"I am sorry… I just couldn't do it. I still love you, with all my heart! I don't want her. I want you!" Michael said standing up and hugging Lucy.

"You do?"

"Yes I do more than anything." Michael said. "How about you put down that sword and go get some rest. I am going shower." Michael said awkwardly walking into his bathroom. Lucy sighed then she felt cold hugging herself for warmth. She felt a blanket placed on her shoulder and wrapped around her.

"You have had a VERY rough day. Come on, he is right you need some rest." Luce said in a motherly tone.

Luce laid Lucy down in bed and covered her with blankets. Luce smiled then left her sister to get some much needed rest. She closed the door behind her she stopped as Mike exited his room in a robe. Luce got a quick flash on Michael's man parts. She turned red and started to feel a little wet. She shook it off. She joined Michael downstairs for some dinner. As they were about to eat there was a knock at the door.

"Yes?" Cain answered

"I need to speak with the commodore."

"Come in admiral" Cain said openly the door.

"Commodore I need to have a word with you. Preferably alone." The admiral said.

"Yes admiral." Michael said leading the way into another room.

Once in the room the admiral closed the door. "Now what is you wanted to tell me admiral?"

"Those men, I believe you want them off your ship?"

"Now I have list of men, you would gladly join your crew. I visited each one myself. They all can't join, but…"

"But what sir…?"

"I could not find a 'captain' for your crew commodore."

"Oh… I see."

"Now, if it is alright with you. I may be able to get you a captain, but some things must be done."


"Now, as if this point your friend and lover—"

"Lover sir..?

"The one with both her arms"


"Now Luce, the one armed one, is an actual citizen. However your ex-pirate lover is not."

"I see…"

"So, we have to change that or else…"

"Or else what sir..?"

"Michael, what happens to those who are not citizens?"

"Sir I am not sure where you are going with this."

"If someone lives in our federation, they have two choices: Citizen or…"



"Fuck" Michael pounded on the table.

"Now, that is a secret between you and me.

"What is?"

"Michael, do you think I could hang a naval captain on the crime against a non-citizen."


"I can't! Now, I can pull some strings and make it easy for her to get a citizenship. Then being the admiral, I can get her in the navy. With her 'experience' I can get tested and a naval captain. But…"

"But what sir…?"

"I have to follow the law. Since at this point she is a 'slave'. I have to ask your permission to make a naval officer."

"Why can't she speak for herself once she is a citizen?"

"Commodore, that bastard is loose because of your former captain. We need to you to get after him NOW! It will save us a lot time if I start the paper work to get her in the navy now!"

"Commodore" Cain called out. "There is a man at the door!"

"Describe him!" Michael ordered.

"No, let him in and sent him to us!" the admiral ordered. Michael sighed as a seven feet tall man lowered his head through the doorway closing the door behind as he sat down next to the admiral.

"What! Marcus!" Michael said in shock.

"Yes commodore." Marcus replied.

"That is Lieutenant Marcus." The admiral corrected him. "If you will have him, he will serve aboard your ship."

"Yes, welcome aboard Lt." Michael said shaking Marcus' hand.

"Thank you commodore" Marcus said.

"Now, back to Lucy" the admiral replied.

"Do I have to give you an answer now?"

"Sooner would be better."

"Can I ask her?"

"It's up to you Michael."

"About serving in the navy right..?"

"Yes, citizenship is being down as we speak."

"Ok, I will be back." Michael said getting up. Michael walked up the stairs. He stopped. He heard a thud come from upstairs. He grabbed his gun. He opened the door to the room Lucy was sleeping in. "Freeze!" Michael said pointing the gun at the pirate's head. "Another step and you are dead!" Michael fired his gun killing the pirate. The gun fire startled Lucy waking her up.


"It's ok" he said hugging Lucy. "It's ok."

"Michael…" Lucy said scared. Michael sat down holding Lucy. Luce, Marcus, and the admiral arrived in the room.

"What happened… I see a…" the admiral was a bit shocked.

"May I give you the answer tomorrow?" Michael asked the admiral.

"Of course"

"Well good night admiral."

"Good night" the admiral said.

After Marcus and the admiral left, Michael went upstairs to check on Lucy. Michael slowly opened the door, not wanting to wake Lucy. He was taking by surprise; he saw Lucy standing in front of the window looking out into the night. As Michael slowly closed the door behind him, he admired her bare backside. He walked quietly till he was behind her. He wrapped his arms around her. She was slightly startled. He lowered his head so it was next to hers. He let one arm drift to her stomach. He wrapped his arm around her breasts. He cupped her virginity with his hand that was over her stomach. She looked down at his hand cupping her virginity. He began to slowly pleasure her. He made sure he was very gentle. He heard her moan quietly. He kept the slow pace as he kissed her neck. He could feel her getting wetter. He continued on until he noticed her legs were wobbling. He stopped guiding her to the bed. He laid her on her side. He climbed onto the bed with her. He continued gently pleasuring her virginity. He began to pleasure her breasts. He was gentle. He wanted to show her just how much he really did love her.

The sunlight hit Lucy's closed eyes. She groaned as she opened her eyes. She sat up. The door opened as Jess came in with a tray to serve Lucy breakfast. Jess let the room; Michael came in shorty after.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" Michael asked.


"Go ahead and eat." Michael said. Lucy sat up straight and started eating. "Lucy I want to ask you something." Michael said. Lucy looked up at him. "Would you like to join the navy, officially?" he asked. Lucy stopped eating and just sat there.


"Yes Lucy?"

"I… I want to join to stop Alejandro, for sure."


"But, whether I stay in the navy after that I am unsure."

"Ok, I will take care of that while you eat." Michael said leaving the room.

"Wait!" Lucy called out.


"Thanks for last night…" Lucy said blushing.

"You're welcome."