"Well Commodore the crew would like to speak with you." Paul said.

"Right" Michael said walking past them and out the door.

"Perhaps it would be best if—" Luce cut herself off as Lucy yawned stretching. "Close your eyes you perv!" Luce spat covering Paul's eyes. "Mind telling me why you are naked?"

"Ummm… no"

"You will tell me now damn it!"

"Not really—"

"OH MY GOD! You two didn't? Oh god you did!"

"That would explain why the commodore is in a good mood… umm that is bad…" Paul said.

"Why?" Lucy asked.

"The commodore told me has umm… sexual thoughts about Lucy… So…"

"So he may not actually like you but just followed his lust." Luce said.

"WHAT? NO! He doesn't…" Lucy said wrapping herself with the blankets.

"I knew it! I told you! Did you listen? No!" Luce was furious with her sister just as much as she was with Michael. "Serves you right!" Luce said slamming the door. She came back in. "You leave!" She said grabbing Paul's arm. "She will probably fuck you too!" Leaving Lucy sitting there crying into her hands.

After an hour, Lucy finally came out on the deck, dressed in her uniform. She couldn't believe Michael did all that just to sleep with her! She left someone get close and they just took advantage of her. For the next few days Lucy didn't talk to Michael or even look at him. Michael was starting to grow aware of this. He tried to talk to her from time to time, but she just ignored him.

"Good it's for that better they aren't together." Paul said standing next to Luce.

"You did a good job. I am glad it was so easy to convince her." Luce smirked.

"Don't you feel bad at all?"

"Why should it? I am not the one who slept with a man who 'kissed' me just to save my life."

"I guess that is true."

They arrived at a port. Lucy stomped off the ship. Michael stayed in his quarters. He was drinking rum he got from The Alley's storage. He dropped his bottle falling backwards hearing a cry of massive pain. He didn't care he got back on his chair and kept drinking. Michael hurt heard screams. Then he heard what he thought was a sailor throwing up. SMACK. Something was dropped on deck. Michael staggered over and cracked the door opened the bright light burned his eyes. He saw the fucker that got away with blood all over where his man parts use to be. Michael closed the door. "Well we got him…. Most of him…" Michael said sitting down and drinking.

"Commodore we….Commodore!" Paul opened the door and came him.

"I know we got the bastard. Now set sail! I want to get home!"


"NOW DAMN IT!" He slammed his fist on the table.

"Commodore I will tell the crew." Paul left and came back shortly.

"Who got him?" Michael asked.

"Umm Lucy did sir"

"Good! I can give my report now!"

"Sir, are you ok?"

"You be worried about that UNGRATEFUL SLUT!"

"I beg your pardon?"

"She fucken slut is going hand god damn it!"

"Whoa sir—"

"Don't sir me! And her sister will not be serving on my crew"

"Sir she got him! Why should she—"

"SHUT UP! I save that whore's life and how does she repay me? We have sex than she fucken never talks to me! YOU KNOW WHAT!

"Sir you drunk!"










"Sir, what do you plan to do?"


"Sir! Your taking this too far!"

"FINE! Bring to me! TIED!"



"I will get on it sir…" Paul sighed. Michael threw the bottle of rum at a wall. He waited impatiently as he heard struggling outside. Moments later Lucy landed out the floor wrist bound behind her back. Paulo came but Michael signaled him out. Paul closed the door leaving the two alone. Michael grabbed her by the neck dragging over to his shoving her back against the base of his bed bringing her head to his waist level.

"Any last words you slut?"

"What?" Michael slammed her mouth shut.

"I hope you like the taste of man's ****!" Michael growled. Lucy struggling getting her mouth free.

"So you really are just a sex hungry fucker!"


"YEAH! YOU ONLY SAVED ME SO YOU COULD SLEEP WITH ME!" Michael was about to smack her in the face hard.

"What?" Michael asked.

"You heard me!"

"I never… Damn it that is bullshit!" He grabbed her throat.

"No" she choked. "Paul told me." Lucy gasped struggling for air. Michael let go as she fell back breathing hard.

"What did he tell you?"

"You…were following your… lust!" Lucy said still breathing hard. Michael grabbed her lifting her up so their eyes met.

"Is that why you avoided me?"

"Yes!" Lucy spat. Mike set her down on his bed. He stood up and went out closing the door behind him.

"PAUL!" She heard Michael roar.

"Yes Commodore?" she heard Paul say.

"Tie him!" She heard Michael order.

"What? Commodore!" Paul said as two crew members tied him up.

"You lied to her!"


"You lied!"

"AAAAAAAH!" Lucy heard a cry of pain.

"Take him to his room! He isn't allowed out with my say so!" the commodore roared. "And clean up this blood!" Lucy braced herself as she heard footsteps come to the door. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To get my sister!" Luce spat.

"No you don't!" Lucy heard a punch. "Take her to her room!" she heard him order as footsteps come close to the door.

"YOU MONSTER YOU STAY! AWAY—" Lucy heard her sister say.

"Another word and you are shark food!" she heard Michael say. She saw the door open as Michael walked in closing the door behind him. Lucy braced herself. Michael sat her up untying her writs. He sat down next to her with an arm around her. "I want you to know something." Michael said.

"What?" Lucy asked.

"I want you to know that, I love you. I really do." He said giving her a kiss. She kissed him back. They fell back on Michael's bed. They stopped kissing looking at each other.

"Saw we do it again?"

"Do what?" Michael asked.

"What we did last night." She said moving her finger down his chest.

"You mean me swinging you around and—"

"No! Sex!"

"Haha! What?"

"You not know what sex is?"

"I very well much do! But dear we didn't have sex last night."

"Then why was I naked?"

"You woke me kicking off the blankets!" Michael laughed. "You were bitching it was too hot!"


"Yeah you were sweating. So I took off your gown. And wiped the sweat off you."

"I don't remember."

"You were muttering in your sleep then."

"So… we didn't have sex?"


"So why did I have the blankets on when I woke up?"

"You woke me up again, but this time you were shivering. So I had to make you warm."

"Did you, lay next to me?"

"If you wanted me to I would have. I just covered you with the blankets."

"So you saw me naked?"


"I was lying naked in front of you?"


"Are you sure you're not gay?"

"What?" Mike started to grow angry.

"I am only joking." She said touching his face. "So I want to know."


"How do I look?"


"How do I look naked." She said getting really close breathing in his face.

"Breath taking"

"What to see me naked again?"

"Yes, I would like to." Michael said and with that Lucy started unbuttoning her uniform. She removed her coat and set in on the ground. She they lifted up her shirt exposed her chest.

"You like what you see?"

"Only a gay man won't" Michael said. Lucy laughed as she removed her pants only leaving her panties.

"How about you removed them?" Lucy said placing Michael's hands on her waist. "But slowly" Lucy said. Michael slowly inched them down. Her private was about to be exposed when she stopped him. "Now look into my eyes as you finish exposing me Commodore." She said in a very seductive tone. Michael continued until he felt his clear her feet. She stood up show Michael her full body. She giggled as she saw a lump in pants. To be honest was she loving this. She longed for a man to love her and appreciate her. Michael got up placing his hands on her shoulders. He let his hands glide down her body. She was growing wetter and wetter by the moment. These were her fantasies. For a man to loving caress her body. Michael lifted her setting down on his bed. He removed his boot and his coat joining her on the bed. He held her as she snuggled again him. They both closed her eyes enjoying the moment and each other's presence. As they drifted to sleep, Lucy whispered in his ear "Thank you Michael"