"You heard the Captain. Get dress!" Marcus barked throwing Michael a towel and his clothes. Michael was mostly dry from the blanket, but the towel helped him finish. He got dressed making sure looked proper. "Hurry up princess!" Marcus replied. Michael just gave him a glare and followed him onto the deck. The ship was tied to a dock. Marcus shoved Michael and pushed him off the ship till he was on the dock. Marcus got back on the ship as Tob untied the ship climbing aboard. Michael watched as it left not seeing the Captain.

"COMMODORE!" Michael turned around to see to the girl from the SSU Titan hug him.

"Glad to see you are in one piece Commodore!" Paul said walking up. "Commodore I want to apologize for…"

"You have nothing to apologize for. There was nothing you could do. Besides I learned two things that are invaluable."

"What commodore?" the admiral asked with Captain Augustus next to him.

"There is another pirate crew, far worse than any we have faced before. They sail on a ship called the 'The Alley' under Captain Alejandro." Michael said.

"We knew about the ship hours before now." The admiral stated. "We didn't know it's captain's name. What else did you learn?"

"The Dragon's captain was a prisoner and a slave aboard 'The Alley' at a young age. We have a common enemy. Also I learned somethings rather puzzling."

"Such as?" Captain Augustus asked.

"Their captain, unknown to their crew, has placed faith in my crew to take down captain Alejandro." Michael stated.

"But why? The took over our ship with ease." Paul asked.

"The Captain's identity has been a secret for years, in fear that Alejandro will get his revenge for embarrassing him and stealing a large amount of his crew."

"Their captain has shown you? And you are still alive?" a newcomer said. The newcomer was blind. "My friend had seen the Dragon's Captain's identity but was slain after. I was blinded before I got the chance."

"So who is the Captain?" the admiral asked.

"They asked for me to keep it a secret." Michael replied.

"Who you swore loyalty to? The navy or a fucken pirate?" Captain Augustus barked.

"I am still alive! I think that is the least I owe their captain!" Michael shouted.

"Commodore. If we take out their Captain the crew will fall." The admiral calmly pointed out.

"Their captain would never survive in prison!" Michael stated.

"Why are you so defensive? You bloody traitor!" Captain Augustus drew his sword slashing Michael.

"WHO YOU CALLING A TRAITOR!" Michael yelled holding his arm. BANG. With that a cannon ball whizzed by missing Augustus by inches.

"The one getting help from a bunch of pirates." Michael looked out to sea. He saw the Dragon there with a cannon exposed on the deck.

"Thank you Commodore you served you duties." The admiral said helping Michael stand. All were confused but the admiral as several naval ships surrounded the Dragon. "They will surrender and then Captain Augustus will sail to find the last pirates."

"Admiral!" Michael cried in pain. It was too late. As he watched as the crew was taken by naval soldiers.

"ADMIRAL!" a shout came from the Dragon. "WE CAN'T FIND THE CAPTAIN!"

Earlier: "Captain you see he is welcomed in open arms! He will tell all our secrets!" Marcus shouted walking behind his captain. The Captain was walking towards the captain's quarters.

"I am leaving you in charge for a while Marcus." The Captain said closing the door and lying down on the bed. Charles watched with sadness in his eyes. Charles heard water moving.

"GET THE CAPTAIN OUT OF HERE WE BEING SURROUND!" Charles cried as Marcus was about to order the cannon to be fired.

Michael stood a fresh bandage on his arm. As he watched the crew of the Dragon was taken off their boats in chains. As Marcus walked by he stopped and gave a Michael a look before he shoved by one of the officers.

"Admiral we found the small fella! He was hiding in the captain's quarters. We searched the whole ship no sign of their captain." An officer reported.

"Fuck! Search the area! Find that bastard!" the admiral yelled walking away.

Michael was in his home. All the pirates were in prison. For the time being Charles was placed as slave for Michael. Michael was reading the newspaper. It was in the evening I had just gotten dark. There was a knock at the door. "Master, it is a girl with white fur here to see you!" Charles shouted from downstairs. It was the girl from the SSU Titan. They embraced with a hug. Michael gave her a kiss on the top of her head. Her father didn't know it. But they were falling in love. Michael thought he heard something in the bushes. He saw Charles standing behind him with his eyes out. He went back into the house a moment later.

"I have to return. I told my father I was getting some fruit." The girl stated.

"It was good to see you again." Michael said letting go. He watched her till she was out of sight. He closed the door and head back to his study. He was reading the paper when there was another knock at the door. Charles opened the door but said nothing. Michael got up and head to the main hall.

"What are you going here? You can't be here! This is a bad place to be." Charles was whispering. Michael took a soft step and Charles turned around and looked up at him. The guy had super hearing.

"Who is there Charles?"

"Just a beggar. Go shoo the master will doesn't care for your k-." Charles was cut off as Michael was behind him and pushed open the door. "Oh no you have been shot!" Michael was shocked by what he saw. He saw the Dragon's Captain with a large blood stain. The Captain's gloves soaked with blood. Charles looked up at Michael with fear.

"What are you waiting for?" Michael holding the door open and pushed Charles towards the Captain. Charles let the Captain lean on him as led the Captain inside. "We have to undress the Captain." Michael said helping the Captain upstairs.

"What why?"

"I have other slave Charles! They won't recognize the Captain without these clothes. JESS (Jesscia)! Start the water for a bath!" Michael called as they dragged the Captain into the Michael's room. "Close the door and grab the medical supplies in that third from the top drawer!" Michael ordered as he started undressing the Captain. Charles returned shortly. "Help me removed these clothes!" Michael barked.

"You're going to be ok Captain. I promise." Charles said.

"You can't use that name! Come up with one!" Michael said. "And take these clothes and hide them under the dresser!"

"How about Morgan? Or Riley? Or Jordan?" Charles suggested.

"That the best you came up with?" Michael said pulling out the bullet.

"How about Alex?" Charles asked? Michael was pressing to stop the bleeding. "Master?"

"Alex, I guess we will make it work." Michael said carrying the newly named Alex to the bathroom. Jess was making sure the water was warm with Michael came through with Alex. Michael carefully set Alex in the bath water. Alex was barely conscious. So Michael held Alex's shoulder to prevent Alex from slipping into the water. Charles walked. The sight of his Captain not dressed something Charles had not seen in a long time. "How did Alex escape?"

"I warned the crew." Charles said.


"Before Marcus gave the order to fire."

"You have super hearing don't you?"

"I do have good hearing; it is why the crew has me sleep near the Captain. Also because I am really close friends with the Captain is why. Well the Captain sees me as a little brother.

"A sound did come from the bush earlier didn't it?"


"That was Alex and you knew it."

"Yes master"

"Call me Michael unless someone else other than Alex or my slave is present. OK?

"Yes, Mas… I mean Michael. Thank you for saying Alex's life! That means a lot to me." Michael turned his attention back to Alex.

"How much taller is Alex that you?"

"About a foot."

"Well go, make yourself a bed in the guest room. That is where Alex will be staying."

"Thank Michael!" Charles said hugging Michael before he skipped out of the bathroom. Michael felt the warm with his left hand for a second then returning to Alex's shoulder. Alex was going to have to wear some of Michael's old clothes. Michael was wondering what was he going to do. He sighed. He just decided to let Alex enjoy the hot bath.

Michael was drying off Alex and carrying Alex into the guest room. Charles and made his next to the Alex's so there heads were only a foot or two apart. Michael laid the Alex into the bed. Charles leaped up and placed the blankets or his beloved Captain. Michael left closing the door. He wasn't sure if he made the right decision. He was the only non-crew member who know what the Captain looked like. He wondered if the navy would catch on. Since Michael seemed to show some loyalty to the captain. He smiled. There was no way they could prove Alex was the captain!