Jack yawned and then pulled the covers over his head trying to shut out the light. He glanced at the clock briefly. 8:01 am. Jack got up and quickly threw on a pair of clothes. He was late for school. He wore black pants, a grey t-shirt, grey sneakers, and a silver watch provided by his adopted father, Tony Smith, or his real form, Megatron. Jack was adopted by Megatron when he was seven.

Jack ran down stares and quickly grabbed a piece of toast, spread jam on it and ran to the garage, where his black prospect motorcycle. He finished his toast grabbed his leather jacket, put on his helmet and drove to school. He was late and so he was literally running as fast as he could so he could just make his first class. Then he stopped dead in his tracks. He had art history first and wouldn't mind skipping the first couple of minutes. So slowed down and walked into the class.

"Jackson your late!" The teacher yelled he smiled.

"Sorry won't happen again." The teacher scowled at him.

"That's what you said yesterday and the day before that." Jack sat down and got out his text books. He really did hate art history so when the teacher started talking he started to dose off. He was awoken by the sound of a giant text book being dropped on his desk.

"Detention after school." Jack groaned. When the day was over he went to the math class.

"Jackson surprised seeing you here. Your usually a good kid always behaving." Mrs. Bumfrey said. She really got on everybody's nerves.

"I was sleeping in Art History." She snorted and Jack took a seat. Suddenly a loud crashing noise came from the hallway and a Japanese girls with pink pony tails came rushing in. Jack recognized her as Miko Nakadai. Jack Stared at her and so did all the other kids.

"Miko your late."

"I know! Jeez why do you think I ran all the way here." Miko sat in the corner of the room next to the window. She started drawing on the desk. Jack looked out the window and saw a red sports car with a rather cool design on each side.

"What's knockout doing here, I have my own ride." Jack whispered to himself. When class was over Jack ran outside to where knockout was.

"I have my own ride so why are you here?" Jack always felt like knockout was his brother and always there for him when he needed him.

"Your father requests I escort you to the Nemesis."

"And Soundwave couldn't bridge me because?" Jack was interupted by Miko who ran up to him.

"Hey, Jack right?" Jack nodded. "I was just wondering if you would like to get together sometime you know study or something."

"Miko Nakadai studying? I have to see this. But I would like that." Jack smiled.

"Sweet! How about Friday 8:00?"

"Sounds good." Jack watched as she walked to a green car that was honking at her. Jack whistled.

"She's hot."

"Shut up." Jack said as he stepped into the car and pretended to drive it. When they where sure nobody was looking Knockout called for a ground bridge and one appeared before them. Jack got out of the car once they were through and walked towards his father.

"Hey dad. What do you need?" Jack said climbing on top of one of the computers.

"Jackson I have a request, as you know the autobots have human charges of there own but can not fight. I have a feeling that will change very soon." Jack smiled.

"So what do you mean, Screamer teaching me some of his take downs." Jack said punching the air. Starscream groaned.

"No. I want you to...be upgraded."

"Wait you mean like a techno organic?" Megatron nodded and Jack stared at him.

"But I have a date on Friday!" Megatron stared at him. Jack put his head down in defeat. "Fine." Knockout took Jack away and Megatron followed. The two entered the medical bay and knockout carefully put Jack in a glass container which was meant to hold humans. Knockout filled the container with a gas and Jack was knocked out. Knockout then put the container in a machine. He turned it on and a slight humming noise filled the room.

Two hours later the machine stopped and Knockout took out the container holding Jack. He was covered in black and navy blue metal armor. Knockout took Jack out of the container and placed him on a berth. Jack began to stir until he woke up.

"Whoa! Everything's red and...and wow!" Jack looked at him self.

"Okay you got to admit I look pretty bad ass."

"Jack if you want to transform into your human form then just clear your mind." Knockout said and Jack then transformed.

"Jackson, how do you feel?" Megatron asked.

"Like I can kick some serious Autobot aft!" Megatron smiled.

"Oh dad, um I need to ask you something. On cybertron, did you date?" Megatron nodded.

"Okay because I need advise. I got a date tomorrow and I need advise." Jack asked standing up and sliding off the berth.

"Don't say anything stupid." and with that he walked away.

"Thanks for nothing you stupid robot!" Jack sighed and looked at Knockout.

"Hey, don't look at me! I've got nothing to tell you." Jack sighed.

"Great now I'm going to have to go to Screamer." Jack walked out of the med bay and towards the control deck. Jack saw Screamer and walked towards him. He climbed up on the computer screen so Starscream could see him.

"Hey Screamer, I need advise." Starscream smiled.

"On what? Technology? Fighting? Or how to personally extinguish an autobot?" Jack remembered a couple days ago Screamer had captured an Autobot known as Cliffjumper and killed him, he hasn't shut up since.

"Lady's" Screamers eyes widened and he looked at Jack.

"Try and not say anything stupid." Jack grabbed his hair and pulled on it.

"Ugh!" Jack then left the room. He went outside of the Nemesis and watched the stars. He smiled. He walked to the edge and sat down, letting his feet hang off the edge.

Jack stayed up most of the night sitting there until Soundwave found him sleeping and brought him home. Jack awoke at 9:00 am and groaned. It was Thursday and he was already really latte so he decided to just skip it. Jack picked up his cellphone and called his dad.

"Hey dad I don't think I'm going to school today so could you just send me a bridge?" Jack saw the bridge open in front of him and he stepped through.

When Jack appeared through the bridge, Megatron walked toward him.

"Since you decided to skip school you can help Starscream and Soundwave train the new vehicons." Jack sighed and walked toward the training room. When Jack entered the Vehicon's all pointed guns at him. Jack transformed into his armor and got into fighting stance.

"Stop!" Starscream yelled. "This is Lord Megatron's son!" They all stared at Starscream. Jack transformed back into his human form.

"Relax! I'm adopted." They all stared at him. "What! Since I skipped school dad sent me down here to help train you guys." One vehicon laughed.

"Yeah right. I can squish you before you have a chance to even run." Jack transformed into his robot form, jumped in front of the vehicon and punched him in the face and he went flying through a wall.

"Anybody else?" They all stepped back.

"Starscream, Soundwave, Jack, report to the control deck immediately." The three looked at each other then ran towards the control deck. Megatron was staring at a giant space bridge.


"My lord, is...is that what I think it is?"

"The last space bridge." Jack stared at it.

"Soundwave, since that wrecker destroyed our dish you must go to Texas to set the bridge to Cybertron. Starscream look after Jack and make sure he does not follow me." A ground bridge appeared and the Autobots stepped onto the space bridge. Jack smiled at his father.

"Dad. This time make sure you kill Prime." Megatron looked at his charge he then flew to the space bridge. Jack stood outside of the ship and watched the fight increase. The bots had killed all of the Vehicons they had sent and the other bots had retreated except for Optimus who was fighting Megatron.

Jack then saw his father being punched and then transformed and went under the bridge. He saw a blue femme autobot be shot in the head he then saw the ground bridge being torn apart. The bots retreated through a ground bridge and the Nemesis started to fly away.

"Come on dad. Come on." Jack then saw the bridge explode. It looked almost like a nuclear bomb.

"NOOOOOO!" Jack put his metallic hand forward and realized his father wasn't coming back.

"Decepticons. It is with deep sorrow that Megatrons spark has been extinguished." Jack looked down but was more angry then sad. "All hale Lord Starscream." Jack clenched his fists in anger. He knew Starscream was rightfully ruler but that was because Jack was only to young.

"I just hope Optimus Prime will remember this day so I can gratefully rip out his spark."