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Chapter 1 ❀ The Promise

[Hakuryuu's POV]

"Remember our promise..." the red-haired girl said, smiling as part of her was disappearing.

"Wait! Don't go! Morgiana!" I shouted, reaching towards her with my hand. So close yet so far, I couldn't reach her. She disappeared into the light. With that, everything went black.

"Hakuryuu...," I could hear someone. "Hakuryuu," This voice... "Hakuryuu!" I had to jerked myself awake, falling to the floor. "Ouch!" I said.

"Seriously... Stop doing that nearly every morning!" Hakuei said. Hakuei is my blood sister, and also a commanding general. "Sorry..." I said. "Even though you're already 17, you were still shouting in your sleep," Shit. "What was I shouting?" I said, trying to look as natural as possible. She looked at me and turn away. She looked like she was trying to muffle a giggle or something.

Then she straightened herself and said ,"You were screaming 'Don't leave me' and something else that I couldn't really hear,". I gave her the blank stare. "Okay... So what are you doing here anyway? Other than waking me up of course. Usually you would just tell me something then walk out on business," I said, giving her the glare. "Hahaha! Don't give me that face!" she said, laughing.

"Well, we found the place, where she is. And as the rumors said, she is in a really tall tower," she said finally, with a serious face. I had never seen her so serious. "After all these years. Finally..." I said, tightening my fists.

"Pfttt! Hahaha! I had never seen you so serious!" Sis said, laughing her heart out. "You just broke my heart..." I said, pretending to be sad. "I have to go... need to do something, now that we know where your princess is," she said. "Okay, see you later," I said as she left the room. Now I know where she is.

[Morgiana's POV]

"...ana...giana... Morgiana!" a familiar voice called. I suddenly got up. "W-what's the time now?!" I asked, still drowsy.

"Sigh... It's seven." Anya said. Anya is my pet dragon who talks. Her scales are the colour of the sky, bright blue. She is quite small for a dragon and is somehow a really unique dragon. Usual dragons breathe red fire but Anya breathes blue fire. I found out when I was trying to get the fire going but failed. Then I asked Anya to breathe fire but she just breathed blue fire. It still burns but the feeling's different, it's not hot but cold enough to freeze the surrounding wood.

Anyway, I found Anya when she was really young, and she was trying to climb the tower that Gyokuen, the witch of this place, created in order to lock me out from the world. She says its to protect me from the outside dangers. I took Anya in but without Gyokuen knowing, so every time Gyokuen comes to check on me, Anya would fly out of the window, the one and only window.

"I see... So Gyokuen hasn't come home yet..." I replied. I looked out the window beside my bed. Sigh... How nice would it be to leave this tower and venture out in the open, free as a bird... "Sigh..." I muttered under my breath.

"What's wrong?" Anya asked, sounding worried. "I was just wondering how nice would it be to visit the outside world... Would it be like what's in the books? Where I can just lie on the grass and dream about adventures?" I asked. "Who knows? I haven't been out that much," Anya replied. "I wonder if I ask Gyokuen, will she let me out?" I asked again, turning to face Anya, but she had a really weird face. "Don't even think about it... I don't think she will," Anya said after straightening herself.

Just as I thought of it, Gyokuen called from outside the tower. "Morgiana! Dear! Let down the chains!" she shouted. "Ok! Just a minute!" I made hand gestures to Anya as she flew towards my wardrobe. She was small enough to fit in and not make any noises. I went towards the window and looked down. Gyokuen was there, waiting, with a basket full of... red fruits. I let down the chains that was at the windows, in order for Gyokuen to climb onto it.

"Huh... You are really unique Morgiana! You could carry an old lady like me!" she said, praising me. Apparently she found some apples and gave them to me.

"Umm... Gyokuen?" I said.

"Hmmm?" she replied.

"Do you think its possible for me to go out on my birthday next week?" I asked, trying to look as innocent as possible. Just as I asked that, Gyokuen stopped whatever she was doing. She looked at me with a really sarcastic face, smiling as she walked towards me. Just as she stopped in front of me, she whispered, "Now why would you want to do that?".

"Umm... I wanna see the world!" I said, taking a few steps back, suddenly feeling a weird aura surrounding her.

"What would you do if I said yes and what about no?" she said, still having that smile on her face. I couldn't reply. I was too scared and I couldn't even see her in the eye, so I just looked down. "You know what I would say, yet you still ask. Now help me get down. I will be gone for a few days so don't even think about it. You know I'm only worried about you," she replied, waking towards the window. I went towards it and did as I was told.

"Sigh... You can come out now Anya!" I said, trying not to sound so depressed. "See! I told you not to ask her!" Anya said as she emerged out of the wardrobe. "Don't worry I didn't destroy any clothes..." she added.

Just as Anya walked towards me, suddenly the wooden floor creaked and gave way below Anya's feet. "Whoa! I'm not that heavy!" she said, looking as confused as me. "But there's something down there..." I said, ready to go down there. But I wonder, will this take me to the outside world?

"Hey, I always had this question, why do you want to see the world so much?" Anya asked me and I replied, "I dunno... I just feel like I needed to meet someone. And in order to do that, I need to get out of here..."

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