Chapter 3

"This is your pilot, speaking to you from the cockpit," Grimmjow stifled a yawn as the twangy, electronic voice left the warped speakers above him, "A reminder that there is no smoking on the plane, and that the lavatories have been fitted with smoke detectors. When purchasing alcohol, you must be 21 years or older, and present proof of age if requested. Today we'll be flying from Japan to Australia. The time is 5:34am Japanese time, estimated arrival time is 3:50pm Australian time. The time difference between Japan and Australia is approximately 30 minutes. The weather is cloudy, but looks to clear up soon. The temperature is currently -7 degrees Centigrade. Above your heads you will find air conditioners to use at your leisure, and in the pouches attached to the back of each chair there are blankets. It looks to be a cold trip so please try to keep warm, and remember to treat the air staff with respect. Thank you for choosing Ishida Airlines, and we hope to see you again in the future. Enjoy the flight."

Grimmjow let out a sigh as the pilot finally ended his speech, scowling when his breath floated away in puffs of steam. Why was it so damn cold? They were on a plane for Christ's sake!

The three sat in a three person row lined at the window. Nnoitra had insisted on the window seat, so Grimmjow had taken the middle, and Ichigo had taken the aisle seat. All three were swamped in the unattractive airline blankets, all three men fighting off goose bumps and involuntary shivers.

"Gh, fucking freezin'" he mumbled to no one in particular. He let his head fall back, as the thought of 10 hours cramped in this refrigerator sunk in.

"'S'your fault for booking a flight at 5am." Mumbled Ichigo sleepily, ignoring the dirty look he earned.

"Ya can blame me for alla this, but it's a bit of a stretch ta say I have control over th' weather, Ichi."

"I don't blame you for anything, Grimm."

Grimmjow twisted his lips, guilt churning his stomach. "Yeah, well maybe ya should."

Ichigo pulled his mouth into a scowl, glaring daggers, "yer just determined to be the bad guy, aren't you?"

The blue haired man didn't answer. Ichigo could be as easy going as he liked, it was still his fault and they both knew it. Quiet descended over the plane, a soft murmur from the passengers as they spoke quietly so as not to disturb those asleep. Dim lights lining the walkway the only lighting in the dark plane.

"Ya know, grimm," spoke Nnoitra suddenly, startling the half asleep man from his thoughts. He'd forgotten Nnoitra was even there. "Non'a this is actually yer fault."

Grimmjow rolled his eyes at the tall man, but stayed quiet.

"I mean ya were in a gang years before ya met Cutie, right? 'S'not like ya can change that. Alls ya did was leave fer his sake. Tha' doesn' make ya tha bad guy here. Aizen's the fucker at fault."

"Yer in an inspirational speech giving mood today, aren' ya?" muttered Grimmjow sourly, "It doesn't suit ya."

"Yeh, well bitchin' like a little girl doesn' suit you either" retorted the long haired man hotly.

Grimmjow ignored the tone. He knew Nnoitra was just looking out for him, but it didn't matter what logic either of them applied, the fact is that if it wasn't for his presence in Ichigo's life, Ichigo wouldn't have to run away and leave his home behind.

They let the topic drop, Nnoitra fiddling with his blanket, twisting it between his unusually long fingers over and over, before releasing the fabric and turning his attention to Ichigo.

"So, Cutie, how old's yer sister? Karin." he asked conversationally.

Ichigo turned, surprised. "Why do you ask?"

"'Cause I couldn' decide on how old she looks. She looks older than her sister, bu' they're twins, righ'? I'm usually pretty good with ages, so I wanted ta know how close I was."

"What did you guess?"

He thought about it for a moment. "21, but her sister looks 19, so..."

"Their birthday's next month. If I'm 25 that would make them..." Ichigo cracked a smile, "almost 20."

"Heh, I'll remember to say happy birthday."

"Yeah, that wouldn't be creepy at all," murmured Grimmjow, enjoying the scowl he got in response.

They settled into a comfortable silence, Nnoitra passing out against the window as the plane finally began to move, speeding up as it lifted from the runway and into the air.

Grimmjow glanced at his lover as Ichigo's head flopped onto his shoulder. His bright hair was mussed, and his face looked tired, but those chocolate eyes were as steady as always. They flicked up to meet blue orbs.

"You know I hate being stared at," muttered the red head grumpily.

Grimmjow just chuckled, blue still locked with brown. "Yeah, an' you know I don' give a damn."

The two smiled at their mild banter. It was nice to just sit in each other's company for a while, they'd both been so busy with work lately.

"So, how'd'ya just happen ta know Kenpachi, huh?" asked Grimmjow. He'd thrown all thoughts of unfaithfulness aside. He trusted Ichigo, and he trusted Kenpachi, as strange as it may be to trust the latter.

To his surprise Ichigo pulled a face, rolling his eyes. "God that guy's annoying. He just won't give me a goddamn break."

"Fightin', right?"

"Yeah, so what? That a problem?" Ugh. Confession time.

They studied each other for a moment, before Grimmjow relented. "Nah. I knew ya could fight," he said, sharing a smirk with the other man, "I jus' don't remember you comin' home with bruises and broken bones."

"Yeah well..." he sighed, "I went when you'd be gone days at a time on business trip." He shrugged at Grimmjow's raised eyebrow. "I got bored. Fightin's more of a thrill than movie night with the boys. 'Sides, Renji always invites Rukia. She's cool, but when they're together in a dark room, it's like their tongues are glued or somthing. Gets kinda awkward for me."

"So what, ya just bar hop 'til ya find some drunkard ta fight?"

"Sometimes. Tha's how it started, but then I fought Kenpachi..."

"So?" asked Grimmjow, curious. Sure Kenpachi loved to fight, but he usually didn't care who, as long as they lasted a bit. "He mopped the floor with that pretty hair a' yours and...?

He huffed a laugh, "That's just it. I won."

He raised an eyebrow at Grimmjow's ridiculously cheesy double take, but stopped when the blue haired man stayed serious.

"What?" asked Ichigo, "You think I'm so freaking weak that I didn't stand a chance? Orihime wasn't there to get in the way this time."

"You beat fuckin' Kenpachi in a fight?" Asked Nnoitra in disbelief, snapping both Grimmjow's and Ichigo's attention to him. He'd been passed out, face smushed against the window last they'd checked.

Ichigo bristled, "You don't have to be assholes, I'm not fucking weak." Spat Ichigo, slightly offended.

"Are you kidding me, Ichigo?" asked Grimmjow, completely serious, "You won against "Kenpachi in a fair fight?"

He huffed, "Yeah, what's it to ya?"

"Christ, practically no-one wins agains' Kenpachi. Las' person ta win against 'im was me," informed Nnoitra, " few years ago, 'cause he over analysed things. Thought this patch was a weakness" he said, tapping the bandana over his left eye, "but I've been without this eye long enough to have gotten used to it. Too many people comin' at me from tha' side gets predictable after a while. The fact tha' you fought him and won is bloody impressive. I mean, me 'n Grimm, we fight for a livin'. It's what we do, so we gotta keep in shape, but you..."

Ichigo fought off a blush, he didn't really like too much praise, "Well it's not like I came out unscathed, it was pretty close, and I had a few broken bones to show for it.

Grimmjow scrunched his eyebrows together in thought, staring at his lover. "... When you 'fell down the flight of stairs'...?"

The red head averted his eyes.

"Che, I knew that was bullshit."

Nnoitra cackled, quieting when a flight attendant shot him a dirty look. It was getting light now, but it was still early. "So ya couldn't even think up a good excuse?"

"I don't like making my lies too complicated." Retorted Ichigo haughtily.

"Yer a fuckin' idiot, Ichi," grumbled Grimmjow in his ear. "You seriously thought fightin' Kenpachi was a good idea?"

Ichigo hesitated. He still had his pride after all, "I got caught on his territory. Had no idea who he was or anything, but I was feeling good, and was too proud to run."

"Stupid fucker."

"Says you. So then, was I on your territory?"

"Huh? Nah, Kenpachi's a Shinigami. We're Espada." He said, motioning to Nnoitra. "Espada 'n Shinigami are s'posed ta be sworn enemies er somethin', but we have an understandin' with Kenpachi. He's differen', see? He ain' a Shinigami to make a point. He jus' likes a good fight. Ain' nothin' wrong widdat."

"So what, since then Kenpachi an' you go on fightin' dates er somethin'?" sneered Nnoitra, amused.

Ichigo grimaced. "No, I don't think 'I fell down' would fly too well with Grimm if I tried it too often. I dunno, somethin' about that night, I was feeling really good. Ever since, I just know I'm gonna lose. We fight every now and then, when he corners me, but I've gotten pretty good at avoiding him."

"Tha's kinda pathetic, Cutie."

"Fuck you."

"I would, but I don' think Grimm would approve."

Ichigo retorted by flipping Nnoitra the finger, and went back to leaning on Grimmjow's shoulder. He was tired and grumpy, and had a lot to think about.

What were they going to do in Australia? Where would they live? When would they be able to go back? What would they do for money?



Ichigo grit his teeth. Of course he was going to forget to do something before they left, but really? Of all things.

Urahara was going to have a nice morning wondering where the hell he was, and why he was missing work without an explanation.

He let it slide, there was no use worrying about that now. Pushing all thoughts from his mind he snuggled closer to his blue haired lover wrapping the blankets around himself tight, and drifting off to sleep.

"She's too young yer you, ya know?" spoke Grimmjow quietly, catching Nnoitra off guard.

"Who is?" asked Nnoitra, though they both knew who Grimmjow was referring to.

"Yer almost 10 years older than her."

"Nah Grimm, yer almost 10 years older than her, I'm only almost 8 years older."

"Ya think Ichigo would approve of his sister dating a gangster?"

"I don't think Cutie can really comment. 'Sides, I ain' plannin' anythin', I was jus' curious."

"Sure. Curious," Grunted Grimmjow in response. "Why not."


Three months later...


Ichigo let a breath of air out as he stumbled up the steps of the apartment he shared with Grimmjow and Nnoitra. He'd picked up a job working casual hours in the grapevines. Australia had a lot of grapevines, so he tended to bounce from owner to owner, and so far hadn't been without work.

Of course after hours of marching up and down sloping rows, checking, snipping, and lifting wire upon wire of vine laden wires, he ended each day thoroughly exhausted.

He didn't want to be doing this with his life, but right now he was paying bills, stocking the fridge, and saving for a better place than this cramped shit hole they were staying in.

All three were working long hours. Nnoitra had found another gang to join, and had quickly made his name known, while Grimmjow was delivering goods for various warehouses.

It wasn't bad though. Ichigo and Nnoitra had become friends, and the three of them got on together just fine. This cheap apartment was really beginning to feel like home.

Besides, all that lifting heavy wires had toned his arms nicely, and he'd picked up a tan. The sun wasn't helping those cursed freckles though.

He had plans to find a better job, something that he actually enjoyed later on, when they weren't living quite so cheaply.

He flopped onto the couch, ignoring Nnoitra's muffled curses as he landed on him.

"Ya fuckin' mind?" growled Nnoitra, peering around the man at the football game playing on their fourth hand tv.

"Not really, but thanks for being so con-" he cut off to stifle a yawn, "considerate as to ask."

"I'm missin' tha game." He stated matter of factly.


"Whaddaya mean 'So?'?"

"You don't even like football." Stated Ichigo, making himself comfortable as he snuggled into Nnoitra's chest to use as a pillow.

The tall man grimaced, "Ain' nothin' else ta do round this shit hole."

"Yer tellin' me" came a deep voice from the door way as Grimmjow trudged up the stairs.

He caught sight of Ichigo laying on Nnoitra and raised his eyebrows. "Really Ichigo? This is how you decide to tell me? You could have just said you weren't interested." He said, monotone.

"Sorry Grimm, I just didn't know how" replied Ichigo sleepily. "I thought maybe you'd take the hint, but when you didn't..."

"Yeah, yeah, fuck you too," he said with a lopsided grin, using one hand to hoist himself over the couch, landing heavily on the two men.

They grunted as the wind was knocked out of them.

"Whadda I look like ta you?" demanded Nnoitra, "A fuckin' beanbag?"

"Nah, too bony fer tha'" mumbled Grimmjow, reaching round to run his hands over Ichigo's stomach, down his legs and over his ass. "Ichigo on the other hand's quite comfortable."

"Don' fuckin' grope 'im when yer on toppa me, Grimm, 'less ya want an extra pair 'a hands joinin' in." He smirked when Ichigo tensed. He could practically feel the heat radiating from the kid's face.

The red head wedged an arm between them, hoisting himself and the blue haired God off the couch and onto the floor with a thump.

"Urgh, tha' hurt" grumbled Grimmjow as he picked himself up.

"Good thing you broke my fall" commented Ichigo cheekily.

Grimmjow propped himself up on his elbow, leaning over the red head and lowered his head for a kiss. Their lips met gently, pliant flesh moulding around each other. Ichigo threaded his hands through Grimmjow's hair, holding him closer as they added tongues. It was soft and sweet, like when they'd first started dating, rather than just fucking for the hell of it.

"You guys remember tha' I'm still here, righ'?" commented Nnoitra conversationally, as he flipped through various channels, struggling to find something worth being ignored.

Grimmjow sent him a glare when Ichigo blushed and broke away, avoiding eye contact.

"Then maybe you should go," offered Grimmjow.

"Maybe, but so far what you guy's've got goin' on is better entertainmen' than anythin' on tha' shit box." He replied, jerking a thumb towards the tv.

Ichigo let out a grunt of effort as he hoisted himself off the floor. "Well I'm going ta bed. I'm pretty fucking tired." He announced, followed closely by Grimmjow.

When they'd closed the door to their room, Grimmjow trapped him against it, pressing open mouthed kisses over his neck and collarbone.

"I seriously am tired, Grimm." Mumbled Ichigo, though he did nothing to push the man away.

"Yeah?" he asked, his hot breath ghosting over Ichigo's skin as his hand gently cupped the front of Ichigo's jeans, "Well I know an activity tha' never fails to wake you up."

He casually plucked the button of Ichigo's jeans, stripping them off before tossing the shirt along with them to the ground.

"You know, something about this situation doesn't seem quite fair," commented Ichigo, fingers slipping beneath the hem of Grimmjow's shirt.

The blue haired man grinned wide, eyed clouded with lust. He leaned in close to the other man's ear, breath prickling the skin with goose bumps as he whispered in his deep, throaty voice, "Maybe you should fix that."

Ichigo shivered. That voice got him every damn time. He slid his fingers over a flat stomach, fingers dipping, over the muscles as he pushed the top up. He ran his hands along Grimmjow's toned biceps as he slid it off completely. He plucked at the button, pushing the rough fabric down for Grimmjow step out of.

Grimmjow backed up against the bed, flopping onto it when he felt his calves hit the edge. Ichigo crawled on top of him, shimmying up his body until his lips grazed the shell of his ear.

"You're being docile today."

Grimmjow let the comment hang there.

"What? You want me to take charge?" murmured Ichigo softly, "weren't you the one saying you were going to wake me up, not the other way round."

"I never said tha'."


"Nah, I said I knew an activity tha' would wake you up, I never said I'd be th' one ta do it."

A smirk. "Then maybe I'm going to have to run to Nnoitra to fix my problem, if you're not going to do it for me." He teased, pulling Grimmjow's hand to rest on his semi erect crotch.

"See I'm in a bit of a pickle. I can't go to bed like this," he ground roughly into Grimmjow to emphasize his point, "but tonight I don't really feel like working for it."

Ichigo pulled their bodies apart, swinging a leg over the mattress to the ground, "but hey, I don't wanna trouble you, I'll just go get Nnoitr-AH!" he yelped as Grimmjow gripped his waist, flipping him back onto the bed and crawling on top of him.

"Really? You'd prefer Nnoitra over this?" he asked, grinding his hips against Ichigo's firmly. He could feel Ichigo hardening at his touch.

A satisfied smirk spread over his face, "Not anymore. Not now that you're finally serious."

Grimmjow joined him in a smirk, reaching over the bed to grab the bottle of lube from the bed side table's draw.

Shivers of lust ran through Ichigo's overheated body as Grimmjow popped the cap, with a hollow click. He squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers, before lowering them between Ichigo's legs.

He slid two fingers inside straight off, scissoring slightly before adding a third. They hardly needed any preparation anymore.

He crooked his fingers inside, feeling for the sensitive bundle of nerves that would-

"Ah!" cried Ichigo, head falling back and mouth wide, "G-Grimm...Grimmjow..."

Ichigo lifted his hips, rocking back and forth on Grimmjow's hand as he sought that sensation once more.

The blue haired man chuckled at Ichigo's desperation, grazing his fingers lightly over that same place. Ichigo bucked, eyes rolling back before falling on Grimmjow's, daggers in their brown depths.

"Grimmjow..." he growled between heavy breathing, "I'm starting to wonder whether you have a death wish, or if you're just plain stupid."

"Chill, Ichi, I'm jus' playin' with ya."

"I know, that's why I'm pissed."

Grimmjow chuckled with mirth, pulling his fingers from within Ichigo to slick up his erection.

"Sorry," he breathed, "let me make it up to you."

He lined himself up against Ichigo's opening, pushing past the ring of muscle to be enveloped in an intense heat he'd been dreaming about all day.

They both gasped as they finally connected, meeting for another kiss. Their tongues slid against each other, saliva spilling from the corner of their mouths to run down Ichigo's cheek. Grimmjow reached forward and ran his tongue along the trail of moisture, following it back up to the fleshy lips from which it had fallen.

Ichigo was panting harder now "Grimm, please. I don't think I can wait much longer."

"Hmm, impatient, aren' we?" asked Grimmjow, pulling slowly out, hands trailing to rest on slip hips.

Ichigo wound his arms around broad shoulders, nails digging into the flesh as Grimmjow rammed forward.

"Gah! Ah! Griimmm..." Ichigo half whined, stopping himself when he heard his voice.

He arched his back when Grimmjow pulled out again, pushing back in slowly this time, and again, and again.

Ichigo half snarled in frustration, pushing down roughly when Grimmjow went to push back in.

"Grimmjow," growled Ichigo, voice low, "if you don't fuck me nice and had, I swear fucking strangle you."

He laughed, "I was jus' waitin' fer a green light."

"Well it's a fucking stagnant green light, and it's about to go red if you don't hurry u- hngh!" he broke off as Grimmjow interrupted with a strong thrust.

He set a fast pace, holding Ichigo's waist for support. The red head's head fell back, legs locked around his partner as their bodies rocked together, sweet friction burning delicious sensations within.

Fractured moans and gasps fell from his lips, joining the creaks of the bed as it rocked with them.

Grimmjow reached between Ichigo's legs, grasping the leaking appendage and wrapping a hand around it. He pumped his hand along the sensitive flesh.

The thrusts became erratic, but just as strong as Grimmjow lead up to his release. Ichigo could feel a pressure building in his abdomen, a tight coil of energy so tightly strung it could snap at any moment.

Grimmjow thrust in roughly, hitting Ichigo's prostate squarely. Ribbons of cum flew from Ichigo's erection as he finally reached his peak, pleasure shooting through his beins. The spasms that followed brought Grimmjow to the edge, and he released inside his lover, slowly rocking to a halt as they regained their breath.

Ichigo reached over to the bedside table for two tissues, passing one to Grimmjow as they lazily cleaned themselves off, thoroughly satisfied.

The dropped the tissues lazily by the bed, Grimmjow slipping an arm around Ichigo's waist, pressing closer and waiting for the waves of sleep to pull them under.


Nnoitra smirked as his roommates stumbled out of their room that morning.

"Ya know ya kept me up all night with that racket you were causin' in there," Nnoitra nodded towards their room, a lecherous gin on his face.

Ichigo's face powdered with chagrin, he scowled at the tall man but said nothing as he set about making his breakfast.

"Don't act like you don't love it, you pervert." Grinned Grimmjow, good humouredly.

Nnoitra just shrugged, grin still in place, "Still kept me up all night."

Behind that grin though, he was just happy that Grimmjow had finally found love. Love didn't really suit guys like him, but Grimmjow needed something like that to protect and cherish.

Fuck. Now he sounded like a pansy. Great.


Ichigo left the apartment flushing red. Nnoitra just wouldn't drop their noise level last night.

He let his mind wander as he breathed the warm, dry air, shuffling his feet along the pavement.

"Kurosaki Ichigo?" called a deep voice. Ichigo turned to find a man dressed in white, with shoulder length brown hair and intelligent grey eyes.

"My name's Starrk. Aizen-sama sent me because he thought the Sexta or Quinto might be with you when we met."

Ichigo's blood ran cold at the mention of Aizen. All he knew about the man was that he was a threat to his and Grimmjow's safety. Their happiness. That was enough.

He bolted for it, legs thudding along the pavement. He crashed to a halt as something stepped in front of him. Starrk. He was so fast.

"Now don't be rude, I'm only here to relay a message." He yawned, waiting to see that Ichigo was paying attention before he continued. "Aizen-sama is not pleased at the two betrayals of high ranking members. He has possession of the Kurosaki household: Kurosaki Isshin, Kurosaki Yuzu, and Kurosaki Karin."

Ichigo's eyes grew wide as icy fear shot through his veins.

"If you don't return to Japan and wait at your old apartment," continues Starrk, "Aizen-sama wishes you to know that terrible things may happen to your family. That is all."

Ichigo dropped his head to look at the pavement, wide eyed, mouth open.

"Oh, and Kurosaki-san, it took me a while to find you since this message was first declared. I advise that you hurry."


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