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Chapter 1: An Ordinary Night in New York.

The nights in New York were usually never quiet. However, this particular night didn't look very promising. Near a small and ordinary jewelry shop, three shadows approached it, each holding a bat in their hands. They went around the back of the building, standing before the backdoor as one of them proceeded to smash the lock with the brute force of his wooden weapon. The door went open and they didn't hesitate to rush in. Jewels, silver and gold gleamed in every corner of the room, caused the faint light of the moon, framed as well as protected by the glass screens. The one in the middle confidently swung his bat behind his back.

"Go for it, guys."

In a matter of mere seconds, shattered glass from the glass display were spread everywhere, boxes were emptied, bags were filled and properties stolen. The three thugs exchanged laughs between tossing each other pieces of jewelry and purposely destroying anything else that looked fragile and delicate. When they finally decided that they'd have enough, they left the place a horrible contrast to how it originally looked like. They hurried away to the opposite direction from where they came from, but a sound from nearby caught the leaders ears and he paused in his tracks, turning around to let his eyes scan throughout the area.

"What is it, boss? I thought we were supposed to get the fuck outta here," another guy asked. The leader didn't answer, just brought both of his hands on the handle of his bat.

"Just had to make sure that no one saw us. C'mon, we're leavin'."

A shaky and silent sigh escaped the young woman whose back was pressed to the nearby brick wall in fear. She cursed herself for not paying attention to the beer bottle she accidentally had kicked moments ago but was grateful for the thugs hadn't paid her any attention. Fifteen minutes ago she had casually strolled by when she had heard loud laughter and destruction of glass. The woman had hid in the alley, picking up her phone to quickly dial the police when a random beer bottle on the ground had collided with the ground and broken. Now that she was sure that the punks had gone, her shaking fingers found the strength to finish dialing the three numbers, but she never got close to calling before a hand came to harshly grab her wrist. The woman gasped sharply in surprise.

"Well, what do we have here?" the leader of the three said as his two companions joined him on either sides around the woman. "Callin' the cops, are we?"

"N-No, I was just-," she quickly explained, but stopped as he yanked the phone-holding hand over to him, so that he could see the display. He snorted in amusement, and snatched the phone only to toss it to his friends.

"We were just havin' a lil' party just now, and we don't want the police to ruin the mood, do we, guys?" he motioned to the other thugs. "We hate party poopers."

"Then, I-I won't tell-," the woman made another attempt, but was cut off once again, when the three punks neared, completely surrounding her and made any chance of escaping impossible.

"Yeah. We're gonna make damn sure you don't."

The woman shut her eyes in terror of the incoming impact, but didn't feel it. A blur of black flashed before her eyes and in a matter of seconds, her captor released the fierce grip on her wrist and she slumped to the ground when her knees gave up on holding her. She watched in astonishment as the leader was thrown forwards and held down with a painful looking grip around his arm by...

A teenage girl..?

The two thugs quickly surged forward, lifting their weapons to strike whoever had attacked their boss. The mysterious person didn't hesitate to let go of her hold, and instead pick up his bat, as she turned on her heels and held the wooden bat horizontal to block the mighty blow that was aimed for her face. When the third punk came from the other side, she dodged and with a precise kick, she had deprived the second one his weapon. The two guys both launched forward but the girl jumped and did a graceful somersault, catching the twirling bat in midair before landing. Turning around, she tossed the weapons away and stood tall before the thugs, glaring them back with burning hatred.

"Shit, man, it's just a fuckin' girl."

"It ain't just a girl," their leader said from behind, rubbing his sore jaw. "this ones got spunk, I gotta give her that. But she's still gonna fuckin' die."

The woman was still paralyzed in pure fear and refused to move even though she wanted nothing more than running away as fast as she could, completely afraid that any movements would lay the criminals' attention on her. The girl gave a small snort, but went into a fighting stance and waited for her opponents to attack.

They did.

They came all at once, using their number in people to trap her. The woman was blinking at the scenery before her. Despite the fact that it was three against one, it was obvious who was getting the upper hand. The girl moved fast and precisely; blocking attacks from one, to deliver blows to another and dodge from the third. Their sizes and numbers meant nothing. One of them went down cold after receiving a hard thrust of a knee to his ribs, the other went into the wall hard from a an uppercut to his jaw. The leader, now standing as the last one, managed to to connect his fist powerfully to her cheek, snapping her head backwards and causing her to lose balance. She merely wiped her stinging cheek and landed a spit on the ground.

"Not bad," she said. "but I can beat that."

The leader managed to widen his eyes before the blur of black flashed before him and a great blow to his face swept his feet off the ground. He fell down heavily, and his head connected to the the cement, knocking him unconscious almost instantly. The girl panted, her hands resting on her bended knees as she glanced at the woman who was still sitting silently at the ground. She picked the phone up from nearby one of the punks, dusted it off and examined for a while before offering it back to its owner.

"Here. It doesn't look like its broken, so do yourself a favor and call the cops."

The woman hesitated before finally taking back her property, nodding slightly before calling the same number from earlier.

"Hey," she called out. "You're injured."

The girl touched her lower lip where a drop of blood had made its way down her chin. "Oh. It's nothing. The guy got me good, but it's nothing, really."

When the girl decided to take her leave, she stuffed her hands inside her jacket pockets and turned to go again, but the woman stopped her again.

"Thank you," she said silently. "I couldn't imagine what they would've done to me if you hadn't come."

"Yeah..." the girl shrugged. "me neither."

And with that said, she left before the police car came to the alley near the shop, whistling a melody into the night.

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