Warning: Swearing and yaoi inside.

Sorry Doesn't Cut It...:

"Grimmjow... what exactly is this?" asked Ichigo. His voice was calm, but the fire in his eyes betrayed his anger.

"Uh, haha, uh, yeah..." chuckled Grimmjow nervously, a hand reached back to rub his neck, "Um, well, I may not have been... uh, one hundred percent honest with you when we got together..."

"Really?" Ichigo dead-panned, trying not to shift against the coarse rope that held his wrists, "well holy shit Grimm, I wouldn'a guessed it."

Grimmjow chuckled again, stalling.

"Didn' know ya had good taste." Came a voice from the freakishly tall man behind him, startling Ichigo. He winced as the cold metal of the knife bit into his skin, a trail of warmth running down his neck. "I thought ya'd go fer th' pussy type, all cute an' mewly shit like that. Boy's got fire innim, put up a fight. 'Course I won, but fuck, if it hadn' a' been a job, I'da taken 'im right there.

Grimmjow sobered. This wasn't the time for that discussion, right now he had to save Ichigo. He set cold eyes on his best—ex best friend, before turning back to Ichigo.

"Ichi... I'm sorry." he said quietly; face suddenly soft with regret as he looked Ichigo in the eye.

Ichigo froze. Never had Grimmjow ever told him he was sorry. Not once in the seven years they'd been together. "Soz babe", "My bad", shit like that, but never sorry.

"Grimmjow... if you're thinking of leaving without me right now, all this guy'll need to do is let me go to get the job done, I'll kill you my fucking self." He warned, stomach tightening. He'd never had as little faith in Grimmjow as he had now.

"S'not what I meant, asshole." Retorted Grimmjow, but there was no heat behind the words. "...For getting you mixed up in my shit."

It was Ichigo's turn to soften. He let out a sigh of relief. He'd seriously thought Grimmjow was gonna up and leg it. What could he say? He didn't care about that right now, all he wanted was to get the hell out of this place... preferably with his head still attached. He couldn't exactly tell Grimmjow that though, not with that scary ass gangster holding a knife to his throat.

He'd thought the guy would be a challenge when he'd seen him, but he'd always been confident his abilities. He'd taken Karate lessons for years. He'd been fighting in backstreet brawls for years—that was actually how he'd met his sexy ass boyfriend. But he was no match for the tall fucker... what'd he say his name was? Nnoitra... right, he was no match for Nnoitra.

Well, he was for the first couple of minutes, but Nnoitra wasn't serious then. As soon as he'd been done playing, Ichigo was on his ass in the mud. He'd been bound and gagged, thrown into a car, and driven to this creepy old warehouse. Nnoitra hadn't stopped smiling the entire time.

To his surprise though, he'd been ungagged immediately, and this Nnoitra ass seemed to be getting off on his sarky comments or something. The guy just wouldn't stop smiling!

The tall man had said barely anything to Ichigo the whole time, just dropped a lot of really obvious "hints" and a few creepy comments.

"Didn' ya ever wonder where he go' tha' tattoo?"

"Where'd ya think all those scars came from?"

"Heh, no wonder he likes ya, ya got some hot expressions, Cutie." He'd also taken to calling him Cutie. Even Strawberry had to be better than Cutie...

"Whadja think he was doin' all those late 'night shifts'?"

Ichigo had to admit he'd been wondering about them. It must have shown in his eyes.

"Wha'? Ya thought he was cheatin' on ya?" he'd asked, that ever present grin widening. "Ya don't have ta worry 'bout that, Cutie. If Grimm jus' wanted ya fer a casual fuck, ya'd know about it. No way'd he bother with that fake relationship bullshit... he ain' a good enough actor fer a start."

The orange haired man thought about this now, as his boyfriend and captor stared each-other down. He'd got the gist of it. Grimmjow was in a gang or something equally stupid and hadn't told Ichigo. That part wasn't the bit that bothered him. What bothered him was his own declining trust in the man. It seemed so obvious now, but he'd had to have this stupid asshole explain it to him like he was a child.

Actually, now that he thought about it, why had that stupid asshole explained it to him? Makes more sense that he'd be all "Grimmjow doesn't love you! Feel the psychological torment!" ...Then again, he was a stupid asshole after all, didn't really seem like the thinking type, maybe he didn't have the capacity for psychological torment...

No. That was wrong. Nnoitra sure is a stupid asshole, but he's not a stupid person, Ichigo could tell that just from being around him. His speech suggested a lack of education, but his eyes screamed intelligence. Besides, that kind of psychological torment was child's play, only the real suckers succumbed to it.

Ugh. All this analysing was giving him a headache.

"...Chigo... Oi, Ichigo, you alright?" Grimmjow's worried voice pierced through his thoughts, bringing him back to the present.

"Huh..? Oh, uh, yeah..." his brain suddenly cleared enough to remember he was pissed off with Grimmjow, "except for this fucking knife in my neck, I'm great, thanks for asking."

Grimmjow scowled, but flicked his eyes up higher, presumably to meet with Nnoitra's.

"Ya don' have to push so hard, asshole."

Nnoitra's grin would have widened, if that were possible, but Ichigo's sarcasm had him smiling to his fullest. God how he loved these two together. They made a killer couple, and Ichigo was actually a pretty funny guy. Seemed like now was as good a time as any.

He pulled the knife away and trailed it lightly down Ichigo's back, chuckling when both the bright haired idiots stiffened.

Slowly he brought the metal to Ichigo's hands, the flat of the blade tracing cold circles over the flesh, before swiftly slicing at the bonds that held him.

No one moved for several moments, shock holding Ichigo in place before he darted away, arms free, forgetting about his bound feet.

He hit the floor with a thud, a dull ache erupting over his left side. Nnoitra cackled with mirth at the sight, casually tossing the blade to Grimmjow, who caught it with practised skill. It was their signature move of sorts. It didn't really do much, but it intimidated the crap out of whoever they were up against.

Grimmjow's eyes never left Nnoitra's as he nimbly sliced the rope that held Ichigo's legs. He knelt at a crouch, ready to leap at any sudden movement from the gangster. Still, Nnoitra's actions confused the shit out of him. The kidnap for starters made no sense, though he'd attributed it to an order. That was definitely Aizen's style: One of his little pawns wants out, send his best friend to finish the job. It's a punishment for both of them, Grimmjow for trying to leave, Nnoitra for not seeing it and slapping some sense into him earlier. And of course, ignoring an order from Aizen was suicide, Nnoitra'd have been between a rock and a hard place. Made him feel like a bit of an ass for putting him in it.

This though... Grimmjow'd never seen Nnoitra give up his weapon in a fight, and he certainly wasn't a merciful kinda guy.

What the hell was going on!?

"Ahahaha! Grimm! Yer face! God, yer face's killin' me, man!" cackled Nnoitra loudly, the sound echoing off the tin walls, "What'd ya think I was actually gonna betray ya? Fuck, man, ya know me better'n'at!"

Grimmjow felt himself relax, though Ichigo was still tense beside him. "If ya ain' betrayin' me, why'd ya kidnap Ichi?"

"Why would I need to kidnap Cutie?" he asked. "All I'da needed to do is call ya over, get ya drunk, and stab ya in th' back. No need for any o' this stand-offish shit."

"Nahh, this was jus' a little punishment of my own for keepin' him a secret," winked Nnoitra evilly, "Seriously man, I thought ya'd gone off sex or somethin', always runnin' off whenever a stripper walked in. 'sides, this kid's got some moves. Didja think he'd be too delicate to hang with your gang buddies or somethin'?"

Grimmjow scowled at his friend, but fully relaxed. This sounded more like Nnoitra. He turned to look at a slightly more relaxed Ichigo; apparently he believed the tall man too.

Ichigo directed a scowl at Grimmjow, but raised an eyebrow. "You aren't gonna answer the question, Grimm?"

The bluenet thought for a second before catching on, "What, yer gonna get upset over me not introducin' you?"

"Maybe I fucking am, you didn't exactly meet me at a Free Masons convention, ya know."

"A Free Masons convention? Seriously, Ichi?"

"What? Free Masons are severely misunderstood. They have all those stupid rumours floating about, but really it's just a bunch of old guys dressing up fancy and doing charity works." He stopped talking, scowling at the bemused expression on Grimmjow's face.

"Fine, asshole, ya didn't meet me at a fairy ball, that work better for ya?" he asked.

"I dunno, ya could've done better-" Ichigo elbowed him in the ribs roughly, pulling a grin to both their faces, "it'll have ta do I s'pose."

From the background Nnoitra started cackling again, sauntering up to the couple to wrap a long arm around their shoulders. Ichigo flinched slightly, but didn't remove the arm. "How cute, ya gonna tell me the story of how you two met? 'Less you really did meet at a fairy ball?"

Grimmjow glanced at him, surprised, "Huh, I thought you'd recognise him" he commented, drawing identical confused looks.

"What, I already met 'im or somethin'?" Nnoitra asked.

Ichigo just scowled to himself, wondering where his boyfriend was going with this. As far as he knew, he'd never met this tall fucker in his life.

"You neither, huh?" asked Grimmjow, turning to Ichigo. "Fine, ya didn' actually meet, but you were both there. It was one of those bar fights that turns into the whole spectator ring thing. Ya take it outside an' suddenly it's everyone's business an' they start selling popcorn an' shit on the sidelines."

They seemed to get the idea so he continued, "Well, we were together, havin' a few drinks, when this clumsy asshole spilled my drink on me" he said, jerking a thumb in Ichigo's direction, "So o' course I told 'im to bring it outside. Didn' think he would, but he had bigger balls than I thought. Anyway, he put up a better fight than I thought he would too, we were pretty much even, I got in some good shots an' so did he, but in the end I won of course-"

"'Cause you were playing dirty! Don't make it sounds like I just rolled over and died!" interjected Ichigo.

"Hey, I said we were pretty much even didn' I?" he said, turning his head back to Nnoitra for support, settling when Nnoitra nodded agreeably. He always had Grimmjow's back, and Grimmjow always had his.

"Fine, I got in a couple good shots 'cause you were protectin' that red head chick, but don' blame me for that shit, that ain' playing dirty, it's just takin' advantage of a good opportunity."

Ichigo scowled, "I don't know what the fuck Orihime was thinking runnin' in the way she did, like she thought she could help or something... it's not like I was losing or anything." He shrugged. It kinda' made sense, losing or not he'd still taken a lot of damage that she wasn't used to seeing.

Nnoitra's giggle cut through his thoughts, and he turned to scowl at him, "The fuck's so funny?"

"You two're funny as hell, I can't believe yer tellin' me how you met like an old married couple or some shit."

"Well, we've been together seven years..." mused Ichigo, "and if ya think about it," he said, turning to Grimm, "he's the only person we've told the truth to." He met Grimmjow's eyes with a smile.

It wasn't like he could tell his family and friends 'Oh yeah, our first meeting was with fists and teeth bared, but it turned me on real good, so we made it work.' They just told everyone some generic story or other; the only one who knew the truth was Orihime, who Ichigo had sworn to secrecy under threat of death. Well, the death of that teddy bear she treasured so much.

"Wait a bitch-crackin' second!" cried Nnoitra suddenly, jerking the two back to the real world, "yer tellin' me you've been together SEVEN YEARS, an' I didn' fuckin' know about it!?" he demanded, "Oh yeah, and how the hell am I s'posed ta remember some fight from seven years ago, huh, Genius? We get inta fights all th' time."

"...egh, ya know what, forget it, I don't even care." He muttered, flapping his hand dismissively, "you coulda' told me ya had boyfriend though. S'not like I'da eaten 'im or anythin'."

"Yeah but then I'd've had to tell 'im all about the gang and-"

"Right, so why the hell didn't you tell me about the gang?" interrupted Ichigo. He wasn't angry per se, just a bit pissed off. He didn't appreciate secrets.

"For this exact reason, idiot!" growled Grimmjow. He may have been the one to keep secrets, but it was for a good reason; Ichigo didn't need to get snippy with him. "'Cause when you're in a gang, piss enough people off, and they people closest to ya get targeted first."

"So you didn't have to tell them, you could've told me."

Grimmjow faltered... that was true, he could have told Ichi.


"...Well...I guess I didn't think of that." He mumbled finally.

"...So yer stupider than I thought?" asked Nnoitra conversationally, earning a glare from his blue haired friend.

"Tch, no need to be an ass about-." Suddenly Grimmjow cut off; he froze for a millisecond before flicking his eyes back to Nnoitra, body stiff and on the defensive as he broke out of the one armed embrace, pulling Ichigo with him.

Nnoitra rose an eyebrow in question, "The fuck's wrong with you?"

"If I never told anyone, and yer not here for Aizen, how the fuck'd ya know about Ichigo?" he asked, voice cold. He'd come to think of Nnoitra as a brother, but he wouldn't tolerate betrayal, reasonable or not.

Nnoitra sighed, letting his newly rigid muscles relax, "Shit asshole, I thought ya were gonna ask questions later."

"Answer th' question" Grimmjow growled.

"Tch, impatient fucker. 'Course Aizen sent me, he had this whole twisted revenge scene or some shit planned," drawled Nnoitra, "but th' stupid fucker didn' think maybe I wasn' gonna play along. Prolly 'cause he ain' close enough ta anyone ta understand that kinda loyalty."

Grimmjow stared him down for another second before relaxing himself, appeased.

"...That was deeper than I thought you were capable of," commented Ichigo from beside Grimmjow.

"Heh, you ain' seen shit if we're talking deep, Cutie," leered Nnoitra with a wink, "I can show ya if ya like."

Ichigo glanced at Grimmjow nervously; this was usually where he broke the other guy's spine... but no. Nothing. Not even a twitch.

Grimmjow glanced at Ichigo, suddenly aware that he was being watched, "What?"

"S'Cause he don' see me as a threat, Cutie," piped Nnoitra before Ichigo could speak, "We're past that shit."

"A real bromance I can see," muttered Ichigo drily.

"Hey, ya never tol' me how ya got from kickin' each other's teeth in ta fuckin'." Nnoitra piped up.

Ichigo scowled at the tall man, it was more than just fucking. Well... maybe not to begin with, but still.

"Heh, ya'll love this bit, Nnoi," chuckled Grimmjow, "afterwards Ichi came up ta me all shy 'n shit, n' said ta me 'I couldn' help bu' notice ya were as hard as me durin' the fight'," he said, his unchanged speaking style ruining the intended impersonation. "Then he slipped his hand inta my pocket and hightailed it the fuck outa there" he smirked, "he'd slipped his number inta my pocket when he did."

His smirk turned into a grin at Nnoitra's shocked expression, his only visible eyebrow lost in his hairline, the other hidden by a white bandana. Quickly his expression turned from shocked to lecherous as he matched Grimmjow's grin, a new appreciation for the cutie forming. He loved it when the prey took the offensive.

"Wait, Nniotra, you said Aizen sent you, how long ago?" asked Grimmjow, snapped from his thoughts.

"...'bout half an hour ago. Yer right, we should prolly go" said Nnoitra, making a face.

"What, does Aizen know where we are?" asked Ichigo confused.

The two gangsters gave each other a look... it wasn't a look that Ichigo liked the sight of. It was a look of two people who had to break bad news and were deciding where to start.

Grimmjow sighed, "...Ichi..." he bit his lower lip, stalling, "Aizen knows who ya are..." he said.

Ichigo gave him a funny look, "So...?"

He sighed again, eyebrows scrunching together.

It was Nnoitra's turn to give a sigh, his theatrically loud, but still bad newsworthy, "Cutie, ya can' stay here anymore, it don' matter if this idiot breaks up with ya er anythin', long as Aizen knows he once cared aboucha, you ain' gonna last long where he can find ya."

Ichigo's gaze shot to Grimmjow's, eyes suddenly filled with worry, but Grimmjow looked away.

Ichigo wasn't having any of that, he gripped Grimmjow's chin and pulled it toward him, forcing their eyes together.

The red head's scowl could have curdled milk.

"Is that true?" he demanded stupidly, putting off the truth.

"...Ichi... I'm sorry."

He ground his teeth. Twice in one night. Ichigo was beginning to develop a serious dislike to that word. Why the hell did anyone want to hear it when they only ever heard it after something bad?

"But my family's here... I can't leave Yuzu and Karin..." he protested.

"Yer family'd prolly rather you were alive an' somewhere else than dead in Kakariko, kid" interjected Nnoitra, "Don' be a fool."

Ichigo felt a pair of arms wrap around him, reluctantly he leant into their warmth, resting a head in Grimmjow's shoulder in defeat.

Nnoitra grimaced at the crestfallen sight before him. He'd never been good with that condolences shit.

"I'll call ya, Grimm," he called with a wave as he headed off towards his car, strolling out of sight.

Ichigo lifted his head from Grimmjow's shoulder, pushing onto his tiptoes like a child to press his lips against Grimmjow's. When they'd first started seeing each other he'd resented having to do that, but over time it had become something he valued. Even as tall and strong as he was, there was still someone who could make him feel protected.

It sounds like a demotion, but secretly, every hero needs that burden lifted from their shoulders, if only through a kiss.

He opened his mouth into the kiss, reaching his arms to link around Grimmjow's neck, pulling him closer.

Grimmjow twined his fingers through Ichigo's hair. For a while there, he'd thought he'd never get a chance to do that again. That thought scared him more than he'd like to admit.

Their tongues met, passion burning the moist skin. The kiss was slow and hot. Unhurried. The way any good kiss ought to be.

When they finally parted Grimmjow took his hand, lacing their fingers together as he made his way to his car.

This whole kidnapping business had ruffled Grimmjow some, Ichigo noted. He was being unusually affectionate, as though he hadn't known if he'd ever have the chance again, and was taking full advantage of the fact that he did.

Maybe some good had come from this after all.


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