"Jack!" Everybody screamed in unison.

Cylienne knelt by the edge of the icy glacier and looked down, if he had really fallen down there again, she doubts he would survive this time. What she saw was definitely not what she anticipated, Jack hanging somewhere ten feet below, his hands grasping tightly around a protruding chunk of ice. Cylinus was wrapped around his midsection, very careful not to squeeze too hard at the stab wound in case Jack let go in pain.

She then proceeded to use Jack as a support to climb up, causing his arms to shake under his body weight and another person.

"Jack don't let go, we are getting you up."

He distinctively heard a voice but couldn't be sure. And waiting for them to pull him up wasn't a really good idea, they might pull Cylinus up as well and he doubt he can hold on any longer.

He could feel the ice slipping from his left hand; it cut into his flesh painfully and broke off. Leaving him to hanging by his right arm only. Jack bit his lip as his arms started shaking even more violently, but he noticed that there was a thick gap that stretched at the side of the cliff and silently wondered if this entire cliff would collapse.

North tried to reach out for him, but it was too far and if Tooth were to try to fly down, the force that sucked from earth might pull her down.

"Move back!" Jack shouted.

They stupidly refused to budge and Jack shot them a look of desperation that sent them stepping back. But he caught Sandy's eyes and shot him a look, hoping he would get it.

The frost spirit held up the hand that held a large chunk of ice that had broken off just now, it was a shape of a spear, thankfully. Without hesitation, he started hacking the gap of the cliff. It wasn't working; instead the ice was being chipped off from the ice spear instead.

"I know what you want to do," hissed Cylinus through gritted teeth, still holding Jack tight like a lifeline (literally), "you'll fail again and again. Give it up and why not lend me a helping hand instead."

"Oh shut up." He groaned, irritated.

Jack then caught sight of the sword of Cylinus hanging by her hip and made a grab for it instead, ensuring the ice spear crash into her head during the process. Unfortunately it did not give her a concussion, but she loosened her grip slightly. Using the distraction, the magnificent sword was in the hands of Jack's hands and he plunged it deep into the gap and twisted it for extra measure.

The whole structure collapsed.

He let go of the boulder and shouted, "Now Sandy!" Immediately ribbons of golden sand streamed through the air, gracefully dodging the boulders of ice and tightened around his arm. With a tug, he was sent upwards and crashed into the guardians.

"Woah, sorry." he apologized as he sat up. The others picked themselves up and realized that Jack was very much alive. Everybody hugged him tightly; eventually he had to escape from their hugs to catch his breath.

"She's gone, right?" Jack questioned, casting a wary glance at the broken off cliff.

"Yes, good riddance." Cylienne replied.

A week later everything seemed peaceful; the guardians were back to their work and thanks to the fact that Jack is a spirit, he managed to heal himself pretty fast. Cylienne had managed to restore the palace and the winter system, as well as guiding Jack to heal his staff, she even requested giving Jack a certain status in the winter court but he dismissed it and said that he was dedicated to being a guardian. But he was still welcome any time to the palace of course.

But on this particular day where Jack was sweeping through a certain country to give it an extra layer of snow, he noticed a body lying in the snow, half buried. As he cautiously stepped closer, he noticed that it was a woman. She had long wavy dark hair and dark blue eyes, but the face was recognizable. His insides froze immediately and all of his breath was caught in his throat, it hurt to breathe.

Kneeling down, he observed the face closely, those glassy blue eyes were murky, and he reached out and closed them. Stepping back, Jack realized that she looked as though she was sleeping peacefully. But it was still the woman that nearly made him suffer the same fate as her now: Cylinus. She had been killed by cold; her greatest ally had become her killer. Jack conjured mounds of snow and buried her, allowing nature to claim the body itself. And let Cylinus sleep on, hibernating in a way that she would never wake up.

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