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Business as Usual- Chapter 23

"Kou, you can't be serious!" Akihito said desperately as he paced around the bedroom.

"I'm really sorry, Akihito. My boss hauled my ass to the office; that prick gave me no choice!" Kou replied apologetically. "Sorry Akihito, is your arm all better now? Can you wash your hair on your own today?"

"Ye—eah," Akihito lied and quickly changed the topic. "What about Takato then?"

Kou sighed. "Takato's mother isn't feeling well so he has taken her to the hospital for a check-up."

The photographer walked to the bed and sat on the perfectly pressed comforter. "Can't be help then," Akihito replied glumly, just as Asami walked into the room.

"Sorry, pal. We'll make it up to you next time."

Ignoring the crime lord, Akihito grinned. "Next movie ticket is on you, Kou."

Kou groaned but gave in. "Guess I have no choice. Gotta run, Aki-chan. The boss is breathing down my neck!"

"Don't call me Aki-chan –" the photographer tried protesting but was met with a monotonous tone.

Placing the phone on the bedside table, Akihito sighed as he lay on the bed. He turned sideways and noticed the older man was putting on his vest, ready to go to work. Any given day, Akihito wouldn't mind Asami leaving for work but since he returned from Cambodia, Akihito found himself looking forward to having Asami at home with him. Not that he missed seeing the older man; he was just afraid of being left alone. The silence of the penthouse was deafening – even a single drop of water from the tap reminded him of the Genocide Museum where he was held captive in Cambodia.

It was a small comfort that Asami had arranged Ando to be in the penthouse with him while Toru recuperates from his injuries but even Ando's presence could do nothing to stop the recurring nightmares. As if that wasn't enough, the waterboarding torture he endured at the genocide museum sparked a new fear – the fear of water pouring on his head.

The first few nights he returned from Cambodia, Akihito made Ando washed his hair, giving the guard excuses about being too tired. After a few nights, Akihito realized that he couldn't have Ando washing his hair every day without rousing Asami's suspicions. So Akihito lied to his best friends, saying that he had a bad sprain on his shoulder and needed their help.

Asami hadn't the faintest idea about the fears that plagued Akihito; and the photographer had no intentions telling the yakuza.

For goodness sake, I'm not a woman, Akihito thought. And there is no reason to start behaving as one; I can damn well face my own fears.

It was petty to be afraid, Akihito admitted. It was downright ridiculous to be terrified of the shower head in the bathroom. It felt stupid to be scared of going to sleep. He knew that Chey couldn't hurt him anymore but why couldn't he stop the fears from coming?

Akihito had tried everything he could to distract himself from the fears; yet every game he played or photo he tweaked bore resemblance to the prisoners' solemn expressions at Tuol Sleng.

The fear was consuming Akihito by the day, and the only person who was holding him together was Asami. The yakuza would usually fuck him senseless, resulting to a tired but dreamless sleep.

"You have plans today?" Akihito heard Asami asking.

Pushing the thoughts away, Akihito rolled to his side, facing Asami. "I did, until a moment ago when Kou called and said that both he and Takato had to cancel our movie plans."

Asami finished putting on his tie and sat on the bed. Brushing away the locks covering Akihito's eyes, he then asked, "What sort of movie did you plan to watch?"

Akihito let out a disappointed sigh. "Ju-On 3; I've waited for a few months for the movie to be released in the cinemas! Said to be the scariest installment yet."

Asami raised an eyebrow. "Have you bought the tickets?"

The photographer's lips pursed. "No. Kou was supposed to get it yesterday but he was so busy that he had forgotten about it." He sighed again. "I don't think it's available now, since the tickets sold like hot cakes since it came out a few days ago."

Standing up, the yakuza gathered his coat from the edge of the bed. "Ready to go?"

Confused, Akihito sat up, looking at his lover. "Where to?"

"The movie; you wanted to watch it right?"

"Movie – with you?" Akihito asked, getting more confused by the minute. "Aren't you going to work?"

"I was," the crime lord agreed, "Until you said that you wanted to watch a movie."

Akihito stood up. "What about work? You can't just skip it!"

Asami pulled Akihito to him and smirked. "The beauty of being the boss is to have subordinates working for you," he replied, crushing his mouth on Akihito before pulling away. "—and I have excellent subordinates."

Shoving the older man away, Akihito moved to the sitting area, trying to hide his relief.


Akihito didn't dare to look at Asami. "What are you talking about?"

Pulling the photographer up from the couch, Asami nudged Akihito's chin up and bore his golden eyes at the younger man. "You're a poor liar, Akihito."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Akihito tried pushing away from Asami but the grip on his arm was firm. "Toru reported that you haven't been sleeping well."

Eyes widened, the boy stared at Asami. "How did he know? Toru didn't even come to the penthouse –– Ando," he whispered when realization hit him. Akihito cursed, "That traitor, I told him not to tell."

Hands still gripping his lover, Asami smirked. "He didn't; he told Toru."

Squirming away, Akihito crossed his hands across his chest. "Damn it," Akihito gritted his teeth. "Toru should behave like an injured person –– when did you see him anyway?"

Asami put on his coat and flashed his lover a grin. "Doesn't matter," he said as he buttoned the coat. "Ando told me that your friends came here daily to visit you."

Akihito averted his eyes. "Ye—yeah, there were concerned about me."

Asami nudged Akihito's chin up. "So concerned that they have to help you wash your hair?"

"How did Ando know?" Akihito blurted out and regretted it instantly.

Asami pulled Akihito closer until their chests met. His golden eyes narrowed. "What is it that you're hiding, Akihito?"

Akihito looked away. "Nothing."

Akihito bit his lip. God, why the hell is he so sharp?


The low, quiet tone was an indication that Asami wasn't pleased. Sighing, Akihito ran his fingers through his hair. "I – I was afraid of water pouring onto my head," he admitted shamefully.

For a moment, Asami remained silent at Akihito's confession. After an uncomfortable moment, the crime lord spoke. "There is nothing wrong in being afraid."

"Look at me, Akihito," the crime lord ordered, moving his hands to the back of Akihito's neck, gripping it firmly. The photographer met Asami's gaze. "We'll go out for now. When we come back, I'll help you erase your fear."

"I don't need –,"

"Get dressed, Akihito," Asami interrupted before releasing Akihito.

Left alone in the room, Akihito went to his wardrobe and grabbed the first jeans he could lay his hands on.

Did Asami mean what he said? Akihito thought as he donned the pair of denims. Pairing it with a white singlet and checked shirt, he accessorized his look with the watch Asami gave him on his birthday.

He took one last look at the mirror. His eyes were a little dark, sunken and the dark circles below his hazel eyes were showing. Even if Toru did not report to Asami, the crime lord would have known about his sleeping issues anyway.

Cursing his fears again, the photographer exited the bedroom and found Ando waiting for him.

"Where's Asami?"

Ando bowed. "The boss went to see Toru. He said he'll meet you at the basement car park."

"Ando!" Akihito said rather crossly, "You told Toru that I haven't been sleeping well?"

Ando looked surprised and quickly bowed. "I'm sorry Takaba sama. Toru san told me to report everything to him," he said apologetically.

Akihito took pity on Ando. Unlike Toru who carried a poker face, Ando had worries etched all over his. "It's all right. I'm not mad or anything."

The relief on Ando's face was obvious. "Thank you, Takaba sama," the guard said as he followed Akihito out of the penthouse.

Xx Business as Usual xX

Asami sat on the two-seater sofa of Toru's apartment with Kirishima as he waited for Kanda to assist the lanky guard from his room. He hadn't been in here since he drove Keiichi out of the apartment. Much of the furniture had been changed since then, mostly under his expense but he had to give credit to Kirishima's tastes in refurbishing.

Bare as the apartment was, it was tastefully decorated with minimal furniture that matched the pale silver grey walls of the apartment. The wooden coffee table remained empty and the only item on the rectangle furniture was an unwashed white coffee mug.

Asami noted the lack of personal items around the apartment. The only thing closest to what he deemed as a decorative item was a 24-inch curved slender katana resting horizontally on a display stand next to the television. The well maintained katana looked valuable and judging from the scabbard, a very unique piece.

"Asami sama," Toru greeted as he slowly limped out of the bedroom. Kanda, who was assigned by Asami to help Toru with his daily needs, helped the injured guard to sit on the single-seater sofa across Asami.

Asami eyed the lanky guard. "How are your injuries?"

Dressed in his white shirt and pajama bottom, Toru touched his arm with his good hand before moving it to his injured thigh. "Kanzaki sensei said that my wounds are healing fast. I need a few more physiotherapy sessions and I'll be fit for duty."

Asami nodded in approval. "Good. While you are recuperating, I need you to do something for me."

Toru remained silent, awaiting orders.

"How are your hacking abilities, Toru?

"Asami sama," Kirishima interrupted, pushing his spectacles up. "Toru's skills are on par with mine."

Pleased, Asami continued, "Hack into the guards' personal particulars. Check their mails, bank accounts or phone records. There's a mole in the organization and I want to know his identity."

Kirishima took the glass of brandy from Kanda and passed it to the crime lord. "What makes you suspect a mole, Asami sama?"

Asami took his time to answer, choosing to sip the fiery liquid before setting the glass on the table. "When Chey blackmailed Toru, he gave away some valuable information."

Kirishima glanced at Toru questioningly.

Accepting a glass of water from Kanda, Toru took a sip. "Chey was confident that he could order a hit on me even though he was miles away."

The crime lord's gaze turned hard. "It wasn't Chey's nature to engage a skilled assassin. Most likely, he had a rat inside the organization to do the dirty job."

Kirishima pushed his spectacles up. "And with Chey's downfall, the rat has gone back into his hiding role, waiting for another golden opportunity to strike."

The crime lord eyed his men. "Those who retaliate against me will face the consequences." He stood up, buttoning his coat. "Find him, Toru."

Toru stood up, bowing. "Consider it done, Asami sama."

"Kanda, you will continue to assist Toru until he is well enough to go back on duty."

The younger guard in tapered crew cut hair bowed. "Understood, Asami sama."

"Kirishima will be here to assist," Asami said as he glanced at his secretary. The bespectacled man nodded.

On cue, the front of Toru's apartment door open and Akihito walked in, accompanied by Ando.

"Takaba sama," Toru and Kanda greeted simultaneously.

The timing couldn't be more perfect, Asami thought. A second earlier, Akihito would have heard their conversation. And that was precisely what Asami had wanted to avoid. After the incident with Chey, he was careful with work related conversations at the penthouse, not wanting Akihito to participate in any of his missions ever again.

When they barged into Tuol Sleng, Akihito was literally seconds away from his grave. Knees on the floor and hair yanked backwards, the photographer stared at his attacker's eyes in defiance, as though as he was ready to die. As much as Asami loved those fiery eyes of Akihito, he never wanted to witness them in a similar situation again.

"Toru!" Akihito greeted as he walked to his guard. "Are you feeling better?"

"Yes, thank you, Takaba sama."

Akihito gave a relieved look and smiled. "That's great!"

The lanky guard bowed. "I apologize for putting you through the –," Toru halted, finding it difficult to utter the word 'torture'.

Akihito flinched but recovered quickly. "It's not your fault. That sadistic bastard, I should have kicked his ass when I had the chance."

"Akihito," Asami interrupted when he noticed a changed in Akihito's expression. "Let's go."

Akihito complied. Glancing backwards, he waved at Toru and Kanda. "Rest well, Toru." He looked at his lover. "You know I should have kicked your ass for being late, you bastard."

Xx Business as Usual xX

Staring at the closed door, a certain guard looked at Kirishima in bewilderment.

"Kirishima san, correct me if I'm wrong, but did I just hear Takaba sama calling the boss a bastard?"

Kirishima smiled. "No, you heard correctly."

Kanda blinked his eyes. "But – but –," he stammered.

Toru stood up, placing a hand on Kanda's shoulder. "You'll get used to it."

Kirishima unzipped his work bag, taking out his laptop in the process. Pushing his spectacles up, the secretary's thin lips curved. "Gentlemen, let's begin rat extermination."

Xx Business as Usual xX

"Asami, why were you at Toru's apartment?" Akihito asked after they settled behind the luxurious limousine.

"Just checking on his injuries," Asami replied, his perfectly composed face revealed nothing.

The photographer's eyes went to slits. "I don't believe you."

"I will have to remind you that Toru is one of my subordinates. He is injured during a recent mission so it's only natural that I'd check on him."

Asami was expecting Akihito to start his usual name calling session but the boy clamped his mouth shut. The yakuza took in Akihito's silence, the way he trembled slightly in his seat, and Asami knew that the boy was still traumatized over the events.

"Hey," the photographer whispered. "Back in Cambodia, how did you know where to find me?"

"I have my ways," the yakuza replied.

The boy looked at his watch, scrutinizing it. "What about the watch? How did you know that the huge guy took it?" he challenged.

Asami knew that unless he gave Akihito a believable answer, he'd continue pushing. In Akihito's limited vocabulary, the word 'give up' simply did not exist. Staring at Akihito's inquisitive eyes, he said, "I had the car you were on bugged."

As expected, Akihito looked skeptical with the explanations. "If that was the case, you would have arrived earlier."

Smart boy. "Kirishima chased the red dot to a mile long red light district area. We found Chey's men there, including the man who took your watch." And that, Asami thought; wasn't a lie.

Akihito's hazel eyes looked confused but he didn't comment further. Satisfied with the answer, the boy scowled. "Well, I guess I can't kick your ass then."

Xx Business as Usual xX

The black, shiny limousine stopped at the main entrance of Toho Cinemas in Roppongi district, earning curious stares from cinema goers gathering in front of the building. Already used to the attention, the occupants inside the limousine remained calm, saved for a certain photographer.

"Can't we just watch a movie like normal people do?" Akihito hissed as he walked hurriedly into the building with Asami. The last thing Akihito wanted was to bump into someone he knew.

"We are doing it the normal way, Akihito," the yakuza answered easily as he walked straight to the ticketing counter.

Akihito fumed but he followed nonetheless. He was thankful that Suoh's towering height helped hide his smaller physique from the attention.

Not that it matters, Akihito mused since most of the attention was directed to Asami anyway.

He tried studying the interior, taking note the usage of different shades of purple matched with black paint and glitters on the wall. Akihito hadn't been to Toho many times since the tickets could skyrocket to ¥3,000 for a movie during peak seasons. Mostly, he waited for the movies to be released on DVD so he could rent it from the rental shops.

Akihito tried picturing Asami watching a horror movie. He grinned, already looking forward to the crime lord's reactions when the scary ghost appeared. Sure, Asami watched a couple of horror flicks with him at home but those in Akihito's opinion, were nothing compared to what they were about to watch.

And those superb Dolby Digital sounds in the cinema will definitely make him cringe, the photographer giggled inwardly.

As they neared the ticketing counter, Akihito wondered if they were going to line up like everyone else to purchase the tickets. Maybe Asami had Kirishima booked the tickets online or – Akihito paused when he saw a middle aged man in a black suit and purple tie rushed out to greet Asami.

So much for thinking that Kirishima had booked the tickets, the photographer snickered.

"Welcome Asami sama, if you would follow me, I will guide you to the cinema." The middle aged man bowed before leading the way.

As they followed the man into a private room, Akihito pulled the lapels of Asami's coat. "Do you own Toho Cinemas?"

The crime lord caught Akihito's hand and pulled him along. "No."

"Then, how come you are treated like a royalty?"

"The owner and I are acquaintances."

The smirk on Asami's face's indicated that the owner probably owed him a huge favor. Akihito shrugged his shoulders. "Life's not fair sometimes."

The photographer had expected them to be guided to the best seat in the cinema, perhaps even the couple seat that Toho cinema are so proud of. Priced at cool 20 percent extra than the normal tickets, the entwined seats were located at the top of the cinema hall. They were larger and in a way, more comfortable. Yet to experience the luxury, Akihito was looking forward to trying it – until he found himself at a private lounge with a mini bar top.

A line of waiters, all dressed in Toho Cinema's signature black suit and purple tie greeted them. Asami did not give Akihito time to ogle at the luxurious décor; he did not pause to greet either, choosing to guide Akihito into the cinema hall located at the end of the lounge.

It wasn't the couple seats that had Akihito's jaw dropped. The entire cinema was empty, saved for two wide, reclining cushioned seats in the middle of the sound proofed room. A table each stood at the sides of the seats, with a small call button on the otherwise empty table.

"You must be kidding me," Akihito said in disbelief. He waited for the manager to step out of the hall with Suoh before glaring at Asami. "You booked the entire cinema?"

"Not exactly," Asami answered smoothly as he guided the photographer to his seat. "I booked two seats and it happened that there are only two seats in this hall."

"You know, this defeats the purpose of going to the cinema," Akihito grumbled, sitting on the cushioned seat. "I mean, the point about going to the movies is –," the photographer could barely continue when he leaned back against the recliner.

He nearly purred from the comfort. The plush recliner offered support to his lower back, relaxing his body almost immediately. He leaned his head against the headrest and moaned at the softness.

"The point of going to the movies is to enjoy yourself," Asami finished for him as he took his own seat.

"Rich bastard." Akihito crossed his arms. "I just don't see the point in spending so much for a movie."

"Would you prefer me to buy it and put it under your name?" Asami asked smoothly.

"Hell no; are you crazy? What would I do with a cinema?"

"You can watch free movies anytime."

"No!" Akihito protested. He turned sideways, facing the crime lord. "I mean it, Asami. Don't buy me the damn cinema."

His glares were met by a pair of amused golden eyes. "Then I advise you to stop complaining. Another word Akihito; and Toho Cinemas will be yours."

"You –!" Akihito began and clamped his mouth immediately when Asami whipped out his phone, dialing Kirishima's number. He snatched the phone from the crime lord. "All right, you jerk! I'll shut up!"

The crime lord smirked, infuriating Akihito further. Losing the battle before it even began; the photographer sat in his seat and sulked.

The chief waiter and two pretty waitresses came in moments later, carrying blankets. The man went to Asami, kneeling next to the crime lord and began offering Asami a long list of beverages. The waitresses spread the blankets, placing them on Akihito's and Asami's laps.

"Bombay Sapphire," Asami ordered and turned to Akihito. "Do you want anything?"

Akihito's eyes lit up. "Caramel popcorn and iced tea!"

The waiter murmured instructions at his co-workers and they left the hall to carry out the orders. They came back minutes later, placing their orders on the table.

"Asami sama, Takaba sama," the chief waiter said, pointing his finger to the small button on the table. "These are service call buttons. Please call us if you need anything."

Nodding his head, Asami dismissed the waiter and signaled for Suoh. Akihito couldn't hear Asami's instructions to Suoh but he caught something about the security. Akihito didn't particularly bother with the contents for the thought of watching a movie in such superb environment outweighed any concerns he had at the moment.

The hall went dim the minute Suoh stepped out. Eyes fixated on the screen, Akihito immersed himself in the movie.

Xx Business as Usual xX

Okay, the movie is a little terrifying, Akihito concluded. It didn't help that there were only two movie goers in the huge hall. Gripping his gigantic caramel popcorn tightly in his arms, Akihito stole a sideway glance at Asami whose expression did not even flicker when the pale looking child climbed out of the television.

Eyes fixed at the screen, the yakuza's lean fingers traced the rim of the glass before bringing it to his lips. He sipped the strong bluish liquid, replaced the glass on the small table and rested his elbows on the arm rest.

Akihito didn't realize that he was staring until the yakuza returned his gaze. A small smirk graced his lips. "Scared, Akihito?"

Embarrassed being caught staring, Akihito reverted his gaze to the screen. "No, of course not!" he denied hotly, jamming his fingers in the popcorn cup and began popping the sticky sweet snack into his mouth.

A sudden increase in volume during the climax of the movie had Akihito jumped from his seat. The popcorn cup he was holding flew high before it landed on the carpeted floor.

"Looks like you're really afraid."

"Bastard, I'm not terrified! I was only –," Akihito stopped when he noticed he had poured a small amount of popcorn on Asami's designer suit. Face flushed, the photographer quickly leaned forward to pick up the popcorn, only to be yanked by the crime lord. A loud yelp and a second later, Akihito found himself on Asami's lap.

"What are you doing?" he asked, straddling Asami.

Hands wrapped around Akihito's waist, the yakuza gave the boy a condescending smile. "Since you're terrified of ghosts, you can sit on my lap."

Temper flared, Akihito shoved at the yakuza. "Who said I'm afraid of –"Akihito protested when Asami's mouth came crushing onto his. "Hnn –," Akihito made sloppy noises as Asami forced Akihito's mouth to open before slipping his tongue into the photographer's mouth.

"Asami –," Akihito moaned when the yakuza pushed his jacket away. A hand slipped into his white singlet, the clever fingers found Akihito's nipples and pinched on it slightly.

Realizing something important, Akihito placed his palms on Asami's chest and shoved, breaking the kiss. "Asami – Stop!" He panted. "Someone might walk in."

Ignoring the boy, Asami attacked the slightly swollen mouth again, this time sucking his lower lip.

"Ah – Asa – mi, someone – might –," he panted.

Asami's lips left Akihito's mouth, travelled to the Akihito's ear and gently nipped at the earlobe. "Suoh and Ando are outside. They have orders to shoot anyone who comes in without permission."

"Cameras –" Akihito stifled a moan. "—there're security cameras in the hall."


"No –," the photographer protested, his palms on Asami's chest. "How can you be sure? I don't want to see my sex tape circulating on the Internet!"

Asami pushed Akihito's hands away and brought them back to the small of Akihito's waist. Using a single hand, he tightened his grip of Akihito's wrist, locking them together. "Suoh had informed the manager to deactivate the cameras." Asami licked the nape of his lover's neck. "And if by chance that manager did not do as I ordered–," he bit Akihito's neck, "—I'll have his eyes gouged out."

Akihito didn't know if his lover meant what he said but he couldn't stop to think. Screw pride, Akihito thought, moaning shamelessly as Asami pinched his nipples, creating delicious sensations all over. He felt his nipples hardened immediately but whether from the cold or the excitement, Akihito couldn't decide.

The grip on his wrists loosened, allowing Akihito to slide his hands up Asami's chest and locked them around the yakuza's neck. He pushed himself to Asami, chest to chest, wanting to feel the heat of the older man.

And the stupid clothes were in the way. Damn; why did he have to wear so many clothes?

With his mouth still being ravished by Asami, Akihito's trembling hands left the older man's neck to the black vest, fumbling with the buttons. It didn't help that Asami kept on teasing his nipples either. After a few awkward tries, the photographer managed to pop the buttons and was met with yet another layer of clothing.

Frustrated, the photographer gripped Asami's shirt, trying to rip the garment off. The buttons on the damn designer shirt must be of a steel quality for it did not budge no matter how hard Akihito tried to tear it apart.

"You're ruining my shirt, Akihito," Asami said, amused with Akihito's struggles.

"Take it off," Akihito heard his own voice pleading.

Prying Akihito's hands away from his white shirt, the yakuza unbuttoned the shirt, popping buttons at a remarkable speed.

Oh god, this man is as sexy as hell.

The sight before Akihito was breathtaking. The yakuza's strong, well-toned chest with flat abdominal muscles was enough to make Akihito's pants tighten, and the mere thought of him impaling on Asami's already erected cock made Akihito squirm with need to come.

Since he was still straddling Asami, Akihito felt the older man's bulge pressing against the softness of his inner thigh. Akihito smiled coyly, licking his lips in anticipation. Sliding off Asami's legs, the photographer knelt on the thick carpeted floor of the cinema and began to undo Asami's belt.

Behind him, Akihito heard the loud sound effect and the screaming of a woman, shouting for help. He didn't care, neither was he curious about the story. Keeping his fingers steady, Akihito unzipped Asami's pants, freeing the hardened cock. He wrapped his fingers around the organ, giving it a few strokes, watching the pre-cum forming on the tip of the cock.

Akihito licked his dry lips, swallowed. Then, he took the cock in his mouth.

"Akihito." Asami's voice stifled, his hands automatically slid into Akihito's hair.

Gripping the base of Asami's cock with his hand, Akihito held the organ steady and he bobbed his head. He concentrated on the blunt head, allowing his tongue to swirl around it, tasting the slightly salty pre-cum. Weird taste but Akihito didn't dislike it.

Akihito went torturously slow on purpose, watching Asami's face as he pleasured the crime lord. The movie offered flickers of lights in the hall, allowing Akihito a glimpse of the crime lord's erotic expression. Eyes closed, Asami had his neck arched slightly backwards. "It feels good, Akihito."

Still eager to please, Akihito took the hardened cock deeper in his mouth, faster this time. The golden eyes opened, meeting Akihito's hazel ones.

Akihito was too aroused to feel embarrassed by the intense gaze. He sucked harder, swirling his tongue around the head; the hand that gripped the base of Asami's cock stroke upwards and downwards rhythmically, making Asami moan in pleasure. It pleased Akihito immensely.

Shit. The erotic display of the yakuza caused his own cock to strain painfully inside his jeans. With his free hand, Akihito unzipped his jeans and pushing the boxers away, he wrapped his hand around his neglected cock.

Despite the darkness, Asami must have noticed Akihito was playing with himself. The hand on Akihito's head tightened as he pushed Akihito away.

The yakuza pulled the boy up, making Akihito straddle him again. "No touching yourself."

"Selfish bastard."

Asami flashed his young lover a confident smirk. He stripped Akihito's jacket down his arms and flung it sideways. Akihito's singlet was next. He jerked it off, letting the thin garment fall on the floor. The jeans and boxer shorts were pushed downwards next and with Akihito's cooperation, Asami managed to pull them off his lover.

"Asami!" Akihito shouted when his lover pushed two wet fingers into him. His entire body throbbed in excitement and pleasure, the blood running thick through his veins, gathering at his cock. Gripping Asami's shoulder for support, Akihito began to move his hips, trying to get Asami's fingers to go deeper.

"How lewd," Akihito heard the older man say. He didn't care, wouldn't want to. He only knew that he wanted Asami so badly and he would do anything to make that happen.

"I – don't want – ah – your fingers!" Akihito panted as he tried pushing Asami's hands away.

Their gaze met each other. Asami's golden eyes were intense, fiercely narrowed. The fingers removed, and Akihito wasted no time. Steadying himself, Akihito impaled himself on Asami and was immediately met with waves of pleasure.

"Oh god, Asami!" Akihito screamed. Looping an arm around Asami's shoulder and the other on his head, the boy rode furiously. The oversized recliner sofa offered him room and cushioned his legs from the fractions that would otherwise hurt his knees. Not that it mattered to Akihito.

A shrill shriek from the movie had Akihito flinched but Asami steadied him by wrapping an arm around Akihito's back. Gripping Akihito's bottom with his other hand, Asami squeezed it a little before thrusting upwards.

"Ryuiichi –ah!" The photographer panted. "I – can't – hold back!"

"Akihito," Asami growled when he sensed he was near.

The boy responded with short, choppy pants. The yakuza's length felt so thick and hard inside him, making Akihito's body burn. He moved alongside with Asami, trying to match his rhythm so he could push himself to the hilt of Asami's cock.

The crime lord gave a guttural sound as he thrust deeper, taking Akihito with powerful thrusts that made the photographer's body shudder. Asami took Akihito's cock in his hands, moving his hands up and down of the leaking cock.

The pleasure was so intense that Akihito lost all sense of rationality. He panted, he screamed, he sobbed and finally pleaded. "Please – Ryuiichi."

Asami obliged, seeing that he was having a hard time keeping himself under control. He pleasured the boy until he came, and without mercy took Akihito hard and fast. Akihito sobbed Asami's name as he came and that was all the crime lord needed before his body stiffened, releasing his cum inside his lover.

Akihito collapsed on Asami's shoulder as soon as his climax died down. Loose and warm after the love making, Akihito yawned. Closing his eyes, he told himself that he'd take a five minute rest but entered a deep sleep before he could finish that thought.

Asami realized Akihito was asleep when the boy went limp in his arms. Still straddling him, the photographer slept like a child, with head rested on Asami's shoulder and arms let loose by his sides. Akihito's cum was on his torso, some soiled his tailor made shirt but the crime lord made no attempts to clean the dripping cum. Suoh can bring him a spare change of clothes later.

Gently, Asami lifted Akihito, freeing his satisfied cock from Akihito. The boy did not even stir. Grabbing the blanket, the crime lord covered Akihito's body before fishing out his phone from his jacket to call Suoh.

With an arm around his lover, Asami leaned back and watched the rest of the movie.

Xx Business as Usual xX

How absurd. Akihito's cheeks turned crimson as he walked out of the cinema with Asami. To think that they actually had sex in cinema hall while watching a horror movie and falling asleep after that was downright mortifying. How his cock managed to spring into life during the creepiest time of the show was beyond Akihito's comprehension.

And most of all, why wasn't Asami scared of that long haired character at the foot of the bed?

"Did you enjoy the movie, Akihito?"

Knees still weak, Akihito shot a glare at the yakuza. "Bastard, I didn't get to watch the movie because you were busy pouncing on me. All I heard were screams."

"Can't be helped since you had your back against the screen," he said smoothly, motioning Akihito to the waiting elevator car, " – and you were screaming too, for a very different reason, of course."

Face turned crimson, Akihito stole a quick glance at the guards. The chief security looked indifferent but Ando's ears turned slightly red from Asami's earlier remark. "Pervert," he muttered.

An eyebrow winged up. "Shall I remind you what you said when we were –"

"ASAMI!" Akihito let out a thin scream of frustration before looking at his guards again. Ando had his eyes averted, pretending to read the safety manual plastered at the side of the elevator car.

Eyes narrowed in slits, Akihito accused, "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

The doors to the elevator open and again, Asami motioned Akihito out of the building by placing his hand on the small of Akihito's waist. "It was very satisfying," he admitted.

"Perverted bastard," Akihito cursed as he entered the waiting limousine.

Asami pulled Akihito to him. "You were begging for it, Akihito," his voice was almost husky when he said it.

Embarrassed, Akihito looked away, staring at his torn jeans. "I didn't," he denied weakly and went bright red.

The intercom at the backseat buzzed and Suoh's clear voice rang out. "Asami sama, where would you like to go?"

Asami turned to Akihito. "Do you want dinner?"

Confused, the photographer stared at Asami. "Aren't you going back to Sion?"

"No, not today."

"Oh, then I supposed dinner is all right –," Akihito mumbled. He quickly added before Asami could order Suoh to chauffer them to a fancy restaurant. "We'll eat at home, I'll cook."

Lips curved slightly, Asami pressed the intercom. "Suoh, bring us to Marukoshi."

"Yes, sir."

"Why are we going to Marukoshi?"

Asami glanced at his lover. "To buy ingredients. You're cooking, aren't you?"

Akihito leaned back against the seat, sighing. "I hope that manager isn't going to follow us around."

Xx Business as Usual xX

Marukoshi, Akihito thought miserably when the limousine pulled at the main entrance.

Nicknamed the rich housewives' mart, the goods sold in the mart were mostly imported and over-priced; and the patrons were usually rich ladies who couldn't bear to do their grocery shopping at the usual mart.

And the rich housewives' mart belonged to him. Akihito almost snorted. Who would have thought that a small time photographer owned an upscale mart at Roppongi Hills? Even Kou and Takato had a good laugh when they found out.

Akihito noticed Marukoshi went through a revamp. Subtle changes were made to the front door and fresh coatings of royal blue and white paint were spotted on the walls. Minimal changes, great impact nonetheless.

"Are you going shopping with me?"

The lack of response from the yakuza confirmed Akihito's suspicions. He nearly cringed. "Can't you just stay in the car? I'll be quick."

"And let you ogle at the imported snacks by yourself?" Asami asked as he walked into the mart with Akihito.

Akihito looked away, embarrassed that his intentions were exposed. Suoh wheeled a cart over and Akihito quickly wheeled it away without waiting for Asami. He moved to the back, parked his cart next to a huge freezer and scanned the Mackerel fish.

"Takaba sama!"

Akihito heard the all too familiar voice of Suzuki Kenta greeted him. The manager of Marukoshi rushed towards him and offered a deep bow.

"Takaba sama, you should have informed us about your arrival so I can prepare a team to –,"

Akihito held his hands up. "It's all right, Suzuki san. I can manage."

"No – that won't do, Takaba sama. It is our duty to assist you," the manager protested.

Asami came up just then, chaperoned by Suoh. The photographer immediately turned to the yakuza. "Let me shop in peace. I don't need company," he almost pleaded.

Akihito thought that he must have looked desperate enough for Asami to oblige. Asami gave orders for Suoh and the manager to stand back.

As both men disappeared into the back, Akihito's slit eyes met Asami's. "Why are you still here?"

The yakuza's infamous eyebrow shot up. "I'm shopping with you, of course."

Akihito groaned, turning back to the huge freezer. "I'm not invalid; I can manage on my own," he said as he selected the Mackerel fish.

"Indeed you're not," Asami agreed and selected a fish by random before passing it to the worker to have it wrapped.

"Hey, that's a huge fish. How are we supposed to finish it?" Akihito tried changing the fish with a smaller one but was stopped by Asami.

"Leave it," Asami ordered as he accepted the wrapped package from the middle-aged woman.

Akihito watched his lover placing the fish in the cart. "Such a waste," he murmured disapprovingly, pushing the cart to the vegetables section.

The vegetables were probably twenty percent more expensive than the usual mart Akihito frequented. Ignoring the crime lord behind him, Akihito scanned the carrots and radish. "Do they have time sale here?" Akihito asked without looking at Asami.

"Time sale?"

Akihito dropped the packet of baby carrots he was holding. Staring at Asami in bewilderment, he said, "You don't know what a time sale is?"

When Asami remained quiet, Akihito giggled a little. "It's a special sale that happens during specific times where selected products are sold at a lower price. Usually happens at 4 or 6 in the evening," he said, focusing on the vegetables again. "But I guess the rich housewives' mart does not need time sales."

Asami picked a pack of tofu and placed it into the cart. "You can have a time sale if you prefer, Mr. President of the rich housewives' mart."

Bastard, Akihito cursed, knowing Asami was trying to get back at him. "Just you wait, Asami Ryuiichi. I will transform Marukoshi into a commoner's mart."

Asami remained indifferent as he looked at the carton of eggs. "Do as you please."

Shopping with Asami was never been pleasant to begin with. The last time he went shopping with the yakuza, the crazy man bought him an apparel store in Ginza. Akihito had been careful not to fume about the stores he frequented to the crime lord because the more he complained, the longer the list of stores he owned.

Akihito did a mental count of the places he owned: Marukoshi, The Fixer, Nikon camera shop, apparel boutique in Ginza, the onsen and other properties he had yet to know. The photographer groaned; he didn't want to imagine what his brother would say if he found out.

"What are you thinking?"

Without looking at Asami, Akhito replied, "That you're crazy enough to buy so many properties for a mere photographer." He quickly grabbed a bottle of vinegar that Asami favored and placed it into the cart.

The corners of Asami's mouth curved. "I can assure you that a mere photographer wouldn't get a single yen from me." Leaning closer to Akihito's ear, the crime lord whispered, "So, do you still think that you're a mere photographer?"

Akihito's heart skipped at the comment. Face flushed, he pushed the cart away quickly. "I – I don't know what you see in me, Asami. I'm just a normal cameraman –"

Asami walked next to Akihito. "Probably the same reason as why you're attracted to me."

The cart stopped and Akihito's eyes flashed at Asami. "You conceited— hnn –," the photographer halted his insults when he was yanked to the older man for a fierce kiss.

The kiss lasted for a few seconds. "That's it, Akihito. Show me the fiery eyes that I loved so much."

"Bastard!" Akihito wiped his mouth; his eyes darted along the empty aisle. "We're in public, - couldn't you –"

The phone rang at that precise moment and Asami raised his hand, stopping Akihito from continuing. He checked the caller and his face went grim. Leaving the boy fuming, Asami walked a few steps away as he answered the call. "Asami."

"Boss, we have searched through the guards' records," Kirishima reported.

"And?" Asami asked, his eyes darted to Akihito. The boy disappeared to the snacks section.

"We skipped the guards employed outside Tokyo, focusing on those who are serving at Sion headquarters and The Club. Out of the eighty seven guards employed, there were three matches."

"Three rats," Asami said darkly as he walked to the back where Suoh and Ando were standing.

"Sir, what are your orders?"

"Detain them at the warehouse and find out if they have other accomplices."

"Understood, sir."

Asami gripped the phone tighter. "I will be there at midnight. Get the tools ready, Kirishima. I will make them regret betraying me." He ended the call and turned to the bulky guard next to him.

Xx Business as Usual xX

"That perverted yakuza," Akihito grumbled as he piled the imported snacks in his cart.

He shouldn't have suggested cooking in the first place. Then he wouldn't have to endure the shopping trip with Asami.

Thank god no one saw the kiss or – Wait. Akihito squatted, slapping a hand across his face. There were cameras around the mart. That means the guards in the security room witnessed everything.

He stood up again, making a mental note to have Asami remove the security tapes when a loud scream had him dropped the bag of chips he was holding, racing to the front. The photographer halted his steps as he neared the front, crouched and took cover behind one of the testing booths. A man dressed in dirty faded jeans and leather jacket had his knife pointed at the female cashier.

"Give me all the money!" He roared.

With fine wrinkles around his tanned skin, Akihito judged him to be in his late thirties or early forties. He was sniveling, evidence he was either cold or using drugs.

Akihito looked around; there wasn't any weapon aside from the canned beans lined neatly next to him. Left without a choice, he grabbed a can and was about to throw the can when his elbow accidentally hit the cans behind him. The neatly arranged tins fell on the floor, creating a loud clanging sound.

Startled, the robber grabbed the cashier and positioned the knife under her neck. "Who's there?" the robber shouted. "Show yourself or I'll kill her!"

Akihito stood up, raising his hands. "Okay – okay, don't hurt the lady."

From the corner of his eye, he saw Asami approaching from the back. Suoh and Ando were following behind Asami; and all three had their guns drawn.

Shit. The guy might as well be dead if Asami gets his hands on him.

Akihito focused his attention at the weapon again and shuddered. Memories of his captivity in Cambodia came flooding back – the solemn faces on the black and white photographs, the waterboarding torture and the gun that nearly took Toru's life.

He wrapped his hands around himself. Calm down Akihito, when are you going to stop being afraid? You can't be relying on Kou to wash your hair forever! You can't be feeling scared whenever you see people holding weapons!

"Hey, I said give me the money or I'll scratch her pretty little face!" The robber snarled, the knife on his hands moved closer to the cashier's face.

The girl began to cry as she shook her head. "No, please," she begged.

Akihito could have taken the easy way and ordered Ando to do the rest but he wasn't about to chicken out. Damn it, the store belonged to him and he had every reason to protect his employees.

Behind him, Akihito heard the rush of footsteps grew louder and knew Asami was near. Without looking behind, he raised his hand.

"No," he nearly barked out. "I got this."

"Takaba sama, it's too dangerous," Ando protested, his gun aimed at the masked man.

Still looking at the robber, Akihito said, "This is MY store and I'll take care of it."

"Takaba sama," Ando protested again.

Akihito glanced backwards; his lips curved a sad smile. "I need to do this, Asami. I can't hide in my nightmares forever."

The yakuza lowered his gun. Golden eyes burned in rage, he said icily, "Then I advised you to get rid of him fast before I do."

The photographer nodded.

"Are you done talking and showing off your toy guns? I said give me the money!" The man barked.

"Asami sama," Suoh growled as he released the safety catch but Asami held his hand up. "Thirty seconds, Akihito. You don't bring him down by then, I will."

Akihito wasted no time, he lunged. Startled with Akihito's forwardness, the robber pushed the shrieking girl aside and he too, lunged forward.

On instinct, Akihito kicked out so that his sports shoes connected with the man's elbow. The weapon on his hand flew out from his hands, clattered against the polished flooring.

It took only a moment for the man to recover. He moved sideways, bent down and grabbed the knife but Akihito was faster. The photographer saw a huge white radish poking out from the cart left stationary by a customer and made a quick grab at the vegetable, slamming it on the man's head.

The radish broke into two equal halves and as the vegetable hit the floor, so did the robber. He slumped down with his hands on his head, groaning in pain.

Blood still sang from the earlier events, Akihito knelt down next to the robber, hitting his head with the radish again. "Serves you right for robbing my place."

Asami stepped forward, pulling Akihito up. "Well done, radish hero."

The photographer scowled. "Shut up."

Beside him, Ando kneed the robber at his neck and pointed his gun at him. "Did you say that we're carrying toy guns?" He snarled. "Do you want to try it out? I can blow your brains out this instant!"

The man shivered as he held his hand up. "No, no. I'm sorry!"

Suoh stepped forward. "Asami sama, what do we do with him?" The guard pointed his gun at the robber. "Should we get rid of him?" Suoh asked menacingly. Apparently he didn't take the toy gun remark too well either.

The crime lord kept his gun. "What do we do with him, Mr. CEO?"

Akihito actually thought for a while, amusing the yakuza even more. Finally, he turned around to the manager and gave his orders. "Call the police."

"Ye—yes, sir!"

The photographer turned to his guard. "Ando, get my camera." He grinned. "I'm going to make some money out of this."

Akihito grabbed Asami's arm. "And you; get the security tapes. I don't want the guards distributing our kissing scene on the Internet."

Xx Business as Usual xX

"I can never go anywhere with you," Akihito grumbled as they entered the apartment.

Asami smirked. "That should be my line, Akihito. You are like a trouble magnet," he said and watched the boy's flushed in anger.

"What? You brought all the troubles to me, you bastard!"

Asami instructed Ando to place the shopping bags on the table before dismissing him. He turned back to his enraged lover.

Akihito was still fuming on the couch. Arms across his chest, Akihito grumbled about how he could have shopped in peace without assistance. A smile graced Asami's lips. Akihito could be painfully stupid and childish sometimes.

He knew all about Akihito's nightmares, not just the ones Toru had told him. How could he not when he slept next to the photographer every night? Some nights Akihito would fight like a ferocious animal under attack while occasionally he would hide underneath the covers, whimpering like a wounded animal.

Looking at his lover's tortured state reminded Asami that he should have done more to the bastard Chey. He let the Cambodian off too easily.

Asami had thought Akihito needed more time to overcome his fear. Yet Akihito's boldness in defending his own store from the robber surprised him. His willingness to conquer his weakness could only mean that the boy was growing stronger by the day.

Asami understood Akihito's necessity to fight fear with fear and it was the only reason why he had acquiesced Akihito's request. Besides, Ando and Suoh had orders to shoot the robber if he pulled any tricks.

The crime lord's attention went to his lover again. Akihito was still babbling about the earlier events. " – The robber had a knife! I was real lucky that I wasn't hurt."

Taking his seat, Asami cupped his lover's chin. "If you were to get a scratch, I would have hacked off his hands."

Akihito's eyes widened. "You serious?"

"Of course not," he lied smoothly.

Akihito didn't offer any comments. He had a strange look on his face, telling Asami that he didn't believe him.

"I – I'm going to take a shower," the photographer announced abruptly.

"Need help washing your hair?"

Akihito's eyes widened a little at the remark. "I – I can do it myself." He clasped his hands together. "I can't have other people washing my hair all the time."

Asami yanked the boy to him, kissing him hard. "I'll help you erase your fear." He pulled the boy into the master bedroom, stripped him with efficiency before pushing into the shower room.

Akihito trembled at the sight of the shower head. He looked at the crime lord. "Don't let me back out," he whispered.

Asami chose that very moment to turn on the shower. Akihito nearly bolted but the yakuza was quicker. He pushed the boy to the tiles, caged his hands above his head before crushing his mouth onto Akihito's.

He felt Akihito's body tightened, his heart beat quickened as the warm water beat on them. "No –," he pleaded, trying to push Asami away.

Asami trapped his lover's body with his. "Don't run away, Akihito."

The boy stilled. His chest heaved up and down for a moment, as though as he was calming his nerves. Then slowly, Akhito kissed him back.

"Good boy," Asami murmured, releasing Akihito's hands.

Asami moved his hands to Akihito's semi erect manhood and wrapped around it. The organ in his hands came to life instantly.

"Asa – mi," Akihito moaned.

The crime lord went on his knees. "Shh – I'll reward you."

Akihito's voice hitched when Asami took Akihito's cock in his mouth. The boy's head trashed from side to side, moaning his lover's given name wantonly. Using two fingers, Asami slipped them into Akihito, moving them in and out in steady rhythms.

The soft pants aroused him and Asami felt his own cock throbbed painfully. Asami sucked Akihito till he came screaming Asami's name and watched Akihito went limp. He caught Akihito just before he fell, hoisting him up.

Akihito's hands went around Asami's neck automatically for support. Watching Akihito's heavy eyelids; he lowered the boy onto his cock and watched Akihito's eyes widened immediately.

Asami attacked Akihito's sensitive spot, licking the hollow just below his ear. "I'll make you forget your fears, Akihito. So hold on tight," he said and began to thrust.

For the next few minutes, all could be heard from the bathroom was the sound of water and skin slapping against each other. Asami took the boy with hard thrusts, sending Akihito to yet another powerful climax.

As the boy shuddered violently in his arms, Asami found his control wavered. Giving his lover a few more thrusts, he emptied inside Akihito.

Xx Business as Usual xX

The next day

Akihito woke up cocooned in Asami's arms, with his head resting against the crime lord's chest. Feeling refreshed and well rested, the photographer smiled.

Movies followed by sex and more sex really did wonders to his body.

Akihito felt his stomach growled and realized that they had missed dinner last night, courtesy of their therapeutic activities. He slipped out of the bed and noticed Asami's coat on the carpeted floor. The photographer took the garment, realizing instantly that it wasn't the same one he had worn during their movie date the day before.

Akihito hung the coat. Strange, did Asami go out after I passed out?

Not wanting to pry into Asami's business, Akihito shrugged his shoulders before padding out of the bedroom. He had every intention of stopping at the kitchen but as he passed by his workroom, he was reminded of the photos he took at Marukoshi.

He groaned, regretting that he didn't send the photographs of that robber to his editor last night. Glancing at the table clock, Akihito did a mental calculation and noticed that he had enough time to edit and send the photos to Takeda for the evening edition.

Grinning, the photographer sat down, grabbing his camera bag in the process. He only had time to remove his camera from the bag when his phone rang. He checked the caller.

Takeda – Mainichi Shimbun

Great, just on time, Akihito thought as he answered the call. "Takeda san? You called at the right moment! Listen, I have this –,"

"Never mind about what you have now Akihito," Takeda interrupted. "The photos you sent in about the Marukoshi robber were great!"

It took a moment to realize that Ando must have sent the photographs on his behalf. He rushed out to the living room and found that the day's newspapers on the table. "Of—of course! You know how I work, Takeda san."

Flipping the pages, he found the story. Apparently, the robber was on wanted list for a series of convenient stores robbery.

"What the hell?" Akihito cursed. One of the photographs that Akihito remembered snapping made into the papers. It was placed at a small corner beside the news article. But the main photograph – an enlarged image of Akihito whacking the robber with a giant radish; one that he didn't remember taking, occupied a quarter of the page. The caption below read:

Wanted robber caught by star cameraman Takaba Akihito!

"Takeda san, the photographs of the police handcuffing the robber should be the main photograph! It has a bigger impact!" Akihito protested.

His editor laughed. "Tsk – tsk, Takaba. You should know by now the definition of news worthiness," the editor chided. "The police handcuffing the robber aren't as interesting as you hitting the robber with a radish."

Akihito's face went crimson from the remark. "Damn it, who sent the photos anyway?"

" You did!" Takeda burst out laughing. "I have to say, your assistant Toru did a splendid job with that shot. The angle, lighting, expression – everything was perfect."

Akihito stood up, gripping the phone tighter. He couldn't reveal that it was Ando, not Toru who took the photographs.

"Don't worry, I will still wire the payment to your account." Takeda laughed again. "Make sure you give Toru kun his share too."

If there was a hole, Akihito liked to jump into it. "I will," he mumbled embarrassingly and quickly pressed the end button before Takeda started teasing him again. Gripping the phone, the photographer marched into the master bedroom and found his lover sitting in the sitting area, scanning stock market reports on the computer screen. Wearing nothing but a long dress pants, Asami sipped his water as he tapped a few buttons on his lap top.

"You told Ando to send the photographs to Takeda, didn't you?" Akihito asked crossly. "And when did Ando take the photographs anyway? The camera was in the limousine until I told Ando to get it."

Asami's eyes did not leave the computer screen. "I did but it was Takeda's decision to put that as the main photograph." He looked up at the fuming photographer. "As to your other question, I told Ando to take the photograph using my phone."

"What?" Akihito raised his voice. "I don't believe you. Takeda said that the photo was perfect. There's no way that your phone can beat my DSLR camera."

A small smile graced the yakuza's lips. He took his phone, bypassed the security lock before placing it on the table. "You are welcome to inspect the phone if you like."

Akihito grabbed the device, checked the image folder and cursed. "You amateur, I can't believe Takeda was satisfied with this shot!"

"It wasn't the best," Asami agreed, standing in the process. "But if you asked me, you whacking the robber with the vegetable was definitely more amusing than the police handcuffing the robber."

"Arg!" Akihito walked to the bed and sat on it. "This is so embarrassing! Takeda was laughing really hard! I don't even want to imagine Kou's and Takato's reactions when they read the papers!"

Akihito lay on his back, covering his face with his hands. "You're a bastard Asami. Because of this, I have to stay at home for a while." He sulked. "It's too embarrassing to show my face at everyone."

Asami moved to the bed. He hovered over Akihito, pushing the boy's hands above his head. "Good, since I have taken a couple of days off myself, I will keep you company, Radish Hero."

The fiery eyes flashed at the yakuza. "You jerk! You – hnnmmm –" Akihito couldn't continue when Asami's mouth closed onto his, kissing him fiercely.

They missed breakfast and lunch altogether.

Chapter 23 - Owari

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