Jack walked through the halls of the Nemesis. Everywhere he turned he heard Starscream yelling at the vehicons telling them he was lord now and Megatron was dead. The only one who was actually still loyal at the moment was Soundwave, but Jack couldn't talk to him so he was left with out anyone to talk to.

Jack heard several foot steps coming towards him. It was Screamer with tons of vehicons. A vehican grabbed him and held him tight.

"Are you out of your fragging mind?!" Jack yelled struggling against the hand.

"Since I am rightful ruler now, I have recently realized that you are a burden to the decepticons and slow us down. I have come to the conclusion where I need to dispose of you." Jacks eyes widened. The vehicon and Starscream walked to the outside of the ship. When they were on the edge Jack realized he was going to die. Starscream waved his hand and the vehican released Jack making him fall to his death. Even with his armor on he knew he was going to die. Jack quickly got out his phone an dialed Miko's number.

"Hey Jack, what's up?"

"Falling to death please open ground bridge! Screamer threw me off the fragging ship and I am two minutes from going splat!" Jack waited for an answer but didn't get one instead he got Optimuses voice.

"Optimus! Look I know we have our differences but I'm about to die here so please open a ground bridge!"

"Ratchet is already working on it Jack." A swirly blue vortex opened beneath him and Jack fell right through. The gravity instantly changed and Jack the metal floor with ground crushing might.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Jack yelled before he hit the ground and slid to a halt. Jack turned onto his back breathing deep breathes. Miko ran over.

"Jack! Are you okay?" Jack winced.

"I've had better days." Miko helped him up and Jack looked around.

"So this is where the magic happens, I was kind of expecting a little more." Jack winced as he put his foot down.

"Ow! I think I did something to my ankle on that graceful landing." Miko served as a crutch for Jack as Miko helped him up the stares to the human living area. Ratchet hesitantly walked over to Jack and scanned him.

"Jack. What exactly happened?" Optimus asked.

"Well for starters I think Screamer is a fragging scrap head but when he grabbed me and said I was worthless and then threw off the fragging ship I now think he's insane. Plus he's fragging annoying. He extinguished one autobot and now he's bragging about it and using it to get respect!" The blue autobot who was leaning against the wall perked up and growled.

"Did you know the bots name?" The bot asked starting to walk over.

"His name was Cliffjumper and he just wouldn't shut up, even when he was being tortured." The bot ran up to the human and grabbed him.

"That bot was my partner, so you must be really brave showing your face in this base." Jack looked at the bot.

"You must be Arcee. When Cliff was talking he was mostly talked about you. When dad left the room he told me to take his job so I did and he kept saying on how he wouldn't talk. Arcee, even when my father gave me a order a didn't listen to him, I listened to Cliff. When I saw Starscream kill him, he didn't do it because he was a cold blooded animal, he did it for self defense. He wanted him to shut up because he kept talking about how you would come back and rip out his spark." Arcee's eyes widened at Jacks words and she put him down.

"If you try anything tricky, you won't leave this base alive." Jack nodded and kept his eyes on her.

"I'm sorry." Arcee was shocked at Jacks response. He was a decepticon and he was showing sympathy to a autobot. Miko helped Jack sit down on the couch and Ratchet continued to scan him.

"Jack. You are very sympathetic for a decepticon if for any reason you would like to..." Optimus started but couldn't finish.

"Look just because I was kicked off the team, does not mean I'm becoming a bot, okay. I just need to figure out a way to contact Soundwave and he'll bridge me back and give a beating to Screamer."

"Jackson, if that is your choice I am afraid that we can not allow you to do so. We may be aiding you but we can not let you return to the Nemesis." Optimus finished and Jack sighed as Ratchet started to carefully rap Jacks ankle.


Starscream smiled as he walked down the halls of his ship. Jack was exposed of and Megatron was long gone which meant he was rightful ruler of the decepticons. Starscream walked to the main deck to find Soundwave standing in front of him.

"Oh what is it now?" A map showed up on Soundwaves face showing a decepticons life signal. It was Megatrons. Starscream gasped and then looked at Soundwave. Knockout came in and smiled when he saw the life signal.

"Whats the matter Screamer? Afraid Megatrons going to kill you for killing his only heir?" Soundwave looked at Starscream. Everybody knew that Soundwave was asking is this true? Starscream changed the subject.

"We must retrieve Megatron at once!" Starscream transformed and flew off towards the signal, little did he know, laser beak was following him.

When Starscream arrived he found that Megatron was floating fully knocked out. Starscream smiled and flew over to the former leader. He found that Megatron had a shard of dark energon sticking out of his chest. Starscream landed on Megatrons chest and pulled out the shard. He then pushed off Megatron sending him deeper into the abyss. He then heard a beeping noise and turned around to see laser beak. Starscream scrambled for a response.

"Lord Megatron has been badly wounded and requires medical attention." Laser beak seemed to buy it and Starscream sighed.

Autobot base

Jack sighed as he watched Raf and Miko play video games. Bulkhead and Bumblebee were currently away in Antarctica searching for a energon signal they had found. Soon they came back with a large metal pod. Ratchet took it and told Arcee and Optimus they should go scout for more.

"Can I come? I've never seen snow before." Raf asked pausing the game.

"The climets are even to extreme for us. But I can bring you back a snowball if you'd like." Raf smiled.

"I would like that thanks." Raf reached for the game controller but Miko already took it.

"What do you say Jack? Want to take me on?" Jack looked at Miko.

"Are you kidding me Miko. I'm a con, not a bot."

"Bet you ten bucks."

"Your on." Jack took the controller and started the game." Jack looked at Raf and realized he was kind of gloomy.

"Hey Raf. Want to take Miko on for me?" Raf was a little shocked but shrugged it off.

"Na. I've got things to do." and with that he left. A little while later Jack won.

"Ha! In your face!" He did a little victory dance but then the power went out, it then went back on. Jack looked suspicious for a moment but shrugged it off and held out his hand for Miko to pay up. Miko handed him the money while Ratchet worked on the grid because the ground bridge wouldn't open.

"Hey guys looked what I found." Raf said.

"We're busy! AH!" Ratchet screamed as the three bots backed up, blasters drawn. Jack and Miko ran down, Jack limping.

"Whoa hey!"

"Scraplet! Scraplet!" Bulkhead yelled waving his blasters.

"What's a Scraplet?" Miko asked.

"The most dangerous vermin to ever crawl upon Cybertron." Ratchet said still staring at the tiny thing Raf held.

"He wouldn't hurt anybody." as Raf said that the thing woke up and opened its mouth to reveal giant teeth. Bumblebee started shooting but it jumped on him and started to eat his leg. Bee tried grabbing it but it then started to eat his hand. Bee managed to brush it off. It came back to attack but Jack transformed his arm into a blaster and shot it. Raf ran towards bee.

"I'm sorry! Is he going to be alright?"

"He'll be fine. Just a mere cosmetics wound."

"Now do you see what I mean. Scraplets are dangerous."

"Well bugs squashed, problem solved." Miko said all cheery. Ratchet growled.

"Scraplets always travel in packs. There are probably thousands of them swarming around this place." Ratchet said. "Jack we could use your blasters."

"Please. This is not my problem." Jack snorted crossing his arms.

"Really because last time I checked you were made out of living metal too." Bulk said and that wiped the smile right off his face.

"There goes my chance of returning to the cons." Jack mumbled.