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Chapter 5: When Things Go Downhill

The sirens of the police car could be heard as it began to drive away from 'the crime scene', leaving three confused ninja turtles and a very astonished fourth one to progress what had just happened. As soon as the sound was just greatly dimmed by the distance, the three brothers dropped down upon the ground and immediately went to get Raphael. It didn't take long before they noticed the long and currently bleeding gash that ran from his upper bicep to his elbow.

"Raph, are you okay?" the youngest one asked, his big blue eyes darkening with emotions and tentatively reached out a hand to indicate the fresh wound. Raph snapped his eyes back from staring too intently at the streets where the police car had gone and groaned as he felt his arm throb heavily as well as Donatello's skilled fingers that were now studying the gash.

"I'll live," he hissed.

"Good, because you have some serious explaining to do later," the leader said firmly, crossing his arms before his plastron tightly. The only reason why Raph decided not to flip him off right then and there, was because he could hear a hint of relief and possible concern in his 'leader' voice, that proved how his big brother was trying not to let it show. The injured turtle glanced stiffly at the broken window of the nearby store and the results of their battle with the Purple Dragons, his mind trying to figure out a lot of things that just didn't fit together. Why?

"Why'd she turn herself in?" he whispered with furred brows. "What the hell good would that do to her?"

Donatello was currently wrapping gauze – that he'd gotten from his duffel bag- over the now clean wound after ripping off the arm of his brothers thick sweatshirt and using the fabric to cleanse the gash with alcohol. The intelligent turtle decided to voice his thoughts; "It's actually not that hard. I mean, look at all this blood you have left. If the police had arrived and she'd disappear, those two officers would have found a lot of evidence and later run those blood samples to realize that something inhuman was here. Try to imagine how many precautions the citizens will have to take simply because they're afraid that some monster will attack them. Cameras will be put everywhere and police officers as well. To be honest," the purple-clad turtle paused. "whoever that girl was, she did us all a huge favour. Now that the police are gone, we can clean up the remainders of your blood and leave as if we were never here."

Forest green eyes widened in horrible realization; now mixed with a new type of confusion. Raph cringed as Donnie now used the sweatshirt-fabric as a sling to keep the older brothers arm in place, his reddish brown eyes studying his work with a final nod of satisfaction.

"Are we just gonna…leave her like that?" the emerald turtle asked in disbelief to which his brothers replied with awkward silence. "Guys, this is serious; she could go to jail for this!"

The exclamation hung in the air as a dreadful remainder for the other three turtles.

"It was her decision, Raph. I don't feel good knowing that girl will pay for what the Purple Dragons started, but it's important right now not to risk further exposure and get you back to the Lair. We'll think of something later," Leo replied with his common sense and a soothing hand upon his brothers shoulder. Raphael looked away with a bitter growl, his arm still throbbing painfully but not feeling as if it was on fire anymore. He glanced upwards and noticed that the sky was covered with dark grey clouds and felt the wind picking up around him, confirming his suspicious.

"Bull. We'll think of something on the way."

Swiftly grabbing a sai on his belt, Raphael used his functional arm to quickly shred the rest of his shirt and left on the ground as he rushed to the nearby fire escape, his wounded arm causing no more pain than he had anticipated.

"Whoa, bro, where're you going?" Mikey called out.

Raph looked back down to his brothers, his determination pushing him. "I need to find that car. It ain't right to let an innocent person get treated like that without any justice served. Ya said it yourself, Donnie; hadn't it been for Alex, we'd been done for because of me. This is the least I can do."

He really didn't want to argue with his brothers at this point; it wouldn't do well for a rescue mission if the police car reached the station. He wouldn't be much stealthy around a whole department full of officers with one mildly-injured arm, anyway. To his surprise – he was being that a lot lately – the three remaining Hamato brothers were at his level in no time, climbing up the steel latter with ease. His youngest brother appeared beside him with an understanding smile on his freckled face.

"You're right, Raph. Though, you do need some tending, but if it's that important to you, we'll be glad to help."

The other was taken aback by this genuine response, but he managed a reply, though. "I appreciate that. Thanks."

"But ya gotta tell me…"


"Since when did the two of you get on first name-basis?"

"Since 'shut up and climb the goddamn latter, already'."

As she breathed damp spots on the window of the police car, Alexander leaned her forehead against it and wondered what to do now. Her wrists had cold metal clasped around them as a constant reminder that she indeed was on her way to the policed station; most likely to confess a crime she didn't commit. She felt weird in the bottom of her belly when thinking back on how the guy who had saved her from a trip to the hospital, and she had spend the last few hours with wasn't human at all. That such a personality that radiated of confidence and strength and cockiness lied in a boy who was a giant talking turtle of some sort.

That felt like a slap to the face.

And these men who called themselves police officers of the law didn't even know they existed. Tells you just how much they know.

But then again, it was meant to be that way. The turtle disguised himself to keep his existence a secret and probably hadn't meant to be out much longer than necessary, which made Alex feel a little guilty that she insisted to pay him back for saving her. He didn't want to be rude and she had been too persistent. And that ambush hadn't exactly been scheduled at the best time either, though, it was pretty lucky that the guy's friends had arrived to even out the odds. The only thing that ruined it all was the blood-shedding. Even though that turtle didn't lose much it would certainly be more than enough for whoever decided to investigate the crime scene later. Which brought us to why this teen foolishly but reluctantly turned herself in so that the turtle and his friends could clean up the mess, tend his wounds and leave. But how she would save herself?

Yeah, Alex hadn't quite thought that far.

Oh, Lily would throw a fit when she heard about this.

The dark-haired girl sighed deeply, shifting her head's position from the window to the hand-cuffs as she closed her eyes. She'd get through this somehow, but she was more concerned about the turtle. He'd most likely not go outside for a while and the thought saddened her greatly. The secretiveness made a whole lot of sense now and why he didn't want to give out information about himself. Why it didn't seem to Alex like he wanted to become friends.

I never even got to hear his name once.

The two police-men who were sitting at the front of the car were having a friendly conversation when the sound of tires was heard behind them and the driver glanced at the mirror to see a black van speeding up their way. His eyes widened greatly in horrible realization and desperately attempted to turn the vehicle around but the van's front had already slammed into the back of the policed car, jolting everyone in their seats and causing great panic as it repeatedly continued this act.

Alex was slung everywhere in her seat, the belt choking her when they were all thrust forward violently, and she managed a frantic 'what's going on!', before a final slam drove the car around in circles, throwing them off the ground and landing upside down with a crash that was heard everywhere. A fire had started at the tree that the car had collided into whilst the neighbour began to appear around the vehicle and dogs were barking in disapproval due to the noise.

The dark van held still for a few seconds after its engine had stopped, the backdoors opening out to reveal several of black-clad grown men with a handful of young ones in between. They walked towards the semi-destroyed car that they had tipped over and some of them opened the back door with an iron pipes to break it open. Afterwards, one of them reached his arm inside and snickered grimly when his hand caught black hair and yanked a shouting and slightly injured teenage girl outside.

"Oh, yer already 'cuffed? Good. Saves us the trouble."

They dragged her off the ground and into her van in less than a few seconds, driving away in a hurry as the other citizen hopelessly called an ambulance, fire department and the police. A girl had just been kidnapped.

"Any ideas on how you're planning to rescue this girl, Raph?"

The turtles were all running through several of rooftops on their way to the police department before their desired target would show up. "Uh, was kinda thinking I'd start on that plan once we were there."

"Typical," Leo rolled his eyes at the same time Mikey started noticing something. "Hey, guys, I see smoke."

The four brothers all stopped running at the same time and went to glance at the same direction that Mikey were looking at. Indeed, black smoke appeared to rise a few blocks away.

"So let the men in orange handle that, we got other things to worry about," Raph said impatiently.

"But why is there also an ambulance and the police?" the youngest asked curiously and started to run towards the scene while his brothers followed suit behind him. They all landed on the roof right in front of the streets while they crept down to avoid being spotted by the crowd of people that had gathered out there. They saw some fire men trying to put out the great fire that had eaten a big tree near a battered police car that was displayed in the middle of the streets.

Raph's blood ran cold as he realized what had happen just now.

"You guys think…that was the car that girl was in?" came Mikey's tentative question.

Neither wanted to answer because there was no time.

Each of them knew where to head to.

The old Fortune Cookie Factory.

Also known as the Purple Dragon's headquarters.

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