Chapter 2

"Wait, where are we going?" whined Ichigo as Grimmjow took a left at the busy intersection. The way to their apartment was a right, not a left.

"We're goin' ta that hardware place, they give alla them free cardboard boxes out the front."

Ichigo searched his brain, eventually remembering the huge container that held all the unwanted cardboard boxes from the store's shipments. "Can't that wait? Do we really need to be doing this now?"

Grimmjow sighed, "Ichi... we ain' got much time, we've gotta try and get all out shit together before tomorrow morning and get the hell away from our apartment. Aizen'll have someone on the house soon as hears Nnoitra betrayed 'im. We gotta be gone before then."

Ichigo snapped his head around in shock, "You mean we've gotta have everything ready to go today?" he demanded, more shocked than anything. This shit was moving fast.

Grimmjow flicked him an apologetic glance before returning his eyes to the road. "Hey, ya'd better call yer dad er someone to see if they can help us get out stuff out quicker," he advised, "liftin' furniture'll take time we don' have."

Ichigo grimaced but pulled his phone out, skimming through his contacts and putting the phone to his ear.

They pulled into a sealed parking lot, rolling up next to the cardboard box container. He jumped out and began stacking them inside of each other, stashing them in the car. By the time Grimmjow had finished, the entire backseat was filled with tightly stacked cardboard boxes.

The call connected as they drove out of the hardware store car park.

"... Shut up Goat face, it's me." Greeted Ichigo.

Grimmjow snorted, he loved listening to Ichigo talk to his dad... it was such a messed up little relationship that he couldn't help but envy. "Listen... stop being a retard for a second and listen to me! So Grimmjow and I are moving out of our apartment... yeah it's kind of short notice... yeah, well anyway, we've gotta be gone really soon, we're hoping to have everything done by tonight... yeah, yeah... Okay I get it!... yeah, okay!...anyway, Could you give us a hand moving the furniture and stuff?" Ichigo pulled the phone away from his ear at the response, before gingerly replacing it. "Okay, thanks Dad... uhh, lemme check," he covered the mouthpiece with his hand.

"Grimmjow, when should he come over?"

Grimmjow was ready with his answer, "'bout an hour."

The red head flicked a glance at his watch, "about eight... yeah, thanks Dad... yeah there'll be a few others... 'kay, thanks." He hung up with a sigh of relief, glad that that conversation was over. God, was it only eight A.M.? Everything had happened way too early in the morning for his liking.

Grimmjow pulled into the apartment driveway, not bothering to put the car away properly and instantly got to work, starting on their kitchen as dumped the contents of draws in one of the boxes. The thought of having to go through these boxes later on was painful, but they didn't have time to store everything nice and neatly.

He glanced over his shoulder to find Ichigo on the phone once more, fragments of the conversation drifting his way.

"Who was that?" he asked when Ichigo hung up.

"Renji, he said he'd bring some friends over to help."

"Seriously?" asked Grimmjow, though he was relieved to hear it, "Does he have no life or something?"

He scowled when Ichigo snorted at him, "No, unlike you, I have friends willing to help out in a tight spot," retorted the red head, enjoying the narrowed eyes as he joined Grimmjow in his task.

"Nnoitra's gonna help," muttered the blue haired man, his scowl only deepening when Ichigo just shook his head with humour.

"Yeah, an' yer fuckin' lucky I am helpin' ya, otherwise yer little bitch woulda been a gonner."

Grimmjow smirked. It sure helped to have a friend with good timing to prove his point.

"I'm not a bitch," bit Ichigo, glancing back at the freakishly tall man with slight annoyance.

Grimmjow just rolled his eyes. Ichigo was going to have to get used to that nickname, Nnoitra always referred to his friends' lovers as bitches.

"Hey, call the removal guys wouldya?" he asked his friend.

It was Nnoitra's turn to roll his eyes at Grimmjow, "What? Ya think I came empty handed? I brought Aizen's van, he ain't gonna miss it."


Nnoitra stood there for a moment more, not entirely sure what he should be doing.

"Ichi, could you go pack our suitcases?" asked Grimmjow. He and Nnoitra had a system for moving, they'd helped each other move that many times. They'd known each other all their lives after all, and when you're a part of a gang, moving from place to place becomes a necessity.

He didn't want to sound like an ass, but he could get things done much quicker with Nnoitra than Ichigo.

Ichigo stood up without a word and headed to the bedroom, setting to work on their clothes. Much as it annoyed him, he wasn't an idiot. It was pretty obvious that he was the third wheel in that situation

Grimmjow sighed with relief when Nnoitra's skilled hands joined his in tearing apart their kitchen, the tall man cackling at how commonplace Grimmjow's apartment was. It didn't look like a gangster lived there at all.

"So why're ya leaving?" he asked, knowing that Grimmjow would understand what he meant.

The blue haired man sighed, "I don't know how obvious it is, but I'm serious about Ichigo-"

"No shit?" interrupted Nnoitra with a creepy grin, "Ya wouldn' know it."

Grimmjow scowled at him, "Yeah, well you prolly heard before that I haven' exactly told him about my bein' in a gang. I was sick of lyin' to him, an'... I dunno, it's different," he said, knowing he sounded like a weak ass romantic, "when ya've got someone waiting fer ya, ya've got more of a reason not ta die."

Nnoitra cackled his amusement, "Ya've turned inta a pussy, ya know that?"

Grimmjow made a face. Yep. He knew it.

Nnoitra surprised him by continuing, "I kinda like it though," he said, earning a look of shock from his blue haired partner, "ya've always been th' family type, bu' bein' in a gang ya didn' have any reason ta look fer love er any 'a tha' shit. Yer happier now."

Now Grimmjow was really confused. He'd expected Nnoitra to look down on him. To stay his friend of course, because they were practically brothers, but never had he thought Nnoitra would actually understand.

The thought had him smiling. That was Nnoitra all over. Making people think he's a single minded idiot, while actually being one of the most astute people he knew... he'd just assumed that being so close to him, he'd known how to hide it.

Guess not.

"Y'know Yer creepy when ya make that face," commented Nnoitra.

Grimmjow scoffed, "You're calling me creepy?"

They laughed together in good humour. Nnoitra was weirdly proud of how creepy he could be.

Finally they finished with the kitchen, hauling the heavy boxes through the front door in time to see two cars pull up in front of their house.

A man with bright red hair that Grimmjow vaguely remembered stepped out of the first, a busty blonde, a serious looking man with long black hair, and a dainty girl with an oddly shaped bob in tow.

"Woah, that's one big ass moving van!" whistled the red head, shielding his eyes from the sun as he took in the large van blocking the driveway.

As he admired the vehicle, more people emerged from the other car. A bald man stepped out, followed by a slim man with a dark bob, and a monster of a man with an eye patch and a long scar running down his face.

Grimmjow found his eyes glued to the huge man before him, knowing for a fact that he took up two car seats from muscle alone.

Nnoitra and Grimmjow threw each other a glance when Kenpachi blinked at them in surprise. "Th' fuck're you punks doin' here?" he grunted in surprise. When Ikkaku had told him to come help Ichigo move he hadn't expected to be meeting two long time gang buddies.

"Well it is my apartment..." Grinned Grimmjow, loving the look on the huge man's face. Kenpachi didn't give a damn about Aizen's orders, and he knew he wouldn't rat them out. He briefly noted that Kenpachi's companions were watching them with interest, but ignored them.

Kenpachi turned to the bald man beside him, "Didn'chya say we were helping Ichigo Kurosaki move?" he asked.

Grimmjow's brows shot together at those words. "How do you know Ichi?"

Whatever Kenpachi was about to say was cut short as a feral grin split his face. Everyone turned to see what had stolen his attention, a few chuckling at the shocked Ichigo standing in the doorway.

His mouth opened and closed a couple times before he finally found his tongue, a resigned expression crossing over his face."Kenpachi... I'm kinda busy right now, I don't have time for this."

Nnoitra was the only one to notice Grimmjow tense. This looked like a case of infidelity is he ever saw one, and he was just hoping the drama party could wait until they'd moved all this shit out of the apartment.

"How d' you two know each other?" Grimmjow asked dangerously, drawing mixed curious and worried stares from the group.

"Huh? It's a long story," said Ichigo making a face, "I'll tell ya about it later."

Grimmjow's eyes narrowed. "So what don't ya have time for, Ichi?"

Ichigo gave him a funny look, clearly not understanding Grimmjow's attitude. He was saved from his explanation by howling laughter, Kenpachi's mouth impossible wide as he took in the scene.

"I ain't stealin' yer honey, Grimm," he assured the man, the bright haired idiots' relationship finally clicking in his mind, "We just know each other through fightin' an' shit." He turned his attention to Ichigo once more, "An' don't worry Ichigo, I ain't here to fight'cha now, but trust me when I say that I will fight you again."

Grimmjow relaxed at this. He knew that was a dick move on his part, suspecting Ichigo of cheating, but it had just seemed so... possible. In retrospect it didn't work at all, but that hadn't mattered in the heat of the moment.

Ichigo fought back a grimace. Why could this man not leave him alone? "Yeah, yeah, look, we're in a hurry," he said, turning to talk to the rest of his friends. "Thanks for coming, I hadn't thought there'd be so many of you."

"Umm... most of you know Grimmjow, but..." he trailed off, not knowing if Grimmjow remembered any of them. While Grimmjow held nothing against his friends, they hadn't become friends also as Ichigo had hoped they would.

Grimmjow understood the reason for Ichigo's unfinished sentence, scowling at his lack of faith. "I know that one's called Byakugan," he informed them with a poking his finger at Renji.

The group burst into laughter and Ichigo set about proper introductions.

Once everyone was acquainted, Grimmjow set them all jobs. Everyone but Yumichika. The slim man had insisted that he'd come for moral support and company, but that he was in no way obligated to ruin his manicure with such menial jobs. The pansy rubbed Grimmjow in all the wrong ways, but he ignored it. They didn't have time for a fight.

This was going to be quicker than he had initially thought though. He hadn't expected Ichigo to have so many friends willing to help on such short notice.

As soon as he'd finished giving everyone jobs, Isshin rolled up to the curb, bouncing out the car with his two daughters right behind.

The cute one cried out in dismay, reaching for the now crusted wound Nnoitra had left on Ichigo's neck. Grimmjow chuckled to himself, confident that Ichigo could talk his way out of it.

Thankfully Ichigo took over and let him escape. Isshin was cool and all, but Grimmjow had trouble keeping up with his fast paced idiocy.


Grimmjow flicked a glance at his watch, the slim hands indicating that it was 6:43. The summer sun was still high in the sky, the warmth pleasant, but overbearing under the strain of manual labour. He'd been carrying and transporting boxes of his and Ichigo's belongings to and from Isshin's house for over three hours now, and all the carrying heavy boxes up staircases was taking a toll on his back.

Isshin had been more than happy to store the boxes in Ichigo's old room until they had found a place to stay, but their furniture had been stored in a small storage locker outside of town.

He stepped out of the car in front of Isshin, where the whole of the helpers had relocated from his now empty house.

He stopped in the door way, suddenly finding himself pinned with the group's hungry eyes as they took in the five large pizza boxes he carried. They hadn't been promised anything, but really it was the least he could do for their help. He'd already scarfed four pieces of the oily meal himself earlier.

Grimmjow passed the boxes to the bald one, whose name he still couldn't remember and headed back outside, phone to his ear. He had a few loose ends to tie up.


Ichigo sighed in relief when Grimmjow returned. Nnoitra had been telling him to lighten up for the last two hours; Grimmjow could take care of himself.

Ichigo knew that, but it didn't matter. He had a right to worry. Grimmjow was being targeted, after all.

He stepped inside with a yawn, the day having taken as much out of him as it had Ichigo. Nnoitra was suspiciously as full of energy as ever though, which only served to piss Ichigo off. Why did he get to have stamina?

"Hey Ichi," mumbled Grimmjow as he shuffled through the door, stifling a yawn. "We've got a flight booked for 5:00 tamorrow morning, so you should prolly go ta sleep sometime soon."

Ichigo's faced morphed from tired to incredulous in seconds. "5:00 in the morning?" he demanded, satisfied that Nnoitra didn't seem too happy about that idea either.

Grimmjow sent them both a glare. "Yeah, no thug's gonna be looking out for us at that time, so 5:00 in the morning. 'Less you have a problem with that." He dared either of them to complain, appeased when they let it go.

"Ichigo~!" came an insufferably annoying voice as Isshin burst round the corner. Ichigo stepped out of the way, and Isshin went flying into Grimmjow, toppling them both to the ground.

"Oh Ichigo! You've made your father proud!" he crooned, picking himself off the floor, "your boyfriend on the other hand..."

Grimmjow growled at the bursts of laughter from Ichigo and Nnoitra. He may have been with Ichi for years, but Ichigo usually didn't dodge, so Grimmjow hadn't been prepared for the attack to come his way.

"Shut up" he growled.

"Dad, stop being noisy, they must be tired," scolded Yuzu as he padded around the corner in her pyjamas, carrying a pile of blankets and pillows.

She turned to face Grimmjow and Nnoitra, "I'm sorry, but Ichigo's room is full of boxes, so you'll have to have to sleep in the lounge room." She smiled sweetly at them as she passed them the pile of fabric.

Nnoitra opened his mouth to say something, but cut off when a soccer ball bounced hard off his head, drawing laughter from Ichigo and Grimmjow, and worried questions from Yuzu. "Shut up," Came the boyish voice of Karin, "just sleep in the lounge room already."

Nnoitra growled, but it was a growl of appreciation. He'd taken a liking to the spirited little spitfire while they'd worked together that day.

Nnoitra cut Ichigo's rebuke off, "I wasn' gonna turn it down." He informed her, grabbing a pillow and blanket from the pile and plopping onto the couch. "'specially if I'm gettin' up before five tamorrow."

His words were met with general agreement, and the group dispersed, Grimmjow and Ichigo not ever bothering to fight over the couch; it was only a one person spot, after all.

The house fell silent quickly, despite it only being 8:30.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day.



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