into something useful!"

The idea that this very imposing man could scare Severus was just silly. Wasn't it?

"Let me take you to breakfast and we will see how it goes. I think I have a way to make us both happy but I need some tea as it's too early in the morning and I don't think well before my morning tea."

Dumbledore watched carefully as first Severus entered the great hall followed not long after Harry and Kimo. The knowing Twinkle in Albus's eyes should have been a dead give away to at least 2 of the 3 parties involved in his latest little meddling scheme. It wasn't that Albus liked to meddle ok that wasn't true he was good at it and he just wanted everyone to find love and happiness. Especially Harry and Severus. They had so little love in their lives that the needed each other.

Kimo had been very open and honest about why he turned up outside Hogwarts and how he was able to find the school when no other Muggle could and he knew that despite how the man felt he wouldn't do any true harm to anyone and his specialty in tropical potions and his offer to teach him about Pele's special brand of fire magic was too good of an offer to pass up. What's a little mayhem over the Easter holidays it was all for a good cause.

Severus eyed the headmaster over his coffee.

"The crazy old coot is up to something." Thought Severus but before he could think much more on it Harry walked in with the New Professor and Severus was suddenly seized with an over whelming force of jealously. Not a feeling he was use to feeling. Carefully schooling his face to his usual hateful scowl he gave the evil eye to all the students who dared look up at him from their tables.

Severus couldn't help notice how close Harry and Kimo sat to each other, heads together deep in conversation. Harry hadn't even bothered to bless him with his normal morning smile or even a hello. It was as if he Severus Snape didn't exist. This didn't bold well for his mood and sadly he knew that Harry's Lions were going to suffer today during their double potions. With a final sip of his coffee Severus rose and like always left with a billowing of his robes not noticing that Harry's eyes were watching him and a smirk crossed his lips.