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Xx Business as Usual - Chapter 39 xX

The cigarette between Asami's fingers continue to burn as he stared at the screen on his laptop, waiting for his partners to reach a decision. Seated across the world, the men clad in white thawb spoke urgently in Arabic, discussing the new set of terms that Asami had proposed.

Finally, they nodded their heads and focused their attention back on screen.

"We accept your proposal, Mr. Asami," said the man in the middle, who acted as a translator.

Asami offered a small smile. "The first shipment will arrive in two weeks. My men will contact your representative for further details."

"Understood. We look forward to working with you. As discussed, fifty percent will be wired to your account. The remaining shall be released once the shipment arrives."

"Shukran," Asami replied in Arabic and the screen went blank.

Kirishima stepped forward, clearing the laptop from the table and replaced it with an ashtray. "Congratulations on the successful negotiations sir."

"The Arabs are certainly not easy. They demand perfection but refuse to shell out more for the goods." Asami took a drag of his cigarette before crushing the stick on the ashtray.

"I'm slightly curious sir, why didn't they look for the Arbatovs? Geographically, they are nearer."

"Politics –" Asami accepted a drink from his secretary and took a sip before continuing, "—the new government is launching a crackdown on illegal drugs and weapons. It's difficult to move anything in and out of Russia now."

Kirishima nodded his head. "That explains why they're urgently looking for another partner."

Asami took out his phone, contacted Fei Long. The Chinese answered on the third ring.


"The Arabs have agreed. The goods will be shipped out tomorrow. I trust you can handle it when it passes the Hong Kong harbor?"

The Chinese chuckled. "You are one scary man, Asami Ryuichi. The Arabs are known to be difficult, yet you managed to get them to agree to your terms? I can handle my area, worry not."

"Political unrest in Hong Kong is worse than Russia," Asami reminded.

"The entire police force is mobilized to curb the unrest. They have no time for the harbor. Let me do my job."

"Very well."

"Send my regards to your cute kitten. Tell him my offer still stands," he said, and the line went dead.

For some reason, Fei Long had a weird attachment to Akihito. He heard what happened to Akihito while he was in Hong Kong and there was nothing, in his opinion, that made the Baishe leader desired Akihito. Initially, he thought that it was because Fei Long wanted his attention but after the incident with Keiko a few months back, he had his doubts.

Fei Long genuinely cared for Akihito and went as far as helping Asami to look for Wu's son. He still couldn't understand why, but he was at least certain that Fei Long meant no harm to Akihito.

As for Akihito, Asami knew, even without Akihito telling him, that the boy loved him. And that was probably the main reason why he wasn't interested in Fei Long's offer.

Slowly, he stood up and walked to the large window panels that showcased the Tokyo tower. As he stared at the tower slowly lighting up, he remembered Toru reported that his lover had an assignment at The Fixer. Akihito's favorite band Setsuna, happened to be signed under Asami's label and they were having an album launch soon.

Tonight was supposed to be the after party of the press conference. Akihito's editor, Takeda, purposely sent Akihito to the club since he knew that it'd be safe for Akihito. Not to mention Akihito can get an exclusive interview with Setsuna.

Asami smirked. Really, old man Takeda is getting good at his job.

The time on his wristwatch showed a little after 7.30 in the evening. A little early but he can call it a day and go to the club to meet Akihito.


"Yes, sir?"

"Get the car ready, we're going to The Fixer."

As if Kirishima knew what his boss was thinking, he smiled. Bowing slightly, he replied. "Right away, Asami sama."

Xx Business as Usual xX

"Why the hell must I attend a function at The Fixer?" Akihito grumbled as he checked his camera from the back seat of Asami's car. "Didn't Sanada cover the press conference just now?"

"It's the mini concert to introduce a few of Setsuna's new songs," Ando replied. "Takaba sama, I thought you liked ?"

"I do but—" Akihito sighed, knowing that it was futile trying to explain to his guards why he hated going to his own club.

"Takeda san thought it'd be wise for you to do this, considering you can get exclusive interviews with Setsuna," Toru replied monotonously.

"And since it's in your own club, there are no issues about safety," Ando added rather enthusiastically.

"This still doesn't make sense," Akihito grumbled, replacing the camera in his bag. Suddenly realizing something important, he stuck his head in the small space between Ando and Toru.

"They won't introduce me as the owner, will they?"

"Not unless you wanted to," Toru replied.

Akihito leaned back against the seat. "Spare me from that, please. Toru, tell the bouncer not to bow before me. I'm here as a photographer and journalist. It'd be weird for him to do so."

"Understood, Takaba sama." The guard whipped his phone out, sent a quick text at the head security before turning to address his partner. "Ando, Asami sama ordered you to join us after parking the car."

"Roger," he replied just as the car slowed down.

The club was already jammed packed with reporters and fans trying to get in. The after party was by invitation only and apart from selected fans and journalists, no one was permitted. But that didn't stop other hopeful fans from camping at the main door, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite superstar.

Thankfully, he remembered instructing Ando not to stop at the main entrance.

A cameraman arriving in a luxurious sedan? That'll send tongues wagging for sure. Akihito scoffed at that thought.

The bouncer at the door recognized him but at his orders, he didn't do anything except to allow Akihito inside without checking his press tag. The club was loud with strobe lights flashing everywhere. Setsuna's die hard fans were already seated in their designated area while the journalists were allocated a different segment.

Akihito saw his name on one of those upholstered chairs in front of the mini stage and silently thanked the manager for not preparing a special chair for him. He took his designated seat and unsurprisingly, Toru sat next to him.

There were more familiar faces in the club. Most of them were employed as security in the club while others were guards Akihito recognized from Sion. With security tighter than the airport, Akihito doubted anyone dared to cause a scene.

The loud music stopped abruptly, and a flamboyant man Akihito recognized as the manager of The Fixer came out on the small stage. He donned a maroon coat with black striped tie, and it reminded Akihito of a circus master.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the members of Setsuna!"

The crowd went wild when the members came on stage. Setsuna's leader, Taiga, was an obvious favorite among the members. He wore a leather jacket, paired with a rock-ish sort of T-shirt, faded jeans and shiny boots.

And Akihito went star struck. All the thoughts about hating to be at his own club were crushed when the members belted out their new songs. Everyone was up on their feet, including Akihito. When the mini concert was over, the DJs kept the crowd entertained with remixes of Stesuna's previous songs.

The photographer almost forgot that he had to interview the members. He slipped off the dance floor, and with Toru and Ando's help, Akihito managed to reach the backstage without having to push his way through the crowd.

The door to the backstage bore a sign that read, Staff only and just as Akihito was about to push the door open, someone shouted.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?"

Akihito turned around and saw a bouncer he didn't know. The man was big, almost twice his weight and a head taller than he was.

"Err –"

"No access beyond this point!" he said, trying to grab Akihito's arm.

"Don't touch him," Toru grabbed the man's hand before pushing him away. He stood in front of Akihito, blocking him from the guard. He took a backward glance at Ando. "Get me the manager."

"There's no need."

That deep baritone voice was one Akihito recognized. He turned around, suppressed a groan when he noticed Asami walking towards him with Suoh and Kirishima.

"A—Asami sama," the guard stuttered.

"You're fired."

The guard looked shocked. "But sir –,"

"A guard who cannot recognize his employer should not be working here."

The guard bowed ninety degrees. "Please Asami sama, I can explain. I was told by the manager that you are my boss. Please sir, I didn't know. I need this job – please!"

"Asami, it isn't his fault," Akihito began protesting. "He didn't know."

"He's your employee. Do as you please."

Grinning in victory, Akihito turned to the guard. "It's okay, you're not fired. Just go back to your duty."

The guard looked up, and despite his size and fierce look, he rubbed his wet eyes; leading Akihito to think that he must have needed this job really badly. "Thank you, sir."

Akihito gave two awkward pats at the man before slowly turning away. Just as he entered the backstage where Taiga and his team were resting, it suddenly occurred to Akihito that he hadn't asked an important question.

"Asami, what are you doing here?"

The older man smirked. "Setsuna is from my record label. It's natural for me to be here to check on things."

Akihito eyed his lover skeptically, obviously didn't believe him.

"And to make sure that everyone is behaving," Asami finished off his sentence, placed a hand on Akihito's waist casually, just as Toru knocked the door to Setsuna's waiting room.

Slightly confused with Asami's statement, he remained silent as Toru ushered them into the waiting room where the band members were already waiting.

"Takaba sama," Taiga stood up, prompting the rest of his team members to do the same. The leader of Setsuna gave a rather awkward smile when he saw Asami standing next to Akihito.

"Taiga san," Akihito bowed slightly before standing up. Taiga bowed lower and quickly stood up straight. He placed his left hand on his right arm, squeezing it gently.

Taiga's nervousness struck Akihito. Finally, he understood what Asami meant by 'make sure that everyone is behaving.'

Of course!

Taiga was reprimanded by Toru previously when Taiga pulled Akihito in for a kiss. Asami was highly displeased and if Akihito hadn't stepped in, Asami would have broken Taiga's arm, or worse, had him killed.

You bastard, you can't be seriously thinking that Taiga would do something like that again. That was a misunderstanding!

"Asami sama, it has been a while. Thank you for approving the budget on our tour," Taiga bowed at Asami.

The crime lord took his seat, and waved at the others. "The tour was both beneficial for you and the company."

Akihito leaned closer to Asami until his lips were centimeters from Asami's ears. To people in the room, it was almost like Akihito was flirting with Asami. The guards bore no emotions, but Taiga and his bandmates quickly averted their eyes.

"Don't intimidate them, Asami. I need to finish the interview," Akihito warned, oblivious of his surroundings.

Asami turned his face so that their faces were inches from each other. "I'm only here as your chaperone. I won't interfere with your work."

"I'll kick your ass if my interview went south."

"I'd love for you to try."

Akihito bit his lips and moved away from his lover. Clearing his throat, he looked at a very uncomfortable Taiga and his band members.

"Err—Taiga san, shall we begin?"

Xx Business as Usual xX

The interview went well despite Asami's intimidating presence in the room. Occasionally Taiga looked at Asami or his manager before replying to a few sensitive questions, but he was overall, a good interviewee.

Akihito managed to finish his reports in his office at The Fixer and sent it to Takeda before the cut off time at 11 pm amidst the loud thumping sound at the dance floor. Asami worked alongside him, reading report after report on the visitor's chair.

The club was still in full swing when they decided to leave at midnight. Outside, the weather was chilly, yet the queue kept getting longer. Akihito ignored the stares from the patrons outside the club as Asami ushered Akihito into the waiting limousine. He thought he heard someone said 'sugar daddy' but since he couldn't really be bothered by it, he let it slide. Because in all honesty, Asami did somewhat resemble one.

"What are you thinking?"

Akihito heard his lover ask the minute the door of the limousine closed.

"Nothing," he lied. "Just thinking that the club is doing well," Akihito commented as Suoh pulled away from the curb.

"It is. Financial records indicated that profits are steadily increasing." Asami pulled Akihito closer to him. "That shows that your plans are working. The introduction of Asahi beer and live band nights are a big hit."

Akihito looked smug. "Looks like my business skills aren't that bad after all."

"Then you should become a full-time businessman, don't you think so?" Asami asked, nudging Akihito's chin up.

"Nah," Akihito grinned playfully at Asami. "I'm not sitting in some fancy office looking at paperwork all day. I prefer excitement."

"Business is exciting, especially when you watch the profits graph climb."

"Not for me. Going for stake outs or getting a big scoop; that's my definition of excitement." Akihito pushed Asami's hands away, stretched himself. "Although –," he stifled a yawn. "— I have to admit that it is rather tiring. I've been working non-stop for two weeks now, pulling in late nights. I think I need a break."

"I think it's time to take one myself."

Akihito turned sideways, watched his lover's mouth curved a smile. He obviously did not like how devious Asami looked. "You're planning something," he said in a tone that was somewhat accusing.

Asami looked at Kirishima who was seated across him in the limousine.

The secretary nodded his head, smiled at Asami. "Sir, the preparations are complete. Your schedule is clear for the next three days."

Asami focused his attention back at Akihito. "Yes, I am."

That worried Akihito a little. The last time Asami gave him that look, it was on the beach where Asami brought his entire bondage collection to the hotel. Akihito ended up lying on the bed the next day due to backaches.

"I'll pass."

"Don't worry, it's just a short vacation."

"That's what worries me."

Xx Business as Usual xX

The next day

Akihito never thought that he'd come back to Fukouka so soon. It had only been a little more than a month after the incident with Hide and after they flew back to Tokyo, Akihito told himself that he needed a couple of months to forget all the bad memories about his hometown.

Hide had gone missing after that night, just as Ishida Atsuki, the photographer who took compromising photographs during a deal between Chinese crime lord Mah and Asami. While the photographer was 100 percent certain that Mah was killed by Asami, he had little to no news about Ishida. Rumors had it that he retired and resided in a remote village in Okinawa.

As Akihito was ushered into the waiting Range Rover, he thought about his last trip here. He made a huge mess, including making a very stupid decision to look for Hide on his own. That mobilized countless of Asami's guards and worse – he spent a hell lot of money for that.

"Asami, what happened to Hide?"

"I went to see the Aizu's. You dealt with Hide," Asami reminded.

Akihito moved closer to Asami, turned his body slightly to face the older man. "You went out in the middle of the night and didn't return until morning."

Asami's eyebrow raised in surprise. "I'm surprised that you weren't sleeping. I should improve on my techniques next time."

Akihito's cheeks went red, understanding perfectly what Asami meant. "Don't avoid the subject. Where did you go?"

"Business deals," the older man answered smoothly.

Akihito was inclined to believe but he knew he wouldn't be able to find out anything else from his cunning lover, so he had to let it slide. He made a face at Asami before looking out the window. The drive along the coastal roads was beautiful; with the volcanic mountain on one side and the sea on the other, the scenery was perfect.

Maybe it was because the car was too comfortable, or he was just tired due to the lack of sleep that Akihito felt his eyes drooping. Leaning back against the expensive upholstery, he closed his eyes, intending to rest his eyes just for a while.

The car seemed to be rocking back and forth. At first, Akihito thought it was probably due to the uneven roads but there was something strange. Instead of the low humming sound from the engine, all he heard was the sound of waves lapping gently.

His eyes immediately shot open, realizing that he was in an unfamiliar room. The bedroom was small compared to their bedroom in the apartment, but it did boast a fair amount of space. There was a light grey long couch by the window. The soft dim lightings, plush pillows and throw rugs on the couch made the place comfortable and homey. Standing up, he walked to the window, pushed the curtains away. The vast blueish green sea greeted him.

Eyes widened, he padded out of the room, only to be greeted with a big seating area with a U-shaped light grey upholstered sofa. There was another couch of similar color located in front, with matching cushion pillows and rugs. There was a small dining table that fit four next to the sitting area and a small kitchen located at the end. Akihito looked to the other side and noticed a mini bar with four high swivel chairs right in front of the bar.

The place looked absolutely beautiful. The seating area was surrounded with a lot of glass windows, creating an illusion of a bigger space. Akihito took his time to marvel at the surroundings, looking out through the glass window. Pacing around the kitchen, he noticed that it was fully stocked with food that could probably last for five days.

He found the stairs and gently padded up to the control room. The designs were a lot more minimalistic, with only computerized control boards, upholstered seats for the crew and large windows overlooking the sea. There was a small bedroom with an attached bathroom on this deck, which Akihito presumed to be for the crew.

He went up and this time found Asami standing on the deck, smoking. Finally seeing the yacht for the first time, Akihito only had time to whisper 'woah' before Asami walked over, pulled him in for a kiss.


Akihito pushed his lover away. To cover his embarrassment, he crossed his arms and looked at his lover crossly. "You brought me all the way here for this?"

As always, his sly lover had seen through his tactics. Asami ignored Akihito, nudged his chin up. "You don't like the yacht? I thought you love the sea."

Damn. Asami knew him too well. "You bastard. You know I do."

"Your embarrassment is quite endearing and –," Asami halted, traced Akihito's lips with his thumb. "—quite a turn on, I might add."

"Pervert," Akihito mumbled. "It's still bright out here. How can you think of sex now?"

"It isn't difficult if it's with you," he replied, sliding his hand into Akihito's sweater.

Akihito didn't think he could last if Asami continued to talk to him that way, so he quickly pushed him away. "Where are the rest?"

"If you're referring to Kirishima and the team, they are on the other yacht," Asami replied, pointing to another yacht not far from theirs.

"Why didn't they join us?"

Asami led Akihito back into the cabin. Once inside, Asami pushed Akihito to the couch and hovered on top of him. "So they won't see us doing this," he said and crushed their mouths together.

"Hey—Hnn – Stop!" Akihito tried pushing Asami away, but the older man pinned him down and attacked his neck.

"Asami, wait! The windows!"

The crime lord stopped, smirked. "Is that your only concern, Akihito? The windows are darkened from the outside, so we have complete privacy—," Asami said, sliding his hands into Akihito's shirt. "—and you should know by now that I don't share. Didn't I always tell you that I'd gouge the peeping tom's eye out if he ever saw you naked?"

"Oh," was all Akihito could say.

"Now that all your concerns are answered, let's continue."

Xx Business as Usual xX

"Wait –,"

Asami wasn't going to wait. He wanted the boy ever since he walked into The Fixer the previous night. He could have taken him when they got back to the penthouse but Asami wanted to wait till they were on the yacht.

He endured more than fourteen hours so fuck it, he wasn't going to wait. From what he gathered; he didn't think Akihito wanted to wait either. He barely touched the boy, yet he was already rock hard.

Asami smirked. It looked like they both had a lot of pent up. His fingers slid up to Akihito's nipple, circling it before rubbing against it. The boy released a delicious moan. Pulling his shirt away, Asami expertly unbuttoned Akihito's jeans and yanked them down.

Wrapping his hands around Akihito's hardened cock, he gave the leaking length a few good pumps; and was instantly rewarded by Akihito's moans again. But this time, he quickly closed his hands around his mouth to stifle the moan.

"Let it out, Akihito. There's no one here."

"Don't – don't wanna-," he managed to whisper before covering his face.

Really, his Akihito can be endearing at times. But he wasn't going to allow Akihito to hide his face the entire time. Seeing his young lover submitting to his carnal pleasures was one of the little things Asami enjoyed.

"Akihito, remove your hand."

It was a command rather than a request and to Asami's surprise, Akihito actually obeyed. He continued pleasuring Akihito, slowly pumping the cock lazily, an act he knew would make his lover go crazy. Akihito's eyes remained closed so Asami took the cock in his mouth and watched gratifyingly as his young lover's eyes shot wide open.

"Ahhhh—!" Akihito moaned, throwing his head back.

Succumbing to the pleasure, his eyelids fluttered a few times before closing again.

Asami tore his mouth away from Akihito's cock. "Open your eyes, Akihito."

Again, the boy obeyed.

"Look at me."

Shyly, Akihito met Asami's eyes. The crime lord smirked and decided such obedience needed to be rewarded. With Akihito still watching him, he took Akihito into his mouth again.

Akihito moaned, arched his body as he fisted his hand on Asami's hair.

"Shit—Asami – ahh—!"

Asami knew just how to please his young lover. Using two fingers, he teased the puckered hole. It was slightly tight since they hadn't been having sex for the past few days, but Akihito was more than ready. The boy let out the most delicious moan when Asami teased the entrance.

"Asami, put it in," he begged.

The older man acquiesced by inserting two fingers. As he crisscrossed his fingers, he sucked Akihito hard. That had the boy scream.

"Asami –stop – I'm coming!"

Asami stopped, pulled his mouth away. The boy almost sobbed at the loss. "Oh god, Ryuichi – please."

The crime lord smiled. Really, he doubted Akihito knew what he was begging for. He sat beside Akihito and pulled the boy up, making Akihito straddle him.

"Ride me, Akihito."

Akihito looked flushed, most probably from the arousal and the embarrassment but Asami knew it was an offer that the boy couldn't refuse. Raising his hips slightly, Akihito clung his hands around Asami's neck as he slowly lowered himself on Asami.

Asami helped his lover by gripping Akihito's ass, spreading it slightly so he could slide his erect cock inside. Akihito was already wet and loose, largely due to Asami's foreplay.

The crown pushed into Akihito and before Asami's cock could fill Akihito to the brim, he was already moaning. That nearly shattered Asami's perfect control. It took his entire willpower not to thrust into the boy.

Hands gripping on his shoulder, Asami watched Akihito pushing himself down, trying to take Asami completely. But no matter how much Asami had prepared the boy, it was nearly impossible for Akihito to take in Asami's length so quickly.

Akihito took his time adjusting to the older man's length, sitting on the cock slowly. Asami allowed the boy to do what he wanted because he didn't want to hurt the boy and simply, it was more pleasurable watching him that way.

When Akihito finally managed to take Asami's cock completely inside him, he took two deep breaths, adjusted himself before beginning to move. The boy started slowly at first, but decided that it wasn't enough to satisfy his needs so he clung his hands around Asami's neck and rode hard.

"Ryu–Ryuichi— I can't—"

Asami wasn't sure what Akihito meant by that but one thing for sure; Akihito calling him by his given name always turns him on. He stopped Akihito from moving, gripped Akihito's hips, held him steady and began to thrust upwards.

"Ryuichi—please—oh god – please!"

The soft cries, the erotic blissful look that Akihito gave was enough to drive Asami mad. Like a starved man, he continued to pound into his young lover. He carried Akihito up, made his way to their bedroom.

Asami placed Akihito on the bed, slamming into the boy with such ferocity that the bed moved slightly from its position. Akihito trashed his head side to side from the intensity of Asami's speed, moaning his given name over and over again.

Deciding that Akihito needed to be rewarded for his obedience, Asami gripped Akihito's leaking cock and began to pump him, all the while slamming his cock into the boy.

As expected, Akihito screamed. "I wanna come!" he sobbed. Asami obliged by pumping faster.

Before long, Akihito's body jerked violently. His eyes closed, his mouth opened with a soundless scream of pleasure as he climaxed, spurting his white cum all over his stomach and Asami's hands.

Asami felt himself closed; and giving the boy a few more thrusts, he groaned and came hard deep inside Akihito.

They remained in the same position for some time after the lovemaking, and except for Akihito's heavy pants, nothing could be heard. The photographer continued to lay under Asami, enjoying a quiet moment. He took in a few more deep breaths, and when he finally felt steady enough, he tapped Asami's shoulder.

"Hey, can you get off me? I want to go swimming."

Xx Business as Usual xX

Akihito did not actually swim. He was too tired to do anything but to lie on the couch in the main seating area. Head on Asami's lap, he held the television remote control, changing from channel to channel.

There was really nothing much to do in the yacht, in Akihito's opinion, other than to have sex and laze around. It was a boring, mundane lifestyle but Akihito loved it. Occasionally, it was nice trading the hustle and bustle of the city with peace and quiet.

They enjoyed a quiet moment of intimacy and Akihito was contemplating if he could get Asami to go skinny-dipping in the sea with him later at night. It probably wouldn't be fun, considering the water was rather chilly at this time of the year but Akihito figured it was probably the only opportunity he could do it. He almost carried out his plan until Asami reminded him that Suoh, Kirishima, Toru and Ando were stationed in another yacht nearby. No way he was going to have four pairs of eyes watching his naked butt in broad daylight.

Akihito's thoughts were on dinner when he heard Asami's phone vibrate. The older man took his phone from the table, checked the caller. His eyebrow rose in surprise.

The boy watched in great interest as his lover answered the call. He bore no expression but the slight twitch on his eyebrow indicated that he wasn't at all pleased.

"Come over," Asami commanded, replaced the phone and looked over at Akihito.

"What's wrong?"

"A business deal I need to look into." He looked at Akihito's naked body. "Put on your robe."

Akihito got up, grabbed the clothes that they tossed on the floor just now and headed to the bedroom. He only managed to dump the clothes in the laundry hamper when he heard footsteps on the yacht. Asami's bodyguards were sure fast.

He might be a busybody at times, but he understood well that Asami had his own underworld business to deal with. It was a world that he could never understand and would never be a part of. Since he decided that he wouldn't pry on Asami's matters, he lay on the bed, stretched himself.

The vigorous sex they had just now had Akihito's body turned limber. He yawned, turned over and slept.

Xx Business as Usual xX

"Asami sama," Kirishima greeted the minute he stepped inside Asami's yacht. His colleagues followed closely behind him and together they stood in front of their boss.

"What happened?"

The icy cool tone was an indication that Asami was highly displeased.

"Sir, I received news that our shipment to the Arabs was attacked by pirates. They managed to sneak into the ship and hold our men ransom."

"And how did you get the information?"

Kirishima could see where his boss was coming so he quickly added, "Sir, the pirate used the ship's telecommunication to contact us. I checked the signals, it was genuine."

"How much was their ransom?"

This is the part that Kirishima hated. "Two million USD per person. Considering the amount of goods in the ship, a few million isn't much but –," he trailed off, looked at his partner, Suoh.

The blonde bodyguard stepped forward, "—but we cannot give in, Asami sama. If we give in this time, they will do it again."

"Not to mention we always use that sea route for shipment. They'll be back for more," Ando added.

"Our shipment is top priority, Asami sama," Toru added before looking at his colleagues. "The pirates are patient and have time to kill. They'll keep the hostages until they decide that the prisoners aren't worth their effort, only then they will be disposed of."

Suoh nodded his head in agreement. "Kidnapping of tourists in few popular islands uses the same modus operandi. We have to act quickly."

Asami sat on the couch he made love to Akihito earlier, took out his cigarette. Lighting his cigarette, he smoked as his subordinates continued to stand in front of him in silence. Finally, he crushed the stick, stood up.

"Kirishima, patch me through the pirates. There is something obviously more than just a normal heist."

The secretary nodded. "We need to get on land. The signals are weak here."

"Toru, check on Akihito. He has gone in the room for some time. And take my coat from the closet."

The lanky guard disappeared for a moment, came back and handed the coat. "Takaba sama is asleep."

It might actually be good for him to be sleeping, Asami thought as he slipped the jacket on. He was dressed down today and since he wasn't working, he didn't take any of his formal clothes on ship. He'll have to go to the hotel to change. Not that he needed to look good in front of the pirates but if he were to start a video call with them, he had to look formidable.

"Toru, Ando. You stay here with Akihito. We'll be back in a few hours."

Akihito's bodyguards bowed. Asami stepped out of the luxurious yacht into darkness. There were no starts to illuminate the darkness of the sea. And if it wasn't for the lights on the yacht, Asami couldn't even see anything at all.

He stepped into the speed boat prepared by his secretary and looked backwards. Toru and Ando bowed before him before moving back into the yacht to watch over his lover. He refocused his attention to the front.

"Let's go."

As the speed boat pulled away, Asami couldn't help feeling uneasy about the entire thing. He stared into darkness, listening to the waves lapping against the speedboat. He needed to get this wrapped up quickly so he could go back to Akihito.

Xx Business as Usual xX

Akihito woke up, feeling thirsty. He grabbed the bottled water on the bedside table, broke the seal in a loud pop and drank. His gaze went to the digital clock on the table. A whole hour had gone by since he slept. He wondered if Asami was done with his business. Since he couldn't hear anyone talking, Akihito presumed that the guards went back to their yacht.

Pulling on a comfortable sweater and shorts, he padded out of the bedroom, expecting to see Asami sitting on the couch but instead of his lover, Akihito saw two other familiar faces.

"Toru, Ando! What are you doing here? Where's Asami?"

Toru bowed, followed by Ando. "Asami sama went to take care of some business. He'll be back shortly."

"Oh," was all Akihito could mutter. "Should we head back as well? I mean, Asami could take all night to settle his business."

Ando shook his head. "Boss's orders are to stay here with you. He'll be back as soon as he is done."

Akihito nodded before moving to the windows. "What about we go swimming?"

"Takaba sama, it is dangerous to go swimming at night. Not to mention that it is very dark outside. One can hardly see anything."

"I thought that's the best part about swimming at night."

Akihito's statement was met by two pairs of very disapproving eyes. "Okay, okay. I'll stay here and wait for Asami to come back—happy?"

Ando gave him a thumbs up while Toru merely nodded. Ando went to the window, looked out. Toru did the same, only he stood at the opposite window.

"Toru san." Ando suddenly turned serious.

Recognizing the tone, Toru quickly went to his partner. Ando tapped the glass window, squinted his eyes. "Can you see that?"

The lights were faint, flickering softy but Toru could see it. It was unlikely that it came from a lighthouse. From his calculations, the nearest was nearly a few miles away. No matter how strong the beam of the lighthouse, it could never reach here.

That only left one conclusion. Something that he hadn't thought since he boarded the yacht.


"Ando, turn off the lights."

"What's going on?" Akihito asked just as the younger guard switched the lights off, leaving the yacht in complete darkness.

"Keep quiet Takaba sama, and stick to me," Toru ordered, pulling his master next to him.

"What's happening?" Akihito asked, panicked when he noticed both Toru and Ando had their guns whipped out.

"I think we might have intruders," Ando explained. "For now, it's best to turn the lights off. We don't want them to know what's going on inside the ship."

"Aren't the windows tinted?" Akihito asked in a hushed voice.

"Not when the lights are this bright in the yacht," Toru explained. "They might not see us clearly, but they will be able to see shadows and movements when the lights are on."

Akihito had no time to think if the guards saw Asami and him making out like rabbits just now. As per Toru's orders, he squeezed himself in the small cramped space at the end of the bar top and waited. Toru stayed with him while Ando moved closer to the main entrance at the yacht, waiting.

"Call for backup," Toru ordered.

Ando whipped out his phone, cursed. No signal. "They must have jammed the signals."

"Shouldn't we maneuver the yacht and get the hell out of here?" Akihito asked.

"If they can jam the signals, they're capable of hacking into the system. The yacht is fully automatic and if my guess is correct, they already did. That's why they're approaching us confidentially."

"Shit," was all the boy said before he went silent.

Not good. Toru looked at Akihito, worried. These people were far more skillful than he thought.

What's their motive? Asami sama?

No, it couldn't be. This was meticulously planned so if their target was not on board, why attack?

Unless their target isn't Asami sama. If it isn't, then - Toru stared at his master hiding nearby and panicked for the first time in many years.

"Ando," he whispered as he watched a few men climbed aboard the yacht. "Plan B."

Ando's eyes widened but he nodded his head. Together, they watched helplessly as armed men walked inside.

Xx Business as Usual xX

Something isn't right, Asami thought as he waited in the hotel room while Kirishima tried to patch him through the pirates. The lines were somewhat jammed, making connections difficult. Even when they were connected, they couldn't seem to negotiate.

It had been nearly 90 minutes since Asami left the yacht and they spent nothing but futile attempts to get the connections through. Asami was both puzzled and worried since the lines weren't usually this bad.

"Sir, it is still not connecting," Kirishima said in a somewhat frustrated voice.

Asami said nothing, choosing to smoke in silence.

This is getting weird. If the pirates were concerned about the ransom, shouldn't they make numerous attempts to contact him?

Unless –

"Damn it!" Asami stood up, whipped out his phone and speed dialed Toru.

It didn't connect.

"Sir, anything wrong?" Suoh asked, concerned at Asami's sudden outburst.

"Contact Ando," he ordered, dialing Akihito's number. It went to the voicemail instead.

"Voicemail, sir," the bulky guard replied.

"Kirishima, this is a trap."

It took a few seconds for the secretary to put the pieces together. Eyes widened, he began to work on the laptop and after a few minutes, he sat back in disbelief before looking at his boss.

"Sir –," Kirishima hesitated, realized that his worst fears was confirmed, "—the phone lines and communication ports are all jammed."

"Get the men to locate the yacht," Asami said, grabbing his coat before walking out of the room.

They managed to rush into the waiting car, with Suoh and Kirshima both barking orders on their phones trying to get the men head out to the sea. Asami pinched the bridge of his nose and cursed. He should have noticed it all along. The timing of the pirate attack seemed too perfect.

But what's the motive? If the target was the shipment, they would have already gotten it. Why bother setting the whole thing up?

His phone rang, halting all his thoughts. An unfamiliar number and while Asami usually doesn't answer them, he found it compelling to respond to this call.

He pressed the answer button, put it on loudspeaker and waited.

A panicked voice rang clear, a voice he recognized as Ando's. "Sir – Asami sama!"

"Ando," Asami greeted but his relief was short-lived. "Takaba sama and Toru san were taken away!"

It took Asami's entire willpower not to smash his phone on the bullet proof windows of his limousine. "Where are you?"

"I – I'm not sure. I swam a mile back. I—,"

"Ando, calm down," Asami interrupted. "Describe your surroundings."

"I'm at a payphone. There's nothing but a few warehouses here."

"There is a unit number on the payphone," Kirishima replied, "Give me the number. I'll trace your location."

As Ando relay the number, Kirishima traced the unit through his laptop, demonstrating his prowess in hacking. "Got it," he announced a minute later, and relayed the location to Suoh.

The bulky guard simply nodded and sped away.

Asami kept Ando on the phone but he didn't pump the guard for more information. By the time they reached the payphone located near a quiet beach area, Ando was sitting next to the payphone with a hand wrapped on his left arm.

His jacket was nowhere to be seen and there were visible injuries on his jaw and cheeks. A gunshot wound on his left shoulder and a few bullets grazed his shoulder and neck. The salty sea water all but exposed the open wounds, causing them to bleed more profusely.

The guards who arrived shortly after them quickly offered Ando a jacket.

"Asami sama," the guard immediately knelt, his head on the ground. "I'm sorry, I failed you."

"Ando, stand up," the crime lord ordered. "Report."

The guard dragged himself up, but his gaze remained at the ground and his fists clenched.

Everyone went silent as Ando began to report what happened on the yacht. It took the guard a full ten minute to complete his report, leaving no details out. The younger guard was beyond frustrated, especially when he reported that he couldn't protect Akihito from danger.

By the time he finished, he knelt in front of Asami again. "I'm sorry sir. As Takaba sama's bodyguard, I failed miserably."

Kirishima noticed that his master went silent with the report. The muscles on Asami's face tightened, his eyes narrowed as he fixed a stare so cold that it could have frozen the Pacific Ocean.

The secretary noted that the gun on Asami's right hand was shaking slightly, most likely due to anger. It had been a long time since Kirishima last saw this look on his boss' face. He shuddered.

Asami Ryuichi was out for blood, now more than ever.

Mikhail Arbatov

Xx Business as Usual xX

90 minutes earlier

"Ando, plan B," Toru said softly.

Akihito barely had time to ask Toru what he meant by Plan B. Toru pulled him up, yanked him to a wall furthest from the door. Toru stood in front of him, with his gun on hand.

"Not a sound, Takaba sama," he whispered.

Akihito nodded his head. He tried detecting where Ando was standing but the light was so scarce in the room that he could barely see. They remained in complete silence for another few minutes before Akihito finally heard them.

The footsteps were light but against the stillness of the ocean, he heard them loud and clear. Some were probably in their dressier shoes, which explained the clacking sound on the wood flooring of the yacht.

With heartbeats hammering against his ribs, Akihito sought comfort by gripping Toru's arm. The guard responded by glancing backwards. It was dark and Akihito could barely see his guard's expression, but he saw that Toru nodded his head as a reassurance.

The sound of the gunshot muffled by a silencer actually made Akihito jump. The door was kicked open and a few shadows rushed into the room.

It looked like the intruders knew they'd be in for they were literally trashing the place by kicking and punching at random places. By now, Akihito's eyes had adjusted to the darkness and could easily make out the positions of the intruders.

There were eight men in the room. Two were at the large windows where Ando first noticed the intruders. Another three were near the mini bar. Two men stationed at the door while the other two moved towards Ando, who crouched next to the couch.

Ando took the opportunity to attack. He stood from his hiding place, fired precise shots at his attackers despite the darkness, wounding them.


A few men were letting out a stream in a foreign language that Akihito could barely understand. He did, however, understood one cuss word. His blood froze.


Having been kidnapped by Mikhail before, Akihito had no doubts he was right. He wasn't sure if he should tell Toru about his findings but given the precarious situation, he didn't think the information would help.

Ando continued to fire more rounds at the attackers, prompting them to move towards the direction of the sound. All part of the plan, Toru immediately grabbed Akihito's arm and fled to the now unguarded door.

The smell of fresh air and seawater hit Akihito the minute he stepped up to the deck. He moved quickly behind Toru, trying to keep up with the guard as he led them towards the back of the yacht where smaller life-boats were located.

"Ando –," was all Akihito managed to say before he heard a gunshot flew past them from behind. Toru pushed Akihito to the ground, intending for them to take cover. However, they were out in the open and there was nowhere they could hide themselves.


Toru knew they were trapped the minute he heard the gunshot. Ando was supposed to be the diversion, to allow them to run away but he hadn't counted on the number of attackers outside the cabin. Admittedly, Toru couldn't determine how many enemies were outside the yacht. He was confident of the eight inside and was praying that none would be outside.

He was, apparently, wrong. With nowhere to hide, Toru could only push his master to the ground before immediately rolling back up to a crouching position, pointing his loaded gun to his enemies.

The lights came back on just at that moment and it was then Toru truly realized the amount of mess they were in.

Ten men in suits stood in front of them, all armed. They parted ways and dragged an injured Ando to the front, pushed him to the ground.

"Ando!" Akihito rushed forward but Toru pulled him back.

"Stay right where you are or I'll blow his brains out," one of the men spoke in Japanese.

Toru looked at his partner, and at the two men who had their guns on each side of Ando's head.

"Who are you?" Toru stood up, moved to the front where he blocked Akihito completely from the attackers.

"Mikhail Arbatov's men," came a reply behind Toru.

Toru froze, glance behind. "Takaba sama?"

A sound at what Toru perceived to be clapping sound was heard from the group of men in front of him. The men parted, giving way to a blonde. He was dressed to the nines, with a three-piece dark gray suit, accessorized with a trench coat, blueish tie and a pair of dark gloves.

"Hello, Takaba-kun."

"What do you want with us?" Toru asked, the grip on his gun firm.

"Come out, Takaba. We haven't met each other for so long and you're hiding behind your guard?" Mikhail smirked.

Toru could feel Akihito froze behind him. As Akihito's guard, he made it a point to know everything that had ever happened to his master. Suoh told him bits and pieces but he sat Kirishima down one night and asked him for details. While he was always on alert, never did he once thought that he would come face to face with Mikhail Arbatov.

He researched enough to know how dangerous Mikhail was. The leader of the Russian mob, he controlled most of the firearms in Europe and owned several resorts and casinos in the European countries.

"Takaba sama, stand back," he warned but the boy wouldn't obey his commands.

Stepping out behind his back, he took a step forward until he was standing beside Toru.

"What do you want with me?"

Akihito put up a brave face, but Toru knew that deep down, the boy was probably afraid.

Mikhail smiled easily. "That's what I like about you, Akihito. You're straightforward."

The Russian mafia took a few steps forward, took out his gun from the shoulder holster. "I want you to come with me."

"In your dreams," Ando snarled and was hit by one of Mikhail's men.

"Ando!" Akihito shouted before he turned to glare at the Russian. "Why do you want to take me? I'm worthless to you."

Mikhail chuckled. "You indeed are," he agreed before continuing, "—but you're worth a great deal to Asami."

"Not – true."

"You have two exclusive guards protecting you; I wouldn't call you unimportant."

Since Mikhail was obviously no fool, Akihito didn't bother denying the statement. "That doesn't explain why you want me. Do you want to take revenge on Asami?" Akihito put on a cocky smile. "Even if you kill me, Asami won't budge. And you can't take his position."

"I have no interest in killing you nor do I have any desire to take his place." The Russian crime lord walked around Ando, placing a gun on his forehead. "But – he has something of mine and what better way of asking him to give it up than using you as a bait?"

"Don't you dare hurt Ando." Akihito's voice began to tremble.

"I won't if you follow me quietly."

"Takaba sama, don't listen to him!" Ando screamed and was hit by one of Mikhail's men on his face.

"Takaba sama, don't give into his demands." Toru pulled him away, but Akihito shook his head.

"I won't have him kill Ando," he said firmly. "Let Ando go, and I'll come with you."

"NO!" Both Ando and Toru shouted simultaneously. Toru's grip on Akihito's arms became firmer and was preparing to yank the boy back when Ando suddenly stood up, rammed his head upwards at one of the guard's jaw and ran towards them.

Mikhail's men shouted something incoherent in Russian and pointed their guns at Ando. Toru barely had the time to drag Akihito down to the ground before he heard the round of gunshots begin. He heard his partner let out a low guttural sound – Splash – and everything went silent. It was then he sat up, pulling Akihito with him. The few Russian men came forward, pointed their guns at the dark sea and started shooting aimlessly.

"Ando –," Akihito said in disbelief as he looked at the dark sea. He stood up, ran. "ANDO!" he screamed, trying to jump into the water.

"Takaba sama!" Toru pulled the boy back, wrapped his hands around Akihito.

"Let me go!" Akihito shouted but was no match to Toru's iron grip.

"Takaba sama, please –," the lanky guard pleaded.

Akihito stopped struggling, went limp. Helpless and in grief, he wept in Toru's arms.

"What a pity; he didn't have to run," Mikhail said in a somewhat mocking voice.

That had Akihito stopped crying. Slowly, he stood up, facing Mikhail. He wiped the tears with the back of his hands and looked at Mikhail in anger.

The Russian crime lord merely smiled. "Shall we go, Takaba?"

Xx Business as Usual xX

Akihito didn't know how long he was blindfolded and bound but by the time he was released, he found himself in a very large and cold room. Chains dropped from the ceiling, hung by a large conveyor belt surround the entire room; with animal meat hung on metal hooks. The smell of blood was faint, largely thanks to the cold temperature in the room but it still made Akihito gagged a little.

"We're in a meat storage room," he heard Toru said.

Akihito was thankful that Toru was with him. The room was dimly lit and frankly, it was slightly scary to be alone in a room like this, staring at animal carcasses.

The first blast of cold air seeped in through the high ceilings and Akihito immediately wrapped his hands around himself. It didn't help when he only had a light sweater and knee-length shorts on him.

"It's cold."

Toru pointed to the electronic board that read the temperature. "It's minus fifteen here."

He left Akihito standing at the same spot, checking the room for possible escape routes. No other doors except the door that they came in. Breaking out would be folly, since he had no weapons and the door was made of steel. He looked up, noticed a small vent above them. That seemed plausible but those bastards outside banged up his leg so badly that it'd be near impossible to even climb up. Even if he could endure it, they wouldn't make it far.

Not to mention he didn't even know where they were. They were taken there blindfolded and bound, so Toru had no chance accessing the surroundings. He only knew they were still in Japan, onshore and there were 12 men, excluding Arbatov.

Akihito was his priority. He couldn't risk a plan knowing that he'd fail. The best thing to do now was to wait. Ando would have swum back to shore and called Asami. They had better chances waiting—for now.

Abandoning the idea of escaping, Toru checked the room again, looking for warmer spots. He found a small corner at the end of the room and went back to get Akihito.

"The air doesn't blow here," he explained when Akihito showed a puzzled face, "but that doesn't mean that we'll be warm."

"Toru, what should we do now? Can we escape through the vents?" Akihito whispered, pointing to the hole on the ceiling.

"Technically, it is not impossible, but I spotted three cameras in here. We're being monitored, Takaba sama. If we try to escape, they'll know."

"But we just can't stay here!"

"We can't," the guard agreed, "but we need a plan and rushing to escape won't do us any good."

Akihito nodded his head reluctantly. As he took his seat by the corner of the room, he noticed Toru was clutching his leg, wincing in pain.

"Toru, are you injured?" Akihito placed a hand on Toru's thigh.

The guard nodded. "Slightly. One of Mikhail's men used a metal bar on me."

"That bastard," Akihito cursed angrily. "When did it happen?"

"After we were taken into the boat. You were brought inside first, that's why you didn't hear anything."

"With your skills, you would have kicked their asses." Akihito looked at Toru. "Did they threaten to harm me if you retaliate?"

The guard gave a small smile. "Asami sama is right. You sure are getting sharper, Takaba sama."

"But why would they beat you up? I mean, they already got me and –," Akihito's eyes widened, before he went into full rage. "—those bastards! With your skills, you could have us gotten us out even if they locked us up in this room. They purposely wound you, so we have no choice but to stay put."

Having arrived at the same conclusion himself, Toru could only nod his head. "Takaba sama, it's getting colder. It's best we stay close to each other and keep ourselves as warm as possible."

Akihito nodded his head. Sitting closer to Toru, he brought his knees to his chest and wrapped his hands around it. "Toru, about Ando –"

"—he'll be fine, Takaba sama. Trust me."

Akihito nodded, although he didn't seem at all convinced. He continued sitting still and it must be at least ten minutes later that the boy began to feel numbed from the cold. Not to mention that he was extremely tired and sleepy. Toru removed his jacket, passed to him.

"Take it, Takaba sama," Toru said when the photographer refused. "You're wearing too little."

As tempted as Akihito was, he noticed how thin Toru's shirt was. He stared at the offered jacket for a moment.

"Let's use it together," Akihito said and before the guard could protest, he sat in between Toru's legs, leaned his back against the guard's chest and covered himself with Toru's jacket.

"This way, we'll both be warm."

"Takaba sama, this is inappropriate. Asami sama –,"

"It's a life and death situation. If Asami gave you any grief over this, I'll kick his ass." Akihito smiled a little. "We need to stay alive, Toru. I'm kicking Mikhail's ass the minute I get out of here."

Toru leaned against the cold metal, wrapped his hands around his master. Akihito was right. They'll both die of hypothermia soon enough if they don't try to keep themselves warm.

Xx Business as Usual xX

As Ando was rushed to the hospital to be treated, Asami sat in his office in Fukouka. The doctors informed him that Ando's wounds weren't serious but the bullet on his left arm might cause some difficulties later. He'd need a lot of therapy and exercise to gain his former strength.

Kirishima was seated at the visitor's chair in front of him, trying to work on the possibilities where Mikhail might be. There were multiple screens on his two laptops, and he would be alerted if the Arbatovs tried to leave the country via commercial or private aircraft.

Under Asami's orders, Suoh sent his men to all over the prefecture to locate Akihito's whereabouts. Asami himself sat on his black swivel chair, smoking.

Mikhail would try to make contacts, Asami was sure of it. He wasn't foolish. There must be something that Mikhail wanted from him. Why go through all the trouble of getting Akihito if he didn't? The container containing the firearm shipment was still missing and while it wasn't a big loss for Asami, it could still pose potential problems with the Arabs in the future.

An unfamiliar ringtone halted his thoughts. It was an incoming video call from his laptop. Kirishima tapped a few buttons before nodding at Asami to take the call.

"Asami Ryuichi," Mikhail greeted as he offered a smile so wide that one would think that they were friends.

"Mikhail Arbatov."

"I haven't seen you since –," he trailed off, thought for a while before answering again, "—since we last met on the ship."

Asami leaned back against his chair, rested his hands on the armrest.

"You took Akihito."

It wasn't even a question. Mikhail's eyes widened slightly for a fraction of a second before turning playful again.

"You realized it sooner than I imagine."

"What do you want?"

Mikhail placed two fingers on his forehead, tapping it in the process, as if recalling something. It took a full five seconds before he looked at Asami again.

"The firearms."

Asami leaned back on his swivel chair, twined his fingers. "You already have the shipment," he reminded, "—but that was a diversion, was it not? Your real target was Akihito."

Mikhail laughed, clapped his hands. "You are one smart bastard."

"What is your purpose, Mikhail?"

"The firearm deal with the Arabs."

"That doesn't explain why you need to take Akihito. The firearms are in your possession."

"We were the main supplier for the Arabs, Asami. You stole it from us."

Asami smirked, even though he felt like smashing the laptop to pieces. "Stop going in circles Mikhail."

"I told you; the firearm deal. You call the Arabs and tell them you're backing out and I'll release Akihito and that guard of yours."

It took Asami less than a second to decide. "Very well, but I need to see Akihito. I do not bargain with defective goods. A strand of his hair missing, and the deal is off."

Mikhail laughed triumphantly. "He really is your precious, isn't he?" He leaned closer to the screen, presumably to press a few buttons. "But I'm afraid he's getting all cozy with that guard of yours."

The screen went blank for a second before it resumed to a CCTV footage. It was a close-up of Akihito curling up with Toru. He sat in between Toru's spread legs, covered with the guard's jacket. The photographer had his head rested on the nape of Toru's neck, shivering as he slept on. Toru had his arms around Akihito, most probably trying to keep the boy warm. He winced slightly whenever he tried to move his leg, a probable indication that he was hurt.

Asami couldn't see anything else but it didn't take a genius to figure out that they were placed in a cold storage room of some sort.

"So, how did you feel seeing your lover boy betraying you with your guard?"

Asami didn't reply to his childish taunts. "Name your terms."

"That's what I like about you. You don't waste time." The CCTV video turned off and Mikhail came on the screen again. "Tomorrow, 2300 hours. I'll update you the location twenty minutes before the meet up. Bring me a black and white, citing that you're backing off the deal."

"Very well, but—" Asami narrowed his eyes. "— Bring Akihito and Toru with you or the deal's off."

Mikhail smiled. "You really do treasure the boy, Asami."

The screen went blank before Asami could reply.

"Sir, something isn't right about this transaction. If all he wanted was the deal, there isn't any need to take Takaba sama," Kirishima said.

"He already seized the shipment. All he had to do was to contact the Arabs," Suoh added in. "Unless he wanted revenge, I cannot see why he did what he did."

Asami had to agree to his men's thoughts. It was weird how Mikhail kept beating around the bush about the reason he took Akihito.

What was his real motive?

The phone on the table vibrated and a quick glance told Asami that it was Fei Long. He probably wanted some details about the shipment. Or maybe he had already received news that the shipment was gone. Either reason, Asami was in no mood to take the call.

But - wait-

His eyes widened slightly, finally figured out what was happening. Grabbing his phone, he swiped to answer.

"Fei Long, how soon can you get to Japan?"

Xx Business as Usual xX

After the video call, Kirishima poured his energy to locate the cold storage where Akihito and Toru were kept. There were numerous in Japan but based on Asami's prediction, Mikhail wouldn't move them very far. So Kirishima focused on a few cold storages within the 100-kilometer radius. Even that generated about 30 of them, both small and large.

Asami did not order a thorough check on the warehouses, a decision that Kirishima found puzzling. He spent his time slowly cleaning his favorite gun, reloading the magnum and securing it in his shoulder holster. When the time was up, he merely ordered Kirishima to get the men ready.

It was very uncharacteristic of Asami, especially when it concerned Akihito. As they sped away in the limousine to the agreed meet-up location, Kirishima checked his time before asking cautiously,

"Sir, we have less than 30 minutes until the meet-up. Should I mobilize the men to all the warehouses?"

Asami raised his hand. "There is no need. He will return Akihito and Toru to us."

"Will he?" the secretary asked again.

He smirked.

"He will."

Xx Business as Usual xX

Time passed slowly inside their cold prison. Akihito didn't have any device on him that could tell him the time but there was a digital watch next to the electronic temperature monitor inside the room. They had been inside for nearly fourteen hours now, yet it felt like days.

With no food or water, both Akihito and Toru were dehydrated and lethargic. Toru's injuries were far more serious than he thought. It didn't look like the guard broke his leg but the swell on his shin told Akihito that it was probably fractured.

That hampered their plans to escape. Not to mention that the room is equipped with cameras, so it was impossible for them to do anything without being monitored.

Toru reassured him that Ando had swum back to the shore and contacted Asami. All they had to do was wait.

But how could Toru be sure that Ando was all right?

Akihito kept those nagging thoughts by himself. No point arguing it out since it wouldn't make any difference. With Toru injured, Akihito realized that he would have to take over the duty and protect them both.

He wasn't as strong as Toru, but damn it, he'd do his best.

"Takaba sama, are you all right?"

Akihito rubbed his hands together, trying to generate heat from his already numbed hands. "Toru, we can't just stay here. We have to get out of here."

"We can't climb up that vent."

"We can't," Akihito agreed, "—so we'll break out when someone opens the door."

Toru shook his head. "Takaba sama, we do not know how many guards are outside. It's unwise to act irrationally."

"Of course not. We'll follow them for a while and if we see an opportunity, we'll make a run for it," he whispered. "Can you run?"

"I can."

"But your leg is fractured."

"It's probably a hairline fracture. I can take the pain."

Akihito turned, meeting Toru's gaze. "I'm sorry Toru. Because of me, you were -,"

He halted when he heard the metal door opened. He stood up quickly, and so did Toru. A few Russian men in coats walked inside, pointing their semi-automatic at them. One man used the gun and indicated for them to follow them out.

Akihito looked at Toru, implying the guard to follow his earlier suggestion. The guard's gaze revealed nothing, but Akihito knew that he understood. Placing a hand on Toru's arm, he assisted the guard out.

The first wave of warm air hit Akihito like a bliss. The temperature couldn't have gotten very high but given that they had been inside the freezing warehouse for hours, the outside temperature felt like heaven. He stole a quick glance at Toru. For a man whose shin is fractured, Toru walked rather quickly and if Akihito hadn't known any better, he would have thought that the guard lied about his injuries.

They followed the armed men into an open area. For the first time since they were taken, Akihito finally had a sense of where they were. An abandoned factory town. They were surrounded by so many buildings that it was near impossible for Akihito to find the exit. The whole area was like a maze so even though Akihito and Toru could escape, they won't be able to go far.

Mikhail Arbatov stood in the middle of the open area; hands crossed. Strangely, the expensive grey shirt and dress pants he had suited the somber look of the abandoned factory area. Akihito stood staring at Mikhail for a few seconds, only to be pushed roughly by the guards behind him.

He snarled something in Russian, which Akihito presumed as an order to move forward. He gripped Toru's arm, and taking advantage that Mikhail's guards could not understand Japanese, he leaned closer.

"I don't think we can run."

Knowing that his master was right, Toru only nodded in agreement.

"Takaba Akihito," Mikhail greeted rather cheerfully.

Akihito braved himself to speak. "What do you want with me? If you want to kill me, go ahead."

Mikhail whistled. "Feisty, aren't we? No wonder Asami likes you."

Akihito was fed up denying so he didn't even bother trying. "You wanted me, right?" He shrugged. "You got me, so let Toru go."

"Takaba sama, I won't go without you," Toru said firmly.

"Let him go," Akihito said again, ignoring Toru. "I'll come with you quietly."

Mikhail went nearer, nudged Akihito's chin up with his gloved hand. Toru reacted almost immediately, placing a hand on Mikhail's, trying to push the crime lord away. Unfortunately, his actions were met by five guns at the back of his head.

"Don't count your luck Toru," Mikhail said pleasantly.

"Toru," Akihito whispered, pleading silently and the guard retreated. That got him a punch and a kick from Mikhail's guards.

Mikhail nudged Akihito's chin up before caressing the side of his face. "You are indeed a beauty but apart from your delicate skin and feisty eyes, I don't see why two powerful crime lords would fight for you."

"What—what do you mean?"

The gloved hand went to Akihito's neck before touching him at the nape. Being his sensitive spot, the touch had Akihito shivered.

"Both Asami and Fei Long are crazy about you. Perhaps I should have a taste of you myself? That would satisfy my curiosity."

"Takaba sama!" Toru lunged but he was held back by Mikhail's men.

Mikhail leaned forward, his lips almost touching Akihito's cheeks. "Unfortunately, my interest lies elsewhere," he whispered and pulled away. Nodding at his subordinates, two men came forward and bound Akihito.

Again, Toru tried to act but his actions were halted when Mikhail pointed his gun at Akihito. "Relax," he said to Toru, "I'm taking you to your owner."

Xx Business as Usual xX

Kirishima was halfway combing through the list when a text came in. The text, which came from a private number, only bore the venue and time. It was unmistakably Mikhail. Meeting time was 30 minutes from the time the text was received, meaning Asami had to depart from his office immediately to make it on time.

Asami took one look at the place and coordinates and felt his temper rise. He passed his phone to Kirishima and the secretary's eyes widened.

"Sir, this is –,"

Suoh came over, peered over Kirishima's shoulder to read the text. He cursed. "This is where we left Toru and Takaba sama! What game is the bastard trying to play?"

Asami did not answer as he took the phone from Kirishima and kept it. Despite his anger threading at thin lines, he reminded himself to stay calm. Standing up, he checked the magnum of his weapon and wore his jacket.

"He isn't the only one who knows how to play games."

"Sir, the negotiations are at sea," Kirishima said as they sat in the limousine driven by Suoh. A fleet of cars followed behind him, all armed and ready. "This makes it very difficult for us to canvass the area."

"It isn't necessary. Mikhail is no fool. He probably had the place surrounded with his own men."

The secretary looked slightly troubled. "But –"

"—There is no need to be hasty. We have a trump card on our side."

Kirishima gave a backward glance at the fleet of cars following closely behind the limousine and offered a smile. "Indeed, Asami sama."

Mikhail Arbatov was already on the top deck of a super yacht that he owned when Asami arrived at the yacht. He stood in a navy business suit, paired with a light grey tie. He kept his hair parted sideways and while it has a certain boyish charm, the man's impossibly blue eyes exuded a dangerous aura.

Asami noticed that thirty odd men were scattered all over the yacht. Most of them were armed, but so were his men. Despite being at a clear disadvantage, Asami showed no fear. He was furious and given a choice, he'd love to settle his score with Mikhail once and for all, but he had to remain calm.

He'd win this war. There was no doubt about it.

There were no signs of Akihito and Toru anywhere, so Asami deduced they were either kept somewhere in the bunk or they were not on the yacht at all.

No, they must be in the yacht, Asami thought as he made his way to the top of the yacht. Because no way Mikhail would risk his own men finding Akihito before they reached the end of the bargain.

"Asami Ryuichi. I haven't seen you for a while. You're more dashing than I remembered."

Asami did not respond to the greeting. Sliding a hand in his tailored dress pants, he said, "Let's cut right to the chase, Mikhail. Where are they?"

Mikhail feigned memory loss before following with a wide smile. "There's no need to rush. Show me the things that I want, and I'll let them go."

Asami wasn't known to be an easy negotiator. He pushed. "I do not bargain like that Mikhail; you know that. You can either bring them to me or we can call this negotiation off, right now."

"Tsk—tsk-, you're a tough one," Mikhail said, still smiling before clapping his hands.

The sea of men standing behind Mikhail began to part and two figures slowly emerged from behind, accompanied by two armed men behind them. Their hands were bound at their backs, and while Akihito could walk steadily, his guard couldn't.

"Asami!" Akihito shouted, trying to make a dash to Asami. The guard behind held him back by yanking the back of his sweater.

Asami resisted the urge to whip out his gun and shoot the two men behind his lover. He held his hand up, signaling his subordinates to put their weapons down. He had no intention turning this into a bloodbath.

"I brought them, as promised." Mikhail waved at his prisoners. "Time for you to honor the deal."

Asami stepped forward, so did Mikhail. They walked until they were less than a foot from each other. He passed an envelope to Mikhail. There was a small smirk when Mikhail took the sealed envelope from Asami. Ripping the top apart, he took out the papers, reading it slowly.

The smirk on his face slowly disappeared. "I ask for the deal with the Arabs to be returned to us."

"And I did," Asami said.

"Then what is this rubbish?" Mikhail snarled, crushing the papers in his hands.

"As requested, I told the Arabs that I'd hand the reins to you. They were –," Asami smirked, "—not too keen. "They will make a decision after the firearms have arrived."

"If you do not plan to honor the deal, neither should we." Mikhail took a few steps back, glanced backwards.

His subordinates grabbed Akihito by his collar, pointed a gun at him.

Toru did not stop to think. Ignoring the pain on his fractured shin, he gritted his teeth and turned his body, swinging his good leg up. He kicked the man behind him right on the neck, a place he knew would immobilize the Russian.

Hands still tied, he barged through the front where Akihito stood. He jumped, and managed to kick the gun away from Akihito's captor.

"I'll kill you if you hurt him," Toru snarled. The pain on his leg was excruciating, considering he didn't break his fall properly. But there was no time to feel the pain, he pushed himself up and swung his good leg up at one of the attacker's again, kicking the captor away.

The act caught everyone, including Mikhail off guard. Mikhail's men immediately pointed their guns at Toru and Akihito but Kirishima was quicker. The secretary took the opportunity and moved to Mikhail at lightning speed, pointing his gun at the Russian Mafia lord.

"Nobody moves," Kirishima warned, "—or I'll kill him."

"You pull that trigger, and we'll do the same!" snarled one of the Russians who already had his gun on Akihito's head.

"Try it and it'll be a bloodbath," the secretary warned. He looked at his long-time partner and was pleased that Suoh already had his gun aimed at Akihito's attackers.

Despite having two other guns next to his forehead, the security chief showed no fear. "Let the young boss go."

"Asami, this is no negotiation." Mikhail narrowed his eyes at Asami.

Asami retrieved his gun, so did Mikhail. Both pointed their guns at each other simultaneously.

"This yacht is surrounded by my men. You won't be able to leave here alive." There was a small smile when Mikhail said that.

"Try me, Mikhail –" Asami said, his tone deep and serious, "—and we'll see."

Mikhail released the catch. "If you think I don't dare –

"Try firing and I'll blow you and your yacht into pieces," a foreign voice warned from behind, cutting off Mikhail.

While Mikhail's eyes widened at the voice, Asami smirked.

"Fei Long," Asami said without tearing his gaze from the Russian. "You're late."

Fei Long walked gracefully, donning a black Chang Shan with a large silver dragon embroidery in the middle. He allowed his long black hair untied and they fluttered lightly in the wind, back and forth, until Fei Long finally ran his fingers across his head, pushing the hair behind. He held a long rifle on the other hand as he made his way towards the two crime lords. His eyes were dark, displeased at the situation before him.

Liu Fei Long was a piece of art.

"Asami, you gave me a short notice." Fei Long complained as he raised his hand, pointing the rifle at Mikhail. "Now, Arbatov, ask your men to release Akihito or they'll be taking you back to Russia in a black bag."

Mikhail looked almost hurt at Fei Long's threats. He glared at Asami. "This is our business, Asami. Why drag Fei Long into this?"

"His business happens to be mine," Fei Long cut in. "Both Asami and I are partners with the Arabs. If you sabotaged the shipment, it means you're declaring war against us."

"But you already knew that Fei Long and I are partners, didn't you?" Asami smirked.

Mikhail lowered his gun, and Asami followed suit. Fei Long did the same. The three crime lords stood in a triangle, facing one another. For a tense moment, neither men spoke.

"I'm not aware of that," Mikhail finally said to Asami.

The Japanese crime lord raised an eyebrow at Mikhail. "Oh? I thought this was your plan all along?"

Now Fei Long looked annoyed. "Asami, I'm in no mood to play your games. What did you mean by that?"

Mikhail licked his lips, offering a cunning smile. "How did you know?" he asked Asami.

"It does not matter, does it?"

Fei Long raised his long rifle. "If I don't get my answers now, I'll blow your brains -," he pointed at Mikhail, before pointing at Asami, "—and yours this instant."

"Mikhail," Asami said, still ignoring Fei Long. "I brought Fei Long here. Deal with him and release Akihito."

"Did Asami speak the truth?" Fei Long's eyes were blazing.

Mikhail kept his gun, prompting his men to do the same. Asami nodded at Kirishima and the secretary lowered his gun from Mikhail's head. Slowly, the Russian crime lord moved towards Fei Long.

They spoke for a while, urgently. Asami couldn't hear what was exchanged; he wasn't even interested in the first place, knowing that the outcome would be the same. He couldn't see Mikhail as the Russian had his back turned against him, but Fei Long's eyes flashed in indignance and anger at Mikhail's words.

Akihito looked more confused every passing moment. The poor boy probably couldn't have guessed that both he and Toru became a pawn for Mikhail's silly games. The idea of his lover being used as a chess piece didn't sit well with Asami but he had to be patient.

Revenge will come soon. He'd made sure of that.

Finally, after a tense moment, Mikhail turned with a triumphant smile on his face. He waved a hand at his men, all who had confusion written on their faces. "Let them go."

"But sir-," the protest died immediately when Mikhail gave his right-hand man a deathly stare.

Fei Long went next to Asami, glaring at the Japanese. "You knew what he wanted."

Asami didn't return Fei Long's glares. His attention was fixed on his lover. He nodded his head at Suoh and the bulky guard immediately moved forward to Akihito. He took his knife, cut the binds loose before escorting the boy to Asami. Behind him, Shiba and Kanda assisted a now limping Toru away from the Russians.

"I wasn't sure at first. But there were things that didn't make sense," Asami finally answered. "And I heard from my sources that Mikhail has been pursuing someone out of his league. It's not that hard to figure out who."

"You owe me, Asami," Fei Long gritted his teeth.

As Akihito rushed towards Asami's side, the crime lord finally turned to look at Fei Long. "He injured my men and kidnapped Akihito to lure you out," he reminded the Chinese, "—it should be you who owe me."

"Asami," Akihito whispered. The crime lord removed his trench coat, wrapped it around Akihito's shoulders. "Are you all right?"

The boy nodded, tears threatening to fall any moment. "Yes, but Toru—,"

"I'm fine, Takaba sama."

"Akihito-kun, are you okay?" Fei Long asked again.

Asami didn't remember Fei Long and Akihito were on first name basis, but he let it slide since the Chinese kingpin was genuinely concerned for his lover.

The boy nodded. "Thanks - Thanks for saving me," he said, although he wasn't sure how Fei Long played a part in his rescue mission.

Fei Long offered a genuine smile. "Anytime. Come to Hong Kong sometime. Tao misses you."

Akihito could only smile at the suggestion. "Please say hi to Tao."

"Take Akihito to our yacht," Asami ordered his secretary and waited until his guards assisted the boy out of his sight.

Thankfully Akihito didn't protest, nor did he question why Toru wasn't coming with him. He simply went along with Kirishima, grateful that his ordeal was finally over.

"So, what did you want?" Mikhail asked the minute Akihito left.

Ignoring the Russian, Asami walked towards Toru. The guard gave a concise report of their abduction, updating Asami on what had happened during their capture. The yakuza nodded, raised his gun.

That act had Mikhail's men pull out their weapons too. But Asami was unfazed by the number of weapons pointed at him. His target was a single man standing in the middle; and he was the same man who held Akihito just now.

"Asami, what are you doing?" Fei Long asked. "You got Akihito back. There's no need for this."

Asami didn't answer Fei Long. He lowered his gun, targeting the man's leg and fired. The bullet went straight to the right knee, shattering the bones. He'd never walk the same way again.

"An eye for an eye, Mikhail. You took Akihito and injured my guard. This will be my compensation."

Mikhail's men snarled and the Russian mafia leader raised his hands and his subordinates placed their weapons down.

"Deal," he said and glanced at the man currently holding his bloody leg. "Send him to the hospital," he ordered and turned to look at Fei Long. "Shall we?"

Fei Long literally glared at Mikhail, then at Asami. "I swear I'll kill you both one day."

Asami let the comment slide. He took one hard look at Mikhail. "This will be the last time you used me for trivial things like this, Mikhail. If you dare to do this the next time, I won't hesitate to wipe you out."

He turned and walked away.

Xx Business as Usual xX


Ando awoke to find himself staring at white ceilings. For a moment, he thought he had died and gone to heaven but the occasional beep emitting from the machine next to him brought him back to reality.

"How are you feeling?"

He turned his head to the all too familiar voice and saw his long-time partner, sitting on the visitor's chair with a cast on his left leg. Suoh stood next to Toru.

"Toru san, is everything over?" He asked rather groggily.

Toru nodded his head. "Takaba sama is now with the doctor. He'll be here after his medical check-up."

"Mikhail, what happened to him?"

"Fei Long made a deal with him."

"Deal?" Ando asked, confused. "What sort of deal? What did he want?"

It was Suoh who answered. "We believe Mikhail took the young boss to lure Fei Long out. He wanted Fei Long but apparently; this is the only method he could think of."

"That bastard!" Ando cursed weakly.

The door burst open and Akihito rushed into the room, worry etched all over his face. Asami walked in next, followed by Kirishima.

"Ando, Toru! Are you okay?"

Ando smiled, "They won't kill me so easily, Takaba sama. This is nothing."

"I'm fine Takaba sama. Wounds like this don't bother me," Toru replied. He made attempts to stand up but Asami held his hand up to stop him, and he sat again.

Akihito let out a breath of relief and took his seat on an empty chair. He clasped his hands together and stared at them guilty.

His weird behavior obviously didn't go unnoticed by the guards. Kirishima was the first to ask, "Takaba sama, is something wrong?"

Akihito looked up at Ando, then at Toru before turning to his lover. Taking a deep breath, he said, "Asami, I want to replace my guards."

Toru stood up from his seat immediately, ignoring the cast on his leg, while Ando's eyes widened at the odd requests.

"Takaba sama, please don't joke about this," Toru said.

"Takaba sama, why do you want to replace us?" Ando asked, panicked. "We know we failed to protect you but give us a chance and –,"

Akihito shook his head, interrupted. "—no, no.. It isn't about that."

"Akihito, you want to dismiss them because you feel guilty?" Asami asked, taking his seat next to Akihito.

The boy slowly nodded. There was an abrupt silence before he continued, "I—I lost count of how many times they got injured because of me. This time, they were lucky, what happens if –,"

"—we won't die so easily, Takaba sama," Toru said.

"Exactly," Ando agreed.

The lanky guard hobbled next to Akihito, bowed. "We are your guards. There is no one we'd rather serve."

Akihito looked up at his guard. "But—but—,"

"If we die, it's due to our carelessness," Ando said, glancing at Toru, who nodded at Ando's statement. Toru took the chance to continue,

"But if anything happens to you, we can never forgive ourselves."

Akihito hung his head, choosing to stare at his feet. He sniffed a little. "Stop it you guys, you're making me sappy."

It was a while before Akihito looked at his guards again. This time, he smiled, "Get well soon you guys. We'll go for dinner –on me."

As if realizing something, Akihito quickly turned to his lover. "Don't interfere with the payment, Asami. It has to be on me, I mean it."

Asami smirked. "As you wish."


Akihito sat on the comfortable couch of the presidential suite of Asami's hotel, in deep thoughts. He brought his knees up the couch, wrapped his hands around them. He would have requested Asami to go back to Tokyo if his guards weren't injured. He learned what happened to Ando after the rescue. The man was resilient and swam a mile back to the shore despite his injuries to call for help.

He was still shaken by the entire ordeal. How could he not?

The cold warehouse was torturous. The biting cold chilled his fingers into numbness, it seeped into his toes and spread painfully throughout his feet and body. It was so bad that Akihito thought he'd die.

The door of the suite clicked open and his lover walked in. Dismissing the guards on duty, he locked the door before sitting next to Akihito.

"Are you all right?" He asked, nudging Akihito's chin up to meet his gaze.

"A couple of bruises, no big deal. How is Toru –and Ando – will he be all right? I didn't want to ask this at the hospital just now," he mumbled.

Asami pulled his tie free. "Toru had a fractured shin, and he needs to be on cast for three weeks. The bullet on Ando's left shoulder was safely removed. He'll make full recovery."

Akihito nodded, releasing a deep breath of relief. He watched his lover remove his jacket, tossed it beside the couch.

"Asami, what did Mikhail want? What was the deal with the Arabs? And what does Fei Loong have to do with all of this?"

The older man remained silent at his questions and for a moment, Akihito wondered if Asami would ever tell him the truth. He initially didn't want to know but he reminded himself that he was the victim and had every right to know.

He opened his mouth, intending to argue with Asami when he spoke, "Mikhail was unhappy that the Arabs came to us for a job. He wanted it back, so he had you kidnapped."

"I – I still don't understand. Then, what does Fei Long have to do with it? The negotiations between you and Mikhail didn't look good until Fei Long came," Akihito reminded.

Again, the crime lord remained silent. A few uncomfortable moments passed before Asami finally said, "I'm not sure of the conversation between Fei Long and Mikhail but I am positive that Mikhail is using you as a mean to get Fei Long—,"

Akihito thought that he must have question marks all over his face because Asami continued explaining.

"—to put it simply, Mikhail kidnapped you because he wanted to lure Fei Long out. It was never about the deal in the first place. He wanted Fei Long because that bastard is playing hard to get with Mikhail."

Finally beginning to put the pieces together, Akihito stood up, placing both hands on his waists, looking at Asami unbelievably.

"Correct me if I'm wrong. Mikhail did all these just to get Fei Long to see him?" He flipped his hands up in anger. "—He put us in a cold warehouse. He had his men shot Ando and beat the crap out of Toru, for god's sake! And now you're telling me it was because he wanted to fuck Fei Long?"

The photographer folded his hands across his chest. "I should have kicked his sorry ass when I had the chance, that bastard!"

Asami pulled the boy on the couch, nudged his chin up. "You're not the only one who's pissed, Akihito. He'll pay for what he had done."


"He's not the only one who knows how to play games."

"Go kick his ass, Asami."

Asami pulled him in for a rough kiss. "You don't have to tell me about that."


The man was like a beast. His porcelain skin glistened in sweat as he went up and down the hardened cock. His eyes closed, mouth slightly parted and he breathed deeply as he rode Mikhail hard and fast.

Liu Fei Long was a real beauty. Those proud eyes of his, the way he moved his slender body on top of him and the way he took control of the sex despite him being on the receiving end – it was enough to drive Mikhail crazy. The Chinese had insisted that they'd do this his way and frankly, Mikhail didn't object.

He'd give anything for a moment like this and he wasn't going to complain about it. This was absolute heaven. He began to regret giving his word that he wouldn't touch Fei Long because the beauty in front of him was begging to be touched. He resisted his urges, knowing that breaking his word would mean the end of their sex.

Mikhail was damn close to coming, he could already feel his cock twitched. Fei Long's skills were superior and it made Mikhail wonder if he ever did it with someone else.

The thought itself made him burn with jealousy but he pushed it away. He'd worry about that later. For now—

Mikhail grunted as he felt himself close to climax. On top of him, Fei Long's pace quickened. He pumped his own cock while the other hand rested on Mikhail's chest, supporting himself. He pumped faster, increased his speed until finally the climax came hard.

Fei Long flipped his long shiny hair backwards, his neck arched in satisfaction as he climaxed violently. The sight was so erotic that Mikhail came immediately inside Fei Long.

None of them spoke after the climax. Fei Long didn't slump onto Mikhail; he merely took a moment to catch his breath before pulling himself away from Mikhail. The thick cum leaked, traveled down his thighs as he grabbed the towel next to the bed and headed to the bathroom.

Fei Long took no more than 10 minutes and by the time he came out Mikhail had already cleaned himself. The Russian lay on the bed, marveled at Fei Long's exquisite body.

"When can I see you again?" Mikhail asked.

Fei Long buttoned his chang shan, glared at him. "Don't even think about it."

Mikhail leaned back against the pillows, dejected. He watched Fei Long dressed and fixed his long glorious hair. Truthfully, he was expecting this. Now he had to devise another plan to see the Baishe leader again.

"Fei Long?" He waited until the Chinese looked at his direction. "Leave Asami. Let's work together instead. With our connections, we can conquer the world."

"No," he said flatly.

"What about personally?" Mikhail pushed.

"No," Fei Long repeated. "I'm not interested, professionally or personally."

Fei Long turned and just before he walked out, he slid his hands inside the pockets of his changsan, pulled out a small phone.

"Contact me directly next time if you need anything—," he said, dumping it on the bed. "—If you use Asami or Akihito as means to get to me again, you're dead."

The warning was anything but lethal. Mikhail's lips curved. He spent months trying to get the Baishe's leader's personal contact without avail. Strange as it may sound, it was the only thing he could not get despite having numerous men trying to get it. He knew Asami had it, considering Sion and Baishe were working closely in their firearm and drug exports. And that was why he used Akihito's kidnappping as an excuse, knowing that Asami was smart enough to guess what he wanted.

He took the phone, gazed at Fei Long. But the Chinese was already at the door, with his back turned at him, so there was no way he could see the look on Fei Long's face. He smiled and just before Fei Long closed the door to the bedroom in the hotel, he quickly told the Chinese,

"I'll call you."

Fei Loog's reply was a slam of the door. Mikhail leaned against the bed rest; his eyes gleamed at the phone. He ran through it and it bore nothing but a single phone number. He'd save it later and –

Knock knock

The urgency of the knock had Mikhail's eyebrows raised. "Come in."

Two men in suits walked inside, bowing before him. "Sir, there's an emergency."

Mikhail immediately glared at his subordinates, causing the two men to tremble.

"Our shipment to Pakistan was taken. A group of pirates seized the ship and threw our men in the sea."

Mikhail stood up, wrapped the towel around his waist to cover his nakedness. He walked to the window, stared at the vast ocean as the sun rose from the horizon.

He chuckled. His subordinates were fools, but he wasn't. He was willing to bet himself a million dollars that it wasn't the pirates who hijacked his shipment, but Asami.

Asami, you're one scary bastard.

Mikhail glanced at the phone Fei Long gave him. He thought of the shipment and the money he'd lost; and Fei Long's number.

And decided that Baishe's Liu Fei Long was worth every penny.


"Good work," Suoh murmured before replacing the phone in his pants. He turned to his boss, bowed. "Sir, the men reported that they have successfully taken Mikhail's firearm shipment bound for Pakistan. We have also recovered our shipment and in en-route to Hong Kong now."

Asami swirled the liquid in his glass, drowned it in a gulp. "Have the firearm transported to one of the warehouses. Mikhail's firearms are of quality. We can sell them to the Arabs."

"Yes, sir." The bulky guard replied and walked out of the penthouse suite to make the necessary arrangements.

Asami wasn't a man who forgave easily. Despite getting Akihito and Toru back, he wasn't about to be a pawn in Mikhail's chess. He gave Mikhail what he wanted all right, but that didn't mean that he'd do so without gaining anything in return.

He couldn't kill Mikhail – no matter how tempted he was. Mikhail was both influential and useful. Killing him wouldn't give Sion any merit. Not to mention Fei Long would cause him grief if he took Mikhail's life. Despite his obstinacy, Asami was almost certain that Fei Long was reciprocal towards Mikhail's feelings. Their behavior was painfully obvious, to a certain point laughable.

So he worked his men hard, intercepting Mikhail's shipment and obtaining them for his own.

An eye for an eye, he thought, smirked. He supposed he couldn't use the term, seeing that not only had he had taken over Mikhail's shipment, he got his deal from the Arabs.

His only regret was not avenging Akihito. For now, he'll put it on the tab.

He stared outside the window, watching the sun rise. His lover was still sleeping inside the room, exhausted after the whole ordeal. He pushed the room door open, watched Akihito sleep. The boy's eyebrows furrowed, his head slightly trashing from side to side. He took off his robe, lay on the bed and gathered the boy in his arms.

Akihito held onto Asami, took a deep breath and slept on.

Xx Business as Usual – Chapter 39 End xX


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